Stella Dimoko Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 143


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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 143

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,entertain or motivate you.....

weirdfacts cullage.


  1. I don't have a neurological condition in Jesus name.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it's about time this happens in Nigeria, fat, sweaty, amoeba shaped organisms just taking space every where, let them just charge them according to weight. That will teach them a lesson.

  3. I'm sure bad market for Samoa Airline. My gf's handbag once weighed heavier than me. Beat it!

  4. Wow!
    I'll have to try out the ganzfeld procedure..I'm curious like that.
    Even though I already know that its not gonna have any effect on me.

  5. I love that airline. #SayNoToFat

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  7. Fact 2 would be better in Nigeria. Too many iya akpatis in this our country. The big ynash is another story.

    Fact 1

    Fact 3 weird facto cullage

  8. Isn't that insensitive n cruel of the Airline charging fat people more?

    Hmmmmm @ the second fact.I am afraid someone I know very well,who is typing right now is going to try that tonight. LolZ

    Marijuana? WHy do I always have this feeling that smoking Mari gives headache?

    I have always wanted to try cocaine.I always crave cocaine wen m preggers. Dunno.I have never seen it before.only in movies. But that crave z always dere.wen d hormones hit me hard,I wil sometimes put my hands on my head wen and cry "I want cocaine, I want Cocaine"
    Hahahahhahahaha The General wil just weak.confuse.And I wil just be dere enjoying d attention but wanting Cocaine n bawling my eyes out.

    1. Your lies go wound u one day, General of agberos wife

    2. You need Jesus.
      Wanting cocaine bawo?

  9. They should better hire me...

    I had a flair for hacking before, I still did it recently, hacked into two of my ex boyfriend's account through one of their social media handle. I just enjoy it.

    But I haven't tried hacking any rich man's account yet...
    Now that I think about it...quite tempting.

    Hacking or threesome? Which is the greater sin?

  10. Pix1, Hian!
    Pix2, I will try it.
    Pix3,welcome idea
    Pix4, weed na confirm inspiration.

  11. Please that first fact should not make me wonder if someone is suffering from that condition or indeed being funny in a dirty way.

    LMAO@ the last fact.. those positions must be filled ooh,Anyhow.

  12. Eayah Flakkie it is well. May God help our blog visitors with lies everywhere. Cyham cakes please do something to redeem your image. Not good for business biko

  13. Easah turned to Esther, it has do for you (according to Zebrudaya). How much is your pay with this advert

  14. Wondering which one to comment on, oven or facts

  15. 1. He was in the hospital bed, and he was attended by Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd and he was saying random daring things and would occasionally stop to ask "did I say something bad"? When he saw the startled expression on Meredith's face and he went on to remark that Dr. Shepherd was cute and had a nice hair and before they knew he blew the bomb

    " Hey yes she's cute I can see it in your eyes ( referring to Shepherd) cos the way you've been staring at her, you could as well jump on her and smash it this minute"

    Meredith was extra startled!!

    The boy had the above neurological disorder and he said all of that as soon as he observed the chemistry between Shepherd and Meredith... he can't think twice before talking, he can't weigh his words and he blutts It out as soon as he reasons it.... it takes brain surgery to cure... do you think some bvs have that o in SDK?

    2.It is only normal that a persons brain will begin to relay false information in the individual within minuted if being in utter darkness and hearing the strange sounds from a radio set... and what is hallucination? false imagination appearing so real... and convincing too that it constitute convulsions

    3 They're not ready for business because a high percentage of people who can afford flight are fat people.

    4. It reminds me of one night when I was travelling and we saw a soldier smoking weed confidently.... it looked weird and it shows bad example and that's a problem but come to think of it, is smoking weed suppose to be a crime?

    *Sips Hennessey from a platinum chalice*

    1. Weed-smoking is legalized in some countries.But I don't know if weed-smoking is "proper" oooo.


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