Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of HOPE -10


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chronicle Of HOPE -10

It is a beautiful day....
There can be miracles,if you believe...
When all hope is gone...


Dear Stella,

I am happy to write you. I hoped that i would write you when i give birth to my baby but then the story changed.

I am a regular blog visitor, but i rarely comment. You can write in red to ask me to comment. I will put it  into consideration. 

I don't know where to start. When i was young and naive, i was raped like a chicken. I couldn't tell my parents because they won't believe me. It was a close relative.  I practically got tutored by my friends, uncles, aunties  as my parents were busy hustling to  make us comfortable. Now that i am older, i get why. But my kids will be under my watchful eyes. The devil is usually within. I learnt the hard way.  I was pregnant and had to abort the baby. I almost died from guilt because in my heart it was murder. For years i couldn't move on. I was depressed, angry & sad. I withdrew from a bubbly child to just a sad girl.

I made my husband suffer when he chased me back in the days, but when i opened up to him, my life became better and he made my faith in God stronger.  But i never really forgot. I married my husband after 7 years, i got pregnant 2 months into the marriage. It was not planned as we wanted to wait for 2 years before a child.  

The day i went to the doctor because i became suddenly sick and my feet was swollen, i thought something was wrong with my kidney or liver because a friend who had kidney issue had swollen feet. When the doctor said i should do a PT i told him i was not preggy as i don't feel preggy. When the result came out, it was positive. The doctor will not forget me in a hurry i bet!  Because i wailed not cried. I wailed so much till i was breathing heavily. I couldn't explain how i got pregnant.  I was grateful that God took pity on me. I never forgave myself for what i did. I was going to carry a child. It was a testimony, unbelievable!

Everything was fine, i felt great, until the 15th week, i took a pee and their was blood. I freaked out, because from my reading, i could miscarriage or the baby stays. When we got to the hospital, i was sent for scan where the really emotionless doctor said 'your baby stopped growing at 9 weeks' it felt like my world paused for a lifetime. I couldn't believe it. I was told to evacuate. I went home a total emotional wreck, i couldn't believe i was walking round with a dead child. But my tummy was big. I couldn't explain how it happened. was it something i ate, did i walk into something.

I feel terrible about the loss of our baby, i am scared, i don't know what could have happened and the doctor couldn't tell why it happened. My sis in-law kept saying it happens. But why did it happen to me? 

For people looking forward to having the fruit of the womb, don't tarry, your miracle is on the way. Touch your tummy and begin to prophesy good. I am resuming at work  still an emotional wreck inside., Smile so bright, heels will definitely be on fleek.  I am holding steadfast to God that he will not take me where his grace won't shield me as his thoughts for me are of good and not evil to give expected end and the next time i write the blog family, good news galore. :).   

Warm regards,

P:S please keep the beggy beggy post, i hate to call it that.. You have touched lives with that singular act of kindness. It feels great to be able to help people at their point of needs. Don't stop it! 

Awwwww Simi,you are such a strong woman.your words of encouragement to others is such an inspiration.God has given you peace of mind,thats why.God bless you and thank you for sharing your story.



Hi Stella.....Well my story is one that shows that the stone thr builders rejected could 1 day become the chief corner stone...

My academic journey started with 1  word....FAILURE...

from a young age  I was always at the bottom of the class..everyone complained and compared me to my siblings who were much wiser, so naturally I grew up feeling that I  was born dull.....When I was in SS1 I failed again and upon entering my parents room, I overheard my Dad say he wasnt surprised cos I was naturally a dull child....that broke me down and I cried my eyes out believing that he was right...

well my WAEC came and I made my papers except for Maths(i have always hated it)...My parents insisted I go back to Seconadry sschool again....

it was highly embarrassing, going back to school everyday, I lost all my friends, people mocked me endlessly....I would go to the library and bury my head in books and tears, always wondering why God would bother creating a "dull child"....but God had other plans...
While people in my new school mocked me, I kept reading and depending on God....finally WAEC came again and the nite to the Maths exam I couldnt sleep...solved all to the exam hall and the invigilator insisted on money for expo...

I had planned to depend solely on God, so I along with 3 others refused and  d invigilator showed us PEPPER (took our papers before time and all)....
At the end of it all, I came out with the BEST WAEC RESULT in the schools entire history ( still unbeaten) with countless A's and a few B's...

Today i am studying law and i am a 1st class student about to finish, my peers ask me how I do it and say that i am naturally intelligent, I just smile cos they dont know the whole story .....THERE is hope for any1 who  believes what God says rather than what Man says...God can change any1's story or situation, just believe in Him.
Thanx a lot Stella for this amazing platform, God bless you.

Wow,your story is a miracle!Well done and let us know when you graduate so that we can celebrate you.


  1. Poster one thank God for u its a miracle u are still breathing most people with such experience died am telling u God has greater plans for u...

    1. Poster 1, I miscarried my first baby too and yes, the doctor was also emotionless about it. It hurt like no tomorrow, my menstrual period became irregular. The doctor gave me contraceptives to regularise it but I something told me not to take it so I didn't. I got preggy after 2 months surprisingly. Waiting for my bundle of joy soon, this one is not stressing me, no issues @ all. Just hold on to God, all will be well.

    2. Poster 1, this faith of yours is that of Daniel. Great faith!!! I pray that your baby will be alive again, nothing is impossible for him. Its well.

      Poster 2, congratulations. Your hard work contributed dear and keep it up, the sky is your starting point!!!

      Diminishing yourself to attain certain things simply says you are not worthy of it.

  2. Wow....@ first poster...God will replace ur lost baby, 2nd poster......God is indeed faithful

  3. Pls where is the hope in chronicle one?
    Her baby died. I thot she will say she has given birth now. Anyway it is well. The devil that thought he has stolen your joy by stealing your baby will be shocked when God blesses you with twins.

    1. As far as she is alive, there's hope.

    2. Na wa Bruno!!! Help me ask o!!! Smtcheeeeeeewwwww!!!!

    3. @poster1 : soon and very soon,u shall testify 2 d goodness of God.
      Don't worry, God got plans for u.
      @poster2 : so happy for you

  4. Who read na em serious who pas na him kmowbook poster 1 hmm u mean u didn't even notice abnormality in your body til the doc said So thank God u are a life

  5. Chronicle two am excited for you. Yours is a case of better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof
    Congrats on ur LLB

  6. N1- Consider it pure joy, whenever u face trials of many kinds, because u know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. -Jame 1:2

    N2- I've Realised something's in life and here they are;

    Looking Back makes you smart.
    Looking forward, makes you mature.
    Looking down, makes you wise.
    But Looking UP, makes you strong.

    .NOTE: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice. It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder..

  7. my testimony shall b greater dan urs tru Christ Jesus...... Amen

    1. Wow!
      That's kinda selfish!

      Greater testimonies when you are not ready to rejoice over the one you already heard

  8. mehn. Today's chronicles are overtly far from the word perfect. I bless God for u both.

    Thank u BV's for all una correct wishes. Ive been totally busy with important stuffs. I just finished for the week. Lol.. God bless y'all. BitchPlis that ur barber no be for here oo. Lol.
    Thank u too Aunt stella for posting. God bless Y'all

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  10. Congrats p2
    U studied hard,thats all.

    Chromosomal abnormalities can cause it!
    Be cheerful,try.
    Give oga palmwine tapping
    Another belle go enter,
    U will carry to term
    Happy bumping in advance.

  11. I believe I will make wonderful things with my hands
    To see an awesome neckpiece (beaded fur)

  12. Sorry poster 1. I know, understand and feel everything you are going through. I had a miscarriage exactly two weeks ago today and I must say it is one of the most devastating things I have ever experienced emotionally.
    Knowing that it happens to a lot of women is no consolation at all. I keep on blaming myself, thinking of what I could have done to prevent it.
    Iphie dearie, it is I, your pregnant anon bv.

    1. God will replenish what you have lost. Just believe!

    2. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Oh nooooooooooo this, you will be fine!
      You are fruitful!
      Soon you and poster 1 will take in again..
      Don't let the devil put fear in you!

      Oh! Am not supposed to be so sad,it is not encouraging.. hmmmmm. What can I say?
      You can always send me a mail dear.
      Questions,anything...I will share my little experience..

    3. It happened to me after my first issue. Was soooo heartbreaking. But God was just too faithful. He blessed me with two other pregnancies. Hold on ladies. Your miracle is loading real soon

  13. Dts a great story. N1 just trust in God bc babies will come until u say God am ok with these ones. N2 I wish u all d best.

  14. poster 1

    life and death are in the power of the tongue.

    we should be careful what we wish for.

    you wailed when you found out you were pregnant? why???

    because you planned not to till after two years?

    sadly, the devil stole that opportunity and struck!

    we should be careful what we wish for.

    I thank God for you. there is light at the end of every tunnel, we can only pray hard that its not a train coming.

    1. Sweerie,i think she wailed because she could not believe she would take in after her past.. Probably that feeling of disbelief and thanksgiving...

    2. Oh well...
      It seemed to me she wailed cos she wasn't ready. Cos she said they had planned not to have a baby till the next two years.
      It made me believe prolly she wasn't happy with the fact that she got preggy so early.

    3. Oh well..
      I read it to mean that she wasn't ready for kids since she said they didn't plan to till after two years.
      Maybe I got it wrong.
      Madam sorry.

  15. I celebrate the both of you. God has not finished with u. He is just starting. The world will marvel @ the greatness in you.
    Poster1 soonest u will birth twins.

    1. Amen in Jesus name....God will perfect everything


    2. I say a big Amen to that!!! It will end in praise dearies ������

  16. Awwwww.great stories especially the 2nd poster.
    May you continually grow in Gods wisdom and exell always in jesus name

  17. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    God never forgets his people thats for sure...

  18. Bloglord, there's light at the end off every tunnel, we can only pray hard that it's not a train coming. Now that's some serious WORD.

  19. Poster1, the Lord will console u soon.

    Poster2, I am so happy for u.

  20. Congratulations in adv to both of u, God blessings

  21. God will handle ur case N1.
    N2 You will be great.

  22. Poster1:God will give you a baby that will stay.had the same experience but lost mine @32weeks while the baby had stop growing at 25 weeks.I know that sad feeling,it doesn't go away.even after 3yrs and two lovely boys I still think about my baby and feel very sad.And to think that the doctors couldn't explain what caused it is more heart is well.

  23. Dear Simi, have you really mourned (fasted) for the baby/babies you murdered? If you lost your baby; like in the last one, do you eat that day, the next, next two etc. . .Did you not read in Exodus 1 that the Lord honored the Hebrew women who refused to "abort" the babies at the delivery stool by giving them families of their own? It is not a question of "I can't forgive myself"; you hurt someone and that's God who created that soul you murdered, it is before him that you humble yourself and ask for forgiveness; he alone can forgive you.

    Don't you also see that you started on a porous foundation; having sex before your bride price was paid.

    1. Who is this????????????????
      Are you God?
      God's Spokeswoman/man?
      You want to put fear into this young lady abi?
      Please learn to communicate better,with empathy and sensitivity!!

    2. Pls who's this mad one?!

    3. Dearest anon, i know you mean well. But ask her first if she has forgiven herself. From her comments, its obvious she has a close relationship with God therefore she would have already obtained mercy before the throne of grace. Pls lets not use our over righteous spirikoko attitude to kill people. We are no better than she is.
      She wailed not she didn't want kids, but because she didn't think her womb could ever bear because of her past. That alone shows how sorry she was. Pls don't nail her back to the cross of her past. Leave that to God. No offense biko, just my opinion.

      poster1, a new chapter has been opened for you, He will bless you more than you ever imagined.

    4. You rily should clap 4 urself on being a certified moron

    5. OMG! U made me comment. Lol

    6. Thank God you are not God. He is full of mercy and grace. Haven't you seen a person who married as a virgin and never bore a child? Haven't you seen a person with 3 or more abortions who he blessed with kidssss? His ways are not our way. He does what he pleases. You can never understand him. Please go and sit down with your judgmental self. You have not reached heaven yet.

    7. Dear anonymous 16:06, thank God for the blood of Jesus which supersedes every other blood, including the blood of the innocent. As long as Simi has prayed for forgiveness and has repented, Jesus has dumped her sin of abortion into the sea of forgetfulness. Fasting and praying now for what has been wiped away by the Blood of Jesus years ago, is double jeopardy and the gross misunderstanding of God's grace already made sufficient for us. 

      I think your position is doctrinal. Do you really think you can win God's grace by working for it? All the righteousness in this world put together are like filthy rages. God said He will show mercy to whom He will. That's not to say we all should throw caution into the wind because God's Grace abounds because that may rob you of making Heaven. There are some people whom we judge with our carnal minds as not being deserving of grace but God rules otherwise. A prostitute may repent, get married and start shooting our babies yet, a 33 year old spirit filled virgin may get married for 5 years without get pregnant once.

      The Hebrew women had the grace of painless and quick delivery. They didn't have the exclusive mandate to reproduce. The mandate to reproduce was placed by God on all women during creation. ‎

      I'm not endorsing premarital sex but the theory you've conjured from it is defective. If we are to be judged by your theory, a lot of us would be barren now and in the world to come. Premarital sex, like other sins, ha‎s its repercussions but miscarriages aren't a definite punishment.

      Before the ultimate Sacrifice on the Cross, people atoned for their sins by inflicting pain and suffering on themselves and offering blood sacrifices so they felt pious and deserving of forgiveness. All that is obsolete because Jesus paid for all our sins and was cursed so we may be free from curses, whether causeless or not. We, humans, are so unforgiving and easily get provoked by other people's actions we don't agree with. So, we use our limited understanding to judge how we perceive God judges "sinners". The only problem with this abundant Grace is people may get carried away and may miss Heaven but they lived their lives on earth covered by grace. ‎

  24. WOW. God is in control and a wonderful God

  25. Hope indeed!
    God will perfect ur testimonies.

    *Rmn blessed*

  26. As I am typing now I'm just annoyed. My brother in law and his wife are living a lavish lifestyle here in the US and are always begging for money. They both aren't working for some reason. They are ALWAYS asking for a loan. This february alone they have asked for 6000 meanwhile the other brother also has been owing us now almost 2 years and doesn't even saying anything about the money.

    I think my BiL married the babe because she gave him the impression that her family was rich. But to me no show because they always borrowing . I don't kno what to do. I'm just confused because they will keep asking and adding to the debt they already have with us.. They gave us a month they will pay periodically with the hope that they will get a job. Meanwhile the wife will be chatting with me on BBM as if nothing happened- she will still be forming. Meanwhile when my husband went to their state they didn't even have groceries in their fridge. I don't know what to do o- I'm getting tired of it!!!!

  27. Poster 1,D good Lord is ur strength soon u wl birth ur twins...@ poster 2 am happyyy for uuuuu,,God is faithful

  28. Poster two your story got me crying cos am wearing that same shoe now and i knw how it pitch. Presently have lost a friend that means alot to me cos i was unable to gain admission into uniuyo.
    I know how it feels to be constantly bully verbally bicos d pple around you think you are a dullard. Am still waiting for a day i will share my own testimony.

  29. Poster 1: ur babies r on d way...u r having triplets soon so just get ready.
    Poster 2: so happy 4 u
    It's no longer marriage stories, thank God.

  30. Poster 2 i can relate to your story cos i had a similar experience growing up. I would say i was an average student initially then one day, our test results came out and I had 7 over 15. It was fine and applied arts, i was in form 1. The male teacher looked at me and said something that changed my life forever. He said 'you are just fine for nothing' Well that was the last time I had that kind of score. I slept and woke up inside my books lol. My parents begged me to stop reading so much. I became so good,everyone wanted to sit with me during CAT or exams. My essay's stayed on d notice board cos it was that good. One time i had 98 percent in geography and the teacher said he just couldn't give me a 100percent although i got all the questions right and did excellently well in the theory part of the exam. Kikikikiki. I was happy. I excelled. I was writing GCE when waec result came out....i had all A's save for maths. Had to stop writing GCE. Some of us just need the push.

  31. Poster 1: as long as you have life, there is hope. Poster two, most people that start off dull in school, especially early school years end up well. Not all oh. Those that recognize that they need that constant push and maybe a little bit of insult abi I go call am yab. Had a friend like that in school. Thick olodo then, but in Uni, she made a first class in her department. Now a great artist sef.

  32. #1. My darling, I presume I know a little about the grief of suffering a miscarriage because I had a miscarriage too before God blessed me with an angel and made my joy boundless by blessing me with another, 5 years later. 

    Some doctors get desensitized from years of dealing with all sorts of horrendous ailments and medical mishaps. When you've spent years watching some of your patients die on you and having to explain why and how it happened to the distraught family members, telling a pregnant woman that the pregnancy is no longer viable, is virtually like a walk in the park for them. You suffered the loss so not many people can feel your pain, they may empathise but you're the only one who really knows the pain. Some miscarriages defy medical  explanations but it is generally believed that a miscarriage is nature's way of eliminating a defective foetus that will suffer some deformities if carried to full term. Of course there are also other reasons why miscarriages occur but this is the most common explanation. 

    Sweetheart, you have to let go of your past by confronting the traumatic issues you faced, you have to deal with them one at a time. Fear and negative thoughts affect the physical body too. If you keep harbouring negative and fearful thoughts, you inadvertently draw what you fear closer to you. God is merciful and He swiftly ‎forgives transgressions immediately you beg for forgiveness and are contrite. You are having a hard time forgiving yourself so your mind plays tricks on you making you believe that God feels exactly how you feel but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Pray to God to heal your broken spirit and set your free from self inflicted bondage because you've been set free long ago but your guilt still holds you captive.

    I strongly believe you will get pregnant again and hold your bundle(s) of joy in your arms. It hurts now but you'll get over it by God's grace. Keep hope alive and take it one day at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed. That you could even conceive it's a good sign, it shows you can always get pregnant a 2nd time. I pray God opens windows of blessings to wipe away your despair. ‎
    #e-bearhugs. ‎

  33. Poster 1, Abba father will do it in his own time, keep ur faith high. Poster 2, ur story is almost d same like mine. Wrote my waec 22yrs , failed woefully, got only 2 C ' s and p's, hmm when I got d result I td my parents dt there was a mix up somewhere certainly sure dt wasn't my result ' Hahaha ' how I fooled myself, my parents wouldn't take dt s**t from me, I was demoted 2 classes down, so shameful I was in d same class with my younger sister . I felt the world has ended for me. Along d line my G C E results came out, I got 5 c ' s including d core subjects needed 4 admission, but my father wouldn't take dt, he doesn't believe in G C E.I had to put in my all, d current s s3 students then were consulting me to solve past questions for them, bc my story was all over d sch, waec exam came and i made all A's, except math where I had a B. Today am an English graduate, to d glory of God. You re not alone I hv plied dt route.

  34. God is still God, He will bless you with a better gift.

    #2 Congrats dear


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