Stella Dimoko Gov. Shettima of Borno State Explodes ''Restructuring My Foot...''


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Friday, 1 December 2017

Gov. Shettima of Borno State Explodes ''Restructuring My Foot...''

 He said, those calling for restructuring do not know what they are talking about, "Restructuring my foot! To hell with restructuring". He was speaking on Thursday at the launch of ‘On a Platter of Gold: How Jonathan Won and Lost Nigeria’, written by Bolaji Abdullahi — who served as a minister under Jonathan from 2011-2014.


Anonymous said...

Silly man

Krix said...

I believe in Biafra, biafra is the solution!

Just Krix!

soul child said...

I don't blame this egghead for saying " to hell with restructuring ". His state is one of the states that will turn into Afghanistan as a result of restructuring. They produce nothing and just go to Abuja every month to collect allocation from oil proceeds. But God go pass them one day.

Hypocrites!!!! Just go and prepare for the day of reckoning because cone it surely will.

Mhiz A... said...

He is a pig.
Why is it that anything that won't favor them they will want it thwarted?

Rappakatakata said...

This same Shettima of the infamous phone conversation with Amosu, isn't he? Very uncout religious bigot.

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