Stella Dimoko Actor Emeka Enyiocha Explains Why Most Men ‘Disappear’ When Marriage Is Mentioned.


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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Actor Emeka Enyiocha Explains Why Most Men ‘Disappear’ When Marriage Is Mentioned.

Actor Emeka Enyiocha popularly Known for his bad boy and Casanova roles in Nollywood, the actor, while speaking to Sunday Scoop, explained why most men ‘disappear’ immediately they hear marriage.

He said: "Women intimidate men a lot. When a girl with a proper job has everything you can think of and the young man is still looking for a job, what do you want him to do? Even though he is a graduate, he still lives with his parents or a friend in a one-room apartment. Once you don’t have money, you won’t have confidence. That is the honest truth. You should not be deceived by the notion that women don’t like money.

On his romance with women in the past, he stated that though people may find it hard to believe, he was never a ladies’ man.

The actor explained further, “I used to be naïve when it came to the issue of women. Maybe because of my sense of fashion and appearance, people thought I was a womaniser. Most of the things my colleagues did then, I could not imagine myself doing them.

However, with time, I began to understand women and their needs, and I didn’t have problems with them. I didn’t promise anyone marriage and later disappoint her. Even at the time I got married, I was not ready. You know you must be ready financially to get married to a woman from the eastern part of the country.


Anonymous said...

Met his wife at the airport, such a charming, beautiful and well mannered lady.

Jeni_zee said...

Liar lol.. u wey de disturb me that year In Nigeria nd u were married

EsE EsSAy said...

Ok... Good to know

Chike TEFLON said...

Emeka longest time.
Where have you been?

jelly said...

Miss him on movies, please come back

TheLagosShopper(Goods and services 4rm the popular Lagos markets to anywhere in naija?07030493148) said...

For real?chai!!

Anonymous said...

Be talking nonsense

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