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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 729

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


Miss Ess said...

Interesting.....Dogs! Man's best friend, and men would be claiming tough skin mtcheeww

Biodun funke said...

Hmmmmm at number 2

Kamikaze said...

Ah!I guess Nigerian men are actually women masquerading as men.

The Last Supper @ fact 2

Adadioramma said...

That Brazilian lady is a beast, kai. Number might be 40/60 in men, if it is real they wouldn't be cheating.

Isolde Fontaine said...

Fact 1...still find that difficult to believe.
Fact 2... too far I think
Fact 3... cool but what happens to those that don't like dogs?

Nemerem said...

Comfort dogs, guide dogs and dogs that work with security and rescue agencies are indeed a special breed. So much love and respect 🙌
Kudos to their trainers and handlers.

Fact 2: is that even safe for her! Whatever her husband did to deserve this kind of wickedness from her. #Sweetpoison

AbaMade said...

Yea true@ fact 1 they might try to act all macho on the outside but actually a mess on the inside.some even go on a f**king spree to prove say e no pain them, if I hear
Women can be bad when they want to, we are also the most compassionate
All these things they say about dogs

Gold Taken said...

Interesting facts. But what's the alternative in a case where the plaintiff is scared of dogs?

Eghon... said...

So true my ex is yet to get over me after 3 months and I have moved on. Lolz

Twins Squared said...

I can't stand animals around me, no matter how good they've been termed to be.

Madame koinkoin A.K.A 'peace lover' said...

Wow @ last fact , e get wetin dog no dey do? They' re just so lovely.

Iphie dearie said...

I know for a fact that men can't stand to be cheated on....You see them bawling like babies. Lol

Second fact should be under 'Deadly Attraction' on Crime Investigation Tv.
What a way to go.. Same way he came.

I'd rather comfort myself than let one of them dogs come close to be. WHAT!!!😳 I can wipe my damn tears!

miss kenefo said...

Fact 3: the look on the dogs faces show a lot of compassion and understanding.

Fact 2: I wonder how it didn't affect her. I guess she was banking on oral sex.

Fact 1: I find it extremely difficult to believe that.

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