Stella Dimoko Teens And 16 Others Arrested For Alleged Cultism


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Monday, 18 September 2017

Teens And 16 Others Arrested For Alleged Cultism

The Police and the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) have arrested a teenager, Afolabi Omotoyosi, and 16 others for alleged cultism related offences in Mushin.

Omotoyosi, a Junior Secondary School (JSS III) pupil, was alleged to be the leader of a cult group.

He was said to have been armed with cutlasses and knives during his arrest on Saturday and was believed to be preparing to attack residents.

Omotoyosi’s confession, security agents said, led to the clampdown of the others yesterday.

According to LNSC’s spokesman, Olawale Afolabi, the teenager confessed to being the gang leader, adding that he committed thuggery, bullying of other school children and residents.

Afolabi said the other suspects including a lady, were being interrogated by the police.

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Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

end time teenagers. see his ugly head

Miss Ess said...

JSS3! Lord have mercy! What are this kids turning into. That is how one 14yrs old girl was caught with a human head last week.

Hot P!nk Lips said...

Hmmm Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa wa o..16years old?!! Good ol' days of Frank Olize at NEWSLINE NTA . He would say ''Welcome to your sunday-sunday tonic and its 9pm. Parents, where are your children''?? In this case, where are his parents?? HMMM Gwazi kwa ndi yard unu biko..

Shirley said...

Do this kids have parents and if they do what were they busy with that their kids turn out this way
Na wa

MrsB said...

"Its 9pm on Sunday, do you know where your children are?"
Thanks for reminding me

Anonymous said...

What else is new with you Nigerians and demonism country full of 419,cultism in schools, kidnapping etc.

jelly said...

This kid a leader? Lord of moses

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