Stella Dimoko Asari Dokubo Has A LOL Moment In A New Video Over Presidential Rats Brouhaha


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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Asari Dokubo Has A LOL Moment In A New Video Over Presidential Rats Brouhaha

Ex-Militant leader, Asari Dokubo released a new video mocking Buhari over Presidential rats.
In the video, Asari was seen mocking President Buhari for saying he will not be working in his office because of rats.

Asari also called President Buhari a liar and a thief.

Interpreted video:

Hahahahahahahahaha (laughing and clapping hands).

Buhariiiiiiiii Ah.speaking in own dialect.....

Nigeria is really... ahhh... a theatre of herself ah.

Bizarre things happen... ah ah!!

Rraaattts, first chop our budget for 2016, now rats don pursue lion!!!!

They say the lion king has come ohh.... Lion King has come ooh.... All of us should go and hide. Na hin the rat na hin take the challenge. Who will bury the cat? na em small mouse..., u don see that Tom and Jerry before? This one na small mouse like this o, small rat like this, small one - the one wey we dey call Nkia pi... Hehehe. Na hin pursue Buhari for hin office, go dey eat, come dey eat, come dey eat, eat, eat Buhari office, eat everything, ah ha. These people, shame no dey catch dem, dem go talk am for BBC. When my friend tell me say this kind news dey for BBC, I say you don come naa, wetin dey worry you. Hin say oboy, make you no dey do this thing... "speaking dialect".

Shame no fit catch me... NIGERIA!! Ahhh!!

You no get any excuse to give, na rat... but e good because "he who the gods have rejected, everything on earth will reject the person until even rat has rejected you - when will you learn. You want to be like Pharaoh?!! You want to continue and continue and continue to harden your heart but your time has come. You should just walk away peacefully, now that a lot of people do not know that you are a con man by excellence... con man by excellence; you refused to walk away. The next thing you do is to call your service chief to threaten us that you will kill us, you just have Boko Haram one side say we, you go kill us. No problem, we dey watch... ahn...we dey watch na.

"Singing in dialect..."

We don't have anybody - we're orphans. We Biafrans, are orphans. You want to kill us? - There's God. This is how God warned and warned and warned and warned Pharaoh, until he perished in the Red Sea. And this is how you have refused to accept, and have continued in your plot, in your evil imaginations against our people, against biafrans. We are not looking for war, you and your people are looking for war and like the egyptians of old, you will perish in the Red Sea... Isah Allah... You will not escape because everything you have ever thought of is revealed. You slaughtered over 1,000 Shias, for no just cause. Till today, Mallam Ibrahim Alzezeki is in prision, his wife Zeenat is in prison. You slaughtered so many of us biafrans and everyday you are plotting, even now that we don't know whether it's you or it is a robot that they have brought or your clone that they've brought to replace you, you're still... (making funny faces)... Oouuu. You want to kill, you can't kill anybody. Power lies in the hands of God.

Odi'm so funny oh... Rat!!! Nkia pi!!! Hahahahaha.... ofu ngru na hin pursue you for office. You no dey learn lesson... Lion King..., Lion King wey rat dey pursue...

Learn a lesson and stop your evil.

Thank you!


  1. This one again! Okon calabar don give am liver.

  2. What's this man's claim to fame again?

  3. Barracudianusa. - Well, I don't support Biafra or our Musophobic president, but in truth, it is a shame that our president left the Aso Villa, because of our very common rodent friends, there is absolutely no sense in that, none at all, we haven't seen the last of such outstanding comedy, LOL.

    Well, I will be here when he amuses us with more raw talent of his, maybe soon, he'll leave again for fear of cockroaches.


  4. hahahahahaha what a pity.

    APC should get their acts together and stop degrading this country with nonsense excuses and talk. What a pity. See this Asari too get mouth to talk?

    "Our members didn't vandalize Buhari's office" - Rat Association of Nigeria kicks.

    Rats Association of Nigeria (RAN) has refuted the Presidency's Allegation of Vandalism against their Members.

    Reacting to the allegation, the National chairman Rats Association of Nigeria (RAN) Comrade Ntapia O. Ntapia said "We respect protocols, our members don't cross National Red Lines. We are peaceful and law-abiding citizens as we are found in every home across the country. We therefore urge the general public and good people of Nigeria to please disregard the ridiculous and baseless allegation"

    In a telephone chat with the Aso Rock coordinator of the Association Chief Tụfịakwa Kpokokpo, who also debunked the accusation as false and laughable, warned the Buhari's administration to desist from instigating Nigerians against them.
    "You could recall that sometimes last year, this same administration accused us of spreading Lassa fever in some parts of the country which later turned to be false after mass killing of our members. Now they have come again with another bunkum. We are fully aware that Buhari is doing everything possible to ruthlessly annihilate and exterminate us, but he will fail" he said.

  6. Hahahaa Asari is just a clown. But the rat issue is laughable and shameful sha.

  7. Since rats have taken over the office of the presidency in a coup d'rat, it means technically, we are living in a ratocratic country at the moment...

  8. St Frankool ur comments crack me up always. Nice sense of humour uve got.


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