Stella Dimoko What Happened To Actress Rukky Sanda?


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Happened To Actress Rukky Sanda?

Rukky is very tall,slim legged and used to look like the girl next door.....pretty but not so white skinned like we know her now.

Rukky of recent has metamorphosed like an 'abutata' (butterfly) into a barbie doll.
Dunno what she used on her skin and its not my bizness too,however i must admit she did it well because her skin looks smooth and without the dark marks that accompany such heavy bleaching.

I just wish we didnt have pictures of her girl next door pictures online to show the stages of metamorphosis.

Please note that Rukky has said in several interviews that you can call her new look whatever you like nah you sabi.

I like the new look though....The transformation is awesome!

Ermmm Rukky please whisper your secret oh,maybe it can help my worwor look and free me from hater comments who always refer to me as 'ugly frustrated old mama..''..hahahahahahha

Rukky Before
The New Rukky


  1. No thanks, I prefer how she looked before. Her present look reminds me of the pale look of the mother in Addam's family. Anyway to each his/her own.

  2. The old rukky was prettier,this new look no be am atall.

  3. The New look opens bigger doors so why remain with the old? Carry go Rukky,norin do you.

  4. D old rukky was far far prettier jare

  5. She was sooo beaurifuul den...lukd lyk a human being...buh now,she resmbl dollbaby#dts if doll baby aint prettier sef

  6. I will suggested her to fix her teeth, too much of them they look like one on top the other, that will make her more confident.

  7. I will suggested her to fix her teeth, too much of them they look like one on top the other, that will make her more confident.

  8. Afi suggested na. Sort out your grammar then come back to give her tips.
    She looks horrible now like a mind controlled doll.

  9. I do love the new look oo

  10. super mario bros23 January 2013 at 08:25

    Hahaha, don't worry stella, you are beautiful and unique. U don't need to look like anyone else. You are you.

    1. Well said, SMB. I met Stella 3 years ago thru a friend in Germany. She wz nothing close to wot pple write about her. She is a naturally light complexioned-soft spoken- happily married with kids-very financially comfortable-6 footer. I wz shocked cos I didn't expect what I saw. I think d only reason pple abhor her is dat she exposes their very deep & scandalous issues & doesn't care whose ox is gored!!

  11. free story...let's see her knuckles!!!

  12. Whosoever call u ugly shld have his or her eyes examine! Do u have to apply bleaching cream to be beautiful? I don't think so! My dear you are beautiful and beauty is a thing of the heart! Moi admire u joor let haters keep hating

  13. Ohh this girl? I saw her in Liverpool street market in London 1 day she was just packing clothes there...

    @ Stella I disagrees with you on "her skin looks smooth and without the dark marks that accompany such heavy bleaching"

    ...Because when I saw her I noticed her hand was soooo black her fingers and knuckles verryyy black.

  14. Addams Family....Ahahahahaha! lwkmdteb!

  15. She do nose job too

  16. Lmao, saw her in my bosses hsee in abuja, her handz n tooth pick legs *pukes* so dark, she's only light facially, her knuckle z disgustn, ur yellow buh only ur face *chuckles* plz sme1 shuld advice her 2 bleach all over!

  17. Hehehe! How come bleaching gives people red eyes????? Rukky you look 40 right now. I bet you know that already. I saw this chick in a salon, if u had seen her hands & feet? Choi! Like tattoos only say na knock she knock. Try extreme glow strong lightening milk & serum on your feet & hands @ nitethen vaseline (blue seal) during the day. E go help u wella

  18. She has black knuckles ooo, very horrible, saw it very well on jara when she was invited to the show, she was barely hiding her hands, tufiakwa, think she also did a nose job


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