Stella Dimoko Reps Spokesperson Says Lawmakers Cant Oversight On Foot And Need Cars..


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Monday, 14 August 2017

Reps Spokesperson Says Lawmakers Cant Oversight On Foot And Need Cars..

Abdulrazak Namdas, spokesman of the house of representatives, says the Peugeot 508 vehicles which some lawmakers in the lower legislative chamber took delivery of will be used for over sight purposes.

Namdas confirmed the delivery of 200 out 360 vehicles which is said to be ordered from Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited (PAN) – worth N3.4 billion. Nine months ago, the house had taken delivery of 50 Peugeot cars.

He said rather than going for Toyota Prado sports utility vehicles (SUVs) or other higher brands, they opted for Peugeot 508 “because of national interest”.

He explained that taking delivery of the vehicles from PAN would help the economic recession as “money will circulate within the country”.

“The vehicles are meant for the utility services of members; for example, committee work. It is known everywhere that parliamentarians undertake what is called oversight functions. An oversight function requires moving from one place to another and, therefore, we need these utility vehicles. Members of the national assembly and, in this case, the house of representatives, belong to many committees,” Namdas said.

“Their attention is needed once in a while to visit one project site or another. They cannot go on such a visit on foot. They will need to use vehicles.

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Anonymous said...

And have they paid salaries and pensions. Misplaced priorities.

Pure Nigerian said...

Vehicles that they didn't have before ba? Only the house can decide to curtail their excesses by passing a bill that stops them from being entitled to houses, cars and excessive allowances. You wanna run, rent an apartment with your money, if your money isn't enough to get you a place in the highbrow area, then rent in other places from the salary given. Same with a car and fueling...these people all have several cars. But of course, the suggestion is likely to get me some shocked stares and some sighs about how I don't really know what it entails to be a legislator or senator, that it isn't all glamorous as I think. Lmao!

Isolde Fontaine said...

How would the money circulate exactly? how is it possible that a lawmaker doesn't have a car to get to where ever he is supposed to get to? I am guessing we should be glad they are buying more affordable car brands.

Emeka Chukwurah said...

Like they've been doing it on foot since. Dimwitted excuse.

Dainty T said...

Bombastic elements

Anonymous said...


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