Stella Dimoko Borno House Of Assembly Suspends Activities After Senator Ndume Slaps Lawmaker


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Friday, 27 October 2017

Borno House Of Assembly Suspends Activities After Senator Ndume Slaps Lawmaker

The Borno state house of assembly has suspended all its activities following the attack on a lawmaker by Senator Ali Ndume.

Ndume allegedly slapped Hon. Habu Dala Aji, a member representing Damboa, while he was trying to settle a dispute between Ndume and electorates. Below is a statement from the Borno house of assembly on the matter;

Pending the outcome of a resolution passed in respect on an attack on its members, the speaker of the house Abdkareem Lawal in a press statement issued to pressmen in Maiduguri that a member representing Damboa, Hon. Habu Dala aji was slapped by Senator Ali Ndume in his residence when he was trying to settle a misunderstanding between his electorates from Damboa. In the same vein, some hoodlums attacked and beat up honourable member Mohammed Saleh Baga into a state of coma and was hospitalised for 3 months.

The house resolved that:
1) all sponsors and those who attacked Saleh Banga should be arrested and arraigned. Before a court of law by security agencies,
2) the inspector general of police (IGP) and Senate president are to investigate the action of Senator Ndume's slapping and humiliation of Hon. Habu Dala Aji,
3) The Kwaya-Kusar local council secretary should be relieved of her position as Secretary to the Local Government
4) The Honourable House also resolve to suspend legislative activities for 1 month pending the outcome of the resolution passed.
Hon. Abdulkareem Lawan
Honourable Speaker, Borno State House of Assembly.



Oh Lamee said...

Na wa o..

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

That Ndume that was supposed to be in prison for supporting boko is still slapping his fellow thief and brother.

Na wa for this country ooo. If it was another tribe, they would have removed him from his senatorial seat.

May God help us in this country Amen.

Miss Ess said...

What rubbish!

Anonymous said...

You useless lot, how will your 1 month strike affect Ali Ndume. Keep dodging your responsibilities and suffering the masses while Ndume is enjoying himself ontop pussy in Abuja. Idiots. IGP will leave the nations security to come settle slap matter.

Broomstick said...

Hian! Why do grown men feel the need to raise their hands in violence? You can take a man from the ghetto but can't take the ghetto from him. Tomorrow now, if he's accused of DV, he'll deny it but this points to that already. Money can't but civility. Mtschew

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

It is the same guy that was accused of sponsoring boko Harrah and noting was done to him but if he was someone from other parts of the country by now he would have been in jail.

A grown adult man slapping people up and down like a tour, idiot 😤😤😤


jelly said...

These abayas have started again

Eddiez said...

I really don't understand why a senator should slap anyone for any reason. He is supposed to be a law maker not a law breaker.

MAZI IKYE said...


Anonymous said...

Gaskiya, you be beta pikin. This your response eh, nah eem peson want talk 2 but you hammer am wella. No mind them oloriburuku lawmakers. NMTA

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