Stella Dimoko OAP Freeze Exclusive Interview On Why His Marriage Crashed.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

OAP Freeze Exclusive Interview On Why His Marriage Crashed.

For a while Now OAP Freeze has been using his social media handle to talk about his marriage that crashed.
On Sunday he put something on his social media handle that caused his estranged wife Ope Olarinde to put out a press release asking to be left alone.
Freeze has finally opened up on why his marriage crashed and all the drama that ensued.
Read the interview....

Freeze and estranged wife Ope

1 -Freeze this interview means a lot to me  and a lot of other people who used to have a lot of respect for you but lost it becos of your ongoing ISH with your ex i am going to ask you questions directly and without mincing words.I would also appreciate direct answers even if you have to cuss me out.

Why have you repeatedly called out your estranged wife Ope via your social media handles?Why Freeze?why?why are you so angry?bitter?Why did you go online to call her an adulteress?Do you have proof of your accusations and if yes can you tell me a little about this proof?

- I am not perfect, not even near, but I will not take blame for a crime I didn't commit and won't allow my name to be destroyed by this woman. Ope was raised by a single mother who had seven children from three different fathers. Everyone discouraged the relationship pointing out her mother's situation and warning me that this might lead to a character flaw in Ope but what did I know?
 I was in love. By the time I understood the enormity of the damage done to her by her upbringing, it was already too late and she was pregnant with our first child. I decided to get married to Ope turning a deaf ear to numerous warnings of the consequences of such an action.

 From the first year of marriage I started seeing her true character. She talked without any respect whatsoever and would fight me and hurl curses like a market woman, while saying to me "it is better I curse you and hit you than for GOD to strike you!" My parents have been married for 40years and I believe that divorce should never be an option. So I endured the violence. 

Adultery is one of the most difficult things to prove but if a married woman keeps late nights, has unwholesome friends, comes home tipsy regularly and she makes calls to strange men at ungodly hours within her husbands home eyebrows will definitely be raised. There was this one time I went to the UK for work. I sent my assistant with a cheque to my house at midnight and she wasn't home,she had dropped the kids with my sister and disappeared into the night! 

What about the time she saved a mans number under her female friends name  sometime in 2007 and we had a huge fight about it, leading me to almost end the marriage at that time. It has never been my intention to call her out on social media and if you remember clearly I avoided making any comment initially since it's an embarrassing situation for both of us and the children already, however she is hellbent on destroying everything I stand for just to make herself look good. This has left me with no other option than to speak the truth!

2- I saw the pictures you released online yesterday of your bloodied face,what happened?who beat you up blue black and why?

Ope beat me up black and blue. I have received beatings from someone who was supposed to be my better half and a weaker vessel for little or no provocation. I was once attacked physically while on the phone with one of my biggest clients and the client listened through the attack that left me badly injured. 
Several of my friend have witnessed her attacks. She is a very jealous and possessive person and believes the best way to stop a man from cheating is to embarrass him before any potential threat. 

She is also very insecure as a result of her upbringing and is suspicious of everyone and everything.

3 -We read a lot from comment sections where stories of both of you are posted but i am asking you directly now,why did your marriage crash and why couldn't you as a man save it?

My marriage crashed like 6 or 7 years ago. In her bid to have absolute control Ope severed ties with my family. She created such a hostile environment that my family avoided visiting as much as possible. In order for me to have a happy home I had to do as she pleased or else all hell would be let loose. I wasn't the perfect husband myself making a few mistakes here and there but I always believed we could work on our issues if we stuck together. 

The straw that finally broke the camels back for me was when she lashed out at my mother, attempting to slap her in the presence of my father and I because my mother dared question her coming home at 11.30pm leaving the children without dinner. 

To me that was the highest form of insult a man could ever take and I felt I had failed my family if that was the best daughter-in-law I could provide for them. I still stayed on in the marriage for the sake of the kids but my heart and soul had departed.

Even after she packed out of our matrimonial home I tried to send my sister after her to plead with her just for the sake of the children but she refused. Like 6months before she packed out she changed jobs to her present company Seadrill limited without even informing me. I found out because her ID changed and up until today I don't know where that company is. 

4 - It is alleged that you have a new family...a baby mama who is still married with four other children who happens to have contributed to your marriage crash....If it is not too much to ask can you please explain this?And please while you are at it,tell me when you saw your kids last.

 Yes I am in a relationship but let me squash the rumor. she is not an older woman, she is a lot younger than I am and she does not have four children. I didn't start dating her until three or four months after Ope deserted our matrimonial home leaving me in a severe state of depression. She has been wonderful to me, gave me a shoulder to cry on and picked me up from the mess I was in. 

My family adore her and her family is really cool with me and I am praying to GOD that she will be my last bus stop. Ope has prevented me from seeing my kids for over a year now. I remember picking my son up from school last year and she drove to my house with thugs in her car, barricaded my gate and started screaming to attract the neighbours that I wanted to kidnap her son.

5-  I am sure that at one point you must have loved your wife dearly.I don't know how you feel about her right now and i wont ask but i need to know if you are looking for closure and if you need counselling?

Yes, I loved her but that was a very long time ago. Her destructive spirit killed the love a long time ago. It grew to anger, hatred, bitterness and my current state of indifference towards her. She had a friend that was kicked out of her marriage because she was caught with juju.

 This same friend made sure that she ended OPE'S marriage and I am leaving that friend to GOD! I suffered so much in the hands of this woman I was so depressed that I was almost suicidal. A friend of mine advised me to go into sports to maintain my sanity but I absolutely detest sports. 

The only sport I can tolerate is Formula1. I went to watch a race and Oris watches were advertised so I bought one. I had always loved watches but on a much smaller scale. I started with brands like Oris, Tissot, Rado and Raymond Weil then I graduated to the bigger dogs. I used to stay up all night researching on wristwatches and searching for the best service centre etc What started as a hobby to battle my depression has fast become my greatest passion!

I am over this relationship with Ope, I wish her all the best in life as I have long  moved on. I have an amazing woman in my life and a couple of weeks ago we were blessed with an adorable son! 

I use this as a medium to beg her to allow me access to our children something she has totally denied me for over one year! She should be advised to be careful with the kind of accusations she makes because they could ultimately be damaging to the reputation of her children's father. I never draw first blood, I have always reacted to what she did never the other way round.
This is my closure,i don't need any counselling.

Thank you for this interview,I wish you all the best.

Thank you too!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm sorry but I don't believe this rubbish this "feezer" guy just spewed.

      What has her background got to do with the issues you both have?
      I know we are products of our environments but if she was that bad, why did you even marry her in the first place?

      Can you freeze swear that you have never cheated on your wife?
      Can you swear you tried to make your marriage work?
      Can you beat your chest and swear you were a good husband?

      Shame on you man for not being man enough to organise your home.

      You don't even have a proof she cheated.
      All the instances you gave are just mere speculations.
      Did it occur to you she was doing some of the things she did to get back at you?
      Did it occur to you the late nights might be deliberate to make you jealous?

      ....and who asked you about your damn watches?
      Spare us that bull crap!

      Enjoy your time with your small Ashawo.
      Her cup go soon full and it will be unto the next one as usual.

    2. There's the court if you really want to see your children. Nobody can stop you from seeing them. It's just a lame excuse for being an absentee dad. You will fight with everything you have to see your kids if you really want to. But you have a new family now and it's easier to start afresh not so? Pls spare us the bla bla bla.

    3. Attention seeking man...
      For the record you can ask anyone that has ever worked with CoolFm....They will that @Freeze is a womaniser and a wife beater

      He sleeps with anything... Even if Na "ghost" or broom wear skirt and put Tiro for eyes,@Freeze will sleep with...And that he even molest underage by chat raping them and collecting their pics to Wank on.. Is another thing

      There was a day that @Freeze abi Na Deep Freezer did not come home...and the wife had to go to to look for him...that was around 2:am oo.

      I must that @Ope really endured this so called marriage....She wanted the marriage to work....But Mbanu....Mr Freezer refused..

      This Guy is so fake as fake itself.... Imaging him,still living in a house rented to him by CoolFm management.... One Kolobo boys squatter like that....

      So,when ever I see him.write about #5m wrist watch... I just Smh at his advanced Stupidity

      I know as will come under evey comment.and Wank on it......come

      I sidon here dey wait for u

      Shame no dey your eye at all

      @Ope, Abeg dey dance Shakitibobo because God don butter your bread

      Good riddance


    4. Why seek 4 so much attention Mr man?
      Y are you doing everything possible to bring her down and make her look bad.
      Y not find succour and move on!
      Is she the the first woman 2 have cheated on her husband?
      Have you been faithful through out the time you were with her?
      Gosh, this man is dis woman old man.

    5. I really hate how he's blaming everything on her "upbringing". It's just wrong. Why use it against her? That's super tacky Freeze, even for you!

    6. Ope, Please keep quiet and continue to watch this fool

    7. Mr deep freezer, if she ws dt bad why did u try to plead with her to come bk wen she left ur home? Oni iro jati jati

    8. Galore,I see you boo!

      LMAO @.Advanced stupidity.

    9. He has said noting. Still seeking attention and pity *not interested*

    10. He started talking about watches hahahahahah. This man sha. Get a life pls. You were depressed and 4 months later u could chase another lady? Pls u need to know the real meaning of depression.

    11. Genny la baby. What kind of woman makes her husband jealous by staying out late? Talking to men on the phone at night? Trying to hit his mum. If tables were turned around you would curse the man out. Freeze endured the highest level of disrespect from the so called marriage. I thank God for your freedom bro.

    12. Omg! Dis excuse of a man is sick!!

    13. Pls don't chose sides based on gender. Be very objective when yu make contribution. Research the facts and don't just conclude because yua a guy or woman. Pls stick with the fact.

    14. This is just unacceptable!!
      Should we then conclude based on Mr Freeze's analysis about her mum having kids from different fathers that children who find themselves in this situation should die single and don't deserve to get married or find love since they are from broken homes or were raised by single parents???

      Honestly, I don't care who cheated or who did what.Freeze, Google the word " court" , read and understand Cuz you seem not to know why the courts exist.

      Take her to court you ninny and stop ranting like an unstable are supposed to be educated.Stop being selfish, think of your kids, think with your head, this bitterness and vendetta will not solve Nada.

      Guess what? The truth is at the end of the day, nobody cares about your travails and tales of woe.People will only awwh and move on, the joke is on you guys.You think you are hurting and shaming her but you are actually hurting your kids.

      Grow up boy and get a grip of yourself!!


    15. First line i read i know evil will befall freeze, what has brought up by a single monther got to do with it? We are only hearing his own. If i were Ope i would not respond. Now you have mafe your children single parents brought up. I know Freeze type very stupid fool. God punish you

    16. This confirms he was the bad person in the marriage. Why are you still bitter, you have moved on by having another relationship and we wont have heard of your problems if not you posting on social media. She beat a loud mouth like you and you folded your hands, story!!! She obviously fought back. You havent seen your kids, is that the hallmark of a responsible man ? She fought your mother, hehehee some in laws are worth beating up. In marriage it takes two to work it out. I am sure Ope has her issues as well but if we were to use a scale this man own go tip the scale. I am sure she is justified for not telling you she is changing her job as you just put it out there with no control. Foolish man. This interview did not help your case

    17. I believe d guy die, woman b civil for future sake.

  2. No woman attacks a man that isn't doing something wrong, ranging from cheating to destroying her selfworth. Well, he just said what he's supposed to say...we don't expect him to put his contribution to the whole crisis out there.

    On the other hand, the woman overdid a lot of things, if Freeze's side of the story is true. Attempting to slap her MIL? Ahah!

    Nma's Blog 

    1. Exactly...
      So what is this freezer trying to say?...that he is innocent abi?...biko go and lick your wound...
      Am sure he was cheating on Ope and Ope has to enjoy her self too...
      You don't expect her to grow HBP because she is married to a toy boy who can't keep his dick...
      What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander...

      Women of these days should have something doing so you can move on easily with your life if your husband start misbehaving...

    2. You myopic really, I live in US and I date a lady who constantly hits me, she's broken my ps4, poured liquid milk into the gas compactment of my car and many more, I've also had to call the cops on her a couple of times too lol, I'm way bigger than her i go to the gym a lot too so don't think its cos am a weakling it's just not in me to hit a lady plus I don't want jail time...ask me why I'm still in the relationship I have no idea, probably you get too comfortable and used to a particular situation to leave, so it's very possible to be in an abusive relationship not because u did anything but prolly she insecure or naturally crazy.. In our modern society it's seen as absurd or wicked for a guy to hit a lady but when a lady does same it's okay right? Common tell me something new

    3. If it was a man dat is abusive,would u say d same thing?....when d foundation is shaky,what can d righteous do?. Dis is why it's important to look at d family ur BF/gf Is from before takin it to anoda level...if ur parents r not together,sorry it can't work between us.

    4. My dear,attacking or getting physical never resolves anything.So if you find out your husband or bf is cheating,you'll attack them?Odiegwu really!


    5. Common go and sit on a dust bin. All women are faultless . I pity the man that will marry you.

    6. He now started blabbing about watches. Foolish freeze.

    7. Why is he emphasizing on ope's upbringing. The marriage isn't working he shud move on already. Enough of his drama abeg.

    8. Helga one of the ufondu girls is an abusive lady. I was told how she normal throws her ex's phones and other gadgets on the floor and smashing them... she slaps him too but he always hits her back harder.. wonder if any man she marries will cope, always slapping guys

    9. Dont mind him any excuse to talk abot his watches as if i care. Move on already.

    10. Bitchplis plz give urself some good tutorials about "if ur parents aren't together " talk..... D way u pple who think u know it all blab, it beats me... And no, am not a product of a broken marriage.... Freeze shouldn't use her upbringing against her... I keep saying it, once a man, always a man. Tell a man anything about ur family or past in trust, and u just made d topic trendy...

    11. Julit Nwanne he just couldnt hide the VAIN side of freeze! lol

    12. Why is it that men who are often promiscuous and are women beaters, always claim that they were abused by their wives while they watched and did nothing? Ex, John Fashanu..that's how he also claimed he was the victim of an adultress and an aggressive woman. Is this common with showbiz men or what?

      I'm not exonerating the women here o, they may have done all the men have claimed. But when the men claim absolute innocence it infuriates me. See how flawless this dude made himself appear, that u could almost hunt the Ope down and finish her. Na wa.

    13. My ex MIL would have deserved several slaps. A woman who encouraged her sons to hit their wives because according to her they're not her daughters.

    14. Your gf doesn't have 4 kids. Lol.
      Maybe she has 5 then.
      And u had to talk about d damned wristwatches. You're not OK.

  3. I like women that beat men. Kai i will go and learn karate oo.
    Freeze you allow your wife to beat you like that. I dont believe it. so it means you are a short man or what.

    sorry for what you are going through. Leave Ope alone and face your new girlfriend or wife. enough is enough. we are tired of hearing he said, she said and they said.

    it is not adding money to my pocket.

    1. So many loopholes in his story. Buh wat do I care? Horny af
      *dat messed up silly girl*

    2. First sentences got me in stitches! I pictured yokozuna... hehhehhhhehee

  4. Replies
    1. Let all man from henceforth answer his/her papa name...but ope should allow him access to d kids.

    2. "A single mother with 7children from 3 different men" Mr Freezer plz was this statement really necessary? And Why r u so stupid? Gosh!! Look here man We really dnt give a damn about u. Infact i hate u more now for this stupidity u made of ur self all in tje name of interview.
      Get a life already plz.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh wowww hmmmmmm. They both know what we don't, d truth is still sitting somewhere deep down in dem. Marriage can b dat complicated, it takes wisdom and grace from above to sail through. I wish both parties peace.

  6. Sdk doing her job like she does!

    The marriage ended over six years ago,so how is he all salty now? Why hasn't he movedon? Why point out the fact that her mum had 7 children for three different men? that was downright nasty!

    Freeze is still a shameless talkactive to me whether she abused him or not.
    Stop talking and live your life.

    1. Pot n kettle

    2. Thank u Chi. This man is so annoying.

    3. The crazy man even told her to mind his reputation. She hasn't said anything about Freeze derogatory on social media. He has a child now, so move on dammit

    4. Don't mind him .... And he just had to mention his good for nothing that one take relate ???

  7. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said..
    Go to court and sue her fucking ass freeze bcos we so believe yu and am sure yu will win the custody of ur kids thats a fact.... wicked woman and her eyes says it all....

    1. Why do I believe Freeze?

    2. I don't think he wants custody ,just visitation rights .. Freeze has no time to train those kids

  8. Right from the onset i've believed Freeze

  9. Boo hoo! Freeze
    I don't believe this rubbish called interview
    You claim not perfect but all I see is you saying she did all the wrongs.
    You be Jesus ni? Wey no commit sin.
    Learn to let the sleeping dog lie and move the hell on.
    Stop crying like a spoilt child oops I meant man.

    1. So freeze wife dey beat ham...d pictures is all over d net....

    2. So she was this authoritative and hated by your siblings yet she could drop the kids in your sisters house to go and prostitute
      And how did going to watch formula1and wristwatch enter the matter
      And how come you can go and have a child with a married woman like your wife,or do you just have a thing for prostitutes

  10. What a sad story.take heart.

    1. The story sef tire me....I refuse to comment after this post

      Anything post about this Mr Deep Freezer....I go waka pass

      So...stop sounding like the victim by commenting here and sounding so self righteous

      I don't care

      Thank God @Ope is a working class Lady....she will take care of her kids

      Because as far as I am concerned, you are one Dubious Man @Freezer


    2. Must this guy look for a way to talk about his wrist watches kai!!!!

      All his accusations of adultery are speculations.
      Bia freeze, sorry but ijiro okwu!

      Free advice: you talk too much!

  11. Why did Freeze bring up the fact that Ope's mother has 7 children with 3 different men?That was so no necessary!
    If he wishes her well,moved on and have an amazing woman in his life now,why is he busy cussing her out on social media and damaging her reputation?
    I don't know or care about what actually happened between them but Freeze should shut up and move on already,he's begining to sound like the guilty one here!

    1. D thing about her mum's very important info thx

    2. Yea, that part was totally unnecessary.

    3. Exactly my dear. What's our business with Ope's mum having kids for different men? Frezze you talk too much and no woman can stay with you. I don't believe all these nonsense u said.

    4. Abi o...only a man who is looking for any excuse will use a woman's background and morher against her. He is a silly brat money he is using to buy his yeye top dog wayches he could use to pay jis children's school fees! Oloshiiiiiiii shiyorŕrrŕ

    5. That's not unnecessary o. Having children from different men, children from broken homes, children from polygamy, children from homosexual homes, children from abusive homes etc. Na only God fit help such children including me not to exhibit funny characters in their own homes. All in all, children from Godless homes need prayers to survive the after effect in their own homes. This thing is like a spirit!

    6. He is just grasping at straws. See how he just opened her mothers yansh....who asked him?

      Talked about wrist watches when the interview was about his failed marriage...abeg who asked him??
      The guy na Opohere

    7. I hope the new baby mama knows that this is what he will do to her, when he is done with her.
      Sharing family secrets ur wife told u in confidence. Embarrassing her whole family. SMH

    8. Bringing that up now shows how abusive he was to the poor lady. He must have tormented her emotionally and taunted her with it while they were together. Its been 6yrs and he is still bullying her online. May God help his current woman!

      Observer Nowamagbe

    9. That's what happens when you yarn too much in the name of love. All in the name of I tell my husband everything about me. Now he has used it against her and publicly. Rubbish

    10. Not every child from a broken home has issues.

      I think that submission is wrong.I have few friends from broken homes who are well mannered and OK.They are married.

      Everybody deserves a chance irrespective of their upbringing or childhood.Get to know the person and the family then you have an objective opinion.

      I know someone from a polygamous home who is faithful , responsible and cannot afford to make the mistake his father about that?

      What will freeze do if he was from a broken or polygamous home?? Abegii.


  12. Stella, you didn't ask him if the beatings he received from his wife were as a result of her trying to defend herself as some comments insinuated on yesterday's post. Na question I ask ooo

    1. Stella, this is me duffing my hat to you for doing your job on point.
      You stand out among the rest...
      As for Freeze and his wife, i knew them way back when the going was good and that is why i am not making any comments because marriage is a very sensitive issue.
      I hope they both find Peace and Happiness in whatever decisions they make.
      It's not in my place to say this or that...
      The Lord is your strength.

  13. Replies
    1. now?

      Long read your comment here

      Na @Freeze matter bring u come out


  14. Well,d die is cast... Let them go their separate ways since d centre can no longer hold. But ope should allow him access to his kids.

  15. huh alot of blablablabla, just three months u left ur wife of many yrs, u start dating another person already to the extend of having a son within one year hmmmmm oOOOOoo! and u said u tried protecting ur family plsssssssss u dont have an excuse at all, since u have find love wish u luck mr freeze! let her b pls and enjoy ur new home while it last! different pple deal with problem in different ways i guess!

    1. New love in 3months... Shameless idiot...

  16. I don't understand how he veered into watch collection. All d same his plenty ranting on social media is totally unnecessary! He should get a grip, act like a man

    1. Lol.
      This boy man is just making me laugh.
      Wetin concern watches with your marriage crash ?
      You just had to show off your silly

      You talk too much.
      Her mother with three husbands blah blah.
      Chill, bro.
      Both of you cheated, it's glaring.
      They're both violent too.
      Freeze get off the social media and respect your old age.

    2. Oh,u noticed too?

      well,I think he just.used style to address d "Fake watch collector" tag...Lolz...

    3. No mind am na idiot. Woth him yellow fever bodi and cabin biscut mouth!

    4. That is ehn..
      the way the interview just meandered into love for wristwatch got me wondering if I missed a line somehow. No connection at all.

      Guy ask yourself some few home truth abeg

      You must have pushed this woman to the wall if truly she is acting this way.
      Stop using the fact that she was brought up by a single parent as an xcuse for whatever.

      Anywaz you both should go your seperate ways let us have peace. Enough of all this rubbish mudslinging namsense.

      If you both ain't got shame, at least borrow some for the kids. Enough!

    5. All this replies under peoples comments, hmmm una sure say no be Ope be this, decietful coward going under anonymous to cuss freeze.

    6. What I can deduce from his 'I know I made mistakes ' is he cheated and got mad when she retaliated

      He hit her and she fought back

      U keep painting yourself the saint freeze ..but if u died today and u were judged by the master , would u come out clean ? Be careful very careful . It's been 6 years ...six years is a very long time to be holding on to this , divorce yourselves and move on ; and try to be cordial for the sake of ur kids .

  17. Lagos is my home14 July 2015 at 16:30

    Dont knw who is right or wrong but i have met Ope and she is very rude and bitchy ......terrible character

    Whatever the case, he has a new relationship and new baby so please shut up already and face your work freeze

    1. They're both guilty of the same offences they are accusing each other of.

  18. Na wa!
    Divorce and seperation is always a very sensitive issue..
    Who do we believe now?
    Who is @ fault?who is telling the truth?who has the pants on fire?
    Am out biko!

    1. Who be u inside the matter?

    2. Freeze is the freaking liar..he is doing everything he can to tarnish the poor woman's image..he didn't fail to display his childishness by chipping in about his wristwatches.. Kid! Who asked you about your watches?.
      Open mother had seven children from three men.. And so what?you just had to bring her innocent mother into the matter..Grow up child! Grow up.

  19. ...So snoopers have seen that this @dictaelechi on twitter that freeze has been commenting on her pictures even before his wife moved out of his home is the new babe/madam. Can he get a life already and stop painting himself holy! You should have asked if he ever beat her to a state of being admitted in the hospital for days! Please ask him!

    1. She maybe stopped him from seeing d kids about a year ago because that was about d time d new baby was conceived...r u connecting d dots now smellos?

    2. Oh! D yughort making lady?'s now beginning to make sense to dats d new!

    3. Benedicta Elechi has forgotten that the cane we used in beating d 1st wife is at the back of the door for d 2nd wife. She get mind enter another woman's house. Ok here we go dey when he start with her too @dictaelechi on instagram

  20. Good job Stella. God bless you for this.

    Jesus is Lord.

  21. Oga freez, your damage control tactice is not working pls just park well .

  22. Hmmmm.....

    Ope you see yourself?

    1. @Mr Deep Freezer... I know u will be here to mark Present

      Shame no catch you?


    2. Hahhahahahahaahhahahahahhahhahahahhhahahahahaahhahhahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahaha.. Coming from our very own galore, I believe!!!

  23. Who do we believe now
    Next interview,the wife Pls

  24. Hmmmmmmm

    I am not holding court for Ope.Buh wait Mr Freeze,all u said now,u have said dem before...

    What I am going to ask is dis:
    WhY make dis public?? WhY? Why?

    Surely u and I know dere are ways could have done dis without putting ur kids via dis misery.u could have simply walked away.

    U are still so bitter u had to bring in her Mom and her past into dis.yet u said she disrespected ur own mom.Buh u just did d same thing.

    Let it go Man.let it go.
    I wil not entirely blame one party for d crash of ur marriage.Buh u Oga,I dey suspect u.

    AnD u didn't answer us: Did u ever beat ur wife?

    Dose injuries u got,was it in self defence or it was purely a witchy attack??

    Whaterver,Ope,pls don't answer reply ooo.

    He said he has found Peace.oya nu.
    U Ope,go in peace too.

    AnD may GoD onye na afu na ife,na afu na muo,be d Judge.
    Ka Chukwu mezie okwu a. Amen.

    1. Have u stopped to think about the fact that he may actually be saying d truth??? If a woman had come out with this interview, would u honestly be saying this same thing? A lot of u ppl here are sexists! Yes, most of u are!

  25. I somehow believe him but Freeze is no saint either.

    Ope is very Rude and so mannerless . She talks and behaves like a market woman, forget the pretty face . She is crude

    Now her upbringing explains a bit why she is so badly behaved ...... Anyone that can marry her is trying .

    1. Both of them should geRrout jor!
      Rude wife, wristwatch husband. Bad marriage.

  26. Please they shuld end this already! They are way more matured than this. He and his enstranged wife shuld jst try and let go. Enough of the embarasment already.

  27. STORY!!! Move on and stop entertaining interviews about a failed marriage....

  28. This guy is a real character. Clearly trying to cover his shenanigans with so many words. From what I heard, he is the one that has been going round saying all sorts. Lol. The guy is a FOOL is all I can say.

    1. Are u minding d unam ikot? He's been d one tarnishing ope's image now he's claiming reverse. 'father of her children' ko..Odiegwu!

  29. Freeze only you got beaten up, starved, cheated on, abused etc? Am waiting to hear Ope's side of the story.

  30. How did watch enter this interview?

    1. Lol.... Please help me ask him....

    2. Hahahahahhhahahaa
      E no taya u?

  31. Una matter tire me

  32. Story for the gods. Why bring up her family ish? Why r u telling us that she's a product of a single mother? What rubbish??? So u mean single mothers produce single daughters? Please spare me all that rubbish. Ur family warned u against her? Lol. Story. If she actually wanted to slap ur mum, den she's so wrong. Very very wrong. Whatever the case may be, u guys should let us rest

  33. ' She should be advised to be careful with the kind of accusations she makes because they could ultimately be damaging to the reputation of her children's father.'

    Take your own advice Mr. Man. Shameless thing.

    1. I thought I was the only one that noticed that sentence. I know SDK won't publish my comment, she never does but I wish she asked him why he wants Ope to protect his image but he is freely attacking hers. Freeze has a lot of demons, I don't believe him at all!!!

    2. Honestly!!!! Can you imagine... Just disgusted at this freeze of an animal

    3. Exactly... i jst dey shake head when i read that part....
      Preaching what he cant practice

  34. I hate d fact dat u all are not on his side it hurts cus you all think it's a woman's world just bcus he doesn't want to hit her doesn't make her beat him all d time,,,,she's a silly woman

  35. Mr. Freeze, I am not going to try to pick holes in ur story cos I wasn't living with u and ur wife. However, ur constant ranting on social media makes u look bitter. Since u confirmed to be in a relationship and already has a son, y do u still write about Ope on ur social media handles. What was the essence of posting those pictures? U started ur interview by talking about wife's background. Who asked u about that? U seem hell bent on dragging Ope in the mud. Some men went thru worse situations(assuming all u said is true) but they went about it maturedly and not seeking for attention on social media.

    1. Dear freeze,
      Please borrow a leaf from the pages of Daniel adenimokan

  36. ' She should be advised to be careful with the kind of accusations she makes because they could ultimately be damaging to the reputation of her children's father.'

    Take your own advice Mr. Man. Shameless thing!

  37. Sometimes, yes sometimes, men can be victims...

  38. Frustrated bitches abound,be wary n beware!Na siddon look I dey,na 2 read dem tgw n co's comments remain

  39. Am sure she too has another closure epistle. They should continue to be on recess and come back when they have cooled off.

  40. "She believes the best way to stop a man from cheating is to embarrass him" freeze check urself

  41. Well, if dis is true, I've got no option then to change mouth. A woman that won't let her husband have peace of mind in her marriage isn't worth staying married to. tomorrow if such man finds solace in the arms of a friend or colleague, y'all will be screaming home wrecker, husband snatcher etc. Ope, if dis is true, then big shame on u. Daddy freeze, this is what u should have done a long time ago instead of turning urself into social media nuisance.

    1. Eka, both of them have personal issues.
      If she is rude, freezer too acts childishly for a man his age
      Me thinks she started behaving badly (if its true) cos her husband pushed her to; directly or indirectly. Her "adultery moves" looks like an eye for an eye. You do, I do kinda thing.

      So both of them should fuck off.
      If they have nothing better to do, make dem go look bush.

      So so husband and Wife saga everywhere
      Maje and toke
      Tchidi and nuella/sophie
      Freezer and ope
      Bustline and her boytoy
      And the list is endless...


  42. This Freeze too love him wife.

    1. That's the truth, that is why he can't let go

  43. Biko go to @dictachi on twitter and see when freeze has been commenting and liking pictures of his new chic. Wetin concern us with story say the exwife mama had 7 children from 3 men. Even the one wey im just marry don born pikins before now so she sef dey same category.
    God dey o!

    1. Thank you
      What's the difference between having kids from 2 fathers and 3 fathers? Like the person he is with is any better.She is on number 2 and may soon get to 3.

      You are able to buy expensive wristwatches but can't hire a lawyer to seek visitation rights!!

      Biological parents have a right to seek child visitation or child custody.The courts will decide in the best interest of the child/ children albeit consider other factors.

      Do the needful , your kids should be your priority now and not the rants.
      Chanel this energy on getting visitation rights .


  44. Oooooooooooh my...!
    This is serious anyway

  45. You just insulted her again by saying her mum had 7 children for different men. Definately Freeze your tongue is poisonous. You probably have said that to her face severally and you expect her to respect your mother.

    No body jokes with their mother unless the person is a bastard. You insult my mum, I insult your mother, and i will even beat her.

    1. Reason why you may never live to see old age!

  46. Say NO to abusive partners, man or woman. Just as a man shouldn't hit a woman, a woman should not hit a man. Ope i hope the man you are cheating with will marry you o.


  48. I don't believe this man at alllllllll. Why would you bring your mother inlaw into these your interview? You are very disrespectful. That your parents are still together does not make them perfect. Frezze receive sense abeg.

  49. Just imagine.Unnecessary information flying out of the mouth of a full grown man.This guy no dey tire?Running his mouth like a tap @ every given opportunity.Wetin concern watch for this matter now?Agbaya...

  50. Marriage no be by force...If they can't be together he shld move on already and stop disturbing us with his rants abeg.

  51. Ops is the adulteress ? Yet less than a year after she moved out of his house, he has 'welcomed' a new son? Really? A new son from married mother of 4. I actually also pity his baby mamas other husband. Hmmm. And she should stop accusing you? Yet you are the one releasing a different statement each day.

    The sad part of it is that the management of cool fm ,as well as his colleagues are well aware that he is a violent woman and child beater. Why haven't you guys come out to defend her? How did she deny you access to your kids? Don't you know their school. Every one knows freeze is a very dirty chronic womanizer as well as a violent individual.

    But I have to applaud him, he can now add pathological liar to his resume. Bravo to you, you have managed to flip the script. With time the real truth would surely come out. And congrats to you for successfully embarrassing your kids. I guess it because you were born into a family of women beaters, since your dad also beats your mom on a daily basis. You see no big deal in this.

    I think freeze should be fired from his job or given an extended leave of absence so that he can have his head examined. He is obviously mentally unbalanced and needs to see a shrink asap.

  52. Nothing freeze stated his true. Guys if we read it carefully (like the investigators we are), you will see he is only trying to protect his current naija delta relationship so the new lady's people can accept him.

    On a second note, which lady will attempt to beat up a guy like freeze ( a yoruba man)??? we know Yoruba men like dominating (not saying in a rude way but it's true). If at all he sustained this from his previous wife, then she must have fought in defense. And guess what? Because freeze is fair in complexion, the little scratches where obvious.

    hMMMMM...Uncle freeze fear God oooo. How come you took pictures of the injury? at that time there was no awareness about domestic violence. You where flirting around town and planning to nail this woman and probably kick her out. Your parents must have told you words that brought about this wicked strategy of your.

    As long as you didnt catch her red handed, Obeni, you have no right to call her an adulteress.

    Matthew 19: 9 is what you fear "And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery". You know in you heart if you marry another without claiming your wife is an adulterer then you commit adultery.

    If what you have called this woman is fault, this woman that is a corporate professional as you said working in seadrill, God will definately public you so bad that anyone you remarry will feel the fire.

    How can you say you dont know Seadrill - say what???? Oga in your search for wristwatch, didnt your common sense tell you to google the company and ask around.


    I see you in TPH. Pastor Tony Rapu better kicks you out before you corrupt his congregation and call him names like you have been doing to Paster Paul.


  53. oga freeze, oya clap for yourself... what did we expect to hear? lying cheating abusive bastard like you. of course, Ope did all the wrong, you were the victim...i dey join u cry. Three months after she left? lair, you were with her the whole time of ur useless marriage, cheated the whole time. three months by the way is even too soon to find a new person u for construct that lie well like the others.

  54. If emma can deny dating ubi Franklin on national TV, then ope can lie she's not a violent adultress n remain cool abt it. I bliv freeze,ope's upbringing did no justice to her. MyOpinion

    1. Shooosh about her upbringing honey pie.

      Every family has got their issues. .....WAS YOUR HOME PICTURE PERFECT????

  55. Na dem sabi....... There is more to this story. I am so sure that freeze was sleeping with this is new baby mama while still being married to Ope. Will any woman that is sane be happy with a husband that sleeps around?
    Only God knows the truth nways. But Oga freeze since you have moved on and built a new family, why not let this woman be. You have been doing all manner of childish things while dis lady has practically remained quiet.
    So when you we'r dating and got her pregnant you didn't realise she's had a mother with seven kids and different fathers ba. Now dat information is relevant to you.
    That statement actually reeks of ur childishness and immaturity and it has painted you more in a bad light, if u think ur trying to embarrass her.
    You that ur parents have been married for 40yrs dos that make them Jesus Christ.
    Ope I really don't know if this story of ur violence is true, but if you wanted to actually slap ur mother in-law that is the height.
    You shld never ever let anyone let you stoop that low.
    Both of you are definitely not saints, I hope God heals you both and I pray you also find ur own man that will love you unconditionally. And pls when you do, pls study his character before marriage, learn from ur mistake. AND NEVER EVER LET ANYONE PUSH YOU TO VIOLENCE. It isn't worth it.

  56. There are lots of women out there who have perfected the art of pretending, the entire world sees them as saints who can't hurt a fly, but in their homes they turn to tigers, am going to draw reference from an aunt of mine who out of jealous rage broke the windscreen of her husbands car and even threatned to poison him or break his legs, and nothing is going to happen. She later found out it was just a misunderstanding but still refused to apologize. Me I had to leave their house to avoid stories that touch..
    A lot of men out there were raised with the norm that it is totally wrong to hit a woman, and some violent women take advantage of this, which in turn makes the men victims of emotional/physical abuse, and the men wouldn't even talk about it because it sounds unbelieveable.

    1. Thank you so much brilliant post

  57. There is currently a court battle of divorce and visitation rights going on..opes press release yesterday and this interview should not have been becos of the court case.
    their lawyers should have told them.

    That said you people are its okay for a woman to cry that she was violently abused by her hubby and pple cry wolf but a man is telling a story albeit he is not a woman and no one is listening.
    domestic violence towards men is real,i know a man whose wife was abusing and it was a big shock when we found out.meanwhile she was always crying and pointing fingers at can also be abused and they also be traumatised..

    what do u mean he was cheating?

    most married women these days fuck around and use jobs and visitng friends to cover up.

    Freeze you have my sympathy,however i think you should go for some form of theraphy to get closure.

    I understand your pain.please let this be the last time you talk about both should shut up and let the kids have a normal life pls!

    Ope i hope you will take it easy with lesbianism from now on?You know who this is.your hubby called you an adulteress but u were not cheating on him with men,you were fucking ladies.I dont want to go into details becos its not necessary.

    1. Mumu talk from a mumu fellow

      So,any woman.wen no dey with im husband.Na "Lesbian"?

      Abeg go and sit down somewhere..

      Onidokudo like u

      Coming under every comments be forming "holy"


    2. Hian! Biko go into details, deeep details!

    3. ndi uchu!

      they have come again ooooooo!


  58. Oh i forgot......guys get on Instagram and check out his new asset Benedicta Elechi of 9no where to hide). They have long been dating. I forgot to add to my long write up.

    Oloshi man like Freeze. Let his previous wife cry to God and Freeze is finished.

    Yeye dey smell!!!

  59. Days caught syphillys from sleeping with men and gave it to Ope and the rest is history. New amazing women go and get tested. Three is a walking STD

  60. Dayo caught syphillys from sleeping with men and gave it to Ope and the rest is history. New amazing woman with new born baby, go and get tested. Freeze is a walking STD. This guy will bring disease to you and you won't know what hit you.

  61. Ope i have seen your comments and i know you are here.why must you comment in every post?what point r u trying to prove?i spotted u with something we chatted yday,not nice.get off here and let pple judge.

    1. Lol

      Mr Freezer... Eku iseh.



    2. Liar liar pants on fire... Mr or miss ode u and who chat?? Maybe in ur dreams.. God punish u for lieing on the poor woman..

    3. And you're in a position to tell her which websites she should visit because...?

    4. dare chatter freeze keep commenting! chief spotter

  62. Stewie Gilligan Griffin14 July 2015 at 17:33

    I've no clue who they are but from what I've read so far about their issue, I call BS on this interview.

    What are those "mistakes he made here and there" that he glossed over?

  63. This is just sad. Freeze and ope should stop this nonsense Internet rant, especially freeze. U have a new family now freeze, face them and leave ope alone. If all u said is true, ope will regret it in future, but if u have in any way lied against ope, u will receive a greater punishment than what uv put ope tru. Bad marriages everywhere, ike gwuru!

  64. From his story to Ope's story to the comments on here, only God knows what really happened and who is telling the truth. I only feel pity for their kids and he shouldn't have mentioned her mum's issue, not nice at all.

  65. Looks like all the posts with bruises/ blood / scratches have all been taken down from his Instagram account.

  66. Oga you said she has been trying to make herself look good, but it is you that keeps going on twitter and saying all sorts. If you hadn't said anything at all, a lot of us wouldn't even know that you were getting divorced. And you had to bring her mother into it?.... You were almost there! Seems like you cant help yourself

  67. Stello post my comment na....i don analyst the situation finish. The one i mentioned yoruba men like dominating (not said in a bad way)

  68. Wetin concern this story with wristwatch. Lol. Yeye dey smell.

  69. I understand this man's problem now.
    He was scorned to the highest degree.
    Usually, Nigerian men likes when they cheat on you and beat you, you will serve them delicious meal and still beg them not to leave you.

    This is a man with a damaged ego
    Ope damaged his ego, first by packing out of the matrimonial home and also declining every reconciliation moves. To add salt inside Freeze's self inflicted injury, she got another job without letting you know.
    He is left with a damaged ego, a man with a damaged ego can go to any length to destroy the person who damaged his ego.

    What pained him the most at first , is that the woman ignored him even when he was making accusatory remarks against her person.
    Now the very first time she replied, he is out there talking faster than a parrot. He just got the attention he was seeking.

    You accused her of adultery yet when she packed out of her matrimonial home, you sent your sister to beg her.

    You are obsessed with your wife.
    Is that why you flaunt all those wristwatches so she will think you are happy and start wanting you back?

    If you love that babymama so much
    I am not sure you will have time to talk about your ex in every breath.
    Move on with your life.

    That babymama should better examine her head. When a man spends hours talking about his ex whether negatively or positively, then he has not moved on.


  70. So wetin concern watch for this matter na? Lmao...freeze we have heard you oh!

  71. can this guy shut up already?...

  72. @chatter ur just a paranoid schizophrenic!!! Get a life pls . Who chatted with u !!! Mad nkita.

  73. I still dont believe freeze like I mentioned in my blog, click my name and read it.

  74. This mofo talks too much. Women run from men who talk too damn much. Dayo is a Down Low brother. I won’t name names but that’s part of the problem. I am an insider and this is a fact. When your husband leaves on weekends to go and lodge in hotel on the island claiming he is ‘working’ and it’s the same guy he is always ‘caught’ with. Guilty conscience is already killing the dude. Thing is ope won’t even spill the beans for the sake of her kids but Daypo is very worried details of his gay shenanigans is about to explode.

  75. When a man needs to justify infidelity and abandonment, there's nothing he won't say; painting little things out of proportion, twisting stories outsiders have no way of verifying and telling tales that never even happened.

    I was married to a man like Freeze and when he impregnated someone else, he went about spreading horrible stories about me, stories I didn't even hear till he eventually ran off with his pregnant chick, he spun it to seem like he had to run for his life as I was threatening his life with knives and all, all I could do was cry but God being God, the truth eventually came out because he told so many different versions he contradicted himself and when people compared stories, they saw him for the lair he is.

    Men, you don't need to tear your wives character to shreads to move on, you want to? Just go, it may hurt like hell but life eventually does go on.

    Men who talk too much, even as far as quoting dates and telling private family details scare me abeg.

    Abbey, if you ever get to read this, I survived you.......oh, my thanks to Shade for taking you off my hands, how else could God have done all these if she hadn't?


  76. This mfucker just reminded me of my ex . That's how he went about crying and lying to everyone cos he'd found a new p****sy. I know ope retaliated too and overdid things,but in all freezer is a fucking bastard wanker . May u and my ex hubby wank togeda in hell !!!

  77. She beat u blue black???? Useless liar

    You see I don't read like everyone.........I read between the lines
    The above statement is enough proof you cheated
    Besides no woman just becomes violent, series of events must have triggered it and YOU ARE TO BLAME.
    Now my advice SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.............To think I was on your side all this time.smH

  79. Children from single mothers often turn out better than ones from presumably normal setting. Ask Obama. My exes parents lived together till death did them part . But he has kids from five different women ,so it doesn't follow.

  80. Daddy freeze this is so unfair. Am not talking about your wife now, am talking about bringing that innocent woman to the gutters, I mean your mother in law. Haba!

  81. the situation is worsening and the husband (soon-to-be-ex)should be called to order.based on experience, it is shift-blaming when an individual rather than focusing on the wrongdoing tries to blame on the unrelated circumstances. none of us need to know that her mom had kids for different men. something is not right with his explanations....morelike i can read through his bs.

  82. ok o..her mum had 1m kids for 100men..your baby mama has had kids before no he so? meaning she and opes' mum are on dsame level now.

    she shud be careful of her accusations as it cud be damaging to her kids dad..uhhhh mr coldroom,what are you scared of?what can she say dat could be damaging? what dirts does she have on you?because that statement holds a deep have not taken your own advice but have been dragging her reputation in the mud even when she has said nothing yet you want her to consider you and your brand?that is bin selfish now,dont you think?
    she is a whore bla bla bla but na you don get another pikin already,na you move on 3mths after is it dat she threatened to slap your mum n was still d one to leave the house,so much so dat you had to send your sis after ha?she threatened and still left on her no touch am or anything?..she seperated you from your family yet,it looks life your family was so involved in your marraige,she cud go over to your sisters' house to drop off kids?that seperation is really coldroom,please just stfu and go to the court already.i am not holding court for your wife but you are giving me negative vibes.

    stella this interview no complete..please go back and ask him if those injuries are from self defense or he just stood n allowed those scratches.mak i leave out forensic standpoint for now.

    also as if he has never cheated on her or beaten her which landed her in the hospital..

    ope needs to step out on this post and clear herself with evidence cuz if words could damage someone,this guy has damaged her.

  83. Brother freeze kwanu u have plenty time o wahalai.
    i am not saying i believe everything you have said in this interview.
    but i know of a man who went through the same thing you did.
    His wife is a correct trouble maker i dont wanna use the word (bitch) kai..
    what you went through is even small compared to what this dude passed through.
    this particular woman if una see where she dey burst bottle, holololooooo. very disrespectful, adulteress abi adultery na normal thing to her.. and the guy dares not make kpekem!

    Now the koko is if you do not want ope again then stop talking about this already!
    it's been six years or more biko mofu on..
    do your thing let her do her thing .. inugo?
    is okay abeg.. i don't wanna see ope crying tape lol.. the last one i saw from bustline i never recover ... lmao.. headache still dey do me for the thing!

  84. Ah! Ope wanted to slap mummy Smaranda? I hope you all find peace.

  85. Daddy, please stop. Adun.

  86. Uhmm not nice at all to bring all these to social media.He loveD her and now no more. Then there's no need for either of them looking for excuses to leave the marriage.Men cheat everyday and are still married.women whose mothers have kids for one man and still married to him cheat everyday and are still married. The only thing I see of importance here are the kids.I wonder why she won't let him see them, and no mention of him contributing to their welfare only buying expensive watches.could that be the reason she won't let him go near them or why all his rants on social media focuses more on her image than the kids? The current woman in his life should feel bad that he's still so hung up on his ex and she doesn't seem to care much or want to say much.uhmmmm just my thought though.


  88. Marriage that ended since, well theres a recent rumour that he impregnated a lady , maybe he wants to use style to add how she took and cared for him. get oversleep already

  89. Marriage that ended since, well theres a recent rumour that he impregnated a lady , maybe he wants to use style to add how she took and cared for him. get oversleep already

  90. Freeze is mad to av mentioned her mum. I hate him alrdy. Nd hw cme he ddnt mention tins he did? No woman can act mad if notn triggered it. Y wld d murder in law question her movemnt? Wtf is her buizns? D murder in law is nt a mother

  91. What is the matter with people? I thought people were complaining how he makes a show of his watches hence he had to address it in the interview. Why are you people now complaining that the issues about his watches are irrelevant ! Serve them right for bringing their private lives to Public scrutiny.

  92. Kai !!! You are an absolute
    demon. Just because she has
    chosen the part of honor by
    keeping quiet , you have come
    up with all these lies . Your
    case is completely hopeless
    because you have no fear of
    God. None of these rubbish is
    in the court processes you
    filed in court because you
    know you cant prove them and
    your Counsel is probably too
    decent to put it in . You are
    such a pathetic liar . Why didnt
    you put it in there that your co -
    adulterer N B E O was happily
    married until you showed up in
    her life and that she is
    presently going through a very
    messy divorce now. Did you
    just say that she has no other
    kids other than the child she
    just had with you ? Kai ,
    Freeze !!! Do you want to take
    the credit of fathering Mr . O ’s
    kids as well. Since you have
    decided to make your life a
    public show , I really dont
    understand why you are
    holding back. . You should also
    let the world know that your
    new wife’ s family has refused
    to allow you come over to
    undertake the customary wine
    carrying cos they are
    embarrassed by the conduct of
    their daughter who has brought
    nothing but shame to them .
    You are a conformed pedophile
    and manipulative liar . A big
    embarrassment to your
    biological children. Your
    records are still there at the
    House on the Rock .
    Yes, you guessed right , I am an
    insider. And I think its high time
    that you shoosh up . Your
    enstranged wife has been quite
    mature. She hasnt said a word
    save to deny your stupid
    allegations for the sake of her
    children who unfortunately
    have a father who has gone
    round the bed . Like I said,
    shossh it now. If you dont, I
    will ensure that all the explicit
    details of your escapades are
    exposed to the world .

  93. No much comment on the subject. For those ladies who support spousal abuse toward men MAY such abuse come to you all, is a shame no one want to believe him because he is a Nigeria man. Many men suffer same abuse but keep quite what is bad is bad irrespective of who did it. His wife was WRONG Period MOST of you have turned our dearest blog to feminist outreach. Very sad, it's a pity SHAME ON ALL OF WHO SUPPORTED SUCH WOMAN.

    This lyrics is coming from FREEZE

    When you said it was over you shot right through my heart
    Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart?
    Ooh, I was so mad; I could've seen this coming right from the start
    You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart

    [Big Sean]
    Praying to a sky all black
    Looking at the stars like they finna talk back (whoa)
    Looking at my phone like she finna call back (whoa)
    But last night I feel like probably ended all that
    Cause by now she would've sent a text in all caps
    Then another one tryna take it all back
    Saying fuck you, I miss you or I hate you so much
    Cause girls only say "hate you" to the guys that they love
    I know, I know, I know the highs, the lows
    It comes and goes; you say "be real" I try, I don't
    Cause you take anything and just make it everything
    Kept my phone on silent ever since you got a ring (funny right?)
    And I never cheated (I mean, maybe once, twice)
    But one time don't change everything
    She ask why I don't feel the same, I'm still the same
    She's still insane and now she's saying

    [Big Sean]
    Okay, skeet, smoke, sleep, call
    Miss, text, woke, spoke
    Lie, feel, Lisa, ill (ewww)
    Time, kill, months, still
    I got somebody baby mama calling me daddy (got me)
    I drank too much, please call me a cabby (swerve)
    Penthouse after party hoes want that addy (swerve)
    Fuck they can ride with us, crawl in a Caddy
    Third row is when you call, I hit cancel
    Really? I hit answer, fuck I hate when that happens
    Phone in my pocket for the whole night
    And you heard bitches screamin' til my phone died
    Then she text me like "why you still talk to my mama?"
    How the fuck you run around with condoms?
    Why you make me get this tattoo? Man, fuck this tattoo
    You the reason I wasn't single in college
    What, all because I had you? Nigga I don't even have you
    How am I supposed to get past you?
    And she called the next guy spillin' some real shit
    Now they problems he got to deal with

    [Lil Wayne]
    Girl, don't believe them hoes
    Cause they don't wanna see us together
    And you already know you're too fly
    But baby, don't get your hair caught in the propellers
    I be tryna tell her these hoes is jealous
    You know they never like it when you never say never
    Long hair, red bone, but her pussy is hairless
    Muah, I french kiss it like we in Paris
    I be screaming out, "Ain't no woman like the one I got!"
    But she be always worryin' about the one I fucked
    She said it's gonna be me, myself and I
    Damn, that'd make me a one-eyed fuck
    Schh, I was so mad
    Damn, you used to ride a nigga like a moped
    Schh, but players fuck up, my bad
    And just to keep from crying, I laughed

    When you said it was over you shot right through my heart (Tunechi)
    Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart?
    Ooh, I was so mad; I could've seen this coming right from the start (damn)
    You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart.
    [Outro 2x — Jhene Aiko:]
    Last time calling me baby
    Last time calling me crazy, crazy, crazy

  94. What is the matter with people? I thought people were complaining how he makes a show of his watches hence he had to address it in the interview. Why are you people now complaining that the issues about his watches are irrelevant ! Serve them right for bringing their private lives to Public scrutiny.

  95. He should man up, think of his kids and stop disgracing them in public

  96. Freeze, typical half-caste useless fool. He doesnt pay for his kids, he will be buying watches and saying he doesnt see his kids. Kids who will hate you for disgracing them at school and letting teachers and students talk about them anyhow. Everyone in House On The Rock knows the kind of disgrace he is and yes his mum deserves to be slapped. Not by Ope because that is wrong but someone should slap his parents for raising this dirty rat. See the dirty face. Disgo.

  97. Freeze get off this comment thread it's not cool anymore. Ope doesn't care about . U can't get to her no matter how u try. Ur such a looser ...fYI shes about to destroy u big time in court u will be revealed for all to see.

  98. I didn't even read this rubbish. He's not even ashamed a woman beats him up. I am guessing he's finding it difficult to let go bcos she's d one sustaining his fake lifestyle