Stella Dimoko Veteran Actor Sadiq Daba Interview +Talks About His prostrate Cancer And Leukamiea


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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Veteran Actor Sadiq Daba Interview +Talks About His prostrate Cancer And Leukamiea

In an industry where the term ‘veteran’ has been Abused and/or over used, one man that truly merits that title is actor, Sadiq Daba. Sadly, he is not having the best of times and enjoying the acclaim that a true veteran deserves.

Daba has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is coming barely months after the actor was hospitalised for months due to leukemia.

Sunday Scoop put a call through to him during the week to find out how he was doing. “Right now, I have a catheter inserted into my joystick to ease the movement of urine. I have been in and out of hospitals for a while now. Next week, I also have to go for a biopsy to determine if I would need to do a major surgery. I have leukemia to battle with, then this prostate issue comes in. The pain is just too much for me,” he stated, explaining his journey so far.

“I have been receiving treatment at LASUTH and OAUTH and the doctors have been wonderful. I was told that one of the side effects of the surgery is that my testicles would have to be removed. That means I would be castrated and I don’t think I want that. The other option is that I would have to take injections that would cost N150,000 every two months, and I have to take it for about two years. You can imagine what the total cost would be,” he added.

On whether members of the movie industry have been helpful to him, Daba said, “A few of my colleagues have been wonderful; they have tried to help as much as they can. The DGs of NTA, Censors Board, and the president of PMAN have also been of help. I can’t start carrying bowls and be going all about the place begging for money. I believe I have paid my dues.

 For those who know about my situation and want to help, they are welcome. Everything that I have to do is tied to money. There is no drug that is cheap.”

*Awwwwww but wont it be better to loose the balls than go through what he is going through?God see you through Sir,I used to love watching  ''Cock crow at dawn''


Senator EsE EsSAy said...

He still loves it,heya! May God perfect your healing sir

Anonymous said...

Crying... Oh God

This is sad

Why can't the government help him

I saw his tweet the other time, he tweeted at @Ireti Doyle accusing her of forgetting him.. I was so sad.. People have really forgotten him.... The lord will heal you Sir.. That was how @Yinka Craig's died.


Anonymous said...

How about @NTA AM EXPRESS that this man really worked and touched lives... Why is our government like this?... Can't they help him or what?


GreatCleoPatra said...

This man with a very sexy voice.. This is too much.. I can only ask God to ease his pain.. So sad..

Lady j said...

Ooooooh God sadiq is sick? No wonder he was looking so thin d last time I saw him hotel Majestic I love dis man,yinka,marian,Catherine and d other fair lady in A.M express those days.

Lord please make a way for him.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Sad one. May God heal you Sir.

Anonymous said...

But if he wants people to help, how do they contact him? Is there an account he wishes they sent the money to, what is the name of the medication may be does of us abroad with prescription of course can help him a bit.

Moncoeur's behbeh said...

They should be a gofundme account for him. So atleast non artistes can also help before it gets too late.

lami said...

What a country we live in, someone of his calibre as he rightly said should go cup in hand, he has paid his due. The government should come to his aid

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