Stella Dimoko End Time Thieves Caught Red Handed..


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Monday, 19 June 2017

End Time Thieves Caught Red Handed..

Two men have been arrested by the police in Ogun for allegedly stealing equipment belonging to troubled telecoms operator, Etisalat.

The thieves allegedly broke into the Isara-Remo site of the communications outfit carting away eight heavy duty batteries valued at N1.2 million, the police said.

The Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the incident on Sunday said the suspects were arrested on Saturday following a tip off.

Mr. Oyeyemi explained that the two suspects, Bashiru Jelili and Madu Nwete, were arrested following a tip off about their activities and their hideout.

‘They have earlier broke into the site of the communication giant where the heavy-duty batteries were stolen and sold to one Obinna who is now at large,” he said.

He said investigation revealed that the said Obinna is known for receiving stolen properties in the area.

Mr. Oyeyemi said the arrested suspects have made confessional statements and all the stolen batteries has been recovered.

He said efforts are on to apprehend the fleeing Obinna, adding that the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, has directed that the suspects be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded.

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Anonymous said...

All thieves robbers n kidnappers face d music

DopeMoM said...

These people should be dealt with.
Thats how they stole all the batteries that powers the street lights in my hood.Criminals!

Anonymous said...

And dey would sell it back to nepa, eediots


HmMmmm,na wa

sisi eko said...

Oya Somebody should come and create the hashtag for these ones too they can be freed like Evans. Since there are bigger thieves in the government let the little thieves go home. Huh?🙄

Broomstick said...

Good news but the community sef o try. You know someone receives stolen items, so invariably you know the thieves yet you are silent.

Adeniji Bisi said...

Heavy duty ba3.. Ok now... That is wat they know how to steal abi..

Their mate dey steal 7billion as GMD, Governor etc... U r dia stealin ba3.

My judgement, the ba3 should be place on dia head for 16yrs

Mc pinky

Anonymous said...

This has been my biggest challenge in PH.
Police are been bribed to cover people stealing these batteries from sites.
Imagine one night I got an information that theives are stealing Batteries from site and we immediately got policemen​. Do u know that whike driving to the site, the theives drove passed us.
After showing them to the police, they said the theives are not in their jurisdiction so they can't arrest them..

Lacey Love said...

What will people like this tell their children if they are caught stealing?

Pipi Lee said...


anonymous gangster said...

Lol! I like how both thieves are from different tribes! The 2 tribes always at war here!

Oya, come & bark Linda & her ndi people on one side, Yoruba parapo on the other! Jelili, Madu & Obinna. Chai, if only Madu was a northern name, I for happy! WA ZO BIA well represented!.

Guys, once again, bad people are everywhere!

Broomstick said...

*no try

Broomstick said...

Woyo! LMAO 😂😂😂

TheLagosShopper(Goods and services 4rm the popular Lagos markets to anywhere in naija?07030493148) said...

Anonymous 08:49 are you shittinggg me?????

Anonymous said...

The same fate shall soon befall the thieves presently terrorizing Idera, Makinde,Olayemi and environs around Ayobo in Lagos state. We've also gathered that those boys are usually set free by the police upon arrest.
Na jungle justice we go use now!

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