Stella Dimoko Senator Dino Melaye Blasts Gov. Bello For Saying He Lacks Parental Care


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Senator Dino Melaye Blasts Gov. Bello For Saying He Lacks Parental Care

Senator Dino Melaye has replied via a post on his Instagram page after Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello attacked him, saying the lawmaker was not properly nurtured into adulthood by his parent.

The comment came Wednesday as a political feud between the two former allies deteriorates, following an outbreak of violence at a political rally in Kogi, for which the two politicians blame each other.

Mr. Bello said it had become apparent that Mr. Melaye’s “reckless” behaviour could be traced to his childhood, admonishing Nigerian parents to do their utmost and ensure that their children were properly cultivated.
“You see, I would rather admonish Nigerians that when a child lacks proper parental care and upbringing, he constitutes social menace in the society,” Mr. Bello told journalists in Abuja.

And if the society does not take steps to check and correct such a child, they can take into criminality, then it will be left to government to check such criminality.” 

The governor also scolded senators for doing little to rein in alleged exuberance of their colleague, saying they risk being viewed as cut from the same cloth as Mr. Melaye.

“I think it is necessary that that wonderful house (Senate) should, as matter of urgency and as a matter of fact check, any social deviant that exists within them (sic) before they could be adjudged birds of the same feather,”

Mr. Bello said, but quickly added: “I know they are not of the same feather.”

The governor was responding to State House reporters who queried him Wednesday afternoon about growing political tension in Kogi State.

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*Is there nobody to call this two men to order?Or do we watch them until they begin to draw blood?Or are they actually friends just entertaining us with drama?I dont gerrit!


  1. If drawing blood will make Yeye Bello sit up. i am no fan of Dino, but i am glad someone can stand up to Bello. He is the worst thing that ever happened to Kogi State. Salary and pension has become difficult, talk more of development. We are happy that at last a young person was going to turn the state around, only to realize that he was even worse than Wada, who at least paid salaries and patched pot holes.

  2. ...while the masses are suffering.


  3. Hahahaha! Each time I see Sen. Dinos rants, FFK must come to ma mind. Dem dey call Dino to order? The two agbayas should kontinu jare till e do dem. Kikiki

  4. Two agbayas let them continue

  5. see insult coming from a public figures... completely uncalled for. "both of them should receive sence"

    1. You gan you need "sence" obviously 😂😂😂

  6. *stifles laugh*

    The Governor isn't a saint but If only Dino wil rant less....

  7. Mumus
    This is what u get when u give children lots of power than they can handle

  8. @Dino...disturb this @Yaya bello

    He has failed his state... Imagine owing salary for over 13 months

    At under 50 .he has three wives

    No be say @Dino sef na human being... But Na craze dem dey take look another craze man


  9. Come next election the kogi people will be pacified with stomach infrastructure and voila they will be voted back into power to continue from where they stopped. I'm sure if you see them at the next political gathering, they will be hugging and patting themselves at the back.

  10. C leaders...epele Naija.Smh!

  11. This is so pathetic

  12. Pls can the media ask Yahaya Bello explain why salaries and arrears not being paid so that we know if Dino Melaye is making common sense or barking

  13. Mtcheeewww.......they should continue.

  14. DaSuspiciousJoe15 June 2017 at 13:02

    On this one, i think Dino deserves a bottle of lacasera... taking a man from lagos assembly to kogi should reflect that he will show the good workings he has seen in lag to his home state, but instead.. it is a NO NO case on his part... Nigeria's political class are just scavengers and political cankerworms as evident in Kogi...


  15. Galore honestly I owe you someday . Your comments this week no Elele 🌟 star comment. Chop e-knuckles wherever you are.
    Bcoz when I unwind by reading sdk I look out for your comments and 😁 laugh.

    I hope I haven't shouted

  16. #What you search for can only be found within*

  17. Lol at draw blood. Are they phlebotomists? Loooool. Awon agbaya meji


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