Stella Dimoko 'HI' TONTO DIKEH ÍTS NOT 'OVA'....


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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Releasing her two singles on Wednesday October 17,2012 earned her more controversy,one beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

If you missed surfing the internet on the aforementioned date then you will not understand why I am about to crown this actress 'most clicked Nigerian name on the internet'.

If the officials of Guinness book of records were paying any attention to the clicks on this name on the www yesterday,they would have made her an entry into their famous log.

Anyone can grab a mic and sing.I have a voice that might sell a few cds but I don't think I have the courage to spin me a single or put my voice out there.

 Some  have the nerves and I respect them for that albeit  that their songs do not make my A list...but what do you know?fortune favors the brave!

Tonto dikeh who was interviewed on Radio coolfm just before her song 'itz ova'came on air, told her listeners that her love for making movies is primary and she didn't think she would spin a career out of singing.
I listened to both singles and what I write further is my candid opinion,I do not belong to any club of haters who do so because they have nothing else to do..when I hate on anyone/celeb I try to do it constructively.

Her single 'its ova'is my favorite of  the two songs she released,it was not a 100percent but for me she crossed the pass mark,her voice was raw and has promises of delivering better tunes next time with some training.

Tonto dikehs songs were not as bad as it was made out to look yesterday and ignorantly all the hater comments have turned her name into the queen of the www.

If the amount of clicks her music/name  got yesterday
Was counted and converted into money.....

If I was her,I would go out there and spin a musical video of both songs and see who actually will carry out their threat of committing suicide because she sang!

I am not a Tonto fan but i give her an applause for her efforts,she had the liver to do it and i havent heard that the haters made her commit suicide yet.

Let me see if i can spin an interview out of her on this one though.

May God bless you as you read this and remember its not 'ova' keep 'hi' and beleive God that he will bless you at the right time!

Its not 'ova' and i dont freaking care what anyone says or thinks of this peice....hating is free,indulge yourself biko!


  1. Shame on the writer of this article....why not call a spade a spade. Its bad enuff pple trying to ride on past glory, come on....u cn do betta

  2. Stella did you go to school at all.Must your 'e' come before your 'i' all the time? Haba! "beleive", "peice". Na wa sha! SMH for you !

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I agree with you Stella. I listened to both songs and they ARE NOT AS BAD as the haterz ran mouth!

    Some say its because she cussed people before the launch! is PR/Stunt! her name trended www. She has 9 million downloads in 24 hours! Whether the downloaders liked it or not does not matter! Fact is: They LISTENED!

    I truly wish she had set up a software in motion that would give her 50 cents for every download all over the world.

    Infact, i will use her song 'Hi' for my next runway show sef. lol

  5. @ Anonymous 10/18/2012 - 12.56pm - I can equally ask you the same question since you asked a question without a question mark at the end of it. See, what happens when you begin to point fingers at others? Take the plank out of your eyes before you begin to pick the speck out of another's.

    As for Tonto's foray into music, I do hope she has gotten it out of her system and will therefore cease hence forth from taking up valuable space in front of a mic that others with true talent and passion could use. I hope this was part of her little village champion publicity stunt and with all the boos and smattering of applause, she will ride Hi to her next venture and let it truly be Ova.

    There is no excuse for these two records except to make money, pure and simple. She can barely act and now she wants assault us with music as well? How much can a people take from this one woman army of talentless assault?

    There is nothing I can stand as much as someone who cannot give themselves a full and honest assessment. To thine own self be true, please Tonto. You cannot honestly think that you can sing. I have heard karoake acts better than this mess. The people praising you are laughing at you, hell the producers and writers of these songs are laughing at you.

    Money isn't everything, sweet heart.

    1. @ Joyeux... Dieu vous benisse!
      Untalentd Village Champion #word#

  6. Lol. Stella. She don pay youn for this publicity?

  7. Thnk God for dis write-up. Am happy sm1's finally seeing tinz frm my point of view.

  8. I totally agree wit u stella!

  9. u have already told us why ur kissing miss dickhead's ass... U want an exclusive, so dat u will brag abt being the ist reporter to interview a potential guiness world books of record holder/breaker.... Am sorry to say dis, buh ur oppinion stinks cos it screams ulterior motive(s). Am disapppointed much


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