Stella Dimoko Kogi State Govt Says Director Who Committed Suicide Was Paid December Salary


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Monday, 23 October 2017

Kogi State Govt Says Director Who Committed Suicide Was Paid December Salary

The Kogi State Government says Mr. Edward Soje, the late director who recently committed suicide after his wife gave birth to triplets, was last paid salary in December 2016.

The government, however, dispelled rumours that Soje took his life because he was being owed salaries.
The Kogi State Head of Service, Deborah Ogunmola, in a statement on Sunday said there was no evidence that he committed suicide because he had not been paid.

Ogunmola, who claimed to be related to Soje’s wife, said his salaries were delayed because of age falsification.

She said despite being indicted, the state government was merciful enough not to dismiss him.
The HoS further stated that it was unlikely that Soje killed himself over unpaid salaries because he had been listed among those who would receive six months arrears.
The statement read in part, “For the records, these are the facts surrounding Mr. Soje’s employment with the Kogi State Government: He continued to receive his salaries till December, 2016, even while the Staff Screening and Verification was ongoing.

“His pay was stopped after proof emerged that he falsified his age records. His confession to the offence is on video.

“Following engagements with labour, the Kogi State Governor magnanimously commuted the disciplinary action due against certain categories of offenders by grant of pardon. Mr. Soje fell into one of the categories.

“Pardoned workers were processed for reinstatement and payment in batches. Mr. Soje was in the September 2017 batch and he was aware of this fact.

“The Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, where he worked, had forwarded a template for payment to government and Mr. Soje was aware that he was listed to receive six months back pay, leaving only two months (August and September) outstanding.

“Edward Soje was not just member of my staff; he was also married to my sister-in-law. His death is shocking, both as one related to him, and one responsible for him in an official capacity.”

The head of service said she met with the deceased a few days before his demise.

She said there was neither hint of the “horrible decision” in his demeanour nor did he appear as one who was depressed.
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chim_oma said...

2016 December?
Can someone please remind the governor the month and year we are in now in case he's forgotten?

chim_oma said...

2016 December?
Can someone please remind the governor the month and year we are in now in case he's forgotten?

chim-oma a.k.a Miss Kapusu

Kimmy said...

This Kogi state Governor is wicked sha, owing people salary up and down. This is not nice at all.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does age falsification have to do with getting paid? So all the other civil servants who are complaining about not being paid also falsified their age? Gtfoh with these lame ass excuses. These bullshit excuses were just cooked up to safe face. Pay people their damn money if they have worked, why the heck should someone not be paid for a whole bloody year of labour. Binding these workers to the job like slaves because they fear leaving because if they leave they will not get the pay they are owed so they stick it out in the hopes they will be paid this month. Sick creatures and sick mentality, there is a special place in hell for all of you who loot coffers to live high off the hog and leave the workers and their families to starve, may you all meet your payback a thousand fold for what you have done to the poor in this lifetime. May no mercy be shown to any of you and may your misery be so compounded that every breath you take is filled with mental and physical anguish.

Anonymous said...

I’m so angry I swear. How can you owe someone salary since Dec 2016, for crying out loud this is October 2017, and shingba still no drop.

I’m just weak to even curse but may those boys his wife gave birth to live long and be greater than their parents.

Wtf has age got to do with it, as long as he is not in retirement age it doesn’t matter.

Anonymous said...

Your excellency you must be out of your mind o, even at 7 months, you still get mouth, I pray such fall in your family.

Rappakatakata said...

He probably got frustrated by the fact of nonpayment of his salary since January 2017 and decided to end it all.
It was equally bad that he was guilty of age falsification.

Bibire said...

He's supposed to be leaving on the December salary till October???Bello is a disgrace

Fab Mum said...

Even of he falsified his age which isn't new in civil service by the way, does that warrant the no payment since December?? That's cruel. Some people don't have double means of livelihood. And by the 3rd month of waiting, they would have exhausted their savings and left with borrowing to eat..

I see some people saying here that they haven't been paid for months and they still go to work and I wonder how you all do it. The lord is your strength

Anonymous said...

What an insensitive Government! What is this reaction for?

Anonymous said...

Stupid governor. December keh? So the man should be feeding on the governors balls from jan-October. Nonsense country


The bad thing is that none of his party masters are speaking up. This is the Senate president state.. It's just wickedness after he got to the office through the death of another politician. I don't understand how the state functions with civil servants on strike.

Kamikaze said...

Ah!December 2016. That was just last month.

Most precious stone said...

They paid him nov. salary in dec. thats how salaries are paid, count from now it is still 11 months.

I was not expecting the govt to be saying this

Samantha I said...

Who does not give fake age? From the president down to footballers, we all lie about our ages. The blood of that guy is on the head of kogi state government.
You said he would be paid in sept and this oct and yet no alert. How do you expect him to cope?
Our leaders are truly heartless and this APC regime has the highest record of suicide being committed by frustrated citizens.

Push up said...

So what if he lied? Is he up to the age of retirement? No. So all they have to do is start calculating his money with his real age, when he gets to the age of retirement then they let him go but to just cut his off... I am tired of this country

Pure Nigerian said...

It's not the senate president's state, it's that of Dino Melaye

Anonymous said...

Last December or the upcoming one? This politicians need reality check

Ify Lovie Lovie said...

Chim-oma nwanne oooo,biko help me ask these fools which month we are in.
Kogi and Imo State, always in the news for all the 'wrongest' reasons.


Madam Estateowner said...

How i wish i can slap the ogumola guy through this laptop seriously. you people should clap for yourselves for owing a man salaries and yet have the gut to give excuses. Mind the man is late now leaving wife and triplets behind.Annoying government

Ify Lovie Lovie said...

Biko help me ask me them, Aaaah! Politicians sef, SMH.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Shebi you people were chanting sai Baba and APC. Make una manage kogi like that.

Foolish government. God will never forgive you all for suicides and death recorded daily in this country

jelly said...

Kogi state government should fear God... how can they say he is been paid December salary 2016, after how many months?

Anonymous said...

What an excuse on not paying him his salary.

Biko, the governor himself, didn't he falsify his own age too. MSCHEW.

Why not pay him and dismiss him. He has been working yet you refused paying him. Is age falsification worse than the money you all loot ? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you didn't read the post

The goddess. said...

What nonsense!

Which December salary are they referring to? December 2017 or 016?

Kogi govonor, this is October 2017 pay workers their salaries and stop being a nuisance.


lami said...

The politicians are worse than animals

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