Stella Dimoko Saturday Breakfast Post And The Okro Soup ISH


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Saturday Breakfast Post And The Okro Soup ISH

Time for Breakfast ISH as usual..........

Today I am having one of my new creations but cant talk about it until i have tried it out cos it sounds like something better imagined.

I am also having Muesli bomb..that is if i can chew it all.
Food will be supported with my usual Omelet.

I am a late eater and I always skip Lunch.

Now to the Okro soup ish...
Okro soup is my favourite and was quite shocked to read that some guy in Port Harcourt cooked a pot of okro soup for 500 naira...Is this possible at all?500 for a pot of ones fave food?

if you were given 500 naira would you be able to cook a pot of okro soup  with it?sounds incredible!



We're done taking pap and fried meat

*Larry was here*

Miss Ess said...

With crayfish, oil and dry pepper at home, I will cook a delicious pot of okro soup with fish and pomo just with 500.

Em jay said...

Akara and bread loading...

Oly Benny said...

Stella here in porthacourt is very true to cook okro with such amount. Okro full market and is cheap now. I'm having tea bread with fried egg

Olybekee Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

Red Wine said...

Tea and bread.

aunthenticbaby said...

#500 Is like #50 now in this bihari regime,even in Jonathan regime it was nothing ,except only in abacha time
So 500 is not enough prepare Any soup
Okro 50 which is not enough
Pepper 50
Cray fish 50
Fish 250
Maggi 20
Leaf 50
What abt kerosene and other okporoko you will put inside the soup,abeg Is not enough.

Em jay said...

It's very possible Stella, okro is cheap, if you see okro #100 eheeee.

sophie wise said...

yes stella.. #500 can make a pot of okro soup,its rainy season so it cheap.

Beloved said...

That's if all the other ingredients is available and is just to buy Kpomo and okro

But I I spend up to 1k o... I have to buy garri,Oil,crayfish,Okro,Ugu,Onions and every other things from the market.
I don't stock foodstuffs

So since yesterday I have been eating plantain porridge since I found out I can get 7 large fingers for 200.

Red Wine said...

Is possible to prepare okro soup with 500 naira, okro is very cheap with 200 you will have bug pot if soup, ugu 50 is enough, crayfish for 50 naira, Palm oil 50 naira. You can even buy small shawa fish for 100 naira.

I will make small okro soup today to eat.

Princess Scheherazade said...

Which kind of fish abeg? Cos ordinary Titus fish is now 500 Naira for one.

same girl said...

For me, I'm the kind that loves my soup or stew (soup especially) full of obstacles and stumbling blocks else, I don't bother so, not sure I can make a soup for 500, maybe 1k least. If money no dey, I will make indomie or jollof or something else.

Breakfast today hasn't been decided but guessing indomie with sausage.

Am I the only one that didn't get sallah food? And I was too lazy to go to the ones that invited me over

Cynthia Iyede said...

Enjoyment minister. Happy Eid dear, where's my meat? I love meat hennn!

Cynthia Iyede said...

Rice and stew for breaky.

With some ingredients available at home, it possible to make such soup.

Martins Aboy said...

Igbo's do say "Ejighi Ahuhu anya isi" and that means;YOU DONT BOAST WITH POVERTY..kikiki

But irrespective of that madam stellz;i can tell you that i can cook okro soup with that #500..

Fish(Fresh fish)-#200
Salt-(Always in the house)


This are the basics,and any other thing needed to cook the soup is probably at the kitchen..

If the money is up to #1000,i can prepare the family "okro" soup;cos it would contain all those smoked fish,stock fish and other small!

Speaking about Okro tho;the moment Nigerians or Nigerian traders who deal on foodstuff know the health benefit of Okro to man;it will be the most costly vegetable on planet earth..hehehehe!!

Eating okro till the season is off..

Good morning everyone!


Ed said...

Martins just analyzed it and if not fish,you can use meat instead.

Hot jollof rice and fried plantain on point😘😘😘😘

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Jollof rice and correct ram meat.. Ram meat too sweet abeg

Simply Divine said...

Yes@Stella I can prepare a pot of okra with 500 naira.
Icefish 200
Kpomo 100
Okra 50
Palm oil 50
Crayfish 50
Breakfast today??? Still thinking. Dunno what to eat.
NB, I always have pepper, salt, Maggi at home.

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

With 500# , i can,prepare a delicious pot of okra soup or Egusi soup...

amanda favour said...

@martin, fresh fish 200? I hope you mean ICED FISH

Stella I love okra soup,infact I made it for dinner yesterday for me only! I ate it with Agidi.
Okra is cheap and you can get for as low as #50 sef so it's possible to make okra soup for 500. Mine was costlier a bit coz I bought 2 smoked fish for #700 (yes I love smoked fish)and okra #50 #ugu 30,other ingredients,I have at home. Okra is bae and it's cheap now.

amanda favour said...

And my breakfast this morning is my leftover okra soup....hehehe

Miss Ess said...

There is a good sizeable titus fish that cuts into 4 chunks for 300. I still bought it in the market on Friday.

Lady j said...

Fried egg,tea and bread,in fact I wan go chop am now,I dey H.

Hian #500 okro soup? It will be hard,ooh except there is fish or meat at home already, cos only Titus fish d money don Finnish.

Beloved said...

Martins browse about okro well o... It can reduce sperm count.

It contains Gossypol,a harmful anti nutrient.

Anonymous said...

Goat meat peppersoup


Okro is the cheapest soup to prepare. If you buy 100naira okro e go plenty

I still dey my bed. Too lazy to get up. I'm even pressed sef, to go piss na work.

I go chop later

Beloved said...

Garri nko...una go lick the soup like that πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

7even red said...

Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, guys. It's me again. ( :

Now, let me fully explain something that most of us are subjectively missing. Firstly, the amount isn't what counts, but your love for it; one can aactual cook it less than that price and still enjoy it so much more than someone who spends way more than that. The feeling of euphoria you get when you eat from what you cooked and you enjoy, the ideal is spending more than that buying Tiko, pomo, turkey, chicken, fish, etc. all in the same food is an added advantage, but still, we love what we love, no matter how small or big.

Self-sufficiency and contentment is real happiness, plus, did you know my favorite food actually cost less that 300N, LOFL. (:

Yours Blogospherially.

Anwuli Uzu said...

I can oh,in ekiti here,you can get fresh fish as low as #100,fresh panla fish.
I ate fried noodles for breakfast
I parboiled the noodles,drain it in a sieve.
Fry my tomatoes and pepper with onion,runner bean and carrot.
I added my noodles seasoning,stir then pour the noodles and stir.
If I don't cook noodles that way,I will get tired after few spoons.

sexy Daddy said...

Stella its 100% possible.

But not with My oha soup ooo. My cow leg, cow bolokos alone cost somuch.

Stella,i will be having my oha soup today with nri Ede!So yummy!

Where are the muslim faithfuls in the house? Una don finish the ram? Even ate the bolokos join? If you have not waybill it for me here.

BroFide said...

Well I don't know for other places. But I'm more than sure you can use that amount to cook okra soup in Kano and still have balance. It depends on one's residence.

For some people mentioning garri, the question is whether you can cook okra with five hundred!

#Two wrongs can't make a right

creamy crystal said...

Martin you no dey cook with crayfish ni?.and as a man,one I is not good for you.latest research has proven that it causes sterility in men.and it further stated that the seed of okro is being used in developed countries in preparing sterility drugs for men as a means of family pls trade softly

Broomstick said...

No leafy green? Use the last 50 for pumpkin leaf

miss Aboki the great said...

Stells what is sooo shocking about cooking a pot of okro soup with #500?
I can prepare it with less sef. I always have palm oil, maggi, salt and swallow at home.
Smoked titus fish-#250
Fresh pepper-#30
Total-#430. E no even reach #500 sef.

Chichy's Kitchen said...

I made beans porridge and dodo for breakfast.... So delicious.

For lunch, I'll be making okro soup with fish and assorted meat. I haven't decided whether to pair it with pounded yam or Eba.

But wait oh... #500 for a pot of soup in today's Nigeria? 😱😱😱😱 I guess it depends on the area sha cos iced fish alone costs more than #500 here.

Henny said...

I licked egusi soup this morning by 6am, now i'm eating toast bread with 7up instaed of tea. Cos the aboki mama is celebrating sallah so no tea for me today. Enjooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Broomstick said...

Stella it's possible to prepare a pot of okro soup with N500 if you've already got your cooking fuel(kerosene, firewood or gas).
Meat or fish - 200
Okro - 50
Pumpkin(or hot leaf) - 50
Crayfish(d tiny ones)- 50
Maggi - 20
If you don't have pepper and salt in the house, then
Pepper(dry) - 50
Salt - 20
TOTAL - 490
I was surprised when a friend told me she can still get N20 worth of salt.

Haven't decided on breakfast yet. There's egg in the house, so I can either just scramble it alone or I could do potato chips with egg sauce.

Martins Aboy said...

@Amanda,yea its vex,na night school i go and im learning gradually..#smile

@Beloved;i know the reports some months ago here..thanks for the reminder

@Creamy crystal;i dont like the smell of crayfish in food,and even if i wanna use it;it would be too minute..
Alldsame,i have grounded crayfish always at home..

About the sterility issue;i know about that..and from current research(from a trusted and recognized research facility) the pros of Okro is more than the cons..
Thanks alldsame..


Anonymous said...


I am eating oats with milk and sliced boiled banana

Xp love, tell Nma I miss her.

Stella Ukwu sugar, I am not happy Atheist is not commenting, although I totally dislike some comments he makes about Christians. If you want to be an atheist, please be one without criticizing Christians. Honestly, I wanted to follow Atheist line and quit commenting on your blog, you can be very annoying and some days, you wouldn't post my comment (comment that is not controversial) but I am not a fucking sissy. Btw me and you, you will have to stop posting for me to stop commenting except I am super busy or I get bored .


amanda favour said...

LMAO 😁 night school #ifihear

I don't believe okra can cause sterility in men #my opinion
Our forefathers have been eating it and they were fine and even breeding like chicken

Gold Taken said...

I like the ibo adage you used, Martins. My brunch should be okro soup.

amanda favour said...

Hahahaha 😁 onye uru ahia

amanda favour said...

Palm oil #50 naira ?

amanda favour said...

Okra goes well with fish or kpomo #my opinion
Eating okra soup with agidi is heavenly

amanda favour said...

Palm oil #50 ?

amanda favour said...

It's possible for one man's food. If it's for πŸ‘ͺ family,GOD Forbid!

creamy crystal said...

For me,it's not possible.periwinkle alone 400,okro150 fresh pepper 50 stock fish 400 dry fish 500 crayfish 100 uziza leaf 100 .fufu 100.Thats how I cook my #500 is a no no

jelly said...

With other ingredients at home yes i can prepare okro soup. Bread and tea for breakfast this morning

Anonymous said...

Yes now this is okro season.
Okro 50 naira
Periwinkle 100
Smoked fish 200
Ugu 50
Onions 10
Maggie 20
Pomo 50
Total 480.
Don't say it's not possible oh. Those in ph and no rumuokoro market you will be able to buy all these things with the listed amount. I have used 1k to make okro for my family for 3days. It was plenty. Yes and i even bought 500 naira beef oh. I usually go to rumuokoro when am low on cash.

Anonymous said...

Amanda favour yes oh palm oil 50 just saw it right now. Someone is buying it in front of me.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because it's fake*

Beloved said...

Palm oil milk cup is 130 at market price... because street sell for 150

So I wonder how oil 50 will be?

Beloved said...

Mummy Amanda you know na...I just have to smile for my customer..he is male

Beloved said...

Which market dem sell 50 naira oil

Beloved said...



Beans and pap wt plenty milk

Making cutton(ukpohu) and banga soup for lunch

Simply Divine said...

@Amanda favour and Beloved, yes there's 50 naira palm oil. They use the tin tomato cup to measure it here in yenagoa. So it's possible.

Beloved said...

Oh okay...

Hot P!nk Lips said...

Stella IF IT IS TRUE>>very possible and if you are smart, change go remain sef..I dont play with Okro Soup And Afang..My dad made me love okro soup..Oh lala!!

Anonymous said...

Dey there dey find okporoko......nobody is happy to cook wit 500naira but wen it's time to manage you can.... Even that okporoko you can get that tied stock fish for 100naira.....

Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT said...

I can NEVER cook my own okra with 500 naira. Cowleg, meat, ponmo, shaki, prawns, smoked fish mustcbe in it. I spend between 5k - 8k cooking okro. No time for 500 naira boring/dry okro soup with nothing interesting in it.

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