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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

COMFORT Or BLESSING? The Choice Is Yours!

This topic deals with people moving from one phase of life to another....

I strongly believe that this series of teaching for the next few weeks is meant for people in transition. When I say transition, I am not necessarily referring to geographical migration, i am referring to people moving from one phase of life to another!

Transition on its own, is very discomforting!

Transition is that nebulous, dark and depressive place in life, so frustrating because you aren't where you used to be anymore(Comfort zone), and also, you aren't where you want to be yet(Destiny)!

To further expatiate on this, we will use the book of Joshua as our reference.

The book of Joshua is an amazing book. It is not the book for religious aristocrats, or philosophical inspiration-seekers, It is a book for people determined to possess their possessions!

It is a book for people who are courageously willing to leave their comfort zone, engage the world and fight for their destinies!

Here we have this generation of Israelites who were born 'on the run.' The children of Israel whose parents had died in the wilderness, leaving the responsibility of circumcising them in the hands of Joshua their leader.

Note this; As a Jew, Circumcision was the symbol of their Abrahamic covenant in the old testament. A Jewish child was meant to be circumcised 8 days after birth, but in the wilderness, this didn't happen.

So, just when they were on the verge of entering the promised land, it became necessary that they be circumcised!

Now, can you imagine how painful it will be, to fix such a 'boy' problem as a man?

Their childhood problem was about to mess with their manhood possession! What do you do when your childhood deprivation shows up as an obstacle to your "manhood dream-achievement?"

We will deal with this as we continue next week.



Miss Ess said...

Thanks brother

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Waiting for next week.👍

BeautifulOnyinye said...

Wow.. I love this concept. #Engaging

Chianya said...

Very nice read. The suspense though! Nollywood movies.

Shirley said...

Beautiful piece

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Thank you for sharing with us

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Thanks Amos.

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