Stella Dimoko December 2010


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Actress FUNKE AKINDELE chops off hair.

The celebrated actress/producer was spotted recently shopping and she was spotting a mohawk hairstyle.
Check out her new look, like?

The Return of Actress OGE OKOYE.

This is Heavily Pregnant Oge in May 2010 when she had her baby shower.

This is Oge Okoye on December 28,2010.
The Actress returned to Nigeria a few weeks back with her 4month old daughter and 3yr old son in tow.
After 6months abroad,all i can say is welcome back Oge,Nollywood and your fans missed you.

*Second picture is courtsey of nollywooduncut.

RMD celebrates 10th Wedding Annieversary!

The celebrated actor and his wife recently celebrated one decade together as man and wife.
Happy Married Life Richard,may God continue to keep you and yours!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The night of december 25,2010 was a night to remember as a pretty lady with username @toosexy on twitter rubbished actresses rukky sanda and tonto dikeh.

Obviously from her tweet,footballer and serial lover boy Kalu Uche had picked up some ladies and taken them home.At the residence the ladies ran into actresses uche jombo,rukky sanda and tonto dikeh and one of them began to tweet these.

First tweet.
''*OMG* sitting here drinkn with kanu uche and ike uche wit ma peeps n ***Uche jumbo just walked in**''

Second tweet
''Classless tonto n rukky were all up here**saw jumbo outside wit sm woman, didn't kn it was her till now***''

Third tweet
''God I wish 9ja celeb can hv class, what is tonto wearing? She should wear**hahaha*nothing***classless*she seem 2 high dragn ike 1corner all d while 2 talk now she's all over jumbo talkn n d girl eyes just landed on us**we r HOT**''

Fourth tweet
''Bitches* ya I kn**jumbo talks wit her eyes n face as rukky n tonto prepare 2 leave***''

This is a memo to all celebrities who like to pick up strangers home..they should be careful cos one never knows the kind of devil accompanying one home!
Serial loverboy kalu please be warned!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Age Controversy trails Actress UCHE JOMBOS the-future-awards nomination....

Uche Jombo and Genevieve Nnaji.

The future awards recently nominated actress uche jombo in the best actress
award category and all hell has broken loose.the reason is that the future awards
does not nominate anyone over 32yrs of age and some people have petitioned the awards
committee that uche jombo is not 31yrs old as published by the future awards but 42yrs
The outcry by the supposed people who know was pouring in so much that i contacted
the awards committe and this is what they had to say through the creative director chude jideonwo.
''.“We certainly have had more than a few complaints about the ages of one or two nominees.
We sincerely appreciate those reactions and the fact that people feel so strongly about this
awards process confirms to us that people believe in what we are doing Over the years we have had to withdraw the nominations of a few nominees who have been unable to prove their actual ages; indeed The Future Awards is one of  the very few processes that actually demands proof of nominees’ claims.“However, it is to be noted that nominees have submitted legal documents that corroborate the ages they have given. And unless complainants are able to direct us to documents and evidence that disprove them, we have no choice but to respect legally admissible proofs''.

The next move was contacting the actress and I asked her the follwoing questions

-How old are you

-What year were you born?

-How old is your older and younger sibling?

-What proof did you present to the future awards committee?

Her reponse?read further

''My age is my business and no one else',that i dont talk about my age is because its not important.
over the years i have heard all sorts of number attributed to me but i have kept quiet because those who
matter know how old i am.The future awards always verifies age before they accept nomination, people
should leave me alone and face their lives and work because i face my work and mind my business.
if i am 42,what does that make my mum?my mum is 52yrs old so will that mean she was twelve years
old when she had me her third child?
I was born on december 28, immediate older sibling was born in 1977 and my immediate younger
sibling was born in 1981.i presented enough facts to show my real age so i dont see why people are
petitioning the awards committee.are they the ones who gave birth to me?i dont really respond to some
certain things but this time it seems silence isnt golden.this is the fact,i am 31yrs old on my next birthday:
those spreading the wrong number should get their mathematics right.i have said enough on this issue,now
let me get back to work,i am on location right now,this is so annoying but i just refuse to get angry,instead
i say merry christmas to all my fans''.

I even went a step further by calling mama uche jombo to make it a wrap and the mother said in no minced
''all these reporters please get your facts right,i had uche in 1979,december 28th.;the people who are
saying shes older,were they there with me on this day when i was in labour?''.

Due to the brouhaha,the future awards had to specially Verify uches age two times and they stand on their
ground with the facts presented to them and the actress is up for the best actress awards category!

So heres my advice... if you still think otherwise,please present a copy of her birthday certificate stating she is 42yrs of age and a picture of yourself standing near the mother during childbirth!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The kidnapper speaks''...Why I Kidnapped Sharon Omolayo''

“My name is Oluwadare Akanmu. I have been working with Sharon’s parents for six years now. I was working with the parents from Port Harcourt and they brought me to Lagos and I have been living with them. I am a welder and I want to start life so I went to tell Sharon’s father to assist me with N250,000 so that I can stand on my own. He gave me N40,000 for one of the tools but the money was not enough. So one day, something came over me and I decided to carry Sharon away so that the parents will give me the N500,000 so I can start life.”

                                         See The Longa-Throat!

Mr. Akanmu said he went to Sharon’s school at about 2.35pm that day, picked her up and took her to his friend, Ibrahim’s house at Alakoko, a Lagos suburb, where he kept her for eight days. He said his N15,000 monthly salary was not enough to sustain him and he decided to kidnap Sharon so that he could demand a ransom of N500,000 to start a welding shop.

“When I took Sharon to my friend’s house, I took care of her and I was asking for N500,000 ransom, but my friends were demanding N10 million. On Monday, I became fed up with the whole kidnap thing and I called Sharon’s father and told him where we were. So that was how police came and arrested me and took Sharon away. I feel bad about what I did,” Mr Akanmu said.


Monday, December 20, 2010



She was missing for 7days!!!
Her parents,family and friends did not sleep at all.
Her mum was on her knees crying to God today Monday december 20th,exactly one week after she went missing,when they received an Anonymous call to come and pick up sharon from outside of Lagos.

This is the good news people!!

Sharon has been found thank God,her mum is on the radio now,she was kidnapped by the Family friends "houseboy" who planned to phone her parents a few days later and ask for a ransom but his partners backed out and he panicked so he phoned her dad today to come pick them up at Ifo where he confessed everything.
Please be careful with our young ones and trust no one !!!

Thank God.....i had almost postphoned Christmas this year!
Welcome home Sharon....Welcome!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

UCHE JOMBO/KANU NWANKWO et al honored by Abia State Government.

Abia State Government decided to honour some of its indigenes who have made the state proud with their celebrity status.
The star studded
event held on friday december 17,2010 and those honored include Kanu Nwankwo,Ejike Asiegbu,Uche Jombo,Nkiru Sylvanus,Okechukwu Ukeje (Mr. Raw) Justin Martins (J.Martins)Ruggedman,Bright Okpocha,Chinedu Ikedieze..

Hneceforth the title 'Chief' is to be added to the above people when addressing them
*Chief Uche Jombo
*Chief Nkiru Sylvanus
*Chief Kanu Nwankwo
*Chief Ejike Asiegbu
*Chief Okechukwu Ukeje
*Chief Justin Martins
*Chief Ruggedman(lol)
*Chief Bright Okpocha
*Chief Chinedu Ikedieze(Aki)

Congratulations to all honored!.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Missing ANGEL Sharon Omolayo..

The beautiful angel sitting on the left side of her mother is named SHARON OMOLAYO and she was last seen on Monday december 13,2010 when a family member was sent to pick her up in a taxi cab after school hours from Avicenna school in ikeja.

                                          sharon(left)with mum and lilttle sister.

The Innocent 5yr old girl got into the cab which zoomed off and as you read this,she is yet to be found and the uncle who picked her up cannot be reached on his phone which is switched off and he cannot also be traced.

The Principal of the school has since issued a memo on the dangers of allowing a cab to pick up children from school.
Thats by the way side.the parents of this beautiful angel need their child back and will even pay to get her home safely.
Please look at the picture very well,if you spot sharon contact the nearest police and if you have any information leading to her whereabouts please call 08025945672.

   Lets help sharon get back safely home.imagine this little girl somewhere crying for mummy and daddy!

Whoever has got her will never know peace for the rest of their lives and if they harm this girl,they will only know heart bleeds as i write this post.
Please also do take out time to pray for sharon,that her captors be touched by God and that they drop her off from where they picked her.
please dedicate your tweets and facebook status to her!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Never in my life have I seen such a great miscarriage of Justice!
Wetin happen? I hear you asking… okay… Let me oblige you.

Recently an event was held in the sleepy town of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State called Best of Nollywood Awards (BON). It was organized by an enterprising, young man that goes by the name Seun Oloketuyi.
All went well until it got to the Award for Best Actress. Nominees were Genevieve Nnaji for Silent Scandals, Omoni Oboli for The Figurine, Ini Edo for White Hunters, Rita Dominic for The Maiden, Nse Ikpe Etim for Guilty Pleasures.
The award came with a $10,000 dollar prize and Naturally, everyone wanted to see who would win it.
The declared winner was Omoni Oboli and everyone congratulated her and went home.however was there was a great injustice done.
On the voting page of the website(note that these results hae been deleted from the site) the results clearly show the winner

Actress in a leading role (English)

Genevie Nnaji � Silent Scandal 693 (66.76%)
Omoni Oboli � Figurine 52 (5.01%)
Ini Edo � White Hunters 119 (11.46%)
Rita Dominic � The Maiden 59 (5.68%)
Nse Ikpe Etim � Guilty Pleasures 115 (11.08%)

Total votes: 1038

So Omoni actually came last yet, she was given the award!!
Why did Unilever stoop so low?...ooops i get it,Unilever is the sponsor of the figurine movie so they felt the leading actress in the moie they sponsored had to take home the money?

What is really going on here, my people? Why would someone agree to commit such blatant day light robbery in the full glare of the world?
Do they think we Nigerians are fools?
In these days of internet, google and wikileaks? Has corruption, the bane of our nation, eaten so deep into our society that an actress would feel no qualms about being part of a grand scheme to steal what rightfully belongs to another person?

Meanwhile in the unfolding drama, the undeclared but true winner, Genevieve has pasted the link of the result on her Twitter page for the world to see, while the actress in question (Omoni) is busy going around praising herself for being the best actress in Nollywood!

You don’t believe me?

Go see her Twitter page and Facebook page!

Then Seun has the guts to say voting is 30% while judge's decision is 70%!! To all this I say fa-fa-foul!
These are truly the days of Wikileaks!!

God help us in Nigeria!

Meanwhile, Seun has some explaining to do and Omoni has some returning of dollars to do…. Or don’t you think so? We are waiting o! We must follow this saga to the very end!

Bon awards gate eeeeeeeeeeeeeh

New Entertainment Website Births Forth.

Its simply called and promises to deliver juicy gists on all manner of celebrities in Nigeria.
I have checked out the website and it is new,maybe if you had time you could stop by there and check it...who knows,you might like it better.

Errrm,this is not an advert,i just promised to help put it on my blog,so be nice now and go THERE!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

SONG of the week.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Actress NIKE PELLER Now a Chief.

Cliam to fame:her famous dad professor peller the magician.

Delectable Star Actress,Nike Peller was on the 20th of November,2010
conferred with the chieftancy title of "Yeye Agbasaga(meaning the custodian
and promoter of culture)" of Erin Osun,near Osogbo in Osun State.

The ceremony was witnessed by friends,colleagues,family members and well wishers.
Here's wishing Mama Oloye congratulations!

Actress UCHE OGBODO Slapped By Comic Actor DAUDA.

Uche ogbodo.

                                Dauda and his Wife.

this is what olofofo eye witness report says happened.

''Katakata bust a few days ago on the set of Dauda the comedian.
He had gathered some money from friends and wanted to do a tight,
low budget movie with some of his friends. Directed by Andy Chukwu.
the movie had Francis Odega, Chidi Awurum, Dauda himself and Uche Ogbodo.
Uche Ogbodo was giving everybody problems on set. she would Sometimes
keep everybody for 3hours waiting and would not apologize to anyone when she finally arrives
on set.
The director had warned her severally but she turned the other cheek,
Then on the last day of production,she delayed everyone for 2hours and when
she finally came she managed to do only one scene after which she entered into a
salon accross the road and began to loosen her hair to remake it.This infuriated the
producer who reminded her that they were not done yet and that the hair she was taking
off had continuity. She got angry and made to walk out on Dauda.

The next thing that was heard was a loud 'Gbosa'. the slap was so hot and
loud that it momentarily blinded the actress for about two minutes and when she recovered,
she went to her car to cry.

The scene was cancelled by the director and Uche went home still crying.
First and foremost,i would say shame on dauda for being so weak by slapping a woman,
i dont care that she delayed his set,he could have sacked her or walked away but not raise his
short hand to beat her...being a woman beater is the worst thing that can happen to any man and i
say shame on dauda for not being the bigger person by walking away,if he is married,i hope
his wife does not wear slaps as ear-rings!

As for uche,if she does not take her work serious and attach some professionalism to her behaviour,
she just might be getting more hot slaps from other producers after this one and that would be
a big shame!
please whoever is in charge should sanction both the slapper and the one who received it!
if you know dauda,please tell him stella says his new name is 'shame on you for slapping a woman'!
(tongue click)

Monday, December 06, 2010

RUGGEDMAN raps 9ICE.....''A word is enuff...''

this is really nice rap....i like!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ex Beauty Queen Adaeze Igwe-Yobo Speaks On Pregnancy Blues and More...

Isnt she lovely?
scroll down and read what advice she has for new mums!

Before I got pregnant, I did not use a lot of products apart from my daily moisturizer by Elizabeth Arden, a sunscreen, my normal make-up etc I was not a fitness addict either, I worked out every now and then, I ate whatever I wanted. But that all changed ! Now I work out 3-4 times a week which consists of running on the treadmill for 30mins, crunches, lounges and even walking up and down my staircase, carrying my baby around thats all part of my new exercise routine. I still eat whatever I like but in moderation now.........
Read the rest of this interesting writeup

for the

FEMI KUTI on DELE MOMODU as Presidential Aspirant.

Dele Momodus Campaign Poster.

                                                      Femi Kuti.

.......And the son of the late controversial Fela Anikulapo Kuti said when he was asked if he would vote in OVATION MAGAZINE boss Dele Momodu as President...

''Dele Momodu hasn’t stepped on my toes but I wouldn’t vote for him. Do you believe he’s credible enough to be president of this country? If you look at Dele Momodu’s history, if I look at it tentatively, I will not even leave my house to vote for him. Why would you want to go and delve there? It’s like a mission impossible, let us face fact. What of the election rigging, you’ll see how many contestants that will end up in the court over election malpractices. Many of the military men took off their uniform and also contested because they don’t want to leave power''.


source::Ayeni Adekunles THENETNG

Checkout Your Favourtie Stars and Their Blackberry's!

Let me put this as simply as i can....These actors underlisted here cannot do without their phones even when they are on the job.
Some people argue that the blackberry phone has become an addiction that is not healthy,
do you agree with this school of thought judging from these pictures?

Ini Edo.

Rukky Sanda(in black dress)


Monalisa Chinda.

Uche Jombo.

(from left)Tonto Dikeh,Uche Jombo,Van Vicker.