Stella Dimoko Lagos Flood And Governor Ambode's Silence.


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Monday, 10 July 2017

Lagos Flood And Governor Ambode's Silence.

The Lagos flood has come and wrecked havoc on homes and businesses and it was so bad that it got on the International news but I want to talk about the response of the Lagos state government to the crisis!

One would expect the governor who claims to be current to quickly hold a press conference assuring the people of the safety of their lives and properties but no that didn't happen instead the government asked people to stay indoors!

Stay indoors when the water had chased them out of their homes?VERY FUNNY!!!

One would expect to hear that Emergency shelter homes had been set up with food and water for those rendered homeless but no it didn't happen and instead we saw sad photos of women with their babies on their backs and rescued properties by the road side....

If the rains continue today and the government remains silent then it would be good to assume that there is none at all....

As the people begin to find ways to get their lives back on course today,I cannot help but wonder...Where was the governor of Lagos state when he was needed the most ?He was elected to serve the people and last week was a good example of what serving the people represents!

Gov Ambode,please wake up from your slumber and get to WORK....Lagos needs a drainage system!


  1. Hnmmm God is the only hope for Nigerians.

    1. Aunty Cynthia.

      God will not come down and clear drainages.

      God will not come down and teach how to be clean and environmentally conscious.

      God will not come down to vote and elect leaders with a clear concise plan for leadership.


      You lot need to remove this religious hypnotism that has turned you into a nation of senseless zombies and FUCKING THINK AND PLAN FOR YOUR GODDAMNED SELVES.

      God will not do it for you.

      'God is the only hope for NIGERIANS... Ehn But why despite all your churches and prayer challenges, this country is still non functional,followers as clueless as their leaders, every sector, health, education, aviation, agriculture etc run completely to the ground?
      You can't even be certain of sleeping and not waking up in the Atlantic Ocean. Is God not in America, in China, IN GHANA??????????????

      And the response of Nigerians? 'Ehn let us continue clapping hands and wait for God.

      Senseless morons.

    2. The Lagos state government has responded in social media and all news outlets at least 5x since Saturday. They gave instructions on what the public should do and what they are doing. Mind you, this is nature-think before you write rubbish because you are fraustrated. Next time you throw that used pure water nylon on the floor think about your home. Foolish e-diot.

    3. If you throw trash out of your car. U are partly responsible for this. If you do not dispose of your trash properly. U are to blame. As we blame the government let us also remind ourselves of what we could be doing to avoid this.

    4. Anon 14:40 lasg spokesman, uche onise face ya were. Ambode was dancing at Amosun/abike dabiri owambe while his state was flooded and there was a major accident in ojota, despite the heavy taxes lagosians pay

  2. Good memo. Wetin our leaders know. Block heads.... If his home is alright he won't care. If it's oyibo people, u will see how good their leaders will handle the situation. Sometimes I wonder if some of our leaders went to primary school talk more of university. Very useless leaders we have in Nigeria. Very shameful of Lagos state Governor. Next thing he will send out his touts to start collecting taxes and landlord fees.

  3. I was wondering y ambode has been silent. It was so bad a crocodile was seen at mega chicken ikota area and a family friend said a small croc entered his house at phase 1. My sisters area is filled with water. Even suvs cant get past. Yhank God my own estate is okay though

    1. You will drown in that flood

  4. if pdp was in power in Lagos before he came in he would have blamed pdp


  5. The governor is still shocked,confused and ashamed,thats why he is silent.
    I'm sure he'll do something about it,the pressure on him right now is too much,he is human.

  6. Ambode think dredging at strategic places, it can be done na, haba!

  7. It's not even funny, businesses are on lock down. We are just at work looking confused, we don't have light and can't do jack. Ambode, wake up and do something. If rain doesn't fall today, it would tomorrow. Many people still can't leave their homes and people at work can't even do the work. This is costing people millions in lost assets and man hours.

    1. Perhaps it is high time Lagosians learn to respect the few available drainage system in Lagos than stuff them with dirt and filth. This is not about the government. It is our orientation. No one was blaming Ambode for good roads and projects lately until the flood. Only now you all know how to direct anger at him. Absolute nonsense.

    2. Anonymous 10:15, tell me the state where dirt don't stuff the gutters? Clearly you do no live in Lagos that's why you'd call citizens plea nonsense for asking the government to be accountable. If the roads were properly done, they won't be flooded during the rainy season.
      I've lived in Kaduna, Abuja, Kano and even maiduguri. Their gutters have dirts too but because they have a proper drainage system, when it rains you won't even know unless someone tells you because the water flows from one place to another and not stagnant like Lagos drainages.
      It's one thing to do good roads and another to male provision for water to flow. They are currently doing the Badagry express way and if you must know that provision isn't there. When it rains, the water just forms like a pool causing heavy traffic.

    3. Ambode isn't the cause of all that you know. Yes it would be nice for him to say something but this water issue has been a problem before fashola. so you wouldn't expect a rapid response. But before things are sorted out, why not the citizens help the government by not throwing trash on the roads as they all go into the gutters causing blockage. At least this is a step. Maybe a fine should be implemented for those seen throwing trash on the road instead of using waste bins

      My place at oniru wasn't affected tho. We good. Like nothing happened

  8. Ambode better so something.. Is not about you telling us to stay at home... Na you go pay my salary? I am working with a private firm, so what should I tell my boss? Well, I was already at work before 7am, it was not easy at all

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  9. I stand to say here that Gov Ambode doesn't have a nice aura about him.Should we begin to count the many atrocities and nefarious activities that have clouded and dominated Lagos?I would like to know what he was doing before he became a Governor!!He should check himself before the lives of the many souls that have gone will be demanded from him!!!Lagos isn't safe anymore yet he wears his Agbada and galivants in d high circles.Check yourself Sir.You don't look clean to me

  10. The problem is caused by PDP. Abi no be PDP cause this one?

    Blame blame government. What do you have to say to us.

    Very soon you will say they are throwing dirts everywhere and putting pure water sachet in the gutter. That one no dey pass una.

    Shame to APC and his cohorts. Shame Mr. Ambode, kindly refund our tax we pay una. Thieves

    1. Yori, Did d flood affect your area?

  11. Ambode doesn't care after all he has a govt quarter in the ikeja which isn't flooded. Lagos state keeps reclaiming land from the sea to build structures without proper Environmental impact accessment on how this reduced sea area would impact in times of heavy rains.

    Plus people forget that its lekki pennisula which means the area is surrounded by water so the more Lagos state reclaims land the more the water is forced to come back unto the landed area during heavy down pour.

    Also most areas in lekki are just about the height of d sea level,so once it rains and the sea level rises water automatically stops flowing from the drains to the sea and so flooding everywhere.

    I also believe human factor of dropping wastes in drainage systems also matter but you see, that can be curtailed as against the rest disasters been caused by Eko Atlantic Sandfilling been caused by Abode and his quack engineers.

    Stella in a couple of years from now, Lekki will be overtaken by flood due to environmental changes and that is when they will know that building in lekki is a penny wise pound foolish investment.

  12. We understand he can't start digging drainages right now till the rain subsides but like you said he should give the people some sort of assurance even if its fake assurance. I'm just happy me and hubby borrowed ourselves brain and relocated cos the small rain that fell last year showed us wien in that yeye location. I feel the pain of everyone affected by rain, rain can sabi to spoil property ehn

  13. I heard that he was caught in the flood from Epe. He was offered a helicopter ride but he refused, he was in traffic for over 3 hours. Also heard he is calling a meeting wit all the local government chairmen to discuss the issue, which I think is nonsense cause those ones do absolutely nothing, they just share allocated money. Maybe if someone is on their necks, they might be inclined to do a little something. Building drainages is not the solution to the problem because of reclaimed wetlands. I think they should build huge underground steel pipe and water reservoirs that lead to the ocean and actually build the drainage with common sense.

    1. He should. The concept of local government should be SCRAPPED if it cannot be used well and to the advantage of the people. I know in yankee they have something like a district head. They have their names and contacts pasted all over their counties. Even if you see rat for ya house, call am. Last year my brothers area in yankee flooded. They have this neighbourhood forum. Dem set the man up o. Dem do timetable to de call d guy. By the time they bombarded him with calls they came and found a solution tothe drainage problem.

  14. Sandy Yo good morning. Not at all. My area it can fall for 50 days, rain will not be there at all. It is the road that I am passing to cut off most of surulere so that i can reach Ijora fast.

  15. Please Lagos govt should do something about it.

  16. There should be regular cleaning of drains and the canals/drainage channels should be dredged at least twice a year. People are filthy- throwing plastics and all sorts into the gutters/drainage channels. Everywhere is market in Lagos. People sell corn,fruit etc and throw the peel into the gutters. Bunch of pigs.

  17. The Solution is a simple.
    Build a good drainage system.
    Lets pick a road and follow the drainage after one point it goes no where, no connection, nothing.
    Those staying around Ajah, the road leading to badore, no drainage system, no connection.
    The road they just did not yet 5 months already washing off gradually.
    And they have Monitoring team.
    what are they monitoring?
    No Common Sense At All...

  18. The government should be proactive. We the citizens also have our own part to play. When I was building at Lekki, I made sure that I made room for drainage in my house but it will surprise you to know that most Nigerians don't care about creating a drainage system when they are building. They see it as a waste of their land and they want to maximize every space.
    Some people even build houses on drainage ways. It is high time we own up to our responsibilities. Ambode or Fashola doesn't live in your houses. They wont clear the drainage for you. In your own little space, clear the drainages and stop blaming people. Nigerians like to blame others for their problems which is very bad.


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