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Monday, 4 December 2017

Word For Today -Your Problem Is In Your Pride

This message rounds up the 'Naman' series.

In our last discuss, we talked about the slave girl whom, though she had been reduced to a degrading level in life, yet had the information that Naman required to change his leprous predicament.

This slave girl seeing Naman's secret pain, told Naman that she knew someone in Israel who could heal him of his disease.

The man who had a solution to his problem was a Jew, a people he had been killing!

Naman was an army commander who was used to giving orders, not the other way round. But this time, not only did he need to take orders, he had to take orders from a slave girl!

Life has a way of placing the solution to your problem in the hands of people you treat badly!

The real question becomes; How badly do you want a solution? Are you willing to swallow your pride, leaving the opulence of the palace and head for the dungeon to get help?

The problem with some of us is that we are too proud to seek help! Naman's healing was not found within the prestige of palatial borders. There is a constant message that God is trying to pass across to mankind. 'Your healing is in your humility'!

God is saying 'I will do it for you if you can humble yourself. I will do it for you, if you will stop being a racist, a tribalist, a judgemental religious enthusiast!

 - Amos Dede.


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Anonymous said...

Pride is a destiny destroyer.

Elaine said...

Short and concise!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good write up. Pride has no place in the life of a Christian.

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