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Monday, December 29, 2014

In House News On Monday....

New year countdown...I dont know why but i dont see the in coming new year as a time to cook and make merry,I always see it as a time to reflect on the mistakes we made and how to be better....

Thank You Santa Damnic Qutie.
Good morning Stella and my fellow bvs.Hope you guys are enjoying this
xmas celebration.
  Please help me thank my santa Damnic Qutie,for blessing me with
assorted foodstuff.I and my grandma didnt have enough to eat before now.We couldnt evencook with meat on the 25th.
  She made me feel at home in her Fine house,served me chilled drink,i
even watched telemundo with them.She is so pretty and soft spoken.Her
cute baby is just like her.Her sister is also a nice person.
  She did more than i expected.I would have sent pics of the items but
my Phone is bad.She gave me a bag of rice,cans of tomatoes,maggi,can
of groundnut oil,packs of indomie and chicken. She even gave Dropped
me off and gave me T-fare.You need to see the way my grandma was
jumping up and down in excitement.
  God will protect and meet your family at the point of their
need.Remain blessed dear.


Good morning Stellastica. I want to touch a life through your blog. Am a student of UNIUYO and I've seen a lot of people give up their educational dreams because of financial problems. I don't have much myself, am even struggling here but I believe that you don't have to own it all before you can impart on someone so therefore, I want to buy JAMB form and pay school fees of someone who is afraid of applying for the Jamb exams because he/she is not sure about how he/she will pay his/her school fees through. Please this is kind of limited to someone applying to study in the University of Uyo cos our school fees is within the range I can afford. 
NB: I'd put you through a mini aptitude test then when you pass it or rank above every other person you get selected cos I don't want to do this for someone who's not even sure of scaling through the JAMB exams to start with. 
If you don't need this and you know someone who does please extend the info to them. 
You can reach me via email
If you don't need this, please don't bother applying because I would travel all the way from Uyo to Lagos/Abuja/Kaduna, etc just to verify your authenticity. 
Thank you 



Aunty Stella, May God bless your beautiful heart. You are beautiful both
in and out. I don dey follow this blog since January and I marvel at
your kindness to strangers.
I need someone to bless me with a baby rocker, even if its a used one. Things are rough with my family and we can't afford it. I virtually have to keep carrying my baby to do all house chores and I end up getting little done and exhausted. I
applied for baby give away when a lady gave out car seat, baby bed and
rocker but I was not chosen. I have not just been lucky hence I had to
overcome shame and mail you. Please don't be offended.
God bless you ! God bless my fellow BVs too. I can be reached on this
email" I comment as "old skool lapel".
My regards to your intelligent handsome boys.


Hello Stella,
Happy holidays, I know Christmas has come and gone but I have some rice and other condiments I want to give to 2 BVs , (preferably residing in the Ikeja/Ogba axis for ease of delivery). Anyone interested or if you know anyone that needs it please send an email to



Stella I won a free ticket to watch d drama "The gods are not to blame". If I had missed this show, I wouldn't have forgiven myself. This is a story a had read over and even watched the film as an adolescent but watching it live on stage sent shivers through my spine. I learnt a lot. Especially the message of unity. It got me thinking. "Who is to blame? The ones who have fortold our end as a nation? Or OURSELVES who have willingly made ourselves available as tools of disunity?"
I won't forget to add that we also had enough refreshment including PALMWINE *shines teeth* what a great way to round up the year. Thanks again to MR ADENIYI and STELLA for providing the platform.‎ #muchlove#


Thank you Stella for the great job you are doing,I got the free ticket even though I don't have a blog name *big smile* and thanks to Mr Adeniyi who was hospitable. I love stage plays now #itsofficial. Watched it on 28th Dec @ 3:30pm. I attached pictures of the play,myself and blog visitor Toyin,funny, we are alumni of GREAT UNILAG.



Darlyn Stella, 
I doubt if you know how many lives you touch per day, God bless you real Good. So I was privileged to win a ticket to watch the play 'The gods are not to blame', twas a fantastic play, Roles were well interpreted,kudo to the thespian family. I even sat with My Adeniyi Jayesimi, who gave the tickets, Omo Big Big people read your blog o. Abeg thank him for me. Well done Stella, you re doing a great job and God bless your ministry. Much love baby. 


Hello SDK,
I attended the Wole Oni Concert @ eko intercontinental hotel, Lagos.
I saw his post on IHN on 25th or so and sent a mail to the email stated.
Hmmm, i asked for 2 tickets *coversface* for hubby and myself. 28/29 December is our one month anniversary as a couple. Need i say i received a mail inviting me to come pick up d tickets, surprisingly, i was given the 2 tickets.
Last night was fun. Had a feel of good music... Life performance, Jazz, high life, instrumentals n Jokes.
See below the Performance as i remember. ...
Wole Oni intro/national anthem.
Iroko (their drumming ehn)
One Saxophonist ( really nice performance)
Joiedy (her voice na die)
Seyi Law (his stammering father...lmao)
Yinka Davies (she gat voice o)
Uche of Ouch (didnt know he could sing)
Mr Rich & Famous..Praiz (mr fyn boy...)
Wole Oni himself...
Tosin Martins (i miss d letter days)
Nosa...(did a painting in less than 5mins)
Ara...(drummer girl)
Sammy Okposu....(his grown baby girl joined him on stage o.....)
Amaka....loved her performance,highlife beat.
Gloria Ibru...(talent...i danced ehn)...
Didnt want to go home again o...
Chia, i love Santa give away...
God bless Wole Oni....made my one month anniversary memorable....

P. S- Did i mention that Mr Wole Oni spoke? Heard its his first time speaking om stage....hehehehe.

Choi your mammary glands are loaded ooooo


SD, kudos to you Blog Angel. I was fortunate to be invited to the Wole Oni's concert. Gal was I wowed. It was simply amazing. Rich fun filled evening of pure delectable Jazz music dished out by professionals. Performers included Wole and his crew, Ara, Yinka Davies, Praize, Sammy Okposo and his daughter, Ara and many others. That gal, Ara is really good, wonder why hasn't made the big break. Seyi law entertained us with good original comedy. Joseph Benjamin and Monalisa anchored the event. All these wouldn't be possible without you so I say thank you and may God bless you more. Elizabeth B.



Hallos Stells (Mrs non stop giver)
So when the post came up for "savourneedy" plays santa,I decided to apply for my aunt who is a single mom of 3. When I saw they had been short listed I was too happy because I know they really need all the help.
So "Saveourneedy" (miss anonymous) met with my aunt. My aunt  has just been too happy,she said she can't believe how nice Miss anonymous was to her and her kids,happily giving to them. That she feels she has just won a lottery this christmas. She has been calling me and raining prayers on Miss anonymous and you.
Stells and Miss anonymous! God over bless you both,may you both never have cause to be unhappy and may God keep providing for you and your families.
My aunt's smile and lottery christmas is my smile and lottery christmas.
To all the beautifuL givers in your blog,God bless you all loads and I hope to join the givers club. It is so beautifuL when you put smiles on people's faces. Sdk blog ROCks!
E-hugs from mini-me to all BVs.
Goodnight hun!

Abeg Abuja BVs where una dey? Boredom at its peak..


Good day Stella.
yesterday was so interesting as we had the coconut oil and facials training and  it was not only successful but also fun as bvs were met and we chatted like we were long time friends lol. we gossiped a little abt u sha #sideeyes. the facilitator tolu was so warm, calm with a very lovly smile. God bless you tolu and thanks for the training worth thousands of naira. pics of product of th  coconut oil below, no yabs oh abeg lol. thanks stella for giving u  this platform to learn and  interact. God bless.



Hey Madam S to the D to the K. Big love to you and to Santa Chris who sent me this nice gift. Too shy to send a pix (Abeg forgive me for that). Gift came in my absence on boxing day but decided to see it with my eyes before sending this shout out. My husband wan die with laugh here. Madam Stellastica you are the realest thing to have ever happened to many people here on earth and God will richly bless your soul. Abeg chop kisses sweety. To Chris ehn, you too much ooo e-hugs to you. God will richly bless you and make you happy in Jesus name. Madam Stellastica I have many things to share with you ooo but time still dey sha make I leave am for another day. But ol'boy the thing huge no be small. I hope it adds more fun to my s..... life **giggling**. Love you once again Mmuah! From my humble self Iyabo the only one


I just want to say God bless you for being a vessel of honour and blessing to our generation.Am really encouraged by the great work you are doing,please dont be discouraged.since I discovered this blog I visit it everyday to b encouraged n my aim is always achieved. My prayer is that God bless me with a job,so I can always have something to give those in need.Anty stella please do remember me in your prayers,2015 is my year to be employed...i didnt go to school for nothing.from stella your name proud to be your name same...SDK is the best*lolzz*

*side eyes


Hello Stella

You have a very powerful blog and it is amazing how you are very real
and down to earth considering that you are even a professional
Some people who do not even have up to a tenth of the audience you
command walk around with so much arrogance.

Stee, you are a phenomenal woman. I am not flattering you. I am saying
this straight from the heart. God will bless you and continue to
increase the works of your hands in Jesus Name (Amen).

I am a woman who lives in Lagos and in 2015, I will be 39 years old.

After visiting several doctors for a period of years, I had to take a
radical decision concerning my health.

The downside of this decision is that I can no longer have children
biologically. On the other side, the upside is that I have been in the best possible state of health for as long as I can remember in my adult life.

Our society is very prejudiced about inabillity to have children.
Particularly if it is the woman's 'fault'.

Every once in a while, I read blog articles or forum topics bordering
around reproductive issues, infertility, adoption and surrogacy etc
and you will see people cursing each other out (sometimes even
swearing at each other with the name of God).

At one time, I considered a man who already had four children and he
went on and on and on about how he would want 3 more children from

I cannot pretend and go into a marriage with deceit. I am a child of
the Benovolent Most High God. I want to be very open and honest about
my condition to anyone who wants me as a wife.

God has done it for women with worse conditions than mine around the
world and I know my case would not be different.

Any man who wants to be married, [M-A-R-R-I-E-D (PLEASE NOT FRIENDS
WITH BENEFITS)] should email me at '' stating
the following;

1) How old you are?

2) Where you live?

3) Your occupation

4) Number of children you have (if any) and their ages.

5) Where the mother of your child(ren) currently is.

6) Why you do not desire having children in marriage.

7) What extra information you would want to know about me.

I am very open to marrying from any tribe or race not because of my
condition but because I consider myself a very enlightened and open
minded person.

But, my husband must be a Christian, a man who fears God and
recognises him as King, decent and responsible. (not neccesarily a
speaking in tongue, demon killing pastor or bishop)

I would also prefer a man above 40 years old.

I will consider relocation if I meet someone I can marry.

*Sweetheart,time stood still when i got your email and confirmed its authenticity,life isnt fair at all and for someone as drop dead georgeous as you
are it must have been a mind blowing decision.I wish you all the best.Nike Oshinowo cannot have kids but she got a surrogate mum,is this possible for?did you freeze your eggs?
Anyways good luck.I am moved to tell you that I LOVE YOU MY SISTER after seeing your beautiful pics and staring into your eyes.



Good morning Stellastica,
 I have picked 12 people instead of 10. I got 600+ mails and more are still dropping.
  Honestly there are so many tales of woe, it just breaks my heart. I wish I could give more but to even do this I had to deprive myself of some things this holiday.
 The lucky 12 are;


They should contact me via email with their names and account numbers and they will be credited asap.
 Take care Dear.

so you can imagine how many mails i receive..hahahahaha..pele oh.
Some people have opened new email addresses so that they will not be spotted at another blog giveaway...LMAO...una doh oooo


Good mng Stella its with tears of JOY that i am saying a very big thank you . I just got the alert for 10k dis mng inshort Cyntia called me to ask if i got it. Help me thanK for helping me forward my details to Mrs Richy . Stella God bless you for this platform of reaching out to bless people you cant know how much but God knows. You are touching lives. Mrs Richy words cant express how much you have blessed me you really met me at a point of my need you shall know no lack.God will continue to lift you and your family higher in good health. God bless you!!! Stella time stood still for me as i saw d alert from someone that does not know me from Adam. A very big E-hug. I am so grateful. Thanks BV Odus.


Morning Stella
wishing myself,you and every1 a prosperous new year in advance.
So good to see white xmas in( Brussels )Belgium but its kinda boring unlike naija that everywhere rocks buh ok wetin man for do lol
I am a handsome young easy going man 37 yrs
please i will like to meet any single  Lady in Belgium or anywhere close in Europe for hook up and more ,please it could also be in France Netherlands or Germany ,Sweden,Norway ,UK as ill be travelling through those places so ill like to meet a nice reserved pretty young lady on the long run to see where life takes us and Stella i wouldnt mind meeting up with you on the run to say just hello at least its gonna be good to see Mama Stella for real
please any genuine single  lady could contact me via email with her phone number please
Happy new year to all

*So home based aint qualified?HISSSS
abeg if you are in Nigeria,mail him with faith and God will arrest him to reply if he is your


Someone has just dashed me N100k for my ''Stella is playing santa and after the stress i went thru last time,I am thinking of using the money to go
If i want to give out these monies i will do so secretly,please do not leave any email address here or mail me cos it will automatically disqualify you.I will ask BUSYBODYCORRECTER to go through the santa post and choose who gets this money.


  1. Replies
    1. Well done hush puppy fr ur contribution

    2. Ihn makes sense sha. God bless Us all

    3. @busy body corrector my eyes are on u ds time

      See nice stuff happening.. All those emails have not seen them before....

      Its unfair if u don collect @SDK Santa...still wan collect 5k wen genuine people are still in need

      Ko da ooooo


    4. Tor!!! God bless the santas.

    5. God don remeber me o. BBC abeg don pass me by o. May God give u wisdom.

      Stella ure God sent. His riches and blessings will not depart frm u and urs.
      In hs news Rocks!!!

    6. IHN is d bomb..God bless the givers and satisfy their heart desires.

    7. IHN rocks as usual,am so bored! I need a new friend

    8. Time will stand still the day I'll receive one of these santa gifts. Lol

    9. Stella remember me this time.i am an old blog visitor though comment mostly as anon because I am always bullied because of my name.thanks.

    10. Hush Puppy u don try Abeg. Chop Kisses. in as much I apply u nuh give me. But its well sha. u nuh fit please everyone. God bless you more. 2015 will be your yr.

    11. BusyBodyCorrectter hope you do a nice job o. I don stop to dey jealous with the hope that I go win something soon. But still on still. Hope this is for me oo

      Shoutout to all the givers. Good bless you guys richly.

      Between, January 5th is my Birthday oo

      »Jealous SDKer«

    12. God bless all the givers, May you never lack in Jesus name. Amen

    13. Madam Stella, LOL. Shey na crime to get big breast again?! Hehee. She look amazingly amazing.

      »Jealous SDKer«

    14. To the woman who "thinks" she can't give birth anymore. I implore you to attend mfm. Apply to see the G.O and after he prays with you. Go to the church bookshop and buy a book titled " prayer rain". Search for the section concerning child birth and pray it diligently. I promise you would definitely receive a miracle. If you need more assistance. Email me


    15. The lady with the fertility problem looking for a partner. I hope you haven't completely shut out the option of adoption cause I'm sure there are men who will love you enough to agree with that. Except you totally do not want a child in any way or form?

      Stella I'm glad you finally realize that some of these pple seeking for help on here are tale bearers.

      For those that help others here, God bless you. The lady that wants to help someone through uni uyo , you have invoked God's blessings on ur life.

      What else? The play looks like fun, I was surprised at the lady's enthusiasm becos I really don't understand what pple enjoy in those plays. It has never been my thing. May I should start paying attention to it, cos the narrator made me feel like I missed out.


    16. A Big AMEN.GOLDeN

    17. Yaaay my google id is back

  2. IHN making sense, no Richard cards...
    Compliments Sdkers

    1. God bless SDKB...
      Happy New Year in advance everyone...IHN rocks big-time
      Thanks to all the givers..God bless u all..!!

    2. BLOG ANALYSER: SDKERS Rock! U guyz are the best

  3. God bless the givers!!! Happy new year in advance lovely SDKerz.

    1. @ Stella: The 37 year old poster did not say he is looking for a wife.
      In his words : "i am a handsome young easy going man 37 yrs"
      "Please i will like to meet any single Lady"
      "ill like to meet a nice reserved pretty young lady on the long run to see where life takes us"
      Single BVs you need to read between the lines, he is not looking for marriage.
      He just needs a ho in the different area codes.
      I can bet you dollar to donuts that he is not singular.
      Do not donate your vagina for a European experiment going nowhere.
      He just wants to nack
      All these Naija guys that can lie for Africa.

  4. Hhmmmm
    IHN be making serious sense

    God be bless me o, so that I can be a source of blessing to others.

    Aunty Busybody Corrector please do not forget me o

    1. God bless this blog, especially the different platforms ( it touches every aspect of our individual lives) . Abeg anyone in a position to help should please assist me with a job o, am pleading in God's name. God bless the givers too,hope to be in that position too one day. PrettyWitty

  5. good, better things everyday...still holidaying

  6. All I have to say is thank you stella, you are just so kind and God bless us all. Happy new year in advance my blogfam.

  7. IHN rocks....givers shall neva lack.....tanks to Stella for putting smiles on peoples face

    1. GOD bless you Stella!! Can't wait to give come 2015..dear lord, let thy will be done in my life! I so baadly wanna give.

    2. Yes o. Givers shall never lack

      »Jealous SDKer

  8. Heiiiiiii, Busybodycorrecter you must choose me ooo.
    That money will do wonders in my academic life come 2015 oo. Hei Stella look upon me with pity and bless my life to secure my PG endeavors

    BVS intercede on my behalf as I guess this is the eleventh hour miracle I have been awaiting

  9. Thanks to all d givers... Congrats to d receivers... Thanks hushpuppy for choosing my sister.... She hs bin screaming since and cant stop thankn me for introducing her to SDKB...
    Though i was not chosen, may God bless u n grant all ur desires....
    Still looking for my own santa, i know luck will shine on me soon.
    IHN.... on point.

  10. Lol! Funny you Stella. You and all your side eyes

  11. @old school lapel,re you abuja based. I have a 3 in one fisher price rocker and swing to give you.but am abuja based

  12. Naa wa oh....@pple kip opening new mails just to get santa. Allow odas to get sometin. Am always neva lucky. God bless all d givers, ur purses will never run dry.

  13. IHN rocks!

    May God bless all d givers on ds blog,
    To d lady looking 4 a husband, I wish u goodluck.
    Hmm stella of life, God bless u

  14. as usual may God bless the givers abundantly, may both the givers and receivers find help from every corners of the world (north,west,south and east) in Jesus name(Amen). May we all come back to celebrate the new year with joy, happiness and good health in Jesus name(Amen)

  15. this is great,my God replenish the pockets of those that give,u all are wonderful,just got to know about the blog and i can see u guys got eachother's back

  16. Lol.
    God will arrest him to reply ? Haha lol.
    There's no email address included in that post.

    Madam that can't have kids, all your heart desires shall come to pass.
    Why not try the surrogacy way, or adopt ?
    Wow. I'm speechless. It is well with you, ma.

    Dildo matter, can I request for one too ? x_x

    God bless all the givers.

    1. God can turn the impossible possible na, u never know. And there is no email addy to contact the guy. Abeg handsome bobo, me am in lag o but I meet all your criteria above so wat do you think?. PrettyWitty

  17. God please bless the givers. I wish I could give too

  18. Please busybody correction choosen me ooo, school is resumed nxt month, I needing these moneys to doing my project researching and recharged my phone to helping me got project topic..

    1. Nah. I didn't just see this.
      You ? An undergraduate ? Writing this way ?
      Is this a joke ?
      Your school should be burned and your previous tuition fees refunded.

    2. Are you for real?

    3. Hmmm...Please tell me you deliberately wrote like this. If not, I will advise you start retaking English classes.

    4. Hahahaha... pls BBC, this one needs the money to remain in school.

    5. Are u serious @ dis english language or wat..and u call urself a standard of education has rily fallen..God help us..

    6. What kind of English is that? From the way you write it is hard to believe that you are a student.

    7. Are you for real? What kind of composition is this one? Ah. Even a primary student should try this and go Scott free
      You should be gunned down!

    8. ALPHA ! !
      NA WETIN ! ! !
      Who did this to you ? Tell me my child , Is it the English teacher ?

  19. God bless u all

    Like seriously?

    ****LONG LIVE SDK & SDKERS*****

  20. That uniuyo student You are so kind may you never lack in anything. Amen.

    The lady without a child have you considered a surrogate it can be done in a very private setting. It is well

    Please click on my name for raw virgin human hair. No shredding and no tangling. Thanks

    1. Yes o that uniuyo student will always succeed Amen. Stella ure doing a great and mighty works here. Kudos!

  21. lol una still dey share dildo?

    God bless the givers and congrats to the receivers..

    hian Stella, you selected me among those for the santa giveaway but i dint get anything ooooo...

    1. LOL...that makes 5 of us now. By the way, are you selling those button bib necklaces on your profile? They are beautiful....

  22. Wow! IHN rocks...
    God bless all the givers and receivers IJN Amen!
    I'm a Lil sad I haven't gotten anything*tears*

    1. Ask and you will receive

    2. God bless all the givers of this blessed blog. The lady with health conditions God who has given women who has no womb children is still in the biz of giving children so relax God is on the throne.

      BBC/Stella I will never let u go unless u bless me bwahahaha.
      God don remeber me o. This Santa giveaway is my potion. Looolz

  23. IHN rocks... stage plays I love,cant wait to stay close.SDK blog changing lives since 19kporogodom

    Posts from my hospital bed,SDKers plz pray for me nd my fam,God bless

  24. God bless the givers.And I was very hopeful that I would win the 5k giveaway #sad
    Anyways God's time is always the best.


  25. Am always looking forward to IHN my favorite post,that have my goose bumps

  26. Stella of life. I wish I will follow and get the alert too. It will feel really good. My daughter's birthday is on the 31st, God remember me ooooo. God bless the givers and the receivers too. Whose birthday is on the 31st? I have an 8 years old unique gem here. Don't mind having her birthday mates as friends.

  27. Mr man looking for love, I think say na holiday u de there? Abi are u looking for "chop and clean mouth"

  28. Am always looking forward to IHN my favorite post,that have my goose bumps

  29. God bless you Stella. 2015 will be a better year by God's grace.

  30. I luv dis blog... i luv dis spirit of love and share.God bless sdk and sdkers

  31. Hahahahah.... @ God will arrest him to reply. But guy wetin dose for Naija do u wey mo make dem qualify.
    @ bv looking for hubby, u seem very determined. God ll give u a good husband dt ll love and cherish you.

  32. Lol stella we shouldn't mail you for the 100k??Why you come use am rub us for nose....Lol,still in the season of giving!!

  33. The lady looking for a good man, u will find one and you can always adopt.

  34. Oya naa. Make una select me for this new year giveaway. My name de dia already? Abeg help me check the list Stella. I no wear my glasses. Biko abeg check am well.

  35. God bless giver in this blog

  36. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Always onpoint.....

  37. Stella thanks for this blog

  38. IHN rocks.God bless the givers.

  39. Thelma enemuwe said...
    IHN making sense since 1900...
    God bless this SDK,did ΐ tel you ΐ saw you in my dream last night?? too mux..
    My S/O goes to OPE-ASO,this lady is simply awesome and i just love her,God bless you ma for the lovely gifts...
    *faithful BV enemuwe thelma*

  40. I am so so heart broken @ hushpuppy .After reading ur Santa giveaway yesterday I didn't even bother to read the rest I just applied straightaway yet to my dismay I haven't been is not just fair.To other BVs in the house,if God has blessed you and your family, you do not have any health issue at all,you have peace considerable peace in your life,you have a loving family, you do not have any spiritual stress ,please after reading this just say a word of thanks to God.How everything in my life just changed overnight is what I can't still comprehend till date yet in all this I give thanks cos even in this condition I am,there are people who look from afar and wish to be me.Mrs Stella Dimoko Korkus,saying that I love you is an understatement.

  41. Stella, I copied your picture on Stella plays santa and pasted it on my desktop. I open it every day to pray for you. I still wonder what this world would look like if we have 1000 women that have your kind heart. Stella, Your generation will never know shame or sorrow. You will live longer than Mrs. Awolowo. In good health, with your children and grand children surrounding your table.

    To the givers, God bless you. This word .. "God bless you" is so deep. Its like magnet. It will always attract good things. It may not be today, but soon, sooner than you expect, you will definitely smile.

  42. Yay!!!

    @Hushpuppy thank you sooooo much for picking me!! God will embarrass you with many many blessings, lack will never come near you and yours and above all I pray for God's divine health and favour in your life and fmly IJN Amen!

    Stella, you are a blessing! Love you!


  43. Stella remember me o for ur santa dis time o. Godbless

  44. God bless ur kind hat stella, I'll neva gt tired of saying it.
    I would not mind your santa give away this tyme to get a rocker for my baby as I missed out on d oda one. I am so tired of backing and dancing and singing to my baby while doing chores, na small remain self I go back and carry baby to bathe inside bathroom. Happy 2015 in advance stella and entire BV.

  45. God help me in giveaway 2015 because this year don finish now

  46. God bless all the givers in Jesus name. Una do well

  47. So many ppl seeking love, may God grant your heart desires and bless you.

    For all the givers, may your pockets never run dry and may you continue to have to give. Your families and children will be blessed in Jesus name.

    Stella, keep up the good work! I really admire you.

  48. People re receiving and haven't gotten anytin..dia is god

    On a serious note make God bless d givers..nd bless u too stella cus if nt for dis medium dt u created am sure all dis won't b happening

  49. All I can say is awwwww..... God bless the givers. May God continue to enlarge your coasts.

  50. Any blog visitor in Accra? Let's hook up. Pls drop ur contact here

  51. IHN news, hmmm. God bless the givers, may their cups never run dry. I promise to give soonest even if na Richard cards. That's all I can afford for now. This new year will be a better one, me and God don reason am finish.

  52. God bless the giver,even though I have not receive anygift from any body this period,not even frm my friends,not even 100 naira recharge card from this blog,well I guess am alone in this world.

  53. CREE LUVS STELLADIMOKO29 December 2014 at 13:44

    Compliments of the season to You Stellz and fellow BVS.
    Plenty thanks to all the givers.
    Chai! I've really missed, can only comment when am @ wrk cos my fone allows reading without commenting.
    BBC & Stellz darl, i hope to be lucky this time around. Still thanking God for 2014, I pray for a better 2015. What a year! God be praised.

  54. God bless the givers. God will see us through in the coming year Amen.

  55. GOD ALMIGHTY. ALL I NEED FOR SANTA IS A JOB COME 2015. I honestly want to be among those giving out santa in this blog. Its more blessed to give than receive. God please remember your daughter come 2015. I have HND in Secretarial Studies.

  56. Beautiful in house news as usual.
    God bless all

  57. God bless the givers! I don taya to apply for giveaway....sometimes I don't even see my comment. It is well, God will do it for me!

  58. The Belgium guy tho...*eyes rolling*. God bless u all!!

  59. Stella let me be honest with you.I have been following your blog for a while now but i hardly drop comment and i really appreciate what you are doing.No blogger has ever done this.I mean reaching out to people selflessly. I remembered your playing santa post and i noticed people announced that they have received alert after few days but how come some are still saying they are yet to?and you never addressed it.You should atleast write an open memo to them whether you will still send to them or they should forget it because am sure some of their friends who had seen their email address there would think they are coding for them.

    And also they would atleast want to say Thank you to you.Please think about it.Thank you and God bless.

    May God bless the givers on this blog.

  60. God bless the givers. God will see us through in the coming year Amen.

  61. Good luck to those seeking for love may the Lord grant you all your heart's desire in Jesus name. Amen.
    Happy New Year in advance blog family.

  62. AlPHA nne... kindly pray I get choosen then when the money lands wud get you a nice dictionary and probably a personal tutor.

    Gurl!!! Wah dah hell... should I attribute that to auto correct ni? choi

  63. IHN is always making my day.God Will Bless The Givers IJN.

  64. IHN NEWS MAKING SENSE SINCE 1960,Happy new year in advance lovely SDKerz...aunty stella how far with my borussia dortmund jersey?lol

  65. As for who to give from the N100k, I will suggest it goes to people who desperately need it for their education and not just belle things anymore. Education solves many things so no matter how small I think you should just share it amongst those that cannot help themselves out in their education brouhaha. My one cent advice. **wide grin**. Please can somebody teach me how to get a blog ID today that I have the chance biko - Iyabo


  67. God will continue to bless Sdk and the IH givers for us.

  68. Uniuyo student, God bless u so much nd replenish ur pocket. It's not easy to do wat u r abt doin, m also a student nd knw wat we go tru. God is ur strength... d 5k no reach me sha. God bless u Stella. More grease to ur elbow

  69. IHN rockkksssss, Stellz stellz nice one...God bless the works of your hands, all of you saying pick me have been disqualified automatically hehehe. God bless all the givers, receivers,SDK Bvs happy new year in advance yaaaaayyyyy

  70. God bless everyone who has given, received and intend to give, may God answer all our secret prayers in Jesus name Amen!

    Angel Stells, you are one of a kind! God will bless you so much that you won't have room enough to contain!

  71. I have telling anyone who cares to listen about SDK Blog and people are just deleting other apps and installing Stella Blog Apps. Madam Stella abeg hear this, where you are going ehn, eyes have not seen nor ears heard neither has it come to the heart of Men that which God has in stock for you. The Sky na just your kekere point I swear. I love your IHN, Saturday and Sunday Laughs, Read and Be Encouraged, Coded Gist Chronicles of Blog Visitor Narratives, and most especially those your chairs wey you dey sitdown look. It's awesome. I wonder where you get thses things from. I also love the fact that you really know what you're doing, infact them born you born this work. The fact that you're not bothered about the number of comments you receive as some people does, goes a long way to show your High Class level. This is not flattery o for your information it's just the fact. Some people should come and learn from you cos you na mother of Bloggers. Your compassion/care for others na another thing again. Your Courage too na OMG! Many times, I have read where some riff raffs will come out to say things thinking they can shake you but your response is always EPIC! ( Deltans no dey ever carry last, I salute you my sister bo)Need I mention more? The world needs more people like you abeg. All the Love from Iyabo the only One.

  72. May God's blessings never depart from your family aunty Stella for all your good works

  73. Stella be giving bv's mind,lol @ mail him and God will arrest him.the bros need who dey obodo oyibo like him oooo,una no see all where him name?lol......IHN is d ish mhen.

  74. IHN hot like fire,God bless ur good heart stells nd all the givers and make me a big time giver soon.counting down to my birthday 31st of dec,blog family pls don't forget me with you good wish and gifts.E she gan.

  75. To the woman who can't have kids, please put ur trust in God and not in man. God can make all things possible.

    Stella, there is no email for the guy looking for European love oh.

  76. God bless the givers and the receivers
    IHN rocks

  77. Hmmmmm nawa those who rush for money n recharge card how much hav u given...These tins are for people who can't afford dem...***mouth sealed *** but it is not my Biz***

  78. God bless all the givers but am still yet to get anything for Xmas

  79. In house news, a great source of blessing...Uniuyo student, God bless your kind heart....hushpuppy, God bless you richly, though I sent you a mail, but wasn't chosen, I'm still amazed at your benelovence, thank you for giving. A heartfelt thanks to all the bvs in the house. God bless you all. God remember me o. Miss Glo (OAP)

  80. Am impressed,so much love in this blogs,I love the way you guys helps one another. God bless you.

  81. May God bless all the givers.
    May those in need get their prayers answered.
    Happy new year in advance y'all

  82. Busybody, I hope I will not pass me by this time. God bless u

  83. mehn extra 100k.God, oluwa,ALLAH, make this money reach my side oh.thanks to almighty GOD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS AMEEN.where is pepper ose oku i miss her comments.

  84. May God continue to bless the givers! IHN rocks!

    Big b

  85. mehn extra 100k.God, oluwa,ALLAH, make this money reach my side oh.thanks to almighty GOD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS AMEEN.where is pepper ose oku i miss her comments.

  86. Make una give me dildo make I use disvirgin myself. I no want give any man. They r not worth it. *tongueout.

  87. stella biko lotekwa na alaeze gi

  88. IHN Rocks....God bless everyone on this blog...pleaseee I need a job to start the new year...

  89. So God has finally remembered me. Chei I posted here asking for assistance for my Acceptance fees. Some BV yabbed. Some one even ask me to send my Account details. I didn't see any alert oo. and I send the details to Stella Mama. pls poster of the 100k. pls remember me. I didn't even do anything for christmas because K- Leg things. I no get santa give away self. please Sister bless Me. And God will continue to bless you

  90. God bless the givers

  91. U wanna marry buh don't want kids? Sounds kinky

  92. IHN Rocks....God bless everyone on this blog...pleaseee I need a job to start the new year..

  93. Godbless you ma'am
    Godbless BV's
    Godbless Nigeria
    Godbless Africans
    Chinwe Ukwuoma

  94. God bless all d givers, santa pls locate me, jus need d money 4 upkeep as a fresh graduate,I don't have touching stories to give all bcos of it but if dere re people who need it more I ll really love dey get it instead. since my blog refused to work dis week, eghons special

  95. I think Alloy deserves the money.

  96. God almighty will give you your own husband and you will come back here to give testimony@poster looking for husband. God will bless you stella for touching people's life.

  97. God bless all the givers and replenish your pockets. God bless the receivers also

  98. HIN na u biko.May God bless both givers & receivers.It is already well with us all.God bless me to give oooo,I really want to give Chaiii.Sdk, we luv youuuuu.

  99. HIN na u biko.May God bless both givers & receivers.It is already well with us all.God bless me to give oooo,I really want to give Chaiii.Sdk, we luv youuuuu.

  100. aunty stels help me pray God connects me to ma future hubby....tired of being single nid a serious relationship.cum 2015 shal be a yr of laughter for me and yu 2 .AMEN

  101. Love IHN news. I hv neva won anytin on dis blog o,pls don't pass me by this time

  102. Hmmm!!! And the snide remarks will start trooping in!!! Stella u watch!!

    Me handsome why didn't u send in ur pic, so we verify. Wish you the best

    I'm hungry, going to eat BRB to read comments.

  103. IHN rocks. God bless you very well Stella you know why *side eyes* @ Mrs Richy God bless you i am indeed very grateful. Like i told BV Cyntia i am speechless. @ My benin santa thank you answering your post opened doors for me. SDKblog Rocks. Stella is an ANGEL

  104. God bless d givers may dey never lack. I pray God blesses me too o chai suffer too much bt i still hope on God i knw my tym to shine will come Amen

  105. Wow to all d givers ill continually say God bless and enlarge your coast, to receivers may God make you a source of blessing to others. As for me am asking my santa to bless me with a good job, banking oh federal Goverment oh or any oil company I dey. Please santa Job remember me. To the lady in search of hubby, may your prayer be answered amen.

  106. BBC I dey here o. *grinning and winking*

  107. The law of giving states that the more you give, the more you receive. I'm totally flabbergasted with the way BVs are putting smiles on the faces of people here. May God continue to enlarge your coast. Ride on !

  108. In house news, a great source of blessing...Uniuyo student, God bless your kind heart....hushpuppy, God bless you richly, though I sent you a mail, but wasn't chosen, I'm still amazed at your benelovence, thank you for giving. A heartfelt thanks to all the bvs in the house. God bless you all. God remember me o. Miss Glo (OAP)

  109. Thanks to hushpuppy, I was selected for the 5k. God bless you and stella also

  110. The blog visitors that watched the play seem to have had fun...that's a nice picture right there, the one with both of them smiling for Africa! lol
    pls visit my blog...


  111. God bless the givers and the receivers too.. I just wish the Lord to direct me, I'm just soo confused!!!

  112. Testing my blog id. I'm so happy to be delivered from the spirit of Anonymous. In house news, a great source of blessing...Uniuyo student, God bless your kind heart....hushpuppy, God bless you richly, though I sent you a mail, but wasn't chosen, I'm still amazed at your benelovence, thank you for giving. A heartfelt thanks to all the bvs in the house. God bless you all. God remember me o. Miss Glo (OAP)

  113. Wow wishing the sis with health issue luck. God bless all the giver.

  114. Testing my blog id. Yaaaaay, finally delivered from the spirit of anonymous.
    In house news, a great source of blessing...Uniuyo student, God bless your kind heart....hushpuppy, God bless you richly, though I sent you a mail, but wasn't chosen, I'm still amazed at your benelovence, thank you for giving. A heartfelt thanks to all the bvs in the house. God bless you all. God remember me o. Miss Glo (OAP)

  115. God bless all d givers...
    bbc make I still get santa giveaway dis time now.

  116. Fellow bvs pls help me thank God oooo.i lost my son in May. A bouncing baby boy 4.2 kg at birth.i hav been feeling sick lately sore throat and all so I went n got tested n it's POSITIVE.Im pregnant bvs, God has restored! I asked him for a bday present for me n hubby (our bday comes up in jan) and this is a perfect gift.perfect way to end the time stood still wen I got dt result! God be praised!

  117. I wish I could win something and just put those kind of smiles described above on my mother's face. God bless the givers.
    Where there is life, there is Hope
    Happy 2015 in advance.

  118. God bless the givers. Aunty Stella, may God bless you for what you are using your blog to do. You are the best.

  119. IHN making sense since 1900, God bless d givers and help the needy.Amen

  120. God bless d givers and the receivers ooooo. Stella u don try no be small. Sdk readers happy new yrs in advance. Happy birthday to oyinye amaka

  121. Busybody correcter of life please choose me for the santa giveaway abeg.

  122. God bless the givers. Aunty Stella, may God bless you for what you are using your blog to do. You are the best.

  123. God bless you plenty anty Stella. I wil kip blessing you even if I don't get a Richard card lolz. You are such a kind hearted woman. God will continu to uplift you and yours.

  124. Please did anyone receive an email from Skylines? A company in abuja. I got a mail from them about an interview which I did online and was later told I've been given the job and also attaching an employment letter to it. I want to know if its real or a scam.

  125. Stella well done am greatful to God this christmas

  126. Bbc,all eyes on u esp mine to see how u do justice to this
    May God continue to bless all the givers

  127. God bless all the givers on this blog. Pls there is this wonderful bv i met on this blog by name chic gum,though we'v always communicated thru mails and she has always responded promptly & nicely. But for a while now i'v not heard frm her.If u r reading this i just want to know u r ok dear. Remain blessed. Frm Mrs Kemi Adeyemi

  128. God bless the givers. Receivers, may you turn to givers soon. merry christmas and happy new year. i know that these time i shall be chosen. #sing! he has done it for me

  129. Stella, yours is a heart of GOLD

  130. wow..this house is so full of love.God bless the givers and the lady looking for a hubby.i love your sincerity.God will grant you your heart desire.

  131. Waoow!! Just wished I could meet my own santa one day...tanx 2 al d givers, may God replenish you all...please I need help for my aunt, she's a single mum of 3gals(widowed), she resides in adamawa state n d story with boko haram there now is nothing 2 write home about. She's a civil servant n she would love 2 relocate down to anambra state, she has waybilled her Kids down n they will be strtn school by next year. Plz my fellllow bvs, I know that we have many renowed and people in high places here. Please if there is anyone who can help my aunt to get transferred down to anambra. This woman na alobam n I hate seeing her suffer..plzz help us out

  132. God bless givers and receivers and sdk

  133. Busybody correcter I will be glad if am chosen for the Stella Santa give away as I never receive any thing on this blog but will soon give away some stuff very soon thx.

  134. Waoow!! Just wished I could meet my own santa one day...tanx 2 al d givers, may God replenish you all...please I need help for my aunt, she's a single mum of 3gals(widowed), she resides in adamawa state n d story with boko haram there now is nothing 2 write home about. She's a civil servant n she would love 2 relocate down to anambra state, she has waybilled her Kids down n they will be strtn school by next year. Plz my fellllow bvs, I know that we have many renowed and people in high places here. Please if there is anyone who can help my aunt to get transferred down to anambra. This woman na alobam n I hate seeing her suffer..plzz help us out

  135. IHN is da bomb.. D lady wit conceptn prob i beg try surrogacy.. Skd santa plez dont pass me byy.. D belgium based dude where are thou email ady God bless all d givers nd receivers..

  136. IHN sweet pass hot massa nd suya....hmmmmm

  137. Madam rolling stone( Stella) may God bless u n other givers on dis blog

  138. God bless d givers,receivers,Stella n all BVs.

  139. "So home based aint qualified?HISSSS

    Abeg if you are in Nigeria,mail him with faith and God will arrest him to reply if he is your"

    Stellina, you have craze finish walahi!!! Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    This is what is called " the violent taketh it by FORCE"

    Stellina, the guy didn't include his contact. How "potential wife" wan reach am? Through you? Your mail box never reach its limit ni?

    Off topic: ayam sooooooo happy I'm ending this year 2014 on a very high note. I'm usually sad when the year is ending such that I hated hearing the CAC Goodwomen song "Odun lo so pin" (the year is ending) but now, I'm cool with it.

    2014, what a year you were for me. The Pharaoh of my family went underground "fiam". I thank GOD for freedom, deliverance and liberation. That wicked woman showed me UWEN spiritually.

    2015, Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless SDK Blog
    God bless SDK BVs & their families
    God bless SDK herself & family
    God bless Nigeria!

    Kisses to you all: Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

  140. DAMN MAMA !
    Stella you're blessed with very beautiful ladies .
    You're blessed with beautiful souls . If other bloggers in this world borrow a page from your blogging style, the world could've be a better place .

    To ndi-givers , una tankuu !
    Ndi want to give nke ha but no get, God bless ndu gi .
    ogologo ndu na aru-isike burukwa nke gi o !
    Aku na uba di holy bu nke gi n'afam Jesus Christ bu nna oma !

    The sick sister , pls rebuke your statement of THIS MY SICKNESS .Nne , biko is not your sickness .

    Yeah, the gods are to blame this time because they were the one that started the mess, they spoke in parable, they set the king up, played them like fools just to see it's prophecy took place . BED WARMER INDEED , Oh , can't forget the destructive words of he been the butterfly that though himself a bird .

    Loverboy, 37 , still dem for arrange one for me, for this computer age . Goodluck sha .
    Stella, you dey find trouble pass PDP & it's opponent ! see as you dey take style find trouble say make naija babes begin apply ! You be case !


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