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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday In House News.

Today is good,tomorrow will be different.

Please all warring BV'S COOL DOWN and sheath your sword..ok?
*side eyes*

If you have suggestions about topics you think we can discuss on which has never been discussed before on this blog...reality stuff that happen oh,not made up stuff,please send me a mail and we will turn it into a post to be discussed.
Those of you complaining that there are too many marriage post,remember that one mans meat is anothers poison,if you see the post and you dont like it scroll to an old post or wait for a new one,i dont need you to comment and tell me you are tired,I DONT WANT TO KNOW!

Hello Stella,
      How's work. Thanks for all you do on the blog. I have taken it upon myself to always come here first if i have any announcement that can help people especially in terms of Job/business.

Anyone into wedding decor, cake baking, photography and makeup for traditional wedding in Owerri should contact me. Owerri must be your place of residence please. Only affordable people.

Also, anyone into cake baking training ( Home service) in Ajah, Lagos to be precise can contact me. Not just learning to bake cakes but on a professional level. Please, only if you are affordable.

Also, anyone who is into authentic designer perfume supplies in for resale in Lagos, Lekki axis can contact me ( Please note that my friend is not willing to pay money for goods that she has not seen). She's trying to be careful.

Any mail you are sending should be accompanied with pictures of your works( decor, photo, cake, perf).
Thank you so very much. 



Stella Bae, God bless you for the great things you are going. Where should I even start from ..*clears throat* ...I want to use this opportunity to thank God, thank you and thank the angelic BV that helped me. Late last year an angel in this blog helped me to pay my final year school fees of one hundred and twenty six thousand naira. I have good and great news for you all o. The good news is that I am  through with school (at least for this stage..LOL ) and the great news is that I just collected my notification of result today and discovered I graduated with an Upper Credit. What more can I say than a big thank you to Jesus for putting Stella, the blog and the wonderful BV in place to help me. I can go on and on but make I stop before I begin cry (I'm very fragile and emotional) to dey look for work now......*shines teeth*...Stella Bae,  you are going places. God bless you and this online family you have going. I love you so much. Oya Chop Yoruba kiss nmyaamnuahhhh ..... lol




Good Day Stella,

i just thought i share with you my experience. So i read about a post on BN on gender inequality. I was so impressed that at least they are now talking about it in Naija.

So i shared it with him and i was too shocked to read his response (see attached munched chat). I shared it with my sister and she was too pissed for words but thought I should share it with you so you post it and SDKers/BVs can lend their opinion.

Ooh background about this guy; he is single, educated and runs his own business in Lagos. Hence my shocked state because his response was too ignorant and chauvinist.

Please share and use your red pen... no cursing please i will like to hear others opinions and lets discuss this. Maybe this is what guys want; a toy for  a wife or ooh yes member because i thought relationship is more of a partnership with everyone doing their best to ensure a healthy union.

Thank you

Is he not entitled to his opinion?must he agree with you?
If that is his mentality and he is not about to wife you,how does
 that concern you?Sometimes I wonder why some men refuse 
to allow gender equality happen in their surroundings.


Empower yourself by learning the basic steps of 2weeks intensive Professional  makeup and Gele training.
#Providing you wit the best of professional MAKEUP TRAINING with an experience of a decade......

Class starts Monday 5th of October 2015
Tel: 09096131813.    pin:24F3D3EA
 whatsapp :07036803120
Instagram : Paragonsofbeauty.     
 ADDRESS : 16,john olugbo street off toyin street,by Unity street. Ikeja.

Here is shoki for my people


Hi Stella and sdkers,  Richard card Shoki ah don land loool. . This is the rest of the cards (Etisalat and glo) ,, I know it's "ordinary #100" lool like Stella said but I just wanted it to get to more people instead of just one or two persons because the people that took their time and megabytes to vote for me were so many and this is the least I could do to show how grateful i am... thanks again

I have reached  600 likes ooo yippee. But I Need more votes ooo abeg so I get selected for the next stage PLEASE,  kindly follow this link and click the LIKE  button  eshe *kisses* ..

I deliberately left that middle voucher like that....Bend your phone if you wanna gerrit!

Please dont forget to click on like for Missfab when you visit the link



Greetings Ma'm

I am sending this in appreciation to the kind-hearted BV in Warri, Mummy Ziva‎. There was a giveaway post in Last week Tuesday's IHN, I sent her a message and she replied almost immediately. Got the pair of shoes over the weekend and I must confess I have never owned a pair so lovely in my life.
I am indeed grateful. 

Thank you

*Rolling my eyes* - Happy strutting.


Good day Stella, honestly your blog has one of the "kindest"(pardon my grammar) set of people on planet jokes!! I applied for a giveaway cake from Cynhams cakes and I got picked!! The orisirisi flavors she asked us to pick from were all catchy. I got my cake today 29th and I was wowed because i was expecting a small kinkini cake. Attached is a picture of the cake from Cynhams. BV ' S in Abuja and environs please patronize her because she's really GOOD at what she does and has a heart of gold. Her number is 07034794947 bbpin is 531753fb .Thanks once more Cynthia aka Cynhams cakes, God bless you a million times.

Bv Temmy

Sorry you sent in a pic that took too much space and was not reduceable without turning it into the size of Maggi


Hello Stella,i found dis very annoying piece on someone's dp...Tired of all these plenty rules on how to handle men. What do you think abeg? this one follow too?

HIAN!..please count me out...who has time to treat a man like this?I am sorry but i do not belong in the class of women who have patience for this...THAT WAS HOW a friend of mine got a toaster who was married and one of his complaints was that his wife kneels down to greet him in the morning and it irritates him
and kills his hard on and that he feels like he married a slave.


Please I have 2shoes for sale, i.e, the black stilletos and the pink patterned wedge. They are both brand new UK shoes and go for exactly 5000 naira each. The brown will be a give away. Please note that they are all UK 7 size shoes. UK 7/40. So contact me only if that is your size. Also, I am in Abeokuta, so any buyer or winner should be in Abeokuta as well, or may have to foot delivery bills. Interested persons should please contact me on Thank you. 


Dear Stella,
Thanks for your platform.
We would like to employ a driver that lives in Lekki or Jakande or its environs.
Preferably  an unmarried young man between the ages of 25 - 35, with driving experience and a valid drivers license.
Applicants will be required to provide 3 sureties who are civil servants. Also they are to send their CV's and cover letter attaching very recent pictures of themselves to
Remuneration is 40,000.00 per month.
Selection would be based on merit.
Fraudsters and men of questionable characters are advised in their best interest to shun this post .
Thanks in advance ,
Keep up with the good work!
Anonymous bv since 2011


Hello everyone!
At Habis cakes Abuja, customer satisfaction and delight is our mantra. All we strive to be is better. In line with this, we have reinvented and introduced a new dimension to our cakes. You now have the opportunity of ordering numerous delicious flavors, don't just stick to good old vanilla, holler for your blue velvet , white chocolate cake, tres leches, banana cake, chocolate fudge cake, coffee/chocolate cakes and so on, also treat yourself to spectacular fillings that will leave your taste buds tingling. These are not limited to lemon curd filling , Oreos cookies and cream, cherry sauce filling, strawberry sauce filling, caramel filling, Nutella filling and so on! There are also an assortment of toppings to select!

Also using this opportunity to introduce Habis Events! Contact us for your unique party parks, classy souvenirs, exquisite party favors, baby shower , bridal shower, personalized bottles for events and so on! We have established a business relationship with vendors within and outside Nigeria to guarantee you have a most pleasant outing. Call us today, let's have fun together!!
Contact details- phone number- 08038080750
Instagram- habiscc2013
Twitter - @habiscc
Email- habiscc at gmail dot com
Bbpin- 565ED6FF

Yaaay! No serious conditions attached. Just send me a mail and mention the three most popular cake flavors in Nigeria. The first person with the best idea wins a box of 12 cupcakes! Also the first number to send me a whatsapp message will receive MTN credit worth N500. You don't have to be in Abuja.
Let the love of Habis Go Round!  

Thank you


Hey! BV's EreSpot Catering Services is Here!
Bv's in PortHarcourt you don't need to fear, Erespot is here! We deliver the most delicious delicacies, and leave our customers satisfied! Would you prefer in-house cooking? Just say the word and we would be right at your doorstep to prepare the yummiest meals in the comfort of your own home! Do you have a mini event and you are in need of catering services? Erespots spot caters for such events at unbelievable  prices and we are always Punctual! Our specialities include all types of traditional soups and rice of all kinds such as Fried rice, Jollof rice etc. In the spirit of giveaway, we will be giving  discounts to our first ten customers! At Erespots, excellent service is Our watchword!  You always come first!
Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend.
You can contact us on 08185277486
God bless you all dear BVs.



Hi Stella,
I am an avid fan of yours but I hardly get to comment.
You sure are doing a good job and I applaud you for that.
I wouldn't know where this narrative will fit into your blog but wherever it finds space(IHN etc) I'd love to get mileage on my predicament.
I am a freight forwarder or agent at the ports if you like.
It so happened that in the month of February 2014,I had cause to make purchase of a 1999 Toyota Avensis for a client who happens to be an in-law.

Having gone through the clearing procedures,I brought in the car for onward delivery to said client.

From here the story gets complicated
An old school friend from way back,whom I have sheltered sometime in the past came calling
He posited that he is looking for expansion and would love to put up at my place for (3) days
Being an old family friend and I having no foreboding,agreed to put him up for that duration
He came in and I gave him a sumptuous welcome.

On the second day of his stay being the 13th of February 2014,which happened to be on a Thursday,I had cause to make delivery of another car to Owerri.

The said friend,having not done with his search for an office space for his expansion,I decided to have him stay while I go to Owerri to make my drop

I left for Owerri on 13th of Feb 2014 leaving my house to him to come back the following day.

The crux of the matter begins here
On coming back from Owerri on the 14th,I met the absence of my "friend" & the vehicle that I brought in.

What did I do?

I first went to make a report to a police station,having tried the "friends" numbers without getting through
Having done that,I called up my dad who happens to know the family from Jos.

My father had to go make a complaint to the friends mum and duly notified her of her sons actions.

Till date I nor the family of the purported friend has not laid eyes on him
I should be looking for closure on this but I can't because I am left with debt that I incurred by lending a helping hand.
I now do understand what it means to be "gentle as a dove but wise as a serpent".
I am putting this out for my fellow blog readers to lend a hand but not blindly and to also see to it that someone out there does not fall prey from this same fellow.
I hereby attach a picture of the said FRIEND and I ask that you give wide publicity 
This fellows name is Justin Sunny Onyimba from Idoma village in Umuoji,
Anambra state

He schooled in Methodist High school,which happens to be my alma mater.
Thank you

Tochukwu Madueke

So sorry about this,dont worry God will fish him out from where ever he is hiding,he is probably using the car for kabu kabu or he sold it off,which ever ways it wont last long before God arrests him.I hope this post helps you close?
I couldnt post his pc cos you didnt picmic it with



you need consultation on business solution/investment? You have come to the right place.Solutions to business problems, such as market penetration, how to meet your target market etc.

I also undertake writing of business proposals, project execution and also specializes in providing efficient, affordable solutions to young growing business and firms who are seeking avenues to improve sales and quality of their products and services and wants to engineer increased patronage from clients and prospects alike.please call 07017172115,bbpin:58BAE74F


Good day Stella,

Hello fellow bvs!

Its the end of the 3rd quarter and I intend closing it giving away 100 portions small chops to 5 blog visitors whose birthdays fall between Oct-Dec(2bvs each month get 20portions to mark their birthdays)

Interested Bvs should send their names, birthdays and office addresses, to

NB: If your birthday is not around this period, do not contact me unless for business. 

Wedding brides do not contact me on this account..I've done my wedding giveaway for the year, wait till next year.. Unless of course business sakes..Lol. 



I am a professional photographer, and i just started on my own as i have graduated from my oga some months back, lol. i am into video coverage, bridal pre and post photo shot, family portrait, modelling shot and lots more, i reside in ABUJA, i am doing EMBER PROMO and would give discount for the first 4 persons to contact me. my contacts on IG; @temiblitz, you can have a look at some of my jobs, my phone numbers are 09050837683, 07039286289. i promise you would not regret doing business with me. much love and thanks sister Stella for all the love and help you doing here.... eshe!!



Everyone whether male or female desires a glowing skin. A skin free from acne and other blemishes. Sometimes we even desire a fairer skin especially we africans with black skin colour.
This natural desire to look beautiful has brought about the use of chemicals as everyday cream. Sad to say these chemicals are harmful to the skin. Whether they come in form of cheap or expensive  cream, research has shown that prolonged use of chemicals has adverse effect on the skin. Sometimes or even most times, this effect is irreparable. So why use these chemicals when there are natural alternatives?

We present to you our 7 day online training on organic cream mixing with 100% natural ingredients. We will teach you how to make the following:

1. Skin moisturising creams
2. Skin whitening creams
3. Cleansing and moisturising cream
4. Baby skin butter
5. Body serums
6. Hand cream
7. Stretch mark creams for pregnant women and all 
8. Breast firming oils
9. Pimples and acne creams
10. Facial cleansers
11. Facial toners
12. Facial scrubs
13. Ankles, knuckles, neck and underarm whitening cream
14. Pink lips balm
15. Hair growth oil
16. Whitening and  firming Facial mask
And many freebies.

Training begins on Monday 5th of October 2015.
For bvs who are interested, we have reduced the training fee to a very affordable price( Thanks to stella). Do not miss this golden opportunity of becoming a beauty specialist. It is certainly for those who know the value.

Training fee: 2000

The first 3 people to indicate interest gets it free. The next 5 will pay just 1000 naira.



In celebration of Nigeria's 55th birthday,tomorrows in house news will be different and we will only be taking mails from those who need help.,please if you are an advertiser,hold your mail till tomorrow evening before you send.
Those of you who have been mailing for small requests like shoes for school kids and lunch packs and school bags can send it in.There will be no adverts on the in house news tomorrow.
If you have a memo to send to anyone it can also be considered.
If you read tomorrows in house news and any of the pleas touch your heart,please do not hesitate to contact them.
To those who will be sending in pleas,your please must contact your email address,your full names and phone  numbers and for my own private viewing a picture or proof to back up.Thank you.

Signing and running to the Toilet *awoof dey run belle things*
SDK World citizen  ala carte!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Stella.. Thanks to all givers and bless those that wish to give but dont have.

    2. In house news rocks but SDK and my fellow blog visitors rocks more.
      JHW weldone. You are too much.

  2. Beautiful wednesday. *sniff sniff* I can smell the hols already *dancing*

    I wan join group here. Please which group is best? The "this is not ass licking" or the "Nne kedu ije"?

    So Henry Eze was begging for phone or what? Didn't see the comments though but I guessed from the replies.

    Happy holiday everyone. Let's not forget to pray for Nigeria.

    1. Congrats Enny. God bless the angel that assisted you.

      Miss fab you try. Lol. I don vote sha though I saw a pics of someone who got the look better but you try.

      Concerning the men rules, if we do all that to the men, what are we going to do to ourselves?

      Lovely cakes

      That thief sha. If his number is not going through and his family has not seen him don't you think something else happened to him?

      God bless all the givers.

    2. U never hear say me , u and aka joy belongs to the association of bitter babes. Eka joy president, me vice and u treasurer. Lol.

    3. Hahahahaha @ "this is not ass licking" or "Nne kedu ije".
      Kai this girl u sabi find trouble sha.

    4. Nne kedu ije!!

      You are welcome..**winks**


  3. It's IHN!!!!
    Yet to recover from ystrday's drama...
    Bring it on ladies!
    Quiet entertaining...
    Anymore today?

    God bless all the givers and receivers,
    God bless SDK!
    It's wet today and I'm very cooooold...

    1. Sorry about the cold. A cup of hot lipton or chocolate or coffe will help.

  4. Welcome IHNs....
    Hoping to be the first one of these days.
    JHW come tell how to do it now.

  5. In here news is here.
    Grant my heart desires ohh lord.

    **********LONG LIVE SDK & SDKERS***********

  6. IHN! Yeah. Enough give away n nice things.

  7. 1st to comment, meme

  8. Space booked!!! nobody should comment under here.

  9. 1st to comment, meme

  10. My question is do virgins get horny to, or is it just those of us who are already spoilt that suffers from conji

    1. Yes they get horny, I'm talking from experience I used to be horny while I was still a virgin and now that I am not a virgin anymore I dont even get horny.....very strange.

  11. Yay! Wednesday in house is here....
    God bless all the givers and receivers.
    God bless me nwa Amaka. The only beautiful no nonsense person on sdk. The only Amaka that is not scared of anybody.  The one lady army of sdk. Some people are so bitter cos am more successful than they are.
    They say I fuck a lot meanwhile they are no virgin.
    God bless Lee boo. The only man for me. Words cannot explain how sweet u are. If all my body becomes pussy it can never be enough...
    Some are angry cos am too blessed my only word for u is this don't be bitter for another person's blessings afterall prayer is free.

    1. Saw your comment yesterday. I'm fine dear.

    2. Ooooooooh, Shut up abeg!!!
      Like who F cares about u a Faceless Person?
      Like Seriously?
      If you are in League of Dangote #Who you help?
      If your Lee Boo is a Port setter,#how e concern me?
      Biko haputa(whatever this means)
      Babes enjoy yourself bcos #na only yourself u help#
      Chop kisses

    3. Amaka I hope this novel makes u feel better.

  12. Let me book space and go back to read. Meanwhile, yesterday's IHN drama was awesome. Expecting more today from them sabinas and Sabinus.

  13. Story tellers over to you guys

  14. dust about thortsville and what have u.
    i like u though...just that sometimes u misbehave.
    take the above comment in good fate.

  15. So today, we are going to split BVs into two rooms
    The GREEN room and the RED room
    BVs with good character will be sent to the green room. Those wen get for body, red room straight.

    Thanks Bloggie for making compiling these names easy...

    Here goes......

    Adaora- red room
    Alloy Chikezie- green room
    Angelray4sdk- red room
    The two aunty gwegs- red room
    Awesome R- green room
    Aya Williams- green room
    Beautiful and Gifted-*scratcheshead*, sometimes green, sometimes red, okay, sha do and enter green room
    Bitchplis - awon ti'badan n'ile Oluyole. Red room
    Bootylicious Diva- red room
    BlackBerry- green room
    BLOGLORD- red room
    Calabar Chick- green room
    Caribbean Princess- wetin you still dey look? Enter red room my friend...kikikikiki
    Charismatic Diva- her good outweighs her bad, hence, green room
    Chi Exotic- lmao, you are so RED baby, enter red room.
    Chick Felix- chai, majestically catwalk inside green room. Good girl wen no dey find trouble
    Chinyelu Okeyenka- Jona 2nd wife wen no wan make Naija grow, red room beckons
    Chizoba- hahahahaha. Really, do I need to spell it out? Okay, RED room raise to power infinity. 
    ChyAdaJesus- this girl's asslicking skills' off the hook. She can sabi type 'spot on'. If Linda Eze says, juju is the way out, ChyAdaJesus go say, spot on Linda, if Ezenwanyi says, ChyAdaJesus no geh sense, she go shout, spot on Ezemoney abi make she say 'gbam'..hahahaha. Babe, enter red room where there are variety of asses to lick. Kikikiki
    Cinderella- green room
    Cynthia Iyede- green room for chizzy. Lol
    Dauda Aliu- red room
    Don Davido-*clears throat* room
    Eesah- you too like drama. Red room!
    Efe Kevin- green room
    Eka Joy- ewo ooo. RED ALERT!!!! This one na rebel leader. Lmao. She talks RED all the frigging time. I no say she nor go gree enter jejely, Abeg, help me bundle the girl inside red room.
    Em Jay- green room
    Ezenwanyi- OMG!! I'm seeing RED, my mind is a haze of RED, my heart is pumping RED-hot blood through my veins. Need I say more? Kikikiki
    Galore- red room
    Gennybaby- this one wen dey judgemental like kilode. I nor feel the girl. Enter red room.
    German Juice- bounce inside red room 'bruv'
    Ghanaman- red room
    Goddess of Dawn- Iya ijo gbogbo SDKB. Lol. Red room!
    Goldscent D- this woman too get sense. Green room!
    Henry Eze- red room
    Ify Tabansi aka Money Maker- red room
    Iphie dearie- green room
    Irene B- green room. Get in there and rule like a queen
    JayEm- red room
    Jaymoore- you na my guy but you dey allow these girls get under your skin sometimes. Enter red room.
    Jbaby- green room
    Kehinde Ake- Oluaye d'obo d'obo. Red room.
    LaEfizzy- red room
    LaFresh- red room
    Lara Peperempe- Errr, green room
    Leeberty- green room
    Lepa Shandy- red room bitch. Kwakwakwa

    Continue below.....

    1. That ChyAdaJesus part wan kill mewith laugh. Kikikikikik hahahhahahhaha

    2. How do u knw that RED is my color? Ure very smart Anon. But I think.tou need dictionary to get the real meaning of ass licking ok.

      One jar of honey frm me to you Anon. Next time be BOLD use ur moniker.

    3. ...and anonymous?????

    4. Dis is Epic!! I Don laff troway! !

    5. Hahahahahaha @ Eka Joy's RED ALERT! She is truly a one woman army..She is a rebel leader indeed.Dat girl is something else..Eka i raise tohto for u.

  16. Am beating JHW to it today!heheheheh IHn to badt!space booked!

  17. What is special about FTC?

  18. Yay!!! So the Richard cards here r real!!!! Me sef don get the gist now

    1. So how many you load? Oya begin confess kiakia...


  19. Welcome IHN......


    E-hugs n kisses.

  20. Stella u re really enjoying the fights and you know it. Anyway it's entertaining lol

  21. The organic cream online trainer, am interested o but no means to contact u. Phone number or email

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. I enjoy in house these days, too much drama, thank God we ve up coming drama queens, Stella plz don't spoil d fun by telling them to stop d drama abeg.

  24. Continue.......

    Linda Eze- lmao. Re-re-re-red room
    Li-yon-Vis- green room
    Loveme Jeje- shey na only me think say this girl nor get sense? Red room
    Manna Bee- green room
    Martins Aboy- green room
    Miss Ess- green room
    Miss Gemini- Your mouth take style sharp. Sha enter green room. You nor too deserve am sha
    Miss Mae- green room
    Mma Cee- the only confirmed virgin on SDKB. Don't ask me how I knew. Green room
    Money Maker aka Ify Tabansi- red room.
    Money Makes You **** Lots Of Women Without Stress- red room. You are needed in there bro. Dish it out as e dey hot.
    Mrs BitchBiko- red room
    Mrs D- green room
    Mrs Fine Face- green room (you wan start to dey tow that RED room line. Pls, don't be bad)
    Mrs Zulu- green room
    North Dakota Of The Lakota- green room
    Nuvi Honey- this girl go dey put person for mind. She comes off as too uptight. Never seen where she typed lmao, lol or lwkmd. She takes everything too seriously like say na exam- red room
    Nwa Amaka- Linda Eze's slayer- red room
    Okija wife- lmao. Gree......oops!.....errrr.....RED room.
    Oladele Shirley- green room
    Oliviasilk- this girl nor too deserve green nor red room. Put one leg inside green and the other one inside red. Inshort, stay at the door. 
    Olori Isis- red room
    Oluyomi Odukoya- green room
    Osasere Naturelle- green room
    Patt Ogar- green room
    Pinky Berry- green room
    Pinkshell- red room
    Potable Viv- red room (she changed overnight)
    Preacher's wife- green room
    Precious Ibik- green room
    Queen Arabella- this girl is brutal with words. Xoxo Mystery's slayer. Lyrical warrior. Shows no mercy! Anty, red room is calling
    Queen Bee- green room
    Quiksilver- red room. This girl na corperate begger. I never see where person dey do big girl on top begging before. Begs for job, make up training, free soup and so on. The one wen shock me pass na wen she begged one chronicle woman for her hubby's big dick, my jaw dropped. Na wa.
    Qutie- green room
    Ronalda- green room
    Roseflower- green room
    Sabongida Ora Cutest- green room
    Salt E- green room
    SDK Bouncer- green room
    SexyBoocallHer- red room
    Sharonna- red room
    Sisi Eko- green room *winks*
    Sue- green room
    Sunshine- this girl carry bad mouth for face like signboard mehn. Red room!
    Tayan Taylor- red room
    Tetrina's diaries- green room
    ThatIgboBabe- green room
    The General's Wife- 'sharer' of good stuff. Green room.
    The latest bride of the prophet of the most high God- hahaha. This chick cracks me up everytime. Green room
    Thelma Enemuwe - na only me nor dey read this girl's comments? I think she is a good girl sha. Green room.
    The President's Wife- this one is too aggresive. She is always ready to fight even when there are no opponents in sight. Always seeing battlefields where there are only meadows. Madam, chill and carry your body armour enter red room.
    Tochini Beads And Bridals -green room
    Whirlwind- green room
    Xhlrted P- green room (beht this woman can sabi talk sha). I wonder how her husband copes. When she starts, she goes on and on and on. She brags too. ***shrugs***
    Xoxo mystery- what is this Xp does not brag, Genny-la-baby is classy you were on about yesterday? See asslicking. This girl don dey miss am. Epileptic intelligence. Enter red room.
    Yomslaw- green room

    The End L'opin Cinema

    Stella BAB (Before Anyother Blogger), the universe knows that I love you nonstop!

    Who am I?? Call me Sergeant Who!
    I just dey observe...kikikiki

    1. I join you know say love me jeje no get sense

    2. Keep on observing.... Don't stop...

    3. Bwahahahahahhaahaha..I'm finished oh!

    4. Did u just call Xoxo Mystery Epileptic Intelligence? U dey craze..Will kill u..LMAO!

    5. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha
      I got tears in ma eyes from laughing.
      I don't know who u are but I love u whoever u are hahhahahahahahhaha
      Chai CLOWNS dey dis blog!

      Sergeant Who u are BAE!

    6. I still can't believe I took my time to read this rubbish to the end. #yawns and falls asleep.

    7. There should be an Orange abi Amber room as well.

    8. Why put Xp in green room? She should be in Red room biko..D way she brags and talks anyhow is irritatingly annpying..She talks like an insecure mentally imbalanced housewife..I SMH in disgust anytime i see her comment..She is too far from being classy like Xoxo pointed out..but i know why Xoxo took sides with her in dis issue..Story for another day..

      Xoxo howdy? Hope u are good.

    9. Kwakwakwaaaa! First of all, bloggy i saw d rol call yesday after many searchings lol n I was like 'waaat'??
      Like how did u do dat? The Names + were in alphabetical order. Wow!
      N now this lol , anon sorry, sergeant who good joob hehehe

  25. Ihn toh behd! !

    Dats aw my ex called me today, he's married with a baby so am I but d way we flowed. ..omg!! Like we both r falling all over again..  Jeez!! Dis can't b happening! !

  26. Nawah Shoki all welll oooh

  27. Ihn my best blog post. Too much asslicking causes cyber mouth odour, una well done.

  28. October is almost here and my birthday is around the corner. Oct 22 october cake giveaway remember me oo. God bless u

    1. Dear someone offered you a cake in yesterday's IHN, didn't you see it?

    2. Another cake beggar??? Aaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh

    3. No 2 beg, mke ur giveaway cake pass u by.go 2 yesterday IHN,c who offer u cake.
      Na wa

  29. Got etisalat 200.. tanx

  30. Ihn janded Wednesday my fav day of the week.
    xoxo any info on me again today?my girlfriends names?boyfriends names? I don turn case study, reseach,or should I say project analysis.way u dey run up and down.

    Lol @ too many men rules,well if it's working for anyone that way, kotinue in mama peace voice.

    Tomorrow is gonna be fun for me all day kikikik.

  31. No ooo Stella! Lai Lai I no gree....Shebi you like drama. Please let it roll we are enjoying it!!! Foolish people be forming clique of faceless friends on a blog Rubbish!!!

  32. God bless all the givers!
    I pray he finds the car.

  33. What is all this rubbish about pleasing men all the time. Some of you will put men for head like something else. Mtcheeeew

  34. All these "akpola" shoes wey una dey sell, una wan make people end up for igbobi hospital? Na wah oh.
    Miss Fab, I hope you win. If you buy me Tmobile and ATT airtime, I go vote for you everyday from different computer, kikikiki. Goodluck.
    Coming back to read comments.

  35. Let d drama begin am loving it

  36. IHN news this morning.

    Let there be peace in the house.

    Where is the Queen and Boss of this blog?.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. dust about thortsville and what have u.
      i like u though...just that sometimes u misbehave.
      take the above comment in good fate.

    3. Abeg lev queen, don't make her feel important

    4. She don bow out naa

  37. IHN don land. Let the name calling begin. Who cares?Some people are made to be popular in life while some are made to achieve popularity by riding on the back of others. So if you are an SDK In house news Wannabe and your only claim to fame is Nzubeizuu, kudos to you. I choputas not!

    1. U are too big for this rubbish abeg.
      Jenry Eze go dey misbehave u too go dey misbehave
      Shame no dey catch u?

    2. Just shut up Nzube. Notice me syndrome.

  38. @ munched chat. Babe u were too quick to conclude! Haba!!! He cud have been joking sef, even if h wasn't h didn't say he was gonna do it to u did he? So why d plenty vex? Was it that time of d month or smth?

  39. All i see is that cake.hmmmmmmm yummy.
    for the online training ,who are we to contact.

  40. Nigeria would be 55years come tomorrow?
    Wow! I must have lost touch with this planet..
    We've come a long way..

    Been observing a lot of characters on here,and I must say, I find them interesting..
    Its all entertainment No?

    Notwithstanding,I also find some of the comments inane.
    Like seriously,give me something that would be worth my while.

    The picture I have in my head of some characters here, are that of flaring nostrils and flames for eyeballs..
    It is never that serious people.
    Say your piece and move on.

  41. Bleeeeeeeeh!

    Ada pls don't destroy our eyes! Abeg its even 100naira self! After cussing. Out stella yesterday, nothing interesting jare

    NWA AMAKA. Miss jobless am calling u out again, respect urself oooo!
    Money Maker u Too

    Happy independence day! Free rice and coke

    AKA sumborri

  42. when will l ever win sumthing in this blog recharge l no go win cake l no win,,miss fab l go go dislike now becose l never win any of ur cards,my daugther birthday is on 4th oct who will bake me a giveway cake

    1. Madam favor u dont need to beg for cake,its not byforce for ur daughter to cut cake, where the papa sef?. Kneel down dat day n thank God.cakes and creams sell cakes 3,500 over d counter.

  43. We agree to disagree e kwa? Abeeeeg ket the action continue cos Ama kip watching with my 10D sharumi

  44. Congratulations to the graduate.

    Nky (I guess) , not everyone is for gender equality.
    I'm talking about both sexes o,not only men
    And it's not something you shove down one's throat.
    The way you blocked him sha...Iwe jikwa gi o.

    Being on talking terms with him, won't make you less of a feminist, you know.

    Friendship is all about understanding yourselves, but respecting each other's differences.

    Concerning that dp,I totally disagree.


  45. We agree to disagree e kwa? Abeeeeg ket the action continue cos Ama kip watching with my 10D sharumi

  46. A crane fell and killed over 100 Muslim pilgrims, the muslim world didn't call for the head of the king of saudi arabia. A stampede killed over 700 muslim pilgrims, the muslim world didnt call for the head of the king of saudi Arabia. Synagogue of all nations building collapsed nd killed Christians, some "Christians" are still calling for his head. Where is the unity in christendom?

  47. Stella, I caught my sub oh. Eshe pupo. *side eyes*

  48. I love you Stella. Lmao@awoof running belle. Yesterday's IHN was something else... how can someone be holding so much grudge and hate against another when you don't even know the.? How and why? Then you have the cheerleaders, the disciples, the otimkpus and all.... please eh, unu continue cos me Isis, even if I no get power to fight I like to watch.... A very big shout out to Clara Udeh, Ify Ekunie and Tokunbo... how una de?

  49. IHN the drama queen is here .love love IHN ,everything happens here.

  50. Pls my people, I am 8 months plus pregnant and recently started taking "ulor" ( don't know the English name for it, only the Igbo name). Is there any side effects of it?

  51. Haba na why only glo and etisalat....

  52. Too many rules on how to keep a man, it seems we focus on how to make a mam happy and forget about ourselves, It's not a mans world pls, they shld focus on how to make us happy

    Sorry for the theft. Its well

    Hope this holiday would continue till Friday oh. Stella tell bubu to add Friday pls

    Those breaking their head over my comment hope u have stitched it oh my mum always says this " don't use small hand to go and collect big hand" the times we look for trouble. So if u insult someone don't expect the person to reply soft it can be hard or soft it depends on the person. So if u can't take the bashing don't look for trouble. U guys pick on ppl too much and u end up doing same. Brag too. Mitcheew

    I got a new title. Kikikiki. Haters pls buy bottle of honey to make ur life sweet. Bitterness doesn't pay.

    Shout out to the great bvs we have here. U all rock. Kisses. TGW am good thanks for the shout out

    Signing out
    Cheerlady of ass lickers. Kikiki
    Someppl would soon die for someone issue.

  53. Haba na why only glo and etisalat....

  54. I'm interested in the organic traning...

  55. I don't know what's wrong with my google ID.
    Stella sheath which sword? Take ya time oh.
    J baby don't ever try that rubbish meaningless novel ever again! People want to read dramatic epistle and you decided to punish us with your support epistle, kpachara anya go there.
    Let the drama continue please oh. I had to comment with my official computer just to warn you Stella.
    Horrible side eyes at SixFeeta *flips hair*

    La Katie

  56. Madam BV do you even know the meaning of gender equality and its obvious you just learnt the word chauvinism. Next time look for something important to bring to our notice.

  57. IHN always intresting. Thanks to all givers and may advertisers get customers too. SDK keep up the good work.

  58. For the family friend who stole his friend,s car,that is why I don't help many people in Nigeria ,very fake people ,they are mush on blogs too,they sing May God bless her or him once they receive ,but their hearts are always bitter and ready to steal and hate people ,I don't help people unnecessarily,this is the reason

  59. @ organic cream online training, you didn't drop your contacts

  60. Choi all the cards are already loaded. Welcome Ihn

  61. Ihn news rocks
    online organic cream training you did not put your contact.

    Madam Cecilia

  62. yaaaaay
    IHN is here

    The man dat stole his friends car does not have conscience at all...the wickedness of men

  63. Paragons of beauty!!! Please y'all should call her up, she's good at what she does!

  64. Anambra! IBOs una don come again, if I talk una go cuss! Una. See na life! Shurrrrrrrrrrr!

    AKA sumborri

  65. IHN is here, hot & spicy.e
    D friend dt stole from u, God is already dealing with him.
    D birthday chops giveaway, where are u based? My birthday is d 28th of Oct & I'm in Abj.
    Peace out.

  66. Inh......tried posting a comment and d comment box no gree open..... Why *crying*

  67. God bless you Stella. Congrats to the BV that just completed her studies and may God open doors for you. God bless all the givers. To the guy who helped someone and the guy stole from you,may the guy never know peace till he is caught or he surrenders on his own. God bless you All

  68. To that anon cussing everyone on that minister buhari post..may all that you wished bvs and their families and generation happen to you in hundred folds..bitter human being

  69. Happy Independence in advance...
    God bless all that gave and enlarge your purse including you Cynthia (Cynhams cakes)...
    Nice weather today.

  70. God bless the givers and receivers.
    Please I don't understand comments on the Web version. Seem like the comments and replies are scattered.
    Sombori dinor enjoy the drama well

    1. They come according to the time it was posted. You can't see replies under comments.

  71. Congrats Enny...a bright future is what I wish you!
    Happy Independence in's also my birthday tommorrow...any birthday mate??

  72. INHs is d bomb....

    To missfab I pray u win the contest.

    Tochukwu the Lord will compensate u.

    Givers n receivers God bless us all.

  73. @ kills his hard on lol. Thanks Stella. God bless all the givers

  74. ORGANIC CREAM ONLINE TRAINING, no address na wah ooo!

    Aw du we reach u! Oh try ooo
    Which kind mumu advert bi dat

  75. The bv who posted for training on beauty product didn't leave her contact .

  76. Madam organic cream online training. No contact info?

  77. how do we apply for the cream mixing training oo

  78. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  79. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  80. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  81. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  82. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  83. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

  84. BVs can like to fight, hian, una no dey tire ni

    Congrats to the newest graduate in town

    Click name for current gist

    1. Are u d first person to graduate that u had to litter everywhere with ur comments?

  85. plenty shoki but no strength to hustle. I no knw say na like dis e dey b o. Lord pls give me strength. God bless all d givers

  86. that online training for cream mixing did not post her contact

  87. Ihn rocks ojare, no doubt about it.

  88. A little help here please, I underwent lumpectomy last two months, but the mark of the stitches are very visible. Please does anyone know what I can apply to it? Maybe a cream/treatment, sort off..?

  89. Yawning*
    Yawn *
    What a busy day with all this language people.
    She's like "cero hate cero" wtf #080......and the list goes on.

    Thank God for the public holiday.

    1. Bwahahahaha@All these language people(In money maker's voice)

  90. Missfab I like u.... Will check u out now and vote u

  91. No contact for the skin training online.

  92. Happy birthday Nigeria! Thank you Stella. OMG your blog visitors are Bae! Totally enjoyed interacting with those that contacted me. Hopefully there will be a cake tasting session soon and all those who didn't win will get automatic invitation. Thanks so much. Kisses

  93. Welcome IHN...God bless all d givers in d house!!!

  94. Welcome Ihn,organic cream trainer, you didn't put any email of phone no to contact you on. God bless this family

  95. Yetinde says in house news interesting,aunty organic cream mixing,u no put contact.

  96. IHN haff landed! I dey come back.

  97. The organic cream training!!! No address no number no pin how do we go about it?

  98. May God bless my Mum's detective spirit. Justin Onyimba was my sister's ex husband. A terrible liar, severally beat my sister most times, leaving her with serious injuries till my mum asked my sister to end the marriage. My sister is happily married To a better man now. I'm not surprised he acted like a criminal but I can't help with his contact cos we haven't seen him since we returned his dowry

  99. Stella I thought u were asking for drama the other day. Watapun?

  100. Welcome ihn as some would say. Now regarding the post on gender inequality above this is my opinion ... That women always believe they have a right to what kind of man they want which no one can fault them for that. But the same women don't believe that men have right to what kind of woman they want. Rather they believe that the type of man a woman wants a man to be is what the man should be. If a man tells you he wants a slave for a wife I believe it should not ruffle any feathers, simply jump and pass and allow any woman who likes such to go with him. Suppose no woman accepts to being a second or third timetable adhering wife would he manufacturing one himself. Remember that when a man discovers that the woman he likes can't copy with a broke ass as you ppl call it the man quetetly goes for his standard. Women should also know that the fact that you find a man suitable does not necessarily mean that the man must also find you suitable and vice versa. Finally all should know that gender equality is and would ever remain a mirrage no matter the propaganda. I have so many points to support this but I will give only one here and save the rest for next time. And that is this. A woman calls herself a man's missing rib. Then it is hipocricy on the part of woman to now claim equality after calling herself a missing rib. On the part of men, after knowing that a rib can't measure up to a whole skeleton, no man will secretly believe that he is equal to a woman never mind what any man might say in the open to curry favor of women. This may sound foolish but every man believes he can survive without a rib practically speaking while a single ribe was bloated to make a woman.. Finally ask your self this question why is it that in all societies you can see a man living in the same house with wives (whether it is right or wrong is beside the point) but no where has it ever been recorded that a woman is living in the same house with husbands. That is to say that men would always find 'willing women' but no woman ever find 'willing men'.

  101. Congrats to the newest graduate,welcome to the favour market
    Lmao at the mens' rules,mtcheww,who has time for all that
    Miss Fab,I hope you win.I don't have an instagram account,would have voted for you,all the best

    Happy Independence In Advance

  102. Typed an epistle, epistle disappear, I no type again biko.

  103. IHN, the very best since 19 kokoro.

  104. Any bv that makes small chops in phc should contact me.Pls drop your contact under my comment.Spring roll,samosa and puffpuff dey hungry me biko..Happy birthday Manna bee,love you long time hun....

  105. Welcome ihn news,always on point.
    God bless all the givers


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