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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Actress Uche Jombo's Ex Boyfriend Romances Ex-Wife Of Ini Edo's Hubby!

Remember light skinned pretty ruth okoro?well if you don't,she is the ex wife of phillip ehiagwina,the man who married actress ini edo amid controvery a few years back.

Ikechukwu plays in the national team, is spain based and ex boyfriend of actress uche jombo.
Nice movie script you say?unfortunately what you are about to read is not a movie script,this picture was taken in yankee n when the footballer paid the new love of his life a visit.

I wish these love birds the best and refuse to heed  olofofos advice that "them love go soon burn out like candle for wind. Just dey count oh"

.....Sebi the popular adage says "love  is blind". In their case it is indeed blind. May the wind never blow their way in Jesus name!
Love extraordinary eeeeeeh!

Judge Annuls Actress Stephanie Okereke's First Wedding!

 Judge Says"It Never Existed!"

                                       Stephanie and Linus Idahosa

......The controversial marriage between Alist actress StephanieOokereke and ex footballer chikelu has been annulled by Justice Phillips of the lagos high court and rendered null and void with a loud bang of the judges hammer on the table!

 "The annullment was pronounced on Friday December 9,2011 with the judge telling Stephanie the marriage was not valid because as at the time their union was conducted in a court registry,he(chikelu)was still legally married to another woman in the US.....a news which took many by suprise.
Continuing,the actress was told she could no longer be referred to as chikelu's ex wife if the marriage never took place in the first instance".

 In other words Stephanie can no longer be referred to as a divorcee...Stunned by this revelation and armed with the good news that stephanie had fixed a February wedding with her boo Mr. Linus Idahosa,I contacted the actress to pass on good wishes and to solicit for an invite to the february wedding But her cellphone was switched off and olofofos explained why:::"She's probably not taking any calls at the moment and has been telling people that their wedding is not in February

"The olofofos continue"she was recently spotted with her beau explaining to some friends who wanted to know why they didn't get an invite and their explanation was that the wedding invites would soon be out but definitely not a febuary wedding'':

Actress Stephanie okereke shocked her fans and family when she married the ex-footballer in a hush hush court registry a few years back but the union barely survived a year and the couple parted ways. The actress also repeatedly stated in interviews that there was no traditional marriage and no bride price was paid.

                                   Stephanie and boo Linus Idahosa

Stephanie who has been dating Linus Idahosa, the CEO of Del-York International,got every womans dream proposal when linus went down on one knee on her birthday in 2010 and asked her to marry him.
Stephanie aside from acting and being a brand name to some international firms also runs her own producrion company called nextpage production whilst her boo linus idahosa is an international media
consultant with global repute and has clients in the US,nigeria, and enjoys patronage from some of the biggest blue chip companies in Nigeria.
The couple are planning an -out-of-this-world wedding but have refused to reveal venue or date.
Abeg, if you see Stephanie, tell her to drop my invite to her wedding, so i can witness their celebration of love with my two korokoro eyes.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

See How Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde changed These Widows.

Actress omosexy took out time in december 2011 to positively impact on the lives of these women who had lost their husbands  .operation 'give back'was a huge success.
you can see the difference on the faces and appearance of these women.
Omotola thank you.God go surely replenish you in Jesus Name.

Mrs Bunmi Oloko(before)

 bunmi (after)

Mrs cecilia Inegbedion(before)


Mrs comfort ibiam(before)


Mrs elenbalu goodluck agnes(before)


Mrs florence cletus(before)


Mrs ijeoma daniel(before)


Mrs uzehi obene(before)


Mrs magdalene aleoghena(before)


Mrs mercy orisakwe(before)


Mrs odubayo itohan mercy(before)


Mrs rita ibegwam(before)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memo to Comedian........(Name Witheld)

The popular comedian is rumoured to have a daughter in the Uk.
...So na my own I dey jeje and for the past months I have been receiving anonymous mails on a comedian who has fathered a child in the Uk.the mailer is pissed that the comedian is hiding his illegitimate daughter and parading only the legally born ones.
The comedian is married and for that sake I will try to hide his identity and beg him to contact this scorned longtime girlfriend and sort out issues with her or I go wash them pant here oh.

The name of the daughter is Amy. Amy was birthed by the popular comedians long time girlfriend who was supposedly there before the comedian married his present wife.
The comedian is dark skinned and has two kids.he should know his illegitimate  Daughter by name once he reads this. He should please try to make peace for the sake of his child!

Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Turns Movie Producer/Celebrates Widows.


....It was bound to happen ,what with everyone in Nollywood trying to better the movie making business in the country.
Nigerias Alist actress omosexy has just shifted her gaze into movie production via her company 'redhot concept'.
This is the message she circulated amongst friends
"Hello friends,
Introducing to you my company's new business.We produce interesting documentary/movie like fun lifestyle projects .I.e instead of just having the usual boring wedding video we will make you a wedding movie script, family interviews,friends interviews and never seen before reality type footages... Intriguing,suspense filled and funny.You have never seen anything like this!
You can also give a gift to someone on their wedding,birthday or just loving you Gift!
We'll give you your own blockbuster!
Contact us  at and you will be glad you did"

Omotola went on to explain her new venture to Stella Dimoko-Korkus
" Yes my production outfit will now do movie like projections of people and occasions. Everyone can now be a lead actor of their own movie and we'll do it their style,be it Western, action, romance or comedy... Its Never been done before"

 .Why did you decide to shift your gaze into this line of business?

.......Well I've always loved to direct. I've directed a soap opera "the smoke" and I also love to make people's dreams come true.i combined this two and found this idea. I did it for someone and couldn't believe their reaction so... Let's go.

.Will this be affordable to the common man or is this idea a dream come true only for those who are rich?
.....(Laughing)we will work with people's budget to the best of our its something everyone should company has warned me against turning them into charity though!

..Thank you for your time omotola. Wish you the best with your new project.

...Thanks stella.have you seen the widows makeover we did in December with give and let give?

.No omotola I have not. What is special about it?

....It was our yearly Ngo Give and let give celebration. It was to encourage and bring back the self confidence of widows. My mum was a widow for 10yrs and last year it was a way of me appreciating her even though it was 10yrs ago that I lost her.

This is what omotola did with the 20 widows she made contact with.....

''The 20 Widows Makeover was aimed at pampering these women and boosting their confidence and self esteem. The widows were treated to first class treatment, beauty regimen which comprises of a total makeover starting with facials and massage by the reputable Fresh Look Spa and celebrity choice, H and H Spa.  The women had their hair done by celebrity hairstylist; Ugo of Make Me Beautiful, and make up was by House of Tara. Afterwards, they were treated to a shopping spree with clothes from upscale fashion shop, Every Woman and finally a photo session with international and celebrity’s favorite, Kelechi Amadi Obi.
Food was in abundance with unforgettable cupcakes from Mossy ‘ella Bakers and drinks from Chivita. The final event was at Pine Park, Lekki, Lagos. It was one of a kind experience.
Aside all these treats, the widows went home with various gifts such as sets of designer pots, cooking utensils and a bag of rice each, make up kit from House of Tara and words of encouragement from Pastor Tessy of Jesus My Shepherd Church. Kelechi Studios will also be sending a framed portrait to each of the 20 widows''.

Omotola rounded up the event with these words

 “This is something I wish I or someone had done for my mother.  If you give these women money, they would spend it on their kids. This time it’s about them.  When my mother was alive, I didn’t know I was going to loose her so soon, she was a very beautiful woman, but because of all her struggles, she neglected her personal needs, she didn’t get to enjoy all these things like going to the spa, going shopping. So, this is one thing I would have loved to do for my mum who was a widow for 10 years. It was lovely and fulfilling to see the entire transformation and I am really grateful to all that helped to make this happen''

Omotola is well known for her charitable works among the youths through the Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme (OYEP). She also works with children as a United Nation World Food Programme (UNWFP) ambassador and Amnesty International where she has campaigned to end maternal mortality among women.

Nollywood's Best Friends Forever!

According to hear sayists in olofofoland "rukky and tonto have been coded best friends and it has worked for them,whilst other friendships are nose diving,theirs remain rock solid and that is partly because they refuse to listen to them say them say concerning each other "

Congrats to both for being able to keep their ship afloat. Maybe this is a good time to ask tonto to help me to tell her best friend rukky sanda to reduce her make up,she seems to have increased the volume these days and unlike before where her beautiful face radiates,she now looks like an egunu.

This is memo is without bad belle so please no hating on both girls!

make una carry go!

Actor Emeka Rollas Survives Acute Pyelonephritis!

Another tragedy was averted in nollywood recently  when one of its own,actor emeka rollas went under the surgeons knife and woke up to give to thanks God.
His ailment....... Acute pilonephritis
Acute pilonephritis is a life threatening bacterial infection of the kidney.
      The actor who is in awe of Gods ℓ♥√ع in his life for sparing him in the new year is still recupurating.
   I asked how he felt after the operation and in a few words he replied "I feel good"

Thank God for sparing the live of emeka and whilst you join him in thanksgiving,please use google to find out about this ailment.
 To be forwarned is to be forearmed.
Here's wishing emeka total 'soonest recover'!

The Actress Who Is Still An Item With Her Married Ex.

...I agree that ℓ♥√ع is blind but when some people apply stupidity to the word,otherwise I don't know what else to say.
This pretty actress was an item with her celebrity boyfriend even though their relationship was an open secret,it was with shock that concerned fans of the actress watched as the boyfriend dumped the actress and wed another lady.
Both appear to have moved on,successful in their various profession.

Olofofos recently squealed that despite the celebrity boyfriend being married with his wife and child in tow,the ex lovebirds are still an item and the actress has vowed that if she does not find a man to wed this year,she will make loverboy babydaddy.

The loverboy is slim and dark skinned and the first four letters of his 8-letter name can be found in the bible. It stars with the 11th alaphabeth.

The actress loves to wear dark sunshade even when driving at sunset. Her name contains five letters in the alphabeth and it starts and ends wit the fifth alphabeth.
This actress should ponder over this"you were not good enough for him when he was single,he married someone else and you still dey give am yam chop?please don't settle for less!"

Please note that whatever names you arrive at,you are on your own oh"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unstoppable Tuface Idibia Occupying Nigeria!

Handsome crooner tuface is doing well all by himself.......yes oh,with the recent news that his babymama number one Pero Adeniyi is pregnant with his sixth child,i am excited!.

  Seems to me that Tuface is quietly procreating another small Nigeria by the side...

If i remember very well,didnt pero Adeniyi recently tweet that tuface gave her an engagement ring?

Now what are the other babymamas up to?the months will tell



Peter Esele:Traitor Or Opportunist?

Yesterday labour called off its nation wide strike and today TUC President Peter Esele gets appointed to the Petroleum Investment Board.....more like a witch crying at night and the little child dying in the morning!

Did i hear someone say 'money answereth all things'?

The official story goes like this ''the board will consist of people from all areas of work so peter was chosen from his section blah blah blah......''.

Well i say ''anyone is free to read between the lines what they think this appointment is about but i think Mr esele weighted his options before he accepted this appointment.....he wont care what anyone says in a few months when his bank balance will turn green.....Mr esele is a traitor,a fallen hero!

Bad Boob Day For Actress Anita Joseph.

Okay you are viewing this picture so you decide if she 'packed' it well or not.
This is controversial actress Anita Joseph........she also calls herself musician
and shes rocking her new hairstyle,problem is i dont know if it suits her personality.

check her out.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Check Out Murtala Mohammed Airport.

The fuel subsidy strike took its toll and this is what the airport looked like when people heard that airlines were begining to operate.

Where is everyone running to?lol

Mobile Union and Equatorial Trust Launch

Mtxpress UK to Nigeria online transfer services 

Mobile Union Ltd is a UK based company that runs mtxpress an online money-transfer company in conjunction with Mobile Union (Nigeria) Ltd RC 888325. Equatorial Trust Bank ETB, one of the leading banks in Nigeria, acts as a payment agent in Nigeria and capitalising on the massive coverage of mobile telecommunication services in Nigeria, the mtxpress secure short messaging service (SMS) based remittance platform enables the instant availability of money transfer in Nigeria.

The mtxpress service is different in that it allows online peer-to peer remittance of money swiftly, safely, securely and confidentially from the convenience of the home or workplace without the need to visit a local retail vendor. After registration online, with a simple user- friendly interface customers can then send money securely using their debit card. Clients who subscribe to Mtxpress will access automatic remittance tracking which provides the sender with certainty at each stage of the transaction lifecycle and email advisory service or SMS confirmation on receipt of funds by the beneficiary. The product unlike other money remittance products is pre-funded thereby providing convenience and removing anxiety to both agent banks and customers.

There is no requirement to have an ETB Bank account to receive the money thereby accelerating financial inclusion for the unbanked population in Nigeria.

Mtxpress already serves other countries in Asia (namely Bangladesh and Nepal respectively).

Features of Mtxpress

·         Transaction fees and interest margins are all inclusive starting from £2 rising to a maximum of £6.

·         The Mtxpress service is licensed by HMRC and regulated by the FSA in the UK. Mtxpress is protected by Interswitch in Nigeria and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

·         Confirmation is emailed automatically to the sender on collection of funds in NIGERIA

·         The competitive foreign exchange rates are linked directly to the official exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), offering the best value for money.

·         Mtxpress is reliable, safe, secure, and it incorporates bank grade security across the platform. Each transaction can be tracked and monitored online and money is only realised to the recipient once identity verification and transaction verification has taken place.

  • Automated alerts, the Sender receives confirmations when the funds are collected in Nigeria

·         Payment by debit card or using any UK based online banking service.

We encourage you to inform your co-workers, family and friends in the UK and Nigeria of this exciting new money transfer service. We are confident that they will not only find it very convenient to use but it is also totally secure and offers the best value for money in the UK. Barclays Bank in the UK stands as the company’s bankers.

The send money process is simple – people with the most basic of internet skills will find it easy to use.

Register today  to use the service today at

For further information, feel free to get in touch anytime either by email to or by calling 0808 280 2013 (from within the UK) or +44 203 026 6849 (if dialling from outside the UK)

Mobile Union Ltd is registered with the FSA no. 504661 and licensed by HMRC no. 12302871 as a money remitter.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet Chinenye Ochuba-Akinlades New Baby.

Beautiful Chinenye 'popped' this beautiful baby on Jnauary 1,2012.
Mama and and baby are doing great and are still in the Uk.

Deadlock Vs Subsidy!

This time the protests are different from any other ever had in Naija...frustrated by the empty promises of government over time,the people of Nigeria woke up on new years day to be told that fuel had been hiked.

This time Nigerians unite stronger than ever as they try to wrestle the Goodluck Jonathan led government into reversing the fuel price from N140 to N65...

The labour union and the governemt could not reach an understanding and so the strike continues as celebs and naijas from all works of life meet at different points to discuss and ridicule the governemt....they name this struggle for freedom #occupynigeria#
and all sorts of slogan have been flowing the social network with Nigerians occupying their outdoor envronment with their indoor furniture.

Would it really be possible for government to revert to the old price?Will Nigerians keep up with this stay at home order if the deadlock stretches into next week?
God Nigeria needs you now..this is an sos!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

As Actress Stephanie Okereke Waits.......

Isnt this picture lovely?it just takes my breathe away and i wonder how these couple will look like on the day they finally walk down the aisle?

Dont tell me you cant pick her out...thats actress stephanie okereke and her about-to-be-hubby linus idahosa.....hes hot right?

Okay they are engaged to be married,this isnt news,i just figured we can help her pick a dress that fits her frame before she does a mercy johnson wedding gown shocker on us.please whilst the wait is on,lets suggest dresses for this beautiful couple.

 Hopefully with all this goodwill,their first pikin fit resemble me.looooooooooooooool

Actress Anita Joseph Rocks Crazy Haircut!

Okay,this is Anita Joseph....she is supposedly an actress but we hear more of her in interviews than we see of her in any movies.....well actually her facebook page tells us of her movies shoots.

Now this new hairstyle she is wearing is actually very nice but methinks it would be nice on an entertainer in the music section.
Anyways,what i think doesnt really matter,anita will continue to do what she wants to do...she has rocked some crazy clothes and can check them out on her facebook album.

Oh My did i forget to add that anita is also a musician?okay so its a wrap,she is a musician wearing a limelight hair do!
kudos babes.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Actress Clarion Chukwura Tells President GEJ Her Piece Of Mind.

Clarion,outraged like most of her fellow Nigerians has come out to lend president goodluck her piece of advise and she urges him to take it.

....This is Clarions advice

''MAN IN THE MIRROR... a year ago when PDP was gearing up to spend billions on the campaign for the government of transformation and fresh air, on twitter, I asked GEJ to line the inner caucus up to listen to this song but ofcourse they didn't. Methink, at this juncture in the transformation, it's time they all did.''