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Friday, July 07, 2017

How To Make Money On Instagram

If you want to make money off instagram think content management...Read these few tips to help you as sent in by Doppelganger....

But first you have to grow your followers and how do you do that? 

1. You can either buy or grow them organically using content. Organically in the sense that your followers are real while you can opt to buy followers and add to your already growing followers. For example pages like krastv (over 1million followers)is handled by a human and they have a large following because of their funny videos and then brands noticed them (new music artists, hair makers, MUAs etc). 

So what brands looking for online influencers do is to search for handles with large following, pay them to post a video/photo promoting their product (doesn't come for free) because they know the number of followers and people who visit that page daily will definitely see the post. You would have started watching the video with the hope of laughing before you'd realise it's an advert.

Celebs charge more because of their status, so most starting brands can't afford them instead they seek help of ordinary Instagram users with large following. So instead of paying a celeb with 2million followers that will charge maybe 500k per post, they'd pay you 50k with your 10k followers to promote their business.

2. Also, to grow your following/followers I will take you back to content. Content is key, no one will follow a boring page, you have to be active and let your posts be escorted with lots of hash tags. You also have to define if your page is personal or for business. Instagram gives you that option when opening an account,to choose between a personal or business account where you can set your email, phone number on your page that people can quickly contact you on if they need your service. 

For example, post a bikini photo of you and hashtag #bikinibody #summerbody #fineass #slimthick #melaninpopping #swimmer #ignoremyshenanigans #ireallydohatehashtags

3. Use Hastags: You'd find about 1,759,990 people using same hashtag #summerbody. Once anyone clicks on the hashtag your post will also show and anyone anywhere even when they aren't following you will see it (power of hashtags) #hashtagsarenotcompletelyuseless .
Before you know especially if the bikini photo is fire because you know Bella la hot, people will follow you to see more.

4. Use Geotags too, visited a zoo recently? Put location on the post and people who visited and used same location will see it and follow you if they think you might have more information about the place

Yeah that's how people make money, so while you're busy being a keypad warrior on blogs, you can channel it into being a content manager for either yourself or brands on social media, it is not limited to Instagram alone. It's also called online marketing (Instagram comedians started from Instagram and now most do stand ups and get invited to events and are paid well). 

If you can't do comedy like wofai who is now attending red carpets, you can decide to run a page that posts pictures of beautiful women or men, abstract pictures (maybe danfo carrying rams) etc. See the content is out there, find it and use it.

5. You can also make up a cool hashtag and get people to start using it instead of following the crowd.

6. Link your Instagram to other platforms, so that people on Facebook for example will see when you post and like or decide to follow you on Instagram. 

7. Be out there, manage accounts for people and help them grow their business especially if you know how to write catching headlines that accompany posts 

8. Don't do it for free, so many Instagram celebs started from Twitter and make cool money now

9. Have you followed me today? #Ieatasunforaliving #islayhard #Iamdoppelganger #stoptrollingcelebsandmakeyourownmoney

10- #natheworkweywedeydo #SDKtohbadt #Amebonobecrime
#dopplegangersideeyes #hehehehehehehhe


  1. Interesting.

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    1. No wonder Advertising company's are DYING

    2. Thanks very much Doppelganger, you rock!👍👍👍

    3. Nice one Doppel

      Buh don't you know you are spoiling business for people?

      Who will now follow who on IG?

      The average person would want to unfollow huge pages they follow so they don't help them make money.

      I understand the urge to share, but some things are best left unsaid. The true* people who need it will surely spot it.

      Watch small children now will start opening pussy n prick and posting on IG for followers cos Aunty Doppel said they will make money. Some people will start charging 1500 for 50000 adverts.

      I maybe wrong and NO I am not into that. Just my thoughts on this.

      I work somewhere and I don't think my company can just dish out our company's business secret on a public platform like this, even if it is raking in billions for them (i write from that point of view)

      All d best

    4. @my opinion, I am not your aunty.
      And to answer your concerns, not everyone will make it doing the same business.
      Just because it looks easy doesn't mean it's easy and would work for everyone. What I shared isn't top secret and it is not anyone's sole idea or initiative. The information is out there for anyone interested in social media monitoring and marketing.
      I used a bikini photo as an example, I don't know how prick and pussy entered the matter or do you take a swim with an agbada. Hian

    5. Aunty Doppel, being nasty don dey hungry u since!!!

      Madam my comment wasn't for you to tie your wrapper tips for war!

      There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with dat different opinion

      If you had something diff to say, u should hv gone straight to it!

      To hv it you are looking for keepad warriors, where u hv d crown 👑 over that already.

      O ga oo.

      Do wat pleases u abeg.


  2. Am interested..Thank You to the most smartest ass, intelligent and wisest woman..Doppelganger!! I love this lady no be lesbo..Thanks

    1. I love the song too much juice, too much sauce.
      Thank you and I love you too.

  3. Thanks SDK and Doppelganger

    chim_oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

    1. I love your sense of humour#MissKapusu

  4. Nice one doppelganger...osheeyy

  5. Thanks doppelganger
    I learnt a lot
    Uche "onise" Maduagwu don turn instagram celeb oh
    They are even advertising on his page. The guy is cashing out oh...
    I'm now sure all those controversial posts was to gain followers

  6. Social media money is like blood money, doesn''t run dry.Been thinking of something to start online.God abeg open my eyes.

    1. Sassy, saw your comment on the Jay-Z post.
      Yes, the Illuminati shit is real.
      Do your research.

  7. Wow I'm blown away.Thank you doppel baby

  8. Lols😁😂😀
    But what about those that buy followers???
    How???tanks again

    1. Please don't buy followers even though you can.
      What you would get are bot followers, who won't give you any engagement. So you can buy 2, 000 followers and add to the one's you already have maybe 500 which equals to but you get only 100likes on post when real followers of 2500,can get you 500 or more likes. Brands won't invest in someone with fake followers unless you just want a large following for face value and not for engagement value. Fake followers can't like or comment on posts.
      Just grow your followers naturally but if you still want to buy, then search online there are plenty sites that offer this service for a small fee.

  9. Thanks doppel.I want to start something similar to do I go about it?

  10. Good one @doppel. I tell this to some of my church young folks especially the students. They all want to carry the latest phone and when I ask, 'How do you intend to ensure that the phone pays for itself?', they roll their eyes.

  11. Beautiful, highly insightful.
    Nice one babes!

  12. If you are siting there reading on how to grow followers on IG, that means you are very jobless and need to get something doing with your lives.

  13. Wow....and I am almost always on instagram.also...I tink u Shld always post intresting stuff as well.Will help grow Ur followers

  14. Money fall on me

  15. CrazyHornyWife8 July 2017 at 03:22

    🙌🙌🙌Thanks doppleG


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