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Thursday, February 28, 2013

FIFI:The Lady With The Magical Egyptian Cream For Female Celebs

I present to you,the lady who is responsible for the beautiful 'halfcaste' skin 90percent of Naija babes are flaunting now...some of them look so clean you wont believe that they used to be as dark as Actress Kate henshaw.

Fifis Egyptian milk is the latest wonder in town....if anyone is looking like them mama and papa na oyibo na fifi handiwork.
(peepee in hausa tongue)

So i promised to fish out the lady responsible for the new look ladies in naija are wearing now and i have.....Them yellow pass my children eeeeeh.

So here goes ....
Are you battling craw craw?okripoto?stretchmarks cover all ya belle and yansh?
If you are looking to use the popular egyptian cream that is making all Nigerian female celebrities turn white,FIFI is the answer.
call her on 08058444446 or 08133444421 if you are in Nigeria,if you are abroad,you know how to dial.

Fifi delivers anywhere in the world i hear.......Shege jagwa!

See fifi with ya korokoro eyes.

Actor Ramsey Nouah Shows President Ibinabo Some Love.

Don't they look beautiful together?
I have not insinuated that they are dating with this picture,it looks good and i like it..if you take this picture out of here to insinuate anything,please dont quote me i take God name beg you!

This beautiful picture was taken a few weeks back when Ibinabo Fiberesima,The current president of the actors guild of Nigeria celebrated her birthday.

See how peaceful she looks leaning on Ramsey's shoulder!

If only  this kind of love really existed  in Nollywood and actors are their brothers keepers...if only.....

Looks a woman in love leaning on her man........This would make a nice movie poster.

Actress Uche Jombo's Hubby Arrives Nigeria For My Life My Damage Premiere.

Mr Kenney Rodriguez,Hubby of Actress Uche Jombo arrived Nigeria this morning Thursday February 28,2013 to attend the premiere/opening Night of #MylifeMyDamage holding tomorrow March 1,2013  at the ozone cinema in yaba,Lagos.

My olofofos spotted Uche and Her brother this early morning at the Airport and all eyes became Alert and after waiting a while Mr Rodriguez emerged and enveloped the Actress in his Arms.

As at the time this picture was taken,Kenney could not take his eyes of his  actress wife who seemed shy...shege jagwa!!!

#Mylifemydamage movie premiere holding On Friday March 1st will parade all of Nollywoods finest stars/talents.

Check out Uche Jombo and Hubby Kenney.....See the looking!

Looking at this picture we know what the Rodriguez' will be doing tonight...*wink*

Memo To Kayode Salako (Foluke Daramola's Hubby)

I have just read an Interview on a website here where you said some things that i find totally unbecoming of a normal human being....A normal human who has balls between his legs should not say the things i read in this interview supposedly given by you Mr Salako.
i have responded to you in black,please take note and thereafter take to the vanishing advice.

Did you say 65 pastors asked you to marry actress foluke daramola?Really?
Can you please provide the names of these pastors whom you went to the nooks and corners of all of Africa to ask if she is your wife?65 ordained men of GOD who preach Gods word asked you to marry foluke whilst you camped another in your home?....I am confused and ashamed at these pastors.

This is what you said Mr Salako  ''. “He told me he didn’t know if I was going to marry her or not, but that what would make me know when I come across the woman are two things; the way I would feel about her and that I was going to meet her with two children; one boy and a girl. He said that, when I meet her, that is when the story of my life would change and God would start re-writing my fate and that the woman is the woman of my destiny and that the two of us would travel, we would be very close, we would have a bond and travel on a journey of life, which would fetch us a lot of greatness and beautiful testimonies, since the day I received the vision, I had been looking forward to the woman I would meet like that.
I have never met a woman with a boy and a girl until I met Foluke Daramola and when I met her, I went back to ask if she was the one and over 65 pastors said that she is the one. Can 65 men of God, people that God talks to be wrong, I went to Cotonou, I went to Benin Republic, I traveled out of Lagos State to go and find out whether Foluke was the woman of my destiny and when I asked who she would be, everybody told me she is my wife that I should go and marry her and that I should not allow anybody to discourage me from marrying her,”

Mr Salako,not only did you vomit your rotten insides in that interview but you went on further to call your estranged wife foolish?you actually disrespected another woman just because you have married another wife? you know why people pray for solomons wisdom?Mr salako please find out that and go hide your head in shame if you said

''‘My wife that left was just being foolish and I will continue to tell the whole world that my former wife did not leave me because of Foluke Daramola because the question anybody should ask her is did I bring Foluke Daramola to her house, did she catch me on Foluke Daramola, did she catch us kissing and romancing, did I impregnate her, did I marry her before she left the house. Why should an established married woman pack her things and leave the house for a girlfriend to come and live if that woman is not foolish. I never planned to marry Foluke Daramola, we were just friends, we just discovered that we appreciated our companionship, anytime the two of us were around each other, we always enjoyed it, so we became very good friends, I am the one that told Bukola at home about my friendship with Foluke Daramola, she did not know anything about her, I was the one that told her that I just met an actress, who had agreed to be my friend and work with me on my project; Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN).’

Mr Salako can i preach to you?God is not mocked so please stop calling his name saying he pushed you and Foluke into this used the name of the Lord in vain when you said this babash!
do not let God visit you in anger.Surely the same God you are pining this on you now,you must have also called on when it was rosy between you and bukola.hissss

''‘What I got married to in her is the fact that God convinced the two of us and our parents, that is why everybody was in support. On our wedding day, everybody that matters in her family and in my family was present to show approval. Her parents are in support and they are all committed to it. Foluke Daramola’s mother is a reverend and a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM). She wouldn’t have supported her daughter to break another man’s home to marry him. She herself got the conviction; my father too got the conviction. What I got married to in Foluke Daramola was the conviction. What I went to engage in her family house on February 15, 2013 was more of the conviction than Foluke Daramola.'',

Hear yourself talk like a stupid person sound like a baby in diapers who has found a new mama to help you change your pack of shit..if this isnt plain stupdity,i dont know what else to call it but just know that you need to get your manhood properly examined for crawcraw becuase surely you must have been itching and dancing the craw craw dance when you said this total nonsense.

'' The way I feel around Foluke is a conviction that she is my wife. She is a woman God created to be my wife and that is why she does not have a choice. Foluke Daramola will always marry me again, again and again. My love story with her is orchestrated by God, the way I feel about her is the way she feels about me, it has been so refreshing, so deep and we express it lavishly to each other. Every characteristic of Foluke Daramola is the same with mine. Anything Foluke can do is what I can do; the two of us are more than 1,000% compatible. What she likes, I like and what she doesn’t like are what I don’t like; what she likes doing are what I like doing, the kind of food she likes are what I like.''

Your vomit goes on Mr salako,that after 13yrs with one woman who bore you three children you chose to ridicle her by telling the world you didnt marry her called her 'that woman'?
Your wickedness defintely has no shame that is why you said this..who cares to know how many days you camped foluke in your house?i hope one you will not tell us the size of her pata nla?did you say this?hissssssssssssss.......because your mouth is big doesnt mean it has to stay open sir.because garbage lives inside your mouth doesnt mean we have to walk around with our nostrils closed.close your mouth man,shut up for Gods sake!

“The woman that left my life was not properly married to me, that is why it seems her family members did not recognize me as her husband, that is why they did not intervene and they have not intervened in our issue, everybody that I expected to come in has kept quiet so far, they are staying away, they are not intervening, may be because I did not do traditional wedding with her, may be because I did not pay her bride price, or I didn’t do what I did with Foluke Daramola, may be that is why they left the two of us to our problems. What custom and tradition expect is that the parents of the two of us should meet and see whether there could be a solution to the problem. But as I am talking to you, everybody in my wife’s family has kept quiet. That is the same thing I didn’t want to do in Foluke’s issue, Foluke had been living with me for 30 days before we decided to be engaged, I talked to myself that if I should be living with Foluke Daramola again and I didn’t do what I suppose to do on her traditionally, if any issue comes up again, the same thing might happen. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made with Bukola Olukoya with Foluke Daramola.”

You were not married to her yet you referred to her in this interview as your wife?
As i read the interview further,the only thing that came to my mind is that you are a foolish man who has no shame but i think you already know that,that is why you ended your interview with these words

'' if anybody says I’m a fool, the person should leave me alone.....''

That you both are planning to make more babies is breaking news?please tell that to the cuckoos.,and whilst you are at it,please make sure your union to foluke lasts and please do not sing about Bukola Olukoya again,i dont know who the lady is but i can imagine how hurt she will be by now..her silence on this matter doesnt make her stupid,she is respecting herself and the children she had for you...i am sure her family have also kept quiet because they know that karma has your address and it will find you.
Please do us a favour and fade,vanish or disappear....whatever it is you do ,please stay off our noses and spend time growing are still in diapers!

Annoying Parrot!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beyonce,Nduka Obaigbena And President Jonathan-By Rudolph Okonkwo

This Writeup lifted from saharareporters makes a very interesting read but I wonder what the writers problem with Beyonce is....She is an entertainer and if the government of Nigeria decide to steal the masses money to pay her bill,why exactly is she supposed to feel bad?

Mr Okonkwo please direct your anger at Nduka CEO of Thisday Newspapers,Direct it at the President of Nigeria alright but please leave Beyonce least she sings to earn a living and not parade her yansh all over to be paid!

Yes i am correcting you because you are so right but so wrong for picking on Bee.


If not for Wikileaks cable, Beyonce would have kept the $1 million dollars she got for performing at Gaddafi’s family party.
In 2009, we learned from Wikileaks cable that Beyonce got $1 million to perform at Gaddafi’s family party. So did Usher and Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey received $1 million dollars to sing four songs at Gaddafi’s son’s birthday party at Nikki Beach, St Bart’s. When the story broke, Beyonce was so embarrassed that she donated the money to earthquake relief agencies in Haiti. Usher also donated his to charities, including Amnesty International. In his statement to the press, Usher said that he was “sincerely troubled.”

When Maria Carey donated hers to charity she made this statement: “I was naïve and unaware of who I was booked to perform for. I feel horrible and embarrassed to have participated in this mess. Going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from. We need to be more aware and take more responsibility regardless of who books our shows. Ultimately we as artists are to be held accountable.”

Beyonce should be sincerely troubled, embarrassed and horrified by the deal she had with Nduka Obaigbena which brought her and Jay-Z to Nigeria in 2006. I think it is time for Beyonce to once again donate the money to charity.
Thanks to Saharareporters, we now know that Beyonce was paid $1million dollars to perform at the 2006 ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. Part of the money used to fund this festival came from the then governor of Bayelsa, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.
So let us first start from home.
President Goodluck Jonathan had no shame when he was governor. And he has no shame now that he is president. If he had shame then, he wouldn’t have taken money allocated for poverty alleviation in Bayelsa state and given it to Nduka Obaigbena, who in turn gave it to Beyonce and Jay-Z to come to Nigeria and sing the Nigerian national anthem.
If Jonathan has acquired any shame since then, it would have been tolerable. But he has mastered the skill of moving from one lower office to a higher one without learning a thing. If Jonathan has any feeling of shame he wouldn’t have allowed this spectacle of an inept government that he heads to keep dancing in the market place.
Start with the wife. There is nothing wrong with a man marrying a woman that is domineering. Some wives are more powerful than their husbands. What is absurd is for the president to allow his wife to dance naked on the streets of Nigeria, squandering the nation’s resources. If Jonathan could not do anything about his Patience, he should at least warn the nation. He should say the same thing America’s 26th President Theodore Roosevelt said about his wayward daughter, Alice, who was making a scene across America. The president remarked: “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both."
Obviously, Jonathan cannot run Patience and Nigeria at the same time. The burden of attempting the two tasks can be heavy even to the best of us. But if Jonathan is running the nation well, nobody would have cared what his wife does. But he isn’t. He, too, makes a fool of himself. The routine task of providing transparency and accountability and representing the nation to the outside world is as impossible for him as urinating is for a fowl.
The nation could forgive clumsiness, inability to articulate policies and issues and general uninspiring posture. But must 160 million Nigerians have to also bear an unresponsive leadership that is being swallowed by corruption? What has being dull, inarticulate and unsophisticated have to do with not telling the nation the truth; showing a sense of duty; knowing what is appropriate; and having any inclination as to what best practices should be? What will it take for Jonathan to gain some shame and raise a finger against corruption?
A man who had the hardheartedness to take $1 million dollars meant for the underprivileged and give it to the scammer, Nduka Obaigbena, is beyond repair. He may boast of a PhD but he lacks the simplest of gifts – an educated mind.
In the same vein, Nduka Obaigbena has no shame. His whole career is built on a ladder of shamelessness. Every business venture he sets up has its foundation deep in deceit. The good thing is that he doesn’t try to hide it anymore. People who do business with him have factored it in. If he promises to pay you, you collect upfront your payment for the duration of the contract. If he promises to marry you, you collect your 18-years of child support payment before the wedding.
And collecting many have been doing. A group of U.S. music stars and celebrities have been treading to Nduka’s doorstep to get paid. The African brother is donating and they are collecting. From Rihanna to Chris Brown to Usher. Why not? For some, it must be their own reparation for slavery. For others, another dumb African brother is sharing free money, so why not?
But we have always known that Obaigbena does not share his own money. He goes to Nigerian government officials and their business friends and asks for the money he would donate. For example, between 2004 and 2007, Gov. Odili channeled over N300 million to Nduka Obaigbena’s Leaders and Company. In exchange, Obaigbena promises the giver favorable coverage in his ThisDay newspaper and other media ventures of his. If the public official needs an opinion poll, Obaigbena will cook up one in his bedroom.
Obaigbena does not care where the money he is given comes from. Even if pregnant women are dying because money meant for their medicine was given to Obaigbena to bring Beyonce to Nigeria, Obaigbena does not care. In Obaigbena’s mind, it is not his fault that the poor are clueless about the people hurting them and keeping them in poverty. Obaigbena will neglect, mistreat and ruin the people as long as he feeds his greed. There is no greater sham than that Obaigbena is in the business of promoting Africa. Obaigbena’s only goal is the promotion of himself.
So from the likes of Jonathan down to the Obaigbenas, there is no hope. They are a bunch of mentally depraved individuals who are no better than the Emperor Bokassa and Mobutu Sese Seko before them. They have no idea what leadership entails. They have no iota of commitment to any cause greater than them. They come to the world just to perambulate around, build big houses, drive big cars, own private jets, spend nights in expensive hotels and eat processed foods that push their stomachs out. In no time they will die like those before them and leave a rotten legacy that their grandchildren would be ashamed of.
Which brings me back to Beyonce. On the surface of it, I know it was all business for Beyonce. Someone has money to pay for her service and she goes for it. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, are more than the low-pants wearing crowd. They have reached the point where their view of life should have expanded beyond grabbing money for its sake. They have done well enough to ask deeper questions about decisions they take in their careers. When you are offered lots of money from a country where majority are wretched, do you ask questions about the ethics of the person offering the money? When you are flown into a country and placed in the best hotels, do you spare a moment to look at other parts of that country? It matters more when these are happening in Africa, the land of Beyonce’s supposedly distant cousins.
I have heard 85-year old Harry Belafonte level similar charges against Beyonce and Jay-Z. The civil rights activist accused the couple of not fulfilling their social responsibilities. "They have not told the history of our people, nothing of who we are," Belafonte lamented. "We are still looking. We are not driven by some technology that says you can kill Afghans, the Iraqis or the Spanish. It is all - excuse my French - s**t. And I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility.”
Beyonce and Jay-Z have not taken any risk for their people- the people they profess to care about. They have not shown any care for the African people, the people they profess to share the same heritage with. They can buy $1 million dollar nursery for their daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyonce can buy $30 million private jet as birthday gift for her husband. But must they indirectly deprive the malnourished boys and girls of the Niger Delta $1 million just to visit Nigeria and sing the national anthem?
Harry Belafonte said that his mother used to tell him, “Never go to bed at night without doing something to enhance justice". Beyonce and Jay-Z should do well to embrace such philosophy. Beyonce should be sincerely troubled, embarrassed and horrified by the deal she had with Nduka Obaigbena that brought her to Nigeria in 2006. Scratch that. She should be ashamed of herself for remaining quiet about it until Saharareporters revealed it. And Beyonce can start by returning the $1 million to Bayelsa state. Not to the current governor. No, no, no. To a reputable charity, please.

Slave Trade In Diamond Bank Of Nigeria..CBN Wades In..

There is big fire burning in Diamond bank right now and if the greed of the Md Alex Otti is not well handled, it might lead to a major crises that might cause a lot of trouble,Naijahottestgist scoped that 25 percent of the bank workforce were recruited by a company which is owned by Mrs otti the Md”s wife and run by proxy by her and monthly she smiles home with millions of naira while hundreds of workers goes home with little or nothing, Right now the staff has petitioned the Cbn and we learnt that the apex bank gave them 72hours to act or face the hammer,Here is a copy of the petition sent to the Cbn,We spoke to their Media Consultants TpT and they promised to get us their side of the story but for 48hours they could not before press time

This is the reaction of all DSEs Nationwide as regards the new commission rate and all other issues:
“When the usage of a car is continuous without proper servicing of the car, the engine of the car tends to wear in little time and thus the driver or the owner changes the engine and move-on”. We are the engine and SOL and DIAMOND BANK PLC is the owner, and in order to correct or reduce the sudden and frequent changes of engine, all these below listed items must be attended to as a matter of urgency and necessity by the management.

This is a very vital issue which needs urgent attention to correct the interest of DSEs walking on the brim of collapse. Attached excel shows how DSEs were been paid at the inception of the scheme, latter in the scheme after like two years of the program and now as we speak. At the inception, targets were directly proportional to income and remunerations, i.e., the targets really worth the commission DSEs were paid but as we speak, reverse is the case. “It’s unjust to work like elephant and eat like an ant”
We will like to draw the attention of the management to the fact the SOL has never reduced the percentage they take on all our commission been paid even with the new structure now. The bank is now in the game of deposit and yet DSEs are been distracted with volume of accounts to be met as target which in any way doesn’t not really add values to the payment structure of the bank to the DSE’s.

The bonus in the inception was very encouraging and attractive which in many ways push a lot of us to bring in deposit for the bank but with the drastic slashing of the bonus now, we will like to tell the management that it will do a lot of discouragement to struggling souls of the DSes and as such makes the effort to bring in more deposit less meaningful.

The reallocation of accounts from DSEs to relationship officer were not in place at the inception of the scheme which in turn enables DSEs to enjoy payment on variables of account till the DSE leave the system but at some point, it was made known to all that accounts will now stay under us for just 90 calendar days . Good point to extend it now to SIX MONTHS because some good accounts starts doing good volume after 3 MONTHS but the question is: should the percentage be slashed up to 0.175%. With our own calculation, the bank has only spread whatever we are to get for three months into six months meaning that the bank has not really done any good for the pockets of the DSEs nationwide.

The fixed pay which is always narrated by the bank as the salary of the DSE was in the inception 30,000 in which SOL takes 2,000 and DSEs are been credited with 14,000 twice on the 14th and 28th of the months. At a period of time also, the salary was drastically slashed to 20,000 naira only of which SOL still takes the same 2,000 they are used to in the era of 30,000 and left DSEs with salary of 18,000 naira and which is still the salary we are enjoying till date considering the drastic increase in all our daily expenses such as transportation, feeding and communications e.t.c.

In the inception of the scheme, fixed deposit as the product of the bank attract good commission to DSEs but at some point, it was removed in which DSE up till now still sells for the bank as a means to mobilize fund for the bank. The bank is now in the system of deposit and as we all know that, bringing in huge deposit can only be done through a good rate of offering of fixed deposit to customers.

This is another means in which DSEs make income in addition to the liability and credit card but was removed on the pretence that the risk assets packaged by highly educated DSE’s always go bad. The question is are the risk assets packaged by highly paid and trained core staff of the bank doesn’t go bad? It is also on record that DSE’s with our meager pay has shown great interest at ensuring that such bad risk asset are recovered through active participation in recovery drive and by also gathering intelligence information to nab those erring debtors since we are the one that hit the road by foot everyday all these at no extra pay and with no complaint even after they don’t allow it to count for us.

There is no doubt that we the DSE’s contribute the highest quantity of account opened by the bank. The sales target was 20 accounts initially and was sometimes last year increased to 40 accounts and now 70 accounts. The management needs to come to the understanding that we are not been paid on the number of accounts but volume of accounts. That is, it is not by the number of accounts you open in a month that speaks to your pocket at the end of the month as a DSE but the volume of good accounts you open that month which is not always come in quantity. Drastic increment in sales target will only kill the moral of the hard working DSEs in the system and as such will make the Job not worth doing at all as such person will be shread on a daily basis by the Business manager, RSM and all other line supervisor which at the end of the day will lead to relieve from duty.

Several complaints have been made but yet no changes. Medicals in the scheme is as good as nothing because many of us find it as a means to quick death going to the given hospitals for treatments in the sence that proper attention, checkups, test and drugs will never be given to a DSE despite the fact that we pay for all these services through our own little salaries.

The bank has actually been doing good these days by trying to convert DSEs to full staff. The fact is that, DSEs who have stayed 2,3,4 years in the system selling the bank’s product might has lost many of his /her intellectualism in writing aptitude test as no much time available for such person to study materials needed for the exams and can’t be compared to a fresh graduate just coming out of the youth service with fresh brain and interest in writing b aptitude test . DSEs of 2, 3, 4, years are experienced and far better to employ and train than the fresh graduate as the DSE will spend the bank little or no money to train them as they are already used to the system of the bank and all the products. And impliedly we are the one that even train the so called trainee on product knowledge etc. it is also to be noted that many of us control more in term of volume and no of account than some relationship officers who enjoy so much from the bank and majority of accounts in there portfolio were brought by DSE’s

It is known to us that we are contract staff but we will like to let the management know also that the C&M EXCHANGE staff are also on contract and they always receive the 13th month salary from the bank even the drivers of the bank do get the 13th month, so why can’t the DSEs have access to such advantage or privilege in the bank.

Despite the deduction of tax from our salaries on a monthly basis, none of the DSEs have seen the tax receipt for more than 3years now and as we all know the importance of the tax receipt in Nigeria today especially. Several efforts have been made individually to get the tax receipt even at the point of need but to all avail.
We hereby come to the following conclusions:
1. The commission should either be increased or return back to status quo
2. That the bank should hire another favorable recruitment agent for us as we are all tired of Strategic Outsourcing Limited (SOL)
3. Bonus should be reversed to the initial amount in all condition.
4. Accounts duration should be left at six months
5. Fixed pay should be heavily increased
6. Fixed deposit deposit should be allowed to read for DSes as the major way of our payment is now liability.
7. Assets sales should be allowed to read as a sales parameter for DSEs but subject to strict supervision by the credit department
8. Sales target should be reasonably reduced to accommodate effectiveness and efficiency of number of accounts opened
9. That we should be allowed access to the computer system but subject to control and restrictions
10. Medicals should be seriously looked into to get good health support and to enable DSEs run certain number of necessary tests in the allocated hospitals like ECG test, SCANS E.T.C
11. DSEs should be converted on performance and experienced based and not to be subjected to writing any aptitude test as many of us are more qualified and highly experienced on the job than many highly paid Account Officers not to talk of rookies like ET.
12. DSEs should also be paid 13th month as a remuneration and entitlement
13. Tax receipt should be given to all covering the number of years paid for as soon as possible.
14. We also demand a better channel through which our complaint will be channeled to henceforth.
While we remain committed to the vision of the bank and to the budget of the bank, the bank should also replicate same to us in our pay and condition of service. Let the management also be guided by the fact that majority of us are graduates from good tertiary institutions and even with higher degrees and we won’t hesitate to work effectively and efficiently towards the dream of diamond bank.
All these are our agitations and must be reacted to within 72 hours to avoid a nationwide DSE decision and reactions to duties.

Yours faithfully
For DSEs Bank wide

Group Managing Director Diamond Bank
Head Strategic Outsourcing Limited
Director of Banking Operation (Central Bank of Nigeria)
President National Association of Banks and other financial institution
Honorable minister of Labour and Productivity



OMG!.....Actress Oge Okoye Looks Stunning!

This picture was taken as the actress arrived the premiere of 'the mistress'.

This is a killer pose...oge looks like a model.she has lost so much weight and Please dont come hating that shes ugly.

She looks hot and if you feel otherwise,send me your picture and lets compare..In case you want to call her broomstick legs,please show us yours!

Please Oge if you ever get to read this,just know that you are beautiful and your body rocks....yes,you look hot!

Haters please take a back seat,all your hating has made her an improved oge!

One Actress,One Premiere,Three Dresses.

Actress Halima Abubakar recently premiered her movie titled 'the mistress'....the one four ladies are naked but clad in red covers with apples in their hands?

Errrmmm Yes she premiered the movie and from the pictures circulating,it seems halima changed dresses three times!

She actually vanished in between premiere to change two times?.why????????????????

I think the red dress is better.....or wetin you think?


Ngozi Nwosu Arrives The UK For Heart Surgery.

Thanks to you all who donated your hard earned monies to make sure this trip happened!

Ngozi arrived the Uk this morning for the first leg of her treatment...She will go under the knife next week to fix the heart problem she has....Let us wish her luck and pray God Almighty in his goodness uses those hands that will open her up to right what went wrong.

Please put her in your prayers.

This is a picture of Ngozi last night at the international Airport.By her side is her Publicist Seun Oloekuteyi.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Actress Omotola's 'Honeyboy' Holds Suprise Party For her.

After spending over five weeks in America,omotola who turned 35years old a forth night ago,returned to Nigeria over the weekend and all went well.

As Omotola lazed around at home,Matthew her hubby of  almost 20yrs was busy making secrets calls to Celebrities inviting them to a surprise party he was hosting for his famous wife.

A few of the guests begged him to forgive their busy schedule and the ones who could, helped him give Omotola a surprise birthday party yesterday Monday February 25,2013

 The best part of the surprise party was when besotted Hubby offloaded a hot kiss on the mouth of his actress wife......When i say hot kiss,i mean hot kiss.

You sef check out the kiss nah!........Well at least we know what the Ekeinde's did last night-

If this was a movie poster i would name it 'The birthday kiss' part 1.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kim Kardashian and the Idiots She Fooled in Nigeria‏

Darey Art-Alade posing with Kim Kardashian on the red carpet of his Love Like A Movie concert on Sunday February 17, 2013, at the Convention Centre of the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Millions of angry Nigerians are still criticizing Kim Kardashian’s controversial visit to Nigeria where she earned her biggest pay check for appearances as she was reportedly paid a whooping $500,000! for her fleeting 24 hours visit to Nigeria according to The Mail of UK. Kim has never been paid even half of that amount for an all night appearance in Hollywood! She makes from $20,000 - $200,000 only for celebrity appearances at ticket events by richer organizers.
“These Nigerians must be idiots,” said a celebrity news reporter in Hollywood.

“Kim really fooled them,” chuckled another news reporter.

“Well, it’s a kind of nemesis catching up with these Nigerians who are notorious for their internet scams and have robbed many of their American victims of thousands of dollars. So, Kim outsmarted them before they could scam her. Smart girl,” said a blogger chatting with them and they all laughed.


                              Kim,tuface and others.

The heavily pregnant Kim was widely publicized to 'co-host' the "Love Like A Movie" live concert with popularly Nigerian R'n'B singer Darey Art-Alade, for which tickets cost N100,000 or $640, but Kim did not co-host the show and only showed up at the red carpet for 45 minutes and made a 45-second statement on the microphone, saying “Hey Naija" and vamoosed according Guardian blogger Jeremy Weate.

Channels TV reported: 'There were disappointments after Kim Kardashian came on stage for only 40 seconds.'

Of course the sponsors including Fayrouz must be idiots to have been fooled by the famous Armenian American reality TV star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians who is notorious for her scandalous romance with several men in Hollywood, including her famous sex tape with Ray J in 2003 and holds the record for one of the shortest marriages in history with Kris Humphries which ended after only 72 days.

The only souvenirs the organizers and sponsors got were pictures of Kim smiling in her black leather dress, posing alongside Darey and other excited Nigerian artistes including 2Face, Waje, Banky W, Ice Prince, Mo’Eazy and Zaina.

Let me address the stupidity of both the organizers and sponsors in critical perspective.

How can any reasonable person who wants to organize a live concert to celebrate love in Africa choose Kim Kardashian of all people? And especially in Nigeria the most populous country in Africa with over 160 million people, where over 70 percent of the population are living below $2 per day. And they agreed to pay her $500,000?

Of what benefit is her visit to Nigeria?

Did she even pay any tax on her $500, 000?

How much love has Kim shown in her relationships to come and talk about love to Nigerians?

Are there no better role models of love to invite?

 Sade Adu.Nigeria is blessed with several famous international celebrities like the famous Sade Adu, OBE (Helen Fọláṣadé Adú); who has used her contralto vocal range to charm millions of people in bestselling love songs since 1980s to date, winning several coveted awards including the Grammy Award and she would have been a perfect choice to co-host such an event and inspire millions of Nigerians on love more than a Kim Kardashian. Aunty Fọláṣadé will not ask the organizers to swindle her fellow Nigerians to pay her $500,000!

Genevieve Nnaji.What of inviting our most famous home girl Genevieve Nnaji? The Queen of Nollywood who has contributed so much to the fastest and largest film industry in Africa and was on the Oprah Winfrey Show’s ‘Meet the Most Famous People in the World‘ in September, 2009.

Agbani Darego.We are blessed with the first black African Miss World, Agbani Darego, OON. Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite Darego has made millions of Nigerians and other black people proud when she was crowned Miss World in 2001.
Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi.We also have Oluchi Onweagba, the most famous Nigerian supermodel and happily married mother who became the first ever winner of the inaugural M-Net "Face of Africa" in 1998, the first-ever continent-wide model competition and she has been a role model for young girls and women in Nigeria.

Nneka and Asa.We also have popular singers like Nneka and Asa who also would have made more appropriate and perfect role models than a scandalous foreigner that has no importance, relevance or significance to the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

It is really a shame and stupid that these sponsors wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on a useless less than one hour appearance of Kim Kardashian at the "Love Like A Movie" concert on Sunday February 17, 2013, at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Victoria Island, Lagos.

What is the economic benefit of such an event?

Ask any investor the market value of investing $500,000 in a proven business. That amount is even enough to build a good science laboratory for a secondary school in Nigeria where many schools don’t have science labs. $500,000 can provide over 500 boreholes for people in areas without water supply in Nigeria and can launch a cottage industry that will employ people and improve their lives in Nigeria and also contribute to the GDP. Give that $500,000 to any of the top Nigerian filmmakers like Tunde Kelani or Uche Jumbo and see the blockbuster movies they will produce that will make more than $500,000 from the box office, DVDs, etc. And making the movies would have provided hundreds of jobs to jobless Nigerians on location.

The sponsors who wasted that $500,000 on the useless appearance of Kim Kardashian at the "Love Like A Movie" concert are the same companies who bluff and snub important events like the Eko International Film Festival, Abuja International Film Festival, Afriff International Film Festival and others that can create jobs for thousands of jobless Nigerians and boosting the Nigerian film industry and contributing millions of dollars to the economy of Nigeria.

This is what we call “Money Miss Road” in Pidgin English when those with so much money waste it on unprofitable ventures such as the useless $500,000 less than one hour appearance of Kim Kardashian in Nigeria.
Yes, they must be idiots.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi, February 24, 2013.


Check Out Tuface And His Annie!

Both young,successful and beautiful......oh yes they have made mistakes and those mistakes we have celebrated in the media,with haters cussing them out and lovers praising them on.

They have decided they wanna be together,despite the odds.

Ex serial lover,baby daddy and Nigerias most controversial crooner Tuface will Pay Annies bride price next week on march 8,2013 in Eket.

Theres no stopping their love of ''a decade and some years''.......check out the love in Annies eyes as she cupped his face in her hands!

I could go on but e no go change the price of rotten fish for market.
I like this picture...I do.......Annie got her man and I wish every lady out there whos ever had her heart broken by the reptile called man,to find her love and cup his face this wayyyyy!


Actress Juliet Mgborukwe's Ex Has Found A New Boo.

Actress Juliet was engaged to Chima Ojukwu until last year when their relationship ran into problems and they parted ways.

Their break up was front page news and Juliet came up to say it didnt work out....oh well no be by force!

Juliet Found love again and we got to see what her new boo gave her on valentines day......Yes love the red ride!

Juliets old boo Chima has just announced he is Engaged to Adaobi okeke on facebook.

Ada is so lovely...This Chima likes fine babes sha.


see Adaobi

Why Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Gets Allowance At 48yrs From Her Ex Gov Dad!

This is what she posted on her blog concerning a recent Tribune publication on her....whats your take?

The Nigerian Tribune reported that every week I get ALLOWANCE from my dad. No other one of his 10 kids get that. Why me? Instead of asking, Nigerians rip my age, my money and get envy and jealous. Only God knows what I do with that money on top of my $250,000 a year at HIPHOSSIP MUSIC AND MEDIA GOSSIP BLOG.

It's EXTRA! I call it Robin Hood Money. I'm also a single mom and my youngest kid is missing 7 yrs of child support, a little known problem in America with Nigerian men. His father Kehinde Abayomi Taiwo like many in America have forgotten his son and I will never fight for child support as a Nigerian. My court ordered support is $1200/mo based on his father's income. He is a US based millionaire and has not seen Kay Jeezy since Sept 2006 when he sent him to Nigeria to live with me after he could not handle the joint custody anymore.

I'm owed $100,800 which amounts to N16,128,000Million, KJ was 6. He will be a teen this fall. My child will be even bigger greatness one day! He's a singer, rapper, activist and award winning blogger. (Google KJ the Kid Reporter) He works and makes money but maybe not as much now as we are in Nigeria and he can't cover many events anymore. What do I see online, ppl even writing and accusing me of abusing my son when it was in fact his aunt that locked him up 8 hours a day in a cold house in Maryland and left him cold pizza at 5y/o and went to work. My child was treated like a dog! He was supposed to be living at his father's home but was dumped at an aunt. When she was almost arrested, they now dumped him back to me and I was already in Nigeria just moved home after 30 years.

My dad gave him a year's worth of allowance as well, that I give him weekly.
Kay Jeezy is his fave grandchild. As for my dad, he'll tell you my allowance is "Robin Hood" allowance. I steal from the rich and give to the poor. I need money to operate my programs in my communities in IB. Those of U who know me on the streets of IB know I don't call myself a Politician. I am a Community Activist that spends some of my money on my people. We are a family with name and honour. We don't steal and don't beg if you don't give us.

Need me to come to your community in Ibadan, Friday is Community Day and u can Learn something. I have taught area boys in Beere how to use Twitter to communicate on their phones. No Handouts, just HandsUp!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Actor Kunle Afolayan Denies Breaking Up Tosin Sido's Marriage.

Actor Cum Movie Producer Kunle Afolayan is laughing at the story recently being circulated on most blogs that he is responsible for the crash of Actress Tosin Sido's 3year old Marriage...

I spoke with Kunle and he gladly cleared the air.

He says ''Nah wa for this world I swear. I guess its a crime to be focused and successful. Tosin featured in Figurine which was shot 2009 , I think I saw her again once or twice after then. Am very sure she will be shocked if she has read the funny story as there is no link or connection of any sort.
Well..I will remain focused. Enemies of Progress should continue wasting their time trying to distract me. In God I trust''

According to the story making the rounds

''Tosin Sido the ‘Journey to stardom’ star, has parted ways with her hubby. she became famous after her role in Figurine, I just heard that she has walked out of her 3 years-marriage due to irreconcilable differences.

She has packed out of her matrimonial home in Lekki without her hubby knowing.Though, some people are carrying some nasty rumor about the sultry actress that prolific movie maker, Kunle Afolayan might have an influence in her marriage break up. Anyway, she is said to have packed into her new home in Magodo area of Ikeja, Lagos State, where she currently resides with her only child, a son whose paternity is questionable''.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ebony Life TV Reality Show In Nollywood:

Have you been seeing pictures of Actresses Kate Henshaw;Uche Jombo ,Rita Dominic and Funke Akindele all over?...well sorry to disappoint you,they are not Nollywoods New best Friends.

The Four Actresses recently signed unto a Reality series and they have been shooting all over Nigeria.
Cameras recently followed the four actresses to Tinapa resort where RnB Crooner BankyW and MO Abudu were surprise guests...dont ask me what the cake cutting was a bout.

Details of this Reality show is under wraps and I cannot give details at this time except that these actresses were paid handsomely to per take  .

I am as curious as you are to find out what exactly this ladies have been up to and i am still on butter on bread.




WAZOBIA FM In Kano Closed By NBC!

Wazobia Fm in Kano have just had their license revoked because a broadcaster went on air and misyarned about Polio vacination and the killings of some people.

The broadcasted insinuated some things which could cause serious ethnic war if not tackled.

wazobia kano is the cash cow for the kano region.they built a very big plaza in kano housing both coolfm and wazobia but cool fm isnt doing well at all in the north wazobia sustains both cool and wazobia.over time they got sanctions and fines from nbc
for different offences ranging from too much advertes to different things.

The latest misyarn was the nail on the head needed to close down the station.

Some people are about to loose their jobs as you read this..

Friday, February 22, 2013


These pics are from the Complete Fashion Style Night which held a while back.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Memo To Actress Lola Alao

Lola who has been involved in a few  controversies in the movie industry is quoted to have said some very shocking words and i have been waiting for her denial and it hasn't come...that means she did say it and i am gladly sending her this memo.


Lola is quoted to have advised single girls thus

“Let me explain something to you; where are the single guys? They are there and not ready to marry.
If the single guys are not ready then the next available option should be taken. I believe one should go for whatever makes one happy.
If a married man is the one that will make you happy, please go for it. I know married women would be angry with me but it is the truth of the matter.”

Lola alao are you for real?why dont you first find a man to marry you and advise your single friends to go for him?
Are you trying to justify that you are dating a married man?
why should another womans husband make you happy lola?
why are you advising young ladies to covet other peoples property?

Are you not supposed to be an amsassador that will affect her environment positively?
If the young men out there are not ready,whatever happened to being patient?

This advice just shows how irresponsible you are ....I pray that God will never allow that married man you are dating to marry you.may. God open his eyes to see you for what you are and may he return home in thanksgiving to his wife.

Young ladies please do not listen to this is from the pit of hell!

Valentine's Day Tragedy:Did Oscar Pistorious Do It?

This is probably one of the hottest international stories right now and watching this case closely i dont know what to believe.

South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been arrested over the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his home.

The precise circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear. Reports say he may have mistaken her for a burglar.

Mr Pistorius, 26, is known as the "blade runner", and was the first double amputee to run in the Olympics.The news that Mr Pistorius may have killed his girlfriend has shocked the world as the athlete is regarded as one of South Africa's national icons.

Did oscar kill his girlfriend in a fit of rage or did he actually mistake her for a buglar?The prosecution is trying to prove it was premeditated.

He fired four times at her..If he was scared it was a burglar,after the first shot,he didnt hear her cry or see her?..then two,three,four shots?..............abeg i am confused!

Lagos State Speaker Disgraced By Lovers Husband!

Shege Jagwa!!!

Early days of last week, Lagos speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji reportedly suffered a public embarrassment.

He was accosted by One Mr Ogundele the hubby of a staffer at the Lagos state house of assemble.

Sources claimed the husband of the woman, said to be a member of the protocol team, accused the Lagos speaker of ‘extra marital affair’ with his wife.
He was said to have stormed the speaker’s office and demanded the number 3 citizen of Lagos state stay off his heartthrob.
Insiders revealed security detail and other stake holders around quickly moved in to contain the situation.

Further digs revealed a pre-emptive measure to forestall the spread of the development was equally employed.
Insiders revealed the gubernatorial hopeful facing litigation for alleged fraud also went a step further- he ordered his alleged lover to proceed on immediate and indefinite absence from work.

                                         Adeyemi Ikuforiji

It is believed he made the move to enable buzz around the occurrence that might grow with her presence wane as soon as possible.
It is not clear whether the adopted strategies would make the matter go away or not.
Further digs by us revealed talks of two other female staffers enjoying the affection Mr Speaker has started floating around

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Posing Things:Check Out Gov Peter Obi's New SSA

Well If you cant beat'em then by all means join 'em!

The latest trend in the Entertainment Industry is to pose on cars and the newly appointed SSA Creative Media to Gov Peter Obi is not left out.

Checkout Actor Bobmaunel Odokwu posing with his new official ride!...Looks like tear rubber sunny Nissan.

E easy??????-------Mscheeeeeew!

Rmd And The Alleged 'Pipti' Million Naira Fraud

Favourite Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo has been fingered in a mouth watering scam amounting up to ''Pipti'' Million naira.
 The Actor who is serving under the Delta state government as Commissioner for Culture and Tourism is alleged to have connived with one Ms Phile Nkem Ajufo the Gm of Delta state tourism board.

She has been supposedly quizzed by the EFCC and has talked on how the ''pipti'' million naira was spent kwo?

Read the full story here

Abeg This matter nah falling of hand o
.I am a true Deltan and we no dey chop money like this oh.....Let us wait to hear from RMD before we begin to judge him abeg...I am not saying he is a saint or that he did take this money.
but we waffy forefathers say ''no be today yansh face back ''

Let us wait for RMD to visit The EFCC and explain his bit in the deal gone sour ..... then all those crucifying him make una close mouth.......jelosy pipu!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GOLDIE:Hubby Tackles Rumour Trailing Wife's Death


''I was informed of Goldie's death via BB and it was an incredible shock''
''Goldie was friendly, out going, go getter, sexy and sweet.''

31yr old big brother star Susan Oluwabunmi HARVEY.a.k.a Goldie gave everyone a rude shock
when she died on valentines day.

The news of her death went viral and soon came the
controversies which normally tag her.
Different schools of thought as to why the beautiful singer died began to emerge.whilst some
claimed she died of complications resulting from deep vein thromboisis, others went online
hinting she may have died of complications resulting from drug use.

Just as people began to send condolence messages to Kenyan born Prezzo, her supposed fiance
and ex housemate in the big brother house, original husband Andrew harvey emerged and went
on facebook and posted some wedding pictures of him and Goldie..

What happened next was
a viral online shock.
People began to question why Goldie kept her marriage a secret and gave the impression she
was single...whilst the pictures spread on most blogs, some people began to question why
the British born hubby suddenly decided to announce himself.

Where was he all these while and why did Goldie keep her marriage off the press? Was her
supposed tango with Prezzo real or a publicity stunt?
Was she engaged to Prezzo or not? Were they supposed to marry or not?

Goldie is gone and cannot provide any of these answers but pained and saddened by the news
going round, Andrew has decided to speak up for his dead wife.
The Brit told us he posted his wedding pictures on facebook because it was the wish of himself and his wifes family, that the world knows she was happily married.

I spoke at length with Mr Harvey and believe me, the love the couple shared cannot be
expressed with words.

When a man is grieving and is not allowed to do so in peace, what does he do? He grants
Stella Dimoko Korkus an interview speaking up for the woman who will never be able to
speak up for herself or sing for us again.
Funny how many dubbed her a talentless singer but since she died her songs have been getting
the most clicks on youtube.

Read the interview of a man who is painfully grieving his wife and is being cussed out on
online portals, being called stupid for posting his wedding pics and keeping quiet when his
wife and prezzo appeared like a couple.
He tells us all he can.

I condole with you on the sudden death of your wife, Goldie.
.. Thank you you are very kind

When and how did you meet Goldie?
I met her at a friends party in was Love at first sight

How come you never stepped out with her on events?

I don't really to go in for that kind of thing, we had often stepped out to events where we
were not in the celebrity limelight, I went to earlier stuff but I found it very boring.
You have to be a show biz person to like it.

And she never publicly acknowledged, you as her husband?
...She often said in interviews she had someone "special" and she wished to keep it
private, check out many of the earlier interviews, her being with me was acknowledgemnt
enough, what business is it of anyone except God, family and close friends.

Were there cracks in the relationship?
We had a normal marriage, which as you know includes having differences of opinons, we
always resolved them.

Why is it that nobody knew about your marriage to the late Goldie?
The marriage was only kept away from the media, all of our friends and family knew, the
marriage was in Lagos, my work colleagues lay prostrate with me. Fans and media knowing is
not what show biz is about, too much gossip!!

The wedding took place in 2005, where was the venue? Why did you wait until her death to
announce yourself as her husband?

The wedding was in Ikeja, behind MITV. I didn't wait for her to die, I didn't know she would
die, she didn't want the marriage announced because of media nonsense. The family and i wanted everyone to know, before she is laid to rest. We wanted everyone to know she was married. We had serious issues with Prezzo because he kept claiming he had been to see and obtained the families
blessings to marry Goldie. The family position is that Goldie was already
married, how could he marry her when she was still married. So you see prezzo hurt people he
didn't even know with his blabber rubber lips
Is it true you were formerly married before meeting Goldie?
And your ex wife ifeoma is supposedly circulating some stuff about goldie stealing you
from her and all that?

...... Yes I had a previous marriage that did not work out well. This was accepted by the
family and the church before the wedding with goldie as a genuine divorce on correct
grounds, which is why we were accepted for a church wedding.. The story on the web
concerning my ex wife and Goldie is fake. I  spoke to her and she said its not her
that circulated that trash.

Why did you and Goldie not stay together in one house? She had a house open to all her
friends but none knew you.

...We stayed together in our home in Parkview, Ikoyi, I knew several of her close friends
and colleagues from Kennis music, but I did not want to meet everyone.

The impression
is that Goldie was single and available and engaged to Kenyan singer

That's hearsay and ill informed nonsense, it was never said by her.
Why didn't you say anything when Prezzo was parading himself as her lover and
fiance?and why didn't Goldie deny that they were engaged?

..Goldie denied severally, on radio and TV, that she was not in a relationship with Prezzo, but paparazzi would not let it go. Within a loving relationship what do I have to fear from a predatory male?

A few friends claim Goldie confided in them that she would marry Prezzo this February
in Kenya.

They are not friends and she never accepted to marry him. Bigamy is still against the law
isn't it?

Did you know or can you confirm that Goldie was six weeks pregnant. At the time she

She was not pregnant, we had recently gone for tests to confirm we were "good to go" to
start a family, involving scan etc., there was no sign of any pregnancy when she left
malaysia early February 2013

Describe the relationship you had with Goldie?
.. We had a loving relationship that is fun to be in, I will miss her incredibly.

I heard Goldie was talking to a surrogate mother in Malaysia sometime last year.
Not to my knowledge, its a muslim country and against their law (i checked a website just

How would you describe Goldie?
friendly, out going, go getter, sexy and sweet

What will you miss most about her?
Everything, but especially the way she would get me to understand things more clearly and
make me laugh at myself

How did you receive the news of her death?
By bb message and it was an incredible shock

Where were you when she passed on?
aA our house in UK, I had come to spend some time with my father during chinese new year.
Malaysia shuts down for 5 days.

What do you think is the reason she died. Some people are saying she died from
complications of drug use. There are claims she was introduced into drugs by Prezzo. Did
you know?

She never used drugs, she complained often about people who did saying they were wasting
their lives. I can't comment about the introduction bit.

. Are you in touch with her family?
yes, daily several times.

In what way would you immortalise her?
She already is by what she has achieved, I don't think I could do better job than she did

--Thank you Andrew.
you are welcome.