Stella Dimoko Widows In Abuja Empowered By CEDWIN,NAPTIP


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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Widows In Abuja Empowered By CEDWIN,NAPTIP

Centre for Defence of Windows Rights in Nigeria (CEDWIN) and the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons on Fridaydonated materials to empower widows Abuja.

The gesture was part of the event organized by CEDWIN to commemorate the 2017 International Widows Day at Access Park in the nation’s capital.

Over 150 widows, drawn for the six area councils in the territory, benefited from the items which include clothing materials, bags of rice, as well as other food items, and Sewing Machines.

The Director General of CEDWIN, Chinyere Onah, said that there empowerment was necessary to secure the future of widows and their dependants.

“If you help and empower a widow, you have actually secured the future of her children possible vulnerability, including human trafficking.

“We are actually doing this to commemorate the International Widows Day which was held on June 23, but because our Muslim widows ere fasting, we decided to postponed it to today.

“This is our own way of identifying with them and to also remind them that widowhood is a call to responsibility.

“We are celebrating with them and empowering them as well in collaboration with NAPTIP,”she said.

Onah therefore commended NAPTIP for identifying with her organisation in its quest for fighting the course of widows across Nigeria.

She noted that the donation of sewing machines to the widows by NAPTIP was timely and crucial, as it would assist indigent widows trained in tailoring to start off their own business.

The Director General of NAPTIP, Mrs Okah Donli, who handed the Sewing machines to the CEDWIN boss on behalf of the widows said the agency was committed to the empowerement of vulnerable women.

“The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) is an Agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria with the mandate to fight trafficking in persons.

“Supporting CEDWIN will go a long way in reducing the vulnerability of widows and their families to human trafficking.

“CEDWIN has over the years improved the lives of this vulnerable group and it is our prayer that God will continue to provide and strengthen the work of your organisation,”she said.

CEDWIN which started in 2012, is an advocacy NGO which protects the right and welfare of Widows and vulnerable children across Nigeria.

It empowers widow, and provide legal protection for them against abuse and all forms dehumanizing cultural practices.

The 2017 annual CEDWIN event was attended by women rights activists, volunteers and representatives of similar organizations.


Miss Ess said...

Nice one, well done

Rappakatakata said...

Where's Mercy Aigbe na?

Anonymous said...

Best thing for a widow is to help them find another companion. Widowhood should not be the end of life. In the Western world, no one donates money to widows. They go out and find themselves another companion. There is no stigma to marrying a widow and the children of widows are usually supportive of the new relationship.

We need to grow up as a society and start nurturing assistance that is self sustaining.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. You ask that we grow up but i can see from your writeup that you havent even grown at all bc in this age a generation you still believe that for a woman (widowed or not) to have a good life that it all depends on her being able to get a husband and not being economicaly empowered to face her responsibilities.
I therefore urge you to bring up our girls with the goal of reaching the apex of their abilities for humanities sake and not bring them up with the highest goal of becoming a dependant on another man.
Wisdom is profitable.
Our society is growing up but you are not bc you just sit back and recommend every action of western world to our siciety even when 80% of their life style have dovetailed the whole world into HELL.
Lastly, life and living is not all about companion bc we are here for all of us and we are one. Just your neigbour and your environment and we are all good.
May God bless you as you rethink.

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