Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 179


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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Labour Room Drama 179

TTC Testimony 46 baby has arrived and you can imagine the drama!

Hello Stella,
how are you and how is family? great job on the blog by the way. i participated in the ttc prayers last year and i sent my testimony when i took in. u posted it as ttc testimony number 46:

My labor room drama goes thus. (its quite a long but interesting read)The first 34 weeks of my pregnancy were pretty uneventful. i had no morning sickness or anything but i was really sensitive to smell. 

when i got to week 34, my baby descended to my pelvis and made it difficult to walk, sit, stand and sleep. i did a scan the result showed my baby would come 4 weeks early. i was shocked and unprepared but started expecting that my baby was gonna come earlier than expected. The due date in the scan came and went and not a single sign of labor. 

At this point i was extremely tired of being pregnant as i was practically useless. i was suffering from sleeplessness, heartburn, indigestion, inability to walk, or sit properly.

At week 38 i started to have contractions, i was happy, thinking my baby was coming. went to the hospital and was told it was false contractions, was kept under observation and sent home after 3 days. i was so upset. i was asking them to induce me but they refused. week 39 and another false contraction. went to the hospital and was sent home same day. u cant imagine how frustrated i was. 

At this point i was ready for CS but the doctors vehemently refused saying that i have to wait till my labor starts by itself. 

finally week 40 came (which seemed like it was never gona come). went to the hospital a day before my clinic day (at my mum's request to complain about some symptoms) we tot i would be sent home but they decided to admit me for observation and to decide on the course of delivery (finally). i was admitted on monday night. i did a scan on tuesday that showed my baby was 4.0kg. i asked them to just do cs for me as my baby is a big one but they still refused saying that the scan is an estimate and my baby may not be as big. 

I said ok oh. wednesday, labor had not come yet so they decided to induce. A balloon catheter was inserted in my vjayjay around 6pm and the pain started but it was bearable. i was like that till morning around 7am and the catheter was removed and i was at 4cm. i was happy labor had finally started and i was given oxytocin drip to help the dilation then the pain increased but it was still bearable. by 10 am i was just at 5cm and the doctor came to break my water then the real pain started.

I started screaming. the whole hospital knew they had one patient that day. my mum said she was hearing my voice from the third floor (labor ward is on the first). after 2 hours no progress i was starting to get exhausted. at 2pm i was just at 6cm. i tried and tried but i cudnt take the pain anymore. it was as if the pain was going to tear my brains apart. 

I felt like i was drifting in and out of consciousness as the pain came and went. felt like my life was leaving my body until the pain came and jolted me alive again. my mum and mother in law were just crying for me as they were helpless and couldnt do anything to ease my pain. 

I was given 3 different pain medications but felt no relief. my hubby came once and saw me screaming and just ran away as he couldnt bear to see me in such pain. i dragged the doctor's shirt and told him i was gona faint on his head if he doesn't do something about the pain. i told him i would pass out as i had no more strength. only then did they start to run around to prepare me for cs (finally). 

I was examined and it was discovered that my baby's head was up and his face was facing my pubis instead of his head. then cs was granted on account of maternal distress and the 'face to pubis' condition of my baby. hubby wasnt even there to sign, his mum signed on his behalf and my baby was brought out at 5.30 pm after more than 20 hours of labor. i even wasted time in the theater cuz i was still having contractions and my body was so stressed up that they cudnt administer the spinal anesthesia, i was given general anesthesia and it felt like i was sleeping throughout. i woke up around 10pm and was told my baby weighed 4.5kg. i was like waaaaaaat?! i nearly swore for the doctor who wanted to destroy my vjay by asking me to push such a big baby. but i thank God for a successful operation, mother and baby are doing just fine, HALLELUYAH!

P.S Mil is still with me doing omuguo, will send in another interesting story when she goes back to her house. please i need ideas on what to buy or do for her before she goes as she as been great to me and my baby. I will be reading comments.

Thanks Stells,

*This your Labour room drama tore me to shreds....I dont understand,why will the doctor refuse you CS,if it is your choice?Anyway Congrats.


  1. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

    All things working for our good.. .It's intentional.

    I pray for all those trusting GOD for fruit of the womb, this very year shall not pass you by


    1. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Men 4.5 that's big. Get your mother in law some quality lace material, those India sari type they use for wrapper and blouse foodstuff her toiletries and cash.

    2. U prolly went to govt/big hosp. Things are usually done by the book there. First off, sscan weight is an esstimation. I once saw a scan saying 4.5kg and d baby ended up being 3.5kg(yup radiologists are also relatively. incompetent). Now, d fact that the 34. Week scan placed ur ddate 4weeks. Earlier only means ur baby was estimated to be bigger than expected for that age. Secondly, most. Dr's in govt/big hosps don't do C/s just cos u. Want it. This is because, a million things. Could go wrong in a surgery, and then he would have to explain to d council why he ventured into c/s in d first place. So, if u want a c/s just cos u want it, go to a pte hosp. Take ur MIL shopping. Goodluckk to u and ur baby.

    3. 😨😨😨😨

    4. You sabi well!

  2. Congrats nne, your husband ran seeing you in pain made me laugh. God will keep and bless the baby.

  3. Congrats nne, your husband ran seeing you in pain made me laugh. God will keep and bless the baby.

  4. Why would a doctor refuse Cs? I have already decided even without getting pregnant that all my babies will be through Cs. No doctor should try talking me out of it ooo. I won't wait for any labour.

    Please doctors in the house can't a patient request for elective cs in Nigeria and it is granted?

    1. Yes, I did elective CS at 37weeks for my now 5yr old fraternal twins, I wanted their bdays on a newyear, that's every 1st january.

    2. To opt for C/s, you should make the plans during your ANC and before going into labor. It is allowed. It is your right. That way, the hospital is prepared for you.

  5. From your write up,your mother in-law is a good woman who deserves to be pampared.go to the market and look for quality wrappers and buy for her.

    1. Send your Jambito contributions as well.

    2. U took the words out of my mouth... Your MIL seems to be a good woman pls take care of her. If you can afford buy her 2 nice (5yards) of lace and food stuff when shes going back. So she can come happily for another omugwo...Good luck😉

  6. Thank God for you and your baby.
    Your mother inlaw will need foodstuff and wrapper/lace, Cash very much inclusive.

  7. Wow Congrats Madam.Onise Iyanu has done it..Please get your MIL a correct Agbada..Quality Hollandis Wrapper and any other thing she loves..

  8. Which Kind Estimation ? Nna eh that Doctor's Certificate needs to be re-examined.

    What if in the process of waiting for Vaginal birth and Something worse happened..God Forbid


    4.5 is really big o

    Nne Congrats...God is Awake. Kisses to your Little one and to MIL.

  9. Congrats madam

    A neighbor who's a nurse told me of a lady who went abt her biz 2days ago(she hawks ice fish) and on her way,she dropped 2 babies. A boy n a girl.

    Nurse said d babies r pre . D boy weighed 0. While d girl 1.

    Then another of a woman fighting for her life after delivery. This is her 3rd CS bn n according to her, she'd bn given 7p of blood. The lady was on d 8th wen she changed duty.

    Even her consultant did instant donation. They now decided to remove everything to stop d bleeding.

    I pray she scales thru.

    U see,wen we enter into dt place n come out alive wt our babies, it's just GOD

  10. Congrats darling

    Can't wait for mine to come.this ur labour story reminds me of my first.2cm for 2 days and they kept checking.When they gave me that drip ennn that pain was like a flight ticket to space and back..chai can't forget

    My husband just saw the needle like this he went to throw can like to form

    Now this my second one seems like the longest preg..don't even know which is worse.the constant sickness or labour...not even halfway yet..

    Abeg motherhood

    What we go through from conception to birth Benn,then to d sleepless first is 4..I've not even finished with the sleepless nights

    God continue to strengthen us mothers and mothers to be...

    1. Amen oh my dear cos e no easy at all,9months is like 9yrs,its too far joor

  11. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. May God continue to keep and bless mother, father, and baby. More to come.

  12. Wow congrats madam.......thank God for 2014,I was in labor for 2full days and some hours ,had to get me in for CS at 9cm cos I was too tired from screaming!!
    What to buy for mama depends on your budget,an handbag/lace/wristwatch/Ankara/shoes sef,you could buy a pair of 2/3items too and we fit buy am for you(lol)

  13. Congrats dear, thank God for safe delivery. Your Doctor is not nice, I had this same experience 5 years ago,immediately he said it has to be c/s in other to safe mother and child.You can buy you mother inlaw wrappers and gift her some cash.

  14. Congratulations madam. God will continue to bless your home.
    You can buy wrappers and jewelries for mama after the omugwo and make sure she did a fine hairstyle...

  15. Congratulations poster. May God bless us mothers.

    Get ur mil nice Indian George, shoes, bag and maybe cash gift.

  16. #Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something*

  17. Stella of life! In Nigeria,if one wants C/s, she should book before her due date. It is a part of her birth preparedness. It is wrong for someone to wait until the D-day to start shouting for c/s. What if she needs blood. Some of our women folk will take the "God forbid and Hebrew women" options while pregnant. Once they experience labor pain, all decisions are outta the window. Madam, congratulations. Thank HOD for a safe and successful outcome.

  18. Congratulations Bukky,may I have this beautiful experience too very very soon


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