Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives.


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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives.

The Narratives rock!


Hi Mrs Dimoko, i enjoy reading your blog. you are doing a great job . Please i need your advice and that of the fellow blog visitors please.Here is my long story.

 I had just had a broken relationship when i met this other guy on a social media late 2013, he lived where you Madam Stella lives. I didnt really like his kind of job as a disc jockey but he kept pestering me so i decided to give him a chance. Made it known to him that i dislike his job as par it isn't decent but he said he was just doing it for the main time and promised to quit soon. 

We started a long distant relationship. At a point, he started sending gifts including a semi new phone.i went through his past chats(he forgot to delete) and discovered that he has a babymama which he's yet to mention to me till now, though they are separated.

He was very into our relationship, he arranged that i meet with some of his relations since he could not be home yet cos he was arranging to get his papers(he fixed date about 5 times to come but failed). The siblings liked me 
( so he said). He will swear that he ll never cheat on me, he  will be loyal, respectful, that i am all he wished for bla bla.i believed him. 

Whenever i refer to him as my boyfriend, he will get offended saying he's my hubby not boyfriend lol

My guy finally came home after over a year of dating. Met him physically for the first time. During a random discussion, i collected  his phone for a selfie afterwards, proceeded to check his chat history. what did i see? naked pics of girls, sexy chats with random girls, even got to know that he was in town 2times after i met him but he didn't make any effort to see me. I was so angry, i queried the naked pics and him being in naija without my knowledge but he said he only lied to the lady. That the maked pictures are just one of those things

Now, he's planning for us to go to the village for introduction but my trust in him has drastically reduced. Am i just being paranoid? He's a nice person though in his 40's.

*Side eyes at #teamsnoop members.

Anything concerning snooping i no dey house because if i say now i will be quoted and cussed out so i dare not ask you why you snooped on his phone.
Nigerian men in Germany, i raise yansh for some of them,if ladies back home know what they do here and how they prostitute to get money or papers,i dont think anyone will look at them..there are a few good ones though but the quest to survive is real and they are all over.
If you ask me,i would say that you do not marry him just yet but let me see what your #teamsnoop members have to say.

Make nobody cuss me oh...i don run...



Good day Stella kork *cork* hehehe, I love you scarra, i'll go straight to the point.

I dated this guy for 3yrs, he was my first guy and he was all over me, over protective and possessive ( so I thought) because of this I had to quit the relationship, although people said I left him cos he had nothing again, but deep down my soul it wasn't true,although during that period he wanted to travel but because of me he refused to travel and followed me anywhere I go, I got irritated,i wanted him to be a man and the only option was to breakup with him cos advising him was a waste of time.

 it was a very difficult decision but I decided to do it and I said to myself that whatever will be will be. He cried, begged, was hospitalised but I shut my heart though I was dying silently. fast forward to 1 year later I met this other guy, we started dating, it was from him I realised that I'm destined to meet guys that are possessive and over protective, he is a very nice guy has his issues but loves me so much and I love him too, he penetrated my family members, calls my mum, siblings and all I wasn't comfortable with that cos I knew they will be expecting wedding bells as soon as possible, but I couldn't stop him. 

We don't stay in the same state but our love is so enviable. Now to the matter,this our relationship has lasted for 5yrs and Mumsy, siblings and friends are now asking me questions, and this guy keeps saying next year, his next year will never come because he wants to get the whole money in Nigeria
 ( he is very hardworking and always tells me he's doing it for me), late last year he managed to come to the house to officially introduce himself to the family and said he will come back February to do the village introduction ,till now he has not said anything about it if I bring it up he will tell me this dollar Issue is affecting him so much and he is thinking so much. 

though during the time we were dating he had some set back which really affected his business but I thank God he has bounced back,though not as before, but he can comfortably take care of his home.   
Secondly his Dad on the other hand is another case,he has been telling us to pray since last year he learnt his son wanted to settle down, I'm not saying its bad but after the prayer, his son told him he wanted him to meet me, so I will be coming to the house to visit, the Dad refused reason being  that that's not how they do in their church and that the pastor will be the one to tell me when to visit my in-laws to be, and mind you I don't attend their church.

 till now I've not seen his dad and it was his dad that has been putting pressure on him to marry o when he now brought it up, things changed and this has kept me thinking...(And this 5 years my Ex travelled and still did not give up on me, he still calls and cries for us to come back together). 

Now the question is should I continued waiting for this present guy until he acquires all his wealth and Daddy gives him a go ahead or should I go Back to my EX, he still loves me and I still feel something for him...( hope people won't start saying I'm a gold digger) I'm sorry for the long episode and gbaguns... I love you all like cray.

N/B I feel so guilty leaving this present guy, because all through this years he has been wonderful, if I must leave him, how do I go about it?..

Chei babe no send oh...serial
you want us to tell you how to leav him?wear shoe WAKA!

Why are you even doing this?when you date and it doesnt go according to what you think,you leave and attach to the next available guy?
Please be sure of who you want and stick it out....Mscheeew!

Blog visitors i dey salute far?

*tip toeing away*


  1. Narrative one: A man in his 40s still looking at naked pictures when his mates are counting millions? Smh

    Narrative two: you called yourself a gold digger indirectly, so what should I call you? I will call you a gold-digger. I don't believe your story, you narrated it to suit you. You are a gold-digger.

    I don port from here, I be wan insult narrative 2 well but nah.

    1. Team snooping any day any time


    2. Today wai u nuh dey catch flight. U don finally reach. Fake Babe ur Grand Papa BF una two nuh dey view Moju? Lie now make I blast you.
      See you kettle calling Pot black. You are a Gold Digger yourself. No be the Kudi for dat Old Man u start to petch like Bird. Abeg park well

    3. Poster1 how can ur man visit Nigeria twice without seeing u and he feels ok about it, I pity u stay and be asking stupid question, I can never ever date any Yankee guy I want the one I get to see often not the one dt has ten Bby Mamas, poster1 dere should be qualities u want in a man go for the one dt has doz qualities.

    4. Stop snooping all ye women

      Guys there are apps that help protect your phone. They can protect specific contacts, photos, name it.

      Nosey hos

    5. Hmmm
      Poster 1: what are your expectations btw?
      How can you with such a man that already has pleeeenty stories trailing behind him.
      You don't even need to ask the Holy Spirit To reveal anything to you, it's all spelt out in white and black.
      And trust me, there are plenty other things your yet to find out.
      Poster 2: hmmm.
      Your story sha.
      That man is not ready to marry you
      Maybe he has a wife
      I wish you the best
      God's grace dear

    6. Anon 16:54
      Eldaberry/Amiede...e dey pain you say I dey travel around? My Visa, my Passport, my ticket.
      We all cannot be broke and hopeless like you and your sister, nah.
      Who you wan blast? Me? Lol!
      Maybe you want me to remind me how your father siphons fuel from tankers into jerry cans in Depot, your father is into oil and gas abi na petroleum marketing...oloshi.
      Amiede nor be me give you belle, go look for the father of your bastard child.
      Ebi nor be me say make you nor graduate, go ask your papa wetin he use im hand do.
      Or na me say make your sister dey with man for years wey nor gree marry her, tell her to pack her things and return to ya papa house.

      Lemme go and get ready for church and confess my sins. What the heck! I should keep the sabbath day holy.

    7. U just said my mind on both issues... Lil


    8. Poster two, your ex misses the coochie, are you trying to say he hasn't been with other girls in the five years you left him? He is planning a revenge. If you leave your bf, make sure you get a new guy. I don't believe in dating an ex because no good thing comes out of it.

  2. poster 1: na international tinz? Naija boys no do u? When una hear say dude dey Yankee una mind go just dey jump.

    Please bae do urself an unending favour of stopping the whole long distant relationship except of course. Age is not smiling at u again.
    How old are u.

    1. Lol @ international tinz

      Poster 1,ur dilemma right now might be dat you found pictures of naked girls on his phone, but I can tell u now right off the bat that if/when u marry him, u will find out a lot more things about him that will probably not go down well, (most obvious would be his source of income)...I mean cmon! When a grown man ( esp one who lives abroad n is over 40!) tells u he's a model, musician/rapper, DJ or writer...please Google his full name/ stage name. If u can't find anything about him on Google then just assume that his supposed profession is nothing more than a hobby at best...His real source of income will be revealed to u in good time n u might in fact not like it..I just hope u are not with him cos u assumed that he must be financially well off since he lives abroad. He is sending u a used phone, so that's not a good sign....Whatever u do, just make sure that u r really in love with him n that's the reason u r marrying him, otherwise please use your tongue to count your teeth.

    2. @Poster 1...Dat ur guy sounds like someone i know..Is his name Tony? Is he from Edo state? If he is then forget about him.

  3. Commentless...but poster 2 bf seems lyk a yahoo I right? just use ur head. Even if u want to return to ur former, tell him you're through with him. Don't cheat on him 'cos u ladies are fond of such habit...and u always tot that makes you smart. I gat nothing else to say.
    Poster 1 : u seem lyk a jobless girl as well looking for a rich husband. For you to even collect semi new phone sef, it shows you gat no class. I'm not saying ur boo shouldn't giv you something but try and be posh a lil' bit na...why do girls out there have this orientation to marry a rich man while themselves are still broke and jobless. is it by force to be in a relationship sef. You better calm down with all this foreign niggaz. They ain't loyal mehn. Shine ur eyes and stop falling for little lies. And go and find a job abeg.

    1. Hmmmm. I just dey observe

    2. Abisoye, so collecting what her boyfriend can afford to give her is classless? I don't even want to add anything to d fact that u and I already know dat kobo sense, u don't have, no offense.

    3. Thanks abisoye, he's a biz guy...

  4. Poster 2: chronicles of a serial Heart breaker. U want to eat it all in one sauce. Marriage is a very sensitive something. The earlier u realised that marriage is not bf/gf saga the better for u.

    If u know how to pray better cry and pray to God. Tell him to show u ur hearthrob else u may end up making the wrong choice.
    Be wise.

  5. Poster1.lots of good guys in nigeria,just pray about it.if the German guy is serious he should do traditional wedding b4 he goes back!and as for your snooping habit is it not time you put a stop to it. Poster2!if that your bf wants to make all the money first in the world before coming to marry u hmmmmmmm I assure you,u will wait for ever.just follow what your mind tells you to do

  6. I'll just read comments

    1. P2 u were not over ur ex jor,
      U still feel something for him which means u wanna go back as things r better!

      U no smart at all
      This ur new guy is ur nemesis for d confusion going thru ur mind.

      Smart up n stop sleeping on bike.

    2. In fact me and u join dey read am togeda jowi...dis one pass me.

  7. Seems both p1 and p2 be lord of rings/key holder

    1. Lmao!!!! Dis really cracked me up. Chaiii!

  8. P1
    I hate men like that man u described in ur narrative...his type can neva be faithful.
    Mind u am has saved me countless times in the past...So i'll commend u for snooping...Nne naram aka joor.

    Marriage is a life time affair, don't make the huge mistake of pitching ur tent with the wrong man..U will surely regret it...
    The final decision lies with u...

    Life is too complicated at times...I understand ur case buh wat do I say?..Ok,lemme c
    Follow ur heart but pls take ur brains with u

    What do u want???...U must have some laid down qualities u want in a man..isnt it?

    My 2 cents below:
    Follow the man that
    A)makes u happy

    B)gives u peace of mind

    C)and above all is willing and committed in/to making u his wife...
    Goodluck babe!!!

  9. Still talk to him about it, but no waste time there abeg

  10. Replies
    1. Poster 1 are you still there asking questions what kind of man in his 40 will still be looking and leaving nude pictures in his phone & even if u marry this guy will u follow him back to his base or he will keep u here and turn you into a breeding machine and then go back to his white women and their nude pictures Abeg u better start running before you end up being married to a man you may never be with.

  11. Waiting for sound advice,99%sound and 1% advice

  12. Nuting 2 say here, stories are confusing, will jst read comments

  13. THELMA ENEMUWE said...
    lollllzzzzzzzz,stellaKORK,you nor go kill me woth this ur pixtures wey you dey use tortorti us...lolzzzzzz
    Poster1---the drama is ur rship is tripple too much,most DJ'z live a wayward lifestyle and if you think you cannot cope,leave now,ΐ'd advice u don't strt any wedding prepp now till ure very sure of ur man...
    Poster2----follow ur heart and tag ur brain along..
    *faithful BV enemuwe thelma*

  14. @poster1.......hmmmm wat does ur heart says? Follow it .

  15. Stella your pictures are hilarious!O my Days..

  16. Okay, make I siddon read comments oo

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  17. Poster no 1 forget dat guy jor...40 yrs plus...wat was he doin during his early days...His dat old n still looking at nude pics n being a dj...wen will he find another job...I guess at 60 yrs. .
    Poster 2 pls go for ur ex...ur present bf isn't ready yet n he is a daddy's boy...

  18. P1, I think you should sit him down and have a serious chat, because I prefer to know what I am going into instead of surprises.
    P2, you should talk to your present boyfriend about your fears and tell him you wish to settle down. Watch his countenance, if you think he is not serious anymore, pls leave him. You cannot keep wasting your lifetime on a daddy's boy. As for the first boyfriend, pls give him some space for now.

    1. Some of you ma,sef. Serious talk of what again

    2. Anon, she has to be sure of what she is running away from. Abi you've never heard of the word "closure". That's the only way she can leave that guy without looking back.

  19. Kai this Stella sef, where do u get all these pix from? Lol

    #1: if u can't trust him 100 percent, be ready to endure if u marry him. Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured.

    #2: seems u have a mind of ur own, u will figure it out.


  20. Poster 1 : Increase the tempo of ur prayer request, u neva see ur own man o, this german guy is not serious at all
    poster 2: Will advise u go back to ur ex but the truth is u dont deserve him, u re a good heart breaker u should kno how to dump this present one especially now that d guy keeps giving excuse after 5yrs

  21. In pat ogar's style
    poster 1 wait small
    poster 2:stop

    1. To pat ogar:to summarise a subject matter in six words or less
      To ronalda:to explain and analyse grammatically a subject matter

  22. I come do illegal waka oooo this valentine as bae ain't around. The guy girlfriend don come oooo. See where fuck bring me biko nu. Chei. Make person no carry me go instagram ooo

  23. @poster1 : please don't marry that guy,he will have a lot of baggages that you won't be able to accept.
    That guy cannot be trusted.
    Flee 2 avoid ur chronicle narrative landing here.
    @poster2 : you are confused
    I understand the fact that you don't wnt 2 put all ur eggs in one basket,but at d same time tread with caution b4 u loss on both sides.
    Good luck ooooh.

  24. @P1. He didn't tell you abut his baby or baby mama hmmmmmmm. Make one wonder if there are more things he is hiding. @P2 what exactly do youw want. You want to marry and you are still tagging your ex along. Ok he is now your spare incase your present boo does not work out. What make you think that your ex will no do still do all the things that made you leave him, has anytin changed.

  25. Narr1, I believe everything happens for a reason. It wasn't a mistake u saw what u saw. Men wld always be men, what's de guarantee that de 1 u're leaving him for wld be better? Just don't get married yet. Get to knw ur "Germani" better and then let ur heart decide. I wish u all de best hun.

    Narr2, guy number two has toooo many baggage in my own opinion. If guy number 1 is ready, Wetin u dey wait for? Abeg KATAPOT!!!! Faaaaasst!!!

  26. Frankly I still do not get the reason why anti-snoop people are against snooping, is living in ignorance the key to true happiness? Is observing things and refusing to investigate them and then slammed in the face one day by those very things you are avoiding the best? Did God not say His people perish because of lack of knowledge? Which would you prefer to be, the wife/gf who saw the signs, checked them out and then was able to manage things on time or the wife/gf who see the signs, pretend they don't exist and get hit with the real facts years later and lose everything???
    I'm just saying snooping is wrong when you are without reason invading the privacy of another. But if there is suspicion and with good reasons, snoop/INVESTIGATE to find out what is going on. After all PIs put tails on suspects to get the real story.
    #just my opinion.

    POSTER1: When you find out something such as this, I hardly think you need the whole world telling you what to do. He is obviously a liar and a cheat and possibly criminal and you ask what you should do? The choice is yours -- save yourself heartache now or marry him and don't dare complain later.

    POSTER 2: I think you want the good life and that is your guiding principle. But remember all that glitters is not gold. All I can say from you story is it looks like guy No2 is not quite ready and his Papa not quite in support, so you think about that and decide what is best for you. As for guy No1, mmmmmmmm, you left him when he had nothing but for the reason he was suffocating you, now you are willing to go back when he has something, has he overcome his suffocating habit???

    You see the reason I said it looks like the good life is your guiding principle?

    Over to you and best of luck.

    *Stella Kork, hope sai that ugbolo wey you hold no go land for one BV head, hehehe*

    1. TM spice, like your comment on the snooping. Investigate if there is a reason to! Nigerian men that can cheat for Africa.

    2. I love ur comment. I was wondering if the ex had stopped being possessive all of a sudden now that he has money. Mstchew. Greed

  27. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Serious matters..

  28. P1 ur supposed bf almost 40 sure has misplaced priorities n hasn't got his bearings yet so babe quitely catwalk now ur koikoi shoe never chop finish
    P2 all this epistle u type no jus 4low abeg go bk to d guy wey still de hospital de cry sick on top ur matter. I don't know wen men will quit being boys basing dier decisions on wot mum or dad says.i wonder as una marriage go be #daddyzboi

  29. Hmmmm... Poster1 pls end ur relationship with that guy so u don't get hurt, how can ur guy be in town twice and hid it from u plus what is he doing with all the nude pix. Pls there is so much to marriage that settling for less can't be an option . Better a broken relationship than failed a marriage @poster1&2 ask God to help u to make the right decision.

  30. Poster 2- nwa marry two of them .

    Poster 1.he could be your man ,who knows ,if after naked pictures he comes to you and say you are the one ,what can I say

  31. Poster 2, i dont understand this one your guy is saying that the dollar ish is affecting him. He should even be rejoicing cos it favors him sef. You used your finger to type the word golddigger. Search your self to know if you are one. Not that its a bad thing oh. Enjoying your benefits is allowed. Poster 1, that your german guy never serious oh. A fool at 40 remains a fool forever. think about it. Goodluck to you both.

  32. P1...God saved you and you are asking questions
    P2...You need to rest from relationships snd trult ddecide what you want in a man.

  33. narrative 1
    why una dey snoop? good u caught him but are you really ready to leave? abeg, ow else do u dump a guy if truly you are ready to take a walk.
    married women, abeg no snoop o, if u catch am, na u go waka, if en catch u, na u go waka, so why bother.

  34. Poster 1 it's better if you are being decived but worst when you deceive yourself. Take a walk

    Post 2 shut your heart the way you shut it the 1st time

  35. Narrative one: well marriage of a tin is forever..... Unless wanna end up separated in less Dan a year... U seem like a nice person nobody is perfect but if d bad side outweighs the gud, u shld use ur head and sit out.... U will definitely marry someday doesn't Ve to be now now... Don't rush into mistakes.... Sincerity is important in an relationship. Narrative two: my dear u sound Like u Ve already made ur choice, u wanna throw away a 5 year relationship u Ve worked on just to land with ur already established ex? He might still love u, but he won't respect u.... Babe u left him for another.... U rubbished his self esteem as a man... And now u wanna go bak. Pls don't u might regret it.

  36. I will just wait to read comments

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  37. Poster 2.....

    Nor be money dem take de marry o....if a man loves you and is mentally ready, he will do right by you.

    Also....e be like say you de quick de confuse. Sit down pray to God and decide who you want to spend your life with and then stand by that. Forever is a very ling time ooooo nor go dull your self.

    Good luck!

  38. Poster 1 as time goes on you will discover more things about this can a matured man be carrying naked pics about?
    Shine your eyes well well ooo
    Poster 2 it seems you are in a state of confusion,pray for God's direction.
    Go where your happiness is assured

  39. Poster 1 forget all these german machine boys n move on with ur life,I used to hv a bf then he actually went to germany to marry a white woman and for years he just kept scoping me,we lost contact @ a time n later we came back again.wen we met again he promised me heaven on earth that ds time around he is real but wen he asked meto send my nude pics n I refused,dude just changed his mind sharp sharp.but guess what am married now with a beautiful daughter so pls free him abeg I know their type,poster 2 I no just understand ur matter.

  40. #1: I am still very much team snooping. You have known the kind of person he is. You need to decide for yourself whether to go ahead or not. There is nothing like men changing after marriage. I am not saying one cannot repent, but do not marry with the expectation that a man will become better after marriage.

    #2: You go dey mean o. The man has told you the devaluation of naira has negatively affected his business, if he should spend all he has on your wedding and business does not improve, you are likely to dump him. Abeg o take it easy and stop playing with someone's heart. How are you sure the first man does not want to take revenge on what you did to him? God luck. Rose

  41. Hahahahahahaha....Those images up there are really cracking me up! Lmbo

  42. Poster 1,dont let that guy put money on ur head without stating out his vision plan for both of u,else u will be so tied down here

    Poster 2,hmmmmm u don't really know what u want

  43. Stewie Gilligan Griffin14 February 2015 at 18:03

    Poster 1, a man that is in his 40s, works as a disc jockey without much to show for it, visited Nigeria twice without telling you, has a baby mama without telling you until you snooped and found out by yourself, and has naked pictures of women on his phone wants to marry you and you are considering marrying him?

    I think some of you that send Chronicles about your bad marriages need to start telling us the circumstances surrounding how you met and married your men. Why you may ask? Because Poster 1, I have a feeling that if God forbid you marry this your 40 year old "fiance" and decide to send us a Chronicle, you will leave out vital points about the type of guy he is and your desperation to marry.

    Darling, leave that man alone no matter how hard it might seem. His type should remain single instead of giving women heartache.

    1. Thank you o,Stewie! These are all the red flags she is seeing and still asking if she should still marry him?

  44. Ok where make I start? P1, @ 40 the dude still get nude pix 4 phone? Kai smh. Pls turn Usain bolt. P2 I don't know what to say

  45. Poster 1: don't marry dat guy yet o
    Poster 2: dat guy is not serious. Go back to ur ex

  46. Poster 1
    Let that guy go or
    Take him back only if u know you can bear a cheating husband coz that's what he'll be.
    No 2
    Your story is complicated.
    You treated the 1st guy as a second fiddle, so why do you want to go back to him now? Don't think your relationship with that guy 'll work o coz you may never come to respect him.
    As for the 2nd one, I just dunno really. 5 years and counting is a long time. Give him 4-6 months to decide on what he wants to do, coz when one parent begins to talk about church things, I get skeptical, especially when the father is the one involved.
    Be ready to fight a battle over this one.

  47. Post 1- All those razz razz men living in Europe hmnn I can imagine at his age he's still collecting nude pictures na wa!

    And meanwhile, the kind people wey write person for this single and minglethingy na die! Let me keep shut hmm

  48. Poster 1:
    That your guy de tell stories for Africa o,shuuu...Please move on,something better will surely come your way.

    Poster 2:
    Your guy isn't ready to get married,not with the excuses he keeps throwing about and his dad's stance is one that is quite telling.
    Have you given it a lot of thought,to know if what made you leave your ex,won't be an issue again?

  49. Stella correct yourself if you no want make God thunder fire and destroy you o
    if u wanna says something about guys living in Germany talk about the few loosers you know and not all guys living here and besides that small city of yours have just few black men living around you so mo generalise stop painting men as if you're saint stella yourself ok
    secondly blame dat ashewo longer throat poster 1 of yours she has she been collecting money and gifts from the German guy while she knows how he makes money you see say na real gold digger she be she wan use da guy come abroad now sending you to post a fucking made up stories so people could say bad words about here and you too with your fowl mouth dey talk nonsense
    what about all you babes wey don do ashewo come retire for man house nko? Every problems na man abi buh if da man brings money una go take and if e no give na u go dey advice dem say make follow broke ass nigga u see say ur own brain self dey shift
    Next time if you wanna adress such issue direct it to who ever you wanna deal with and not all huys around there cos so many professional huys in germany e.g myself so please warn all your blog hustlers and prostitutes to kip and and stop coming here to lie to mumu stella abeg watch am o stella if not I go hate you walahi
    I knw u go claim u said some guys exceptional buh mind you na just the few you knw u go talk about
    dont say bcos na ur blog you fit talk anyhow hell no
    remember some people too get energy for you
    so repent and stop supporting all the prostitutes and gold diggers that comes lie cry on your nlog abeg
    if u like no post na your life time problem be dat

    1. O boy! U provoke o! I understand where u dey come from but u 4 no cuss s2,dk like dat, kool temper. Na true u talk about these babes, their mata don tire me! Dem no go talk true! D babe just wan go abroad by all means! She see abaya na dey do DJ @ 40 & she still dey think of marriage with him!

  50. Poster 1: leave the guy waka. He's not serious.

    Poster 2: Babe u harsh o, in fact permit me to use the word "heartless". So, u left the first guy when he had nothing again ( you enjoyed the better part of his money shey?). Okay, he was hospitalised and you shut your heart...its babes like you that give the female folk bad names. After 5 years with another, u want to go back to him 'cos he has bounced back and seems like a better option.
    Please let me ask you, has he stopped being overprotective? He still calls, cries and wants you back like he has always done. Is he now a man like you wanted him to be? Has anything about him changed? Abi, his character doesn't matter to you again?
    See, this your break and quench boyfriend for 5 years suits you better. Pls, pls and pls leave a good guy alone (guy number 1) and don't mess with his heart again. Continue shutting your heart towards him. Mtschew..I don vex.

  51. Poster 1. How can a 49 something old man be a DJ and nudes in his phone when would he grow up? Better to have a guy you can see with your eyes or quickly go to visit. Maybe he is even married and you don't know.


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