Stella Dimoko Kidnap Kingpin Evans Insists His Father And Step Mum Caused His Predicament


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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kidnap Kingpin Evans Insists His Father And Step Mum Caused His Predicament

Arrested kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, aka Evans, has insisted that his parents played a major role in his life of criminality.

He said he was one of the six children his mum had for his dad, who also had another wife, both of whom he blamed for his predicament.

In an interview with New Telegraph newspaper, Evans recalled the reaction of his mum when she saw bullet wound on him.

“She didn’t say anything. She only advised me to stop what I was doing.

“I’m the first son. My father will not tell me today that he trained or catered for me. But if there was any way my father and step mother wronged me, I have forgiven them”‎, he said.

Evans was injured in what has now turned to controversial circumstances in Lagos from gunshots.

While the police alleged that he was shot following disagreement with his gang members over the sharing of money made from a robbery operation, Evans said he was only at the scene of the shooting to settle a feud among members of a robbery gang he knew.

“It happened in 2008. A friend of mine invited us to come and make peace. They were having issue of money. When we got there, he started shooting everybody.

“The matter was between Emeka, Iyke and others. I tried to intervene and Iyke started shooting everyone. He shot so many people.

“Nothing led to it! I told you it was an issue over money. It was not a bank robbery. The major issue was between Emeka and Iyke. It was Emeka and Iyke that were having issues. Along the line, myself and others decided to intervene in the matter. Iyke now decided to call everyone in order to make peace.

“But on getting there, Iyke and his friends, Jude and Humphrey, started shooting at us.

“I wasn’t shot on my shoulder. I was shot on my hip (Lifts his shirt to show the scar). They were having issue over sharing of money.

“It was money they made from robbery. The money was from robbery of a filling station. They said they went to Con Oil Filling Station in the night to rob. It happened in 2008.

“No! I didn’t go. I was not part of them. I was called to come and intervene in the issue, to make peace.

“Iyke called his friends to come and take their share of the money after the robbery. Later, Emeka now called me that they were having problems with Iyke seriously.

“He said that Iyke didn’t want to give them their share of the money. Emeka said that Iyke carried out the operation with his instruments (weapons) and as such, Iyke was supposed to give him part of the money.

“But Iyke didn’t want to share with Emeka, so I was called. It was supposed to be a peace talk.

“I was shot by Iyke. I can’t really say how many people he shot and killed on that day. I only know that after he shot me, I ran out of the place.”

*See story!...They should pick up the Iyke and Emeka if they are still alive.....Your father didnt send you to school does not mean you should have become so bad..Once you become an adult you are responsibe for how you turn out...Evans thief dey your blood..


  1. Stella you never tire for Evans gist? Hell will freeze over before I read that. Ayam tired.

    1. So what are u doing here?

    2. This man is still alive?
      When he was collecting 100million he didn't know? Mtewwwwwwww.

    3. Hahahah haha @9:41 she/he is glancing by.

  2. Action film!
    Sons of the devil!

  3. #Staying quiet doesn’t mean you've got nothing to say. It means you don’t think they're ready to hear your thoughts*

  4. Make we hear word abeg. How sure are we that he's the one saying all these? Later they will tell us he never granted any interview.

  5. This man should be ashamed of himself. Ekperima. U never start to talk. Oshi oshi

  6. Look at this nicompoop ( in osuofia's voice) are you the only one that wasn't sent to school by their parents? But ur dad claimed to be a comfortable man years back na

  7. U av said it all Stella. We are responsible for what and who we are.

  8. This man's case being prolonged is tiring already. This is where instant justice is needed. What is Nigeria waiting for. The evidence is so glaring. Mtchewwww

  9. Evans should stop accusing blame to others, he is a full grown man and should know what's good and what's bad

  10. Never believe what a thief, a liar and a kidnapper says fully. A con man, very skilled in lying and deception doesn't know how to tell truth. I will take everything said by him with ainch of salt. A liar can't be believed even when he seems to be telling the truth.

    1. Pinch ke? Abi bag with pepper join sef. As e don everything for interview, wetin remain wey E wan talk for court?

      E remain CNN to interview him and Bloomberg.

    2. New York Times and Wall Street

  11. You are "EVIL" . Don't put the blame on people

  12. If he did not train you in school, was he the one that taught you to steal and kidnap. Nonsense

  13. Proudly Anonymous8 July 2017 at 13:44

    How many times did I call you?This is life & we all make mistakes,one can only pray not to make a fatal one that will follow one up a long way.
    There are people with far worse situation than yourself yet they made good.
    Own your errors.
    The Yorubas say "ti won baa bi eyan,eyan na a tun re bi",obviously you haven't done this since you came to full realisation of good and bad.
    What's done is done,face the consequences of your bad choices like a man & try to make peace with God because your salvation lies with him considering what you made your victims went through.


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