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Friday, 24 November 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 783

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


  1. Replies
    1. Fact 1: Necessity the mother of invention
      Fact 2: Stupidity of the highest order
      Fact 3: True reflection of the statement "you are the air I breathe. True & Untainted love.

    2. 1.Up China!πŸ™†
      2.Eyaaa..., that's how I feel about her.
      3.Awwwwwwwwn...*sighs* real love, true love, like The Notebook. πŸ˜–

      Holla V&V πŸ™‹

    3. @Two kobo, you just posted my comment.
      Hmm, Abamade, hope u are alright dear

  2. Wow! Love even in death @ fact 3. A china man can build anything @ fact 1.

  3. Awww.. Till death do us part, Romeo and JuJu, reminds me of the movie Notebook, even with her memory lose he never left her bedside, or was it Alzheimers??

    1. awwwwwww...the Notebook😒😒😒

  4. These chinco peeps are just something else fa. Nawaaa!
    What a badoo woman @fact 2. Was she born with 'thiefry' or something?πŸ€”
    Awwww, see loff wey no get part 2 @fact 3.

  5. wow at last fact .

    cowboy woman . smart woman . lol

    @china man .. amazing

  6. Fact 1: this is on some Tony stark sh*t. And i thought I was bad ass when I fixed my generator.
    Fact 2:I don't think the money is why she did it, it might not even be the thrill. It seems like some mental disorder,a compulsion... What do I know though...
    Fact 3:True love exists after all.....

    1. maybe she watched "Set it off".. but had no real weapon!

    2. Lol.maybe she wanted to get into the character of Queen Latifah.

    3. Set it off
      why haven't I seen it.

    4. ewooo Chiki, but I was born in the 90s will try to see if I can download it, checked the cast and no doubts at all on it's 'bad assness'

  7. Cow boy Bob wanted to just kill hersef for nothing...
    Your second chance and you fling it out the window.

    Aaawwww. @ The last fact. A lot of very old couples will love to go this way...
    Hello Atheist😁
    Hi King EzeπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ What did you say you have been up to in King's landing? Lol

    MISS Jacobssss. It will be nice to get a peep from you♥️

    1. has he gotten to Kings landing yet?

    2. Lmao .Iphie I'm still at asgard.

  8. Wow @ fact 1, I'm impressed, i can see a stick too, shocked he didn't have some form of sepsis.
    Fact 2 she was forming cow boy,Bonnie n Clyde , Abi robinhood
    Oh the notebook, you read my mind @ atheist, Ryan gosling and Rachel mcadams and some old 70s Hollywood stars, oh my God, literally cried my eyes out, just shed a tear now, movie is romantic for days! A true love story, I'm still crying...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. She had dementia.... he stayed with her in the hospital.... just to catch those moments of her coming to herself, and read her her diary, the piano....they found love when they were young, they quarelled, her family was about to move away, they somehow missed each other, there was the war, .... they met later, she was about to get married....they rekindled their love, oh the sea... The night they spent at the cabin of the house he built... They eventually died holding hands😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    1. He read for get every single day.
      I sit down to watch The Notebook and I'm already crying a bucket.
      The pain in his eyes each time she slipped away was heart wrenching...
      That night in the cabin was electric. Their love was sweet.

    2. @Iphie I thought it was the p. Hormones that got me so emotional. Naah its just a so so touching movie. I totally would watch it again

  9. #Never make a decision when you are angry, never make a promise when you are happy*

  10. I just wanna experience true love like this@lastFact😩😩😩😩..Lord help me

  11. If a layman could crudely construct a working dialysis machine,atleast 13yrs ago,why isn't it readily available now?Why does a session still cost so much?

    I can just imagine the thrill Cowboy Bob got every time she successfully robbed a bank.Probably the kind of high those into extreme sports get each time they defy death. She probably wouldn't have wanted to go any other way.
    I don't mean to seem admiring but such!

    Last fact gave me boil-sized goosebumps. Soulmates?Isn't that same as unicorns?

  12. Always creative #fact1

    That's just stupidity. I guess life in prison didn't teach her enough, or her village people jes didn want her useful. Lol #fact two

    Now this is wat I call love. I can imagine what their years of living looked like. And God deemed it fit that they leave the world together #fact3


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