Stella Dimoko Seven Former Nigeria Airways Workers Die Within One Week Without Collecting Their Pensions


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Seven Former Nigeria Airways Workers Die Within One Week Without Collecting Their Pensions

Seven former employees of the defunct Nigeria Airways died within one week as agitation to get their pensions stalls.

The Federal Government had recently approved the payment of N45bn as pensions and gratuities of former workers of the liquidated national carrier.

However, since the approval was given, the workers said nothing has been heard from either the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) or the Aviation Ministry.

Chairman, Nigerian Airways Elders’ Forum, Mr. Godwin Jibodu in a chat with journalists listed the deceased former workers as Capt. Asuquo, Capt. Akintaju, Mr K. C. Amah, Mrs Bose Oladumiye, Mr. Onyebuchi Anunobi, Mrs Adebayo Awoyinka, Mr. T. Bellgam and Mr. Ebenezer Akinbode.

He said: "We have lost seven colleagues within the last one week because they could not afford proper treatment for their ailments.

"This is very sad because the government has approved N45 billion since June for payment of our pensions and gratuities."

Jibodu disclosed further that another colleague identified as Capt. Charles Ntanyi had been missing since August after boarding a commercial bus at night in the Ogba area of Lagos.

He appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to fast-track the payment of the entitlements.

He said: "We are appealing to Nigeria as a nation not to forget the contributions of Nigerian Airways to national development.

“Nigerian Airways was a partner to the government and till date has helped in building the capacity of workers in the aviation sector.

"There is so much silence and we don't know who is delaying the payment and it is very unfortunate”, said Jibodu.

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Miss Ess said...

Blood of jesus! This heartbreaking.

ejike capable said...

Too bad.someone somewhere is probably sitting on this funds.

Alloy Chikezie said...

How sad.

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Mz Poundz said...

haaaa!!!!! ni tori Olorun oooo..!! this is so unfair & cruel of Nigerian govt & whoever is responsible for the delay in making their pensions available. at least, they may prolly been alive & living on it. so sad!!

same girl said...

This is heartbreaking

Chyluv! said...

This is just sad, my pops colleagues. Thank God my dad is in good health oh, will put him more in prayers he will live to reap the fruits of his labour in Jesus name, Amen!

redbotafly said...

Whoever it is that is delaying the payment, delay in everything will be that person's portion.
Imagine losing seven people in one week.
What a country!

jelly said...

This is so sad

Shirley said...


Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed, I know what my dad is going thru just bcos of this money, I know what my family went thru, father Lord this people in charge of this money and are refusing to release it, they shall know no peace in their lives until they pay every Kobo... Very wicked people

Posh said...

All this politics of Payment did not start today. Not even sure if they are actually going to be paid or its just wipping up sentiment to make people believe in the wake of effort to take over Airports
Politicians are liars and reaping where they did not sow. Now they want to concession FAAN Airports without thinking of the phligts of the over 10k workers who will be layed off and thrown into labour markets. They have families. There are fears.
This is what happenened to Nigerian Airways workers, till now they have not been paid. So this politics of ghost N45b is only on paper. If they actually approved this payment ,why havent they actualised it since May or so? Playing with people' s life and wellbeing. RIP ti the dead. It will never be well with all enemies of the masses. Wicked Leaders!!!!

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