Stella Dimoko London Tatafo Season 76


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Sunday, July 09, 2017

London Tatafo Season 76

It sounds like Super story between two sisters in London.

Come and hear what is happening between these siblings. It is not a funny story at all. I hope nobody gets hurt in the process of resolving this issue.

Tatafo is actually among those who have been asked to mediate in the ongoing matter of this sibling rivalry. At first I thought it was a man's matter that caused the fight, but we later realised that money is the "causer" of the serious gbege.

My people, money is still the root of evil. This is the gist of what it caused between these sisters in London.

According to the victim and complainant who is the younger sister, she said that she and her elder sister were so close and used to do everything together. So close that they wore the same clothes. Then a few years back they both joined a money saving group where each person gets a chance to collect a lump sum and then use it for whatever they liked. I think some people call it "Izuzu or ajo".

Na so trouble take start..

The younger sister said that when it was her own turn to collect the lump sum of £15,000, she was so excited and she decided to discuss with her big sis what she wanted to do with hers. They both decided that they should invest their indivudual monies on properties in Nigeria.


Meanwhile the younger sister at this point didn't have the opportunity to travel to Nigeria. So she entrusted her older sis with her money believing that everything was going as planned. Big sister was updating her younger sister of the progress of the supposed house project. As time went on, she gave her the impression that the property was almost completed.

Na wah

The younger sister claimed that apart from the £15,000 lump sum given to her sister, that over the years she gave her more money when she requested it. Not until she recently got the shocker of her life when she finally visited Nigeria.

What broke the camel's back was when she arrived Nigeria recently and she kept asking her sister about where her property was situated..but somehow, she refused to take her there. They dragged the matter before her big sister finally broke the shocking news to her that there was no property.

Say wetin? If I hear..

This lady said that she landed in the hospital out of shock. That she had to rush back to London to see her GP. To make matters worse, she said that her sister is not remorseful about the whole thing. When Family members were called upon to settle this matter, the older sister blatantly told the gathering that she doesn't have any money to refund to her younger sister.

Chai chai chai!!

Now the current situation is that the younger sister is telling everyone in London and whoever cares to listen to please help her beg her sister to refund her money. This woman is so broken that she's been put under some anti depressant tablets by her GP. One of her friends who brought the case to Tatafo actually said that they fear she may harm herself if something isn't done quickly. Some people even asked her to forget the money.

Meanwhile, the complainant also wanted us to publish the identities of the sisters involved in this matter so that the world can intervene and possibly help the situation. But I have decided to leave their identities out for now, hoping that the older sister will do the right thing. If not, I'll have no choice than to publish names and pictures with proof next time.


Why is this sister not sober? Does she want her younger sister dead? Can she not arrange a payment plan to refund some of the money? Or is there more to this story?

Tatafo also gathered that the victim invested all her savings in this project that disappeared. She's so emotionally wrecked and she needs help to get back on her feet. All she wants is for her sister to refund her money.

What should she do? Which kind sister be dis mbok? Make I leave the matter here for now.

Tatafo will be back

Stella I dey hail!

*Na wah oh...Maybe the sister does not have any money to refund and is using strong eyes.........I advise the younger sister to let it go and move on..The worst kind og betrayal is when it happens inside the family.
so sorry for your friend!
Madam Tat,where is the email address?


  1. Na wah!

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    1. Oh dear. She should take it up legally if she has proof of transaction. Or if her sister isn't denying that she owes the money.. but this looks like it's a family ish.

      I agree with Stella, the sister is trying to bully her way out. With a sister like this who needs a frenemyπŸ™„

      Ok bye

  2. Oga o, sister from pit of hell.

  3. Tatafo and her stories haff come again.
    Happy sunday pipo.
    BTW I finally got an I.D. make una welcome me o.
    No more anonymous comments. I promise to behave maself.
    I have a lot of peeps i admire here. Una doo. ok bye.

  4. Let her get a lawyer and Sue her ASAP!. I am sure she has proof of transfer to the sister. If the sister has a house it will be sold and she will get her money back. Let her get her money back this is not a matter of begging.

    1. If a sister can do this to me then I will retaliate by going all out to wreck her. If I can't trust my sister l, who can I trust?

      It is so easy to say let it go, heck, this is her sweat. She probably denied herself of 1 or 2 things to save this money.

      Sister from hell, tatafo tell her to drag her ass to court and do everything legal and illegal to get her money.

      If the sister has properties or a business, let her start selling them plus gold to refund her. She must cough out what she stole, bastard.

    2. Exactly. How can she let such an amount go just like that. Shuuu

  5. Sister frm hell,i also have one too, elder sister oooo, she is still bent on me not marrying. The latest she did Is anoda story. Some say na envy.God is my witness I did notin wrong to warrant this war from her. Person wey go do u for back and pretend to u. I wonder where the Karma been discussed yesterday is, becos it is yet to visit her. Funniest thing is they have no tangible reason excuse for their action.

    1. Hmmmm. Things are happening oπŸ€”

  6. Worst of it all is that after doing it them go use seniority stuff cover ur eyes u won't get to say anything����

  7. This once happened to my mum's cousins.The sister lives in the UK,sent some money to her brother in Nigeria to buy land .he bought the land in her name and built a house on it in his own name. Family could not resolve the issue .hence the case was taken to court.The judgement goes thus; whoever owns the land owns the building else the owner of the buildings should remove it from the land.Shikena!

    1. Ntoi!!!!

      I like this story. Oduman dubody.

    2. That is why I love the law. Simple as ABCπŸ˜†

  8. The worst mistake anyone can do is to run business with family members,its always back fire. No 1 lesson I learnt earlier in life is never to run biz with blood relations bcos the betrayal is always out of this world..
    That was how one of my distant cousin beg me to buy him keke napep and promised heaven and earth to pay me back. I bought it for him guy man managed pay half of the money the remaining half na from one story for the gods to another every day. Even my aunt his mom called and begged me to forfeit the remaining balance. Thank God I've zeroed my mind wen I bought him the keke that if I see my money fine if I don't see kuma no lele life goes on.
    Tatafo tell the younger sis to take legal action against her elder sister. When d matter reach court she go know say opolo eyes no be open eye.

  9. She should sue. Nonsense!

    We sweep a lot of things under the carpet in our community, it hinders our progress. People think they are untouchable.

    How could a sister inflict so much emotional and psychological pain on her sister? For what? Material things? Not right.

    Sue her!

  10. #Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans*

  11. Replies
    1. Mbanu,it is not well o. I am just speechless

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Maybe she had given the money to a guy that promised marriage. And now no money to pay back. Sue her so that the court will mandate her on how to pay the money.

  13. Patience is virtue, I secretly wanted to leave my husband because he has no paper and things be came unbearable for me and started dating another man with red pali, last month my partners indefinate leave to remain card came...I quickly change my number so I can cut all contact with the other man and face my family.. God please for give me all my sins.

  14. She should sue the sister. What nonsense. I know someone with this story but it was his own mother who stole his money.

  15. BEYONCE HAND πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘9 July 2017 at 16:55

    sister from hell! Wicked somebody

  16. Terrible sister, what a story.

  17. Please where is the property she's buying in Nigeria for £15,000???

  18. This is so wrong

  19. @Anonnymous 15:49

    Your husband knows everything . He confided in me and so other friends and we advised him to let go (for now)

    once you go back to your old ways then ........

  20. This Stella is funny sha, steady giving advice she won't take. She should let what go πŸ˜’πŸ˜ iffa hear she let it go and move on. Since the sister from hell can do this to her she should go all the way out to ruin her too. E no go better for any sister that doesn't want your progress


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