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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Hmmmm..this is serious?


Hello Stella,

I am one of your silent BVs but trust me when I say my day is incomplete without your blog. What you have is a community of which I am a proud member.

I am a 32 year old lady and I have fought so many battles in the love and relationship thing. I am currently at that point where I am happy and grateful to God and just take one day at a time.

I have a well paying job from which I support myself and family comfortably and I consciously avoid all those "When will you marry?" people as I have had battles with depression in the past and I do everything I can to guard my heart diligently.

My problem now is that I met a guy that I'm really okay with about 3 months ago in the course of my job. He is in love with me and I love him too, he is into business which is usually up and down but I'm okay with him as he is quite responsible. He has made it clear that he is ready to settle with me and has started working towards our wedding.

He told me a while back that he had a spiritual attack from someone he thought was a friend and has been careful to avoid friends since then. He was almost losing his mind and sought help in Sabbath church ( please no disrespect to any BV who is a member).

I am a Pentecostal and so is he and I was okay with the church he attends and works as an usher but recently he has started going to this Sabbath church very often and just told me now that that is his main church.

I know a bit about Seven Day Adventist but I don't know if its different from Sabbath he is attending. They wear white garment and worship like the whole day on Saturdays and are always having one feast or the other, the last one he attended was feast of trumpet.

Please, do we have any Sabbath or Adventist members in the house? Kindly enlighten me of these practices as it seems he wants to make that church his permanent abode and leave the chuch he told me he was attending.

 He also expects me to join him there. No disrespect to any member but I have a bad impression about any white garment church.

I want to know what I'm getting myself into so I can quietly detangle now if I can't handle it as I really can't afford to enter a one chance marriage. I already plan to birth two kids if I clock 35 without marriage and I have a few volunteer sperm donors who are ready to co parent with me (don't stop reading, I'm still a Christian, just one that believes in working out your life, no matter what odds you face).

Thanks in anticipation of your responses.

*I guess this post will help a lot of people going through same....I know nothing about white garment churches so cannot say if they are good or bad but they serve God in a different way,thats all i know


Miss Ess said...

Nne please look and think well before you take this decision


I'm out of here

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

Eleyi gidi gaan. Poster seek the face of God for confirmation if he's the right man for you. Listen to the still small voice. All the best


If the guy will allow u go to your own church, i really don't see any problem here,is even good for him to remsin in sabbath cos, they see vision there, in todays world, everyone needs to be spiritually alert .

Anonymous said...

I don't know about sabbath church o but anything c&s or cele or white garment church I RUN from them o infact I don't have them as friend let alone enemies sef

Anonymous said...

You fiancΓ© has mental problem with all this spiritual attack nonsense. You better look well

New wine said...

The things that crossed my mind while reading ehn, I sincerely hope we find our own truth and stick with it. Madam, what lines or boundaries are you willing to break?

sexy Daddy said...

Poster,for me church matters a lot in a marriage. I'm talking out of my experience in marriage.

Discuss with him heart to heart,so that you will get to know the rationale behind the new found church.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Am a member of the seventh day adventist church. We don't wear white to church as a uniform neither do we go to church bare footed. We worship on Saturdays and observe sabbath from 6pm Fri - 6pm Saturday . our service starts 9am-12pm but some it may exceed it. We observe what we eat as lev. chapter 11 is our guide. We make of hymnal. No jewelry.

Lipstickalley said...

Ndi cherubim, Ndi owowo uwe.

Ha ho wala ha band, eziokwu adighi kwa ha na onu.

Poster, why not attend his place of worship and see how it goes from there.

Anonymous said...

So your own is where they see vision abi? Vision without solution or solution that comes after series of rituals and sacrifices. Terrible bondage

Anonymous said...

Lady girl, if you go into fornication/prostitution to have a baby, that is not the guarantee that you will increase or make progress. For you will be working against the word of God and God's word will be working against you:
Hosea 4:10 For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed to the LORD.

You can as well adopt a baby or do assisted conception. Please do not because of marriage not coming go into fornication and tarnish your cherished Christian faith.

SANDY YO said...

The rule is, You will have to join your hubby wherever he worships when married except on understanding.
Yes, some can be very understanding and allow you attend your choice place of worship while he attends his.
Me will never attend white garment church for ANYBODY so back out in time if you know you just cant too to avoid future palaver.

sexy Daddy said...

Hahahaha @seeing vision

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...


Anonymous said...

I love your mentality, truly taking the day as it comes. Experience have taught you well and coparenting with you is something I would be proud to do.not all this I must marry mentality.
To you ordeal, impression about any church is personalized. The members will tell you good things while the nonmembers will likely say bad things or sit on the fence hence to be candid you have to find out yourself. Attend the church and see how your body reacts to it,go with an open a thing or two about them online before concluding. It's a hard one dear,God will guide you.

Blackberry said...

SDA don't wear white.
That sabbath na one cele kinda church, my dear don't do what you'd regret latter, if deep inside ur mind u ain't comfortable, back out! Before they see one false prophesy for ur head and ask u to come for cleansing by 12am.

becky naka said...

You are not angry today? Thank God

Juan Uchenna said...

Poster I think this relationship is to tender to already start palnning towards marriage,and then again watch and pray 32 years is not the end of the world because is better delayed before you marry than crying in marriage, may God open your eyes and bless you with your heart desire..

Posh said...

Yes, if he will allow you maintain your faith in your choice of church. Ok but i see a problem if he forces you to sabbath. Pks talk things over with him before u enter into this marriage so you wouldnt be in permanent bondage. To be single and happy is better than depressing marriage. For me, i will never agree to join him in his sabbath of a thing, not even the children i carried in my womb for 9 months. Pls do a good reseach ooo and seek the face of God.

Anonymous said...

The problem with "white garment" churches is not the white garment, it is other practices they indulge in like; offering animal sacrifices whereas God has offered his son once and for all. Some consult sea goddess which is satanism. Get your facts well and reason with this fiance that you will not be able to go with him through that trajectory.
And please thrash that "co-parenting" mantra you sang there; it is not an alternative. God made marriage a secure platform to bring up kids.

A neighbor who followed that path is today known (and actually is) a "classy prostitute". Prostitution has a way of controlling one once one starts. She had three kids through two different men but as it turned out, one of the kids does not match the dna profile of his dad. She opened her legs and collected from different men she fancied. Marriage is off the chart and the kids aren't as well behaved as she craved. Today she tells it as it is that she regrets trying to help herself when she thought God was not helping her. Mind you that the two men involved eventually went ahead to marry other women that she was way more presentable than.

Anonymous said...

Sabbathbchurch is different from seventh day adventist oo...I had one Sabbath church close to my house win lag and all they do on Saturday is dance,recite the ten commandments,blow a lot of trumpet and sing Igbo songs and disturb the whole neighborhood because they are very loud...they call God Yarashua too...I really don't like their mode of worship at all but each to his own

Anonymous said...

Angry or not I always skip its comment.
There's just something evil and nasty about it, I honestly can't explain.

jelly said...

Poster discuss with him if he you can be going to your own church first before you go ahead with marriage

Anonymous said...

RUN! They are dangerous. If you must go ahead please save this comment and the date. RUN!

Martins Aboy said...

Poster;seventh day adventist(SDA) is quite different from the white garment church...

Their sabbath day is saturday,and they start observing it from 6pm(friday) or soo,then go for service on saturdays..
If i must say;its a good church!!

Im a catholic;and one of the sincerest friend i have known on earth attends SDA...

Your boyfriend or probably you is missing up words somehow;which is why there is a bit confusion here,cos SDA and the white garment church aint the same....

Bydway,the sabbath day which was said to be kept holy is actually saturday;and not sunday..and the SDA are right on this..

Like i said;im a catholic! And what i stated πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† is just the fact..


Paul Okah said...

''White garment'' church is always scary to many people,so I'll advise you search your heart if you can be comfortable there before committing. You can back out of the relationship if you're not comfortable.

Dietitian Nezz! said...

Nne pls leave that man,I can manage seventh day Adventist but not Sabbath.Its not only white garments they wear,even bare feet and so be ready to condemn ur church dresses and shoes.When you marry him,he won't allow you to worship in another church.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do or believe, if you tell me that you are a "Christian" then that last line is frightening!
Even if you do not know God's calling for you, if what you mean by "sperm donor . . . co parenting" is for someone to put his penis into your vagina and deposit sperm, that is FORNICATION! It is as unequivocal as it sounds!
If what you are talking about is "going to hospital and having a sperm donor's sperm introduced into your womb to form a baby" then that is TREATMENT or assisted conception; but be sure that God is with you or leading you in it because as a Christian, you are led by the Spirit of God. If not, you may not take the pregnancy to term and may as well succumb in the process of it. I have seen both cases.
I know someone who have been saving and doing artificial insemination costing 15k dollars every session and yet hasn't been able to take it beyond the first trimester. Her finances keeps leaking through it.
When she was challenged to seek God in prayer and fasting, she did and learnt to do that and that was the solution she so craved.

As for "white garment churches", you need to know the scriptures to reason with your fiance from the scriptures that the pathway is "evil", if you do not know the scriptures, you will find yourself pointless and directionless in arriving at a compromise with him. If as a Christian you prayed and God brought this man, then go back to that same God and let him know that the man he brought is drifting.
Good wishes.

Nobi's Mum said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a seventh day adventist and we don't wear white.

Nobi's Mum said...

Poster, all I will say here is, RUN!!!!!!!!!
I'm repeating it again, RUN!!!!!!!
Staying with the guy is risky as well because one day they will tell him you are the cause of his problems.

Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT said...

@martins aboy. The sabbath is on SUNDAY, I can tell you categorically. The adventist people are living in error. This does not mean they are bad people. Poster talk to your fiance about your misgivings before you marry him.

Samantha I said...

Dear poster, adventists don't wear white garment to church and neither do they wear jewelry except the very posh ones.
If you are disturbed about his denomination, pls avoid him. I don't think you would be able to cope later in the future when he tells you to go for spiritual bath in the river.
It is not a must to be married and then suffer in silence.

Anonymous said...

Stella, please may I know, sincerely educate me on why this comment was not uploaded. It came in before a lot of others I saw there.

Whatever you do or believe, if you tell me that you are a "Christian" then that last line is frightening!
Even if you do not know God's calling for you, if what you mean by "sperm donor . . . co parenting" is for someone to put his penis into your vagina and deposit sperm, that is FORNICATION! It is as unequivocal as it sounds!
If what you are talking about is "going to hospital and having a sperm donor's sperm introduced into your womb to form a baby" then that is TREATMENT or assisted conception; but be sure that God is with you or leading you in it because as a Christian, you are led by the Spirit of God. If not, you may not take the pregnancy to term and may as well succumb in the process of it. I have seen both cases.
I know someone who have been saving and doing artificial insemination costing 15k dollars every session and yet hasn't been able to take it beyond the first trimester. Her finances keeps leaking through it.
When she was challenged to seek God in prayer and fasting, she did and learnt to do that and that was the solution she so craved.

As for "white garment churches", you need to know the scriptures to reason with your fiance from the scriptures that the pathway is "evil", if you do not know the scriptures, you will find yourself pointless and directionless in arriving at a compromise with him. If as a Christian you prayed and God brought this man, then go back to that same God and let him know that the man he brought is drifting.
Good wishes.

Anonymous said...

As for "white garment churches", you need to know the scriptures to reason with your fiance from the scriptures that the pathway is "evil", if you do not know the scriptures, you will find yourself pointless and directionless in arriving at a compromise with him. If as a Christian you prayed and God brought this man, then go back to that same God and let him know that the man he brought is drifting.

Anonymous said...

Nne,I was born and raised in sabbath church.I was neva proud of wearing white cos of bullying while growing up. My dad is a very diplomatic person and u won't believe he attends sabbath, but he knows his reasons for being there. Many battles has been fought and we won. I'm married now and no more attend sabbath but my parents and siblings, even wt their swag find solace in sabbath weneva dey r at home.
About d dressing and feasts, they follow the old testament, mostly leviticus and the feasts as in old testaments too. We go along wt new testaments as well but doctrines were created based on old testament.

Then for d visions, I'm not a huge fan but I can't deny what it has done for me. You can't drag my out from sabbath, neva. It is not a babalawo thing. It's more like working and praying about a vision. My mum helps wt my battles behind me. She intercedes in prayers. Example, if accident was seen or dreamt in someone's part, prayers are made, like u can be told to make 7 days midnight prayers or fasting and at d end you bath wt water and blacksoap and discard the water on d street, signifying pouring away any sorrow or some sort of interpretation.

Well, my fingers are achy. But if u need someone to talk to about it. Please leave Stella wt ur number and I would get in contact. It's mostly about Wat u r comfortable doing. But if it is juju, no it has neva been. Unless it's a juju house covering up as church. I hope God guides u in ur decision.

Moro said...

You are light as a born again xtian. Seek God's face on this and thereafter have a heart to heart talk with him. Bring him back to light prayerfully. Imbibe Esther's spirit. Holy Spirit will guide you. If he is meant for you, God will perfect it and you will glorify God.

Iphie dearie said...

'He lost his mind' Is this a figure of speech or he literally lost his mind?
Ask him to tell you more about that time.
Anahu eji anya oma aba uka white, this is what my people say and sometimes its usually major issues of life that drag people to churches where they see vision.
When he says he lost his mind, was it a mental problem? To avoid surprises in the future, you need to know if he was previously mad.
If he chucked it off as a spiritual problem and never went to run some tests it might rear its ugly head up later.

The reason I'm focusing on this aspect of your chronicle is because during out marriage class, there were real life examples of couples that concealed their mental state just for the other party to discover that they married someone that has 'seasonal' madness or very dangerous mood swings that need medical intervention before they they calm down.

Some breakdown in marriages are caused by what I mentioned above but Nigerians don't take these things seriously. They always say someone is after them.

Knowing your partner's mental history before you get married will give you more knowledge and understanding of what might come. Being conned into the marriage is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Which Church good self, Pentecostal is as evil as white garment church these days

HighlyFavoured said...

My dear, bible says can two work together except they agree?
Religion/ place of worship us a major tin in marriage.
Sabbaths believe more in the old testament laws and mode of worship.
Take ur time to read d laws of d old testament in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. That's their main doctrine.
If u are not OK w it, don't marry him; cos there will become ur church.
Concerning giving birth at 35, do u actually believe and trust the God u go to church to worship, or its just a social club to u? Do u trust God enough to direct d affairs of ur life?
Do u believe God has a plan for ur life or u prefer urs.
At 32 u ve already planned what u must do at 35?
What r u afraid of? Menopause?
Get to know dis God, and surrender ur life to Him.

Monotheist said...

Dear poster, I don't even know where to begin. Well, if you think the guy is right for you, and you can live comfortably with him, fine. That is if you both agree you can attend your own church. This is what courtship is about. Finding common grounds that will work for both parties involved. But my dear, Sabbath is not a church for a true Christian who desires to have a closer walk with God. I say it that way, because every spirit is not of God inspite of so many miracle, signs and wonders. Matt 7:21-27.I say it from experience. I was born a sabbatarian,I even had my dreadlocks while growing. It took the grace of God, for me to get delivered from that evil spirit. Many of their practices are so ungodly, with their evil prayers and assignments in the river. I have a lot of bad memories which I can write a whole book on. Lost my Mom there, even the problems we faced then was cos of the things that transpired there. I think, this period is when they attend their feast of tabernacle, where they sacrifice goat blood etc. Oh, how I thank God for Amazing grace that found me out. That's why I love that song; SERVING A LIVING GOD, YES I'M SERVING THE LIVING GOD, AMEN! The wonder is that they justify their evil ways with the Bible which they have twisted to suit them well. The call is yours to make at the end of it all. The very first day you will go there,(That is, if you haven't gone already) They will certainly give you a prophecy that will require them to make sacrifices and even knack pigeon for your head, or bathe you with goat's blood. A word is enough for the wise. Anyway, I'm sure you will still join him to that place, after all Your Love is already blind. But as we say in igbo, "Anaghi eji anya oma abΓ‘ uka white". Chike Teflon, Biko help me translate, (Nwoke Mara nma, Igbo gi n' atom piece.) My people Pls, anywhere you see white garment church, run for your life.

Perxian said...

Dear poster, ask yourself what you really believe in. Most religions stand on a common ground so search for similarities in your doctrine and his own and if you can't find any, don't try to change him or nag him to convert..try to attend to see for yourself how they worship there and if you can't handle the differences, let him go.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the "water and black soap" comes from?
Why "black soap" and not "white soap?"
Do you know the spiritual/scriptural significance of the color black?
Please talk about the things you know?

Justyswt said...

I'm coming with u.

Anonymous said...

When people of God plan their own ways
God stays and watches.
They will invariably run back to him when they crash

The Lifted said...

white garment churches are spiritualist. They are like native doctors,just dat dey disguise with church method. this is one chance,run for your life girl. Oluwa will provide a boo b4 u turn 35

Anonymous said...

They are dangerous! When my mother was looking for a child after she gave birth to me. I was 5yrs old when i and my mother went and stayed in a white sabbath church for one month a lot of rituals were performed on us during that period. The last of it was taken my mother and i to the sea at 12am to bath.

Glossy Glossy said...

My dear,you ain't just comfortable with this..
first thing first is to know exactly what you want outta life!

To me;Church is just a name,and whatever you believe in is in your heart and definitely between you and your God.
Seeking various opinion will end up confusing you the more,and your basic interest here is knowing exactly what You want,cos only that will help you at this point.

Lights out........

SheriKoko said...

Where is that "rule" written???πŸ˜’

charitybino said...

If it doesn't go down well with you, back out.
Or better still, ask God in prayer and fasting.

Anonymous said...

Stella I can see you uploaded it but late.
The first was posted at 15:12
But what I saw up there was 15:59

Anonymous said...

Inasmuch as you imitate the "whites"
Always remember that;
The whites have health insurance
Govt takes care of the children; education, feeding in some cases, health till age 18
They have better job security
Single motherhood is not seen as taboo
Baby mamas are not called "prostitutes"
Child support from the baby daddies is the rule
Women's rights aren't as hard as in Nigeria
Being a baby mama will not make you not to crave for marriage
The marital table is tipped against baby mamas in Nigeria but not in "white man's countries"
Suicide rate among baby mamas is still high among westerners/whites.

Just know the cost of the good before you enter the bargain and ask for "jara"

Anonymous said...

The men or "co-parents" so called will marry again anytime they wish
And the lady co-parent will be left up and dry, sulking and weeping and "suicidal"

BIPOLAR ME said...

Please I would like to be enlightened on how the Sabbath is Sunday.

Martins Aboy is probably very sure because he knows the Catholics through Emperor Constatine changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

The Catholics don't deny it. They believe the pope has the power to do that. It's in the history books of Christianity.

That's my view..please let me hear yours

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. The pigeon knacking no be here.

Anonymous said...

Poster if I were you, I'd put on my Reeboks and make a run for it. But I am speaking for myself...

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:41 you damn funny...

BIPOLAR ME said...

It really does.

That's why I am not comfortable with people thinking religion/church issues ain't important enough to make a marital chronicle.

If you are even a teeny-weeny little bit bothered about the doctrines of your intended spouse before marriage, clarify, be sure you can adjust or ignore when married.
All this things create little cracks that later become a huge hole in the wall later on.

Poster, The white garment Sabbath Keepers are not Seventh-Day Adventists.
That's the first difference you should know.

And if it's bothering you this much now, don't do it.

Secondly, why are you making plans ahead. It's like you are telling God you have a way already.

Anonymous said...

Your so called fiance wants to use u for rituals o!u had beta not follow him to any dirty white garment. Church o! It's jazz jazz de do dia o! Ehen be very guided! Run away frm dat guy I beg u mbok!

Anonymous said...

One thing I will tell you is white garment churches are just refined native doctors in disguise. Yes! I have had experiences with them and thank God that I am a living testimony to God’s deliverance and grace. All they see is vision and ask you to bring money for work. Jesus died that we may be saved by his precious blood and no one needs money to work for solution. Very manipulative church and set of people, everyone around you wants to attack you, my ex-step mum who introduced me to them and guess what hmm they duped her! Yes celestial church of God... smh. I thank God that I am free. Please I will advice you to leave him because once you enter hmm.

Nobi's Mum said...


Anonymous said...

Ritualistic nonsense. That is how people chain themselves.

Anonymous said...

She is lucky the guy let that fact slip. Some successfully hide it until it is too late.

Anonymous said...


SANDY YO said...

Jamb queshion! In Sherikokos book.πŸ˜ƒ

Anonymous said...

Seventh-Day Adventist Church is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from HOLY SABBATH or other churches that worship on Saturday.
The Seventh-Day Adventist Church keeps the biblical seventh day sabbath spoken of by God in Exodus 20:8; "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days thou shall Labour and do all thine work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of thy Lord".
The Sabbath appears about 106 times in the New testament. Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath while on earth.

As for those saying the Sabbath is Sunday not Saturday, let's consider this:
1.what day of the week did Jesus die? Friday abi? Which is usually referred to as Good Friday.
2. What day of the week did He resurrect? Sunday abi? Which the Bible refers to as the First day of the week.

Now let's see Luke 23:54 & 56 NLT
54: THIS was done late on Friday afternoon, the DAY OF PREPARATION, as the Sabbath was about to begin 56: Then they went home and prepared spices and ointment to anoint his body. But by the time they were finished the Sabbath had begun, so they rested as required by the law.
While Luke 24:1 says "But very early on Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb taking the spices they had prepared.

The Sabbath dates back to creation. See Gen 2:2 On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work vs.3 and God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation.
Ezekiel 20:20-21 God gave us his sabbath to be a sign between Him and us, so we shouldn't desecrate it. It is a day meant for worship

Anonymous said...

It is the Seventh-Day Adventist Church that owns BABCOCK UNIVERSITY.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church is different from Sabbath church or other sabbath churches.
The Seventh-Day Adventist Church obeys the biblical command of keeping the Sabbath holy. It is a church that believes and relies wholly and soley on the Bible.
They don't wear WHITE GARMENTS AND THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN BLOOD SACRIFICES.Because they believe Jesus paid it all when he died on calvary.
There's one at Maryland and in several other places. You can walk in and worship

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hmmmmmmmm. Poster run oooo. Let me not talk or condemned them. If you are not comfortable, don't go there.

I have heard a lot about these people and not all things they will tell you. Be careful.

I asked my Bishop about it. So my dear pray well

Curious cat said...

U just wan comment sha. Madam preacher. U see fornication for her writeup? U no see sperm donor there? Abi u no sabi read?

Push up said...

Me I don't know where the Bible said we should bathe with black soap sha, that's why I find it funny, we all have dreams as fast and pray about them but never do we have to do other things, that's what we find wrong with the church

Anonymous said...

See who's talking how is your church and bishop different from holy sabbath? You forgot you have told us here how you were instructed to buy a cow for sacrifice to send ancestral spirit away from your family. So what's the difference? Your bishop does 'spiritual work' for people so tell me how you and your so called bishop are different? I know exactly what I'm saying yori yori Ndi Mmuo!

Miss Candy said...

Poster I'm not so comfortable with dis white garment church thing sha... Me cant go to any white garment church for a man sha.. Just look well before u leap

sholetoga said...

Poster.....Seven days adventist I know but this Sabbath church is new to me. I would advice you follow him to worship there once and observe how they worship and then decide if you are cool with it or not.....

iya oshoronga's apprentice said...

Eskis me iya ma, but you're wrong yeye mi. Sabbath is Saturday ma, historically proven and documented. All this gbege na because we stopped using Jewish calendar. Twale iya, make e no be like say I correct you o!πŸ™Œ

Anonymous said...

@Curious cat
over inquisitiveness kills the curious cat.
Did you also read "co-parenting".
You girls pretend a lot in Nigeria,
Sperm can also be donated by a penis inserted into a vagina.
And the man "donor" can get married anytime he chooses and you girls go sulking and suicidal
seeing that you've been used and dumped.
He can equally choose to collect the babies as most times no legal paperwork accompanies such
a transaction in the Nigerian geographical space.
You always keep imitating the "whites" to your own hurt.
The whites are not our model as Christians which this lady said she is.
The bible is. Jesus is.

iya oshoronga's apprentice said...

Ifyyyyyyyyyy cute somtin! Guess who!

Oopps, be like say I don open fowl nyansh by mysef o! πŸ˜‰

iya oshoronga's apprentice said... lines Eze na white garment follower. Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

There is iui and other assisted conception methods... Ivf to have a baby without fornication.

Anonymous said...

Wtf did you just type there , how is sperm donor (a man putting his penis inside the Vagina ) if you don't know what something is , Google it instead of talking like an illiterate... Like damn lol

Anonymous said...

Common lady!! Artificial insemination doesn't cost $15k even if you do ten cycles. IVF yes, IUI no

Anonymous said...

In my case, my Adidas ultra boost. Better running.

Evo D'blunt said...

The Holy Sabbath Church (white garment) is different from the SDA church. I was born an SDA member, however today I am a deist (not practicing any organized religion but believe in god). I disagreed with the SDA because they are quite stuck on some fallacies called doctrines, however I can tell u they are not fetish in their practices.
I have attended the white garment church in the past. The may not be bad people as I believe people have a right to their beliefs, however I can tell you that there is a lot of vision seeing and deliverance (so called) there. Basically its Judaism with a mix of Pentecostalism. They celebrate all Jewish feasts and stuff and involve some blood in their things. I am personally careful about such things cos the things of the world are deep and "spriritualness" can make or mar you in this world.

My advice: if u two can take time to know each other better, and if possible agree to respect each others beliefs in a marriage that will be great. (I married a Muslim who converted on her own accord. I am a deist). It can work if u respect each other enough.

That being said, your age 35 decision, don't let anyone feel it is a wrong step or sin. IT IS NOT!!!!!

SouljaGal*** said...

hahahaha@ if he was previously mad" but you are right o! i believe something must have taken him to that church ie, if he wasn't born there. dem no dey use clear eye enter cherubim.

Anonymous said...

PleAse dont marry a sabbatarian,my colleague lost his marriage because he was a sabatarian and made the wife not to cook on saturdays ,she was a catholic and changed to his sabbath because she loved him but at the end it didnt work.please let the sabbatarians marry each other,no offence intended

Red Wine said...

Me too don't like white garment church, what do I even know? Will be reading comments.

Poster said...

Thank you so much for posting Stella. Thank you for all your opinions and contributions. God bless you all

Anonymous said...

Lmao! Hilarious Apprentice

Anonymous said...

Well that's the cost of AI in the USA; all the procedures and that's with some insurance co-pay.
And for you 19:41
In sperm banks, you don't talk about "co-parenting", the receiver only have the bio data; race, ethnicity, height etc.
That is why I wrote in another post that the men who do such "donations" can go ahead and marry while the ladies will be left up and dry.
I am a doctor for your information.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I had issues with my relationship, that a colleague at work took me to her church, sabbath, the pastor kept seeing all sorts of visions and he told me to fast and pray for 3 days, and he will do something for me for 150k, what?! I was shocked, the colleague said she can plead with him to collect half, I just said I didn't have money yet, but he said I should come and start with fasting and prayer, and bathing with coconut water and one soap like that(which is free), which I regret doing, because I kept feeling it was jazz, besides the day I went for the bath, which was after their church service, the head pastor and the assistant pastors were drinking beer in the church compound and he was proudly telling me that's how they drink oh, chai, its not a good church please. I had to do proper deliverance for myself after that bath, cos I kept feeling something was not right, besides my relationship worked out despite me not going back and paying a dime.

Anonymous said...

I was born into a white garment church a celestial church and truth be told I love cele. There is no church without their own issh but what I can boldly say it celestial church wasnt founded on juju. Am married now to a baptist and anytime am chanced I worship in cele.My testimony no be for here ooo.
I dont know about sabbath or seven days only writing dese cos of those pple that have said awhole lot about cele up☝.

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