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Sunday, February 28, 2016

FillYaTank Mobile Application Just For You....

FillYaTank Mobile Application is a crowdsourcing application, built to assist Nigerian’s save money and time buying Petroleum products (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and Gas). 

With FillYaTank mobile application we can build a community that help each other save money and time on petroleum product by reporting prices and availability. So play the game of “Spotting” reporting  prices and availability of petrol, diesel, Kerosene or Gas when you are Buying in a Filling station, Passing a Filling station going about your daily activity or a filling stations you live close to and earn points while doing so. Launching in Abuja, Lagos and Rivers.

Download FillYaTank mobile application now it’s FREE! Available for IOS and Android users. Go to Apple store or Google Play store now and Download FREE! We are supporting every other users with a mobile friendly web version available on our website

-          Browse or Search for Filling stations near you,
-          Check for price and availability of Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and Gas
-          Add Filling Stations to your Favorite for easy and quick access
-          Become a Spotter to Spot Filling Stations and report prices
-          Earn points playing the game of Spotting reporting prices 
-          Spotter Points can use to win Petroleum products (when we start giving away prizes)

Social Media handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:  - @FillYaTankApp


  1. Meaning? ?? Dint understand jack.
    Someone please explain.

    * Ayah Shehu *

    1. Will help you find filling stations that have fuel,diesel,kerosene and lpg gas and compare prices that way you do not have to drive around aimlessly before you find one... You get?

  2. Nice one! Creative and helpful! Goodluck!!!

  3. @ Alexy You can find filling stations near you, so you can check if they have petrol, diesel, kerosene & gas is available and the prices from your phone before you go out to buy. Instead of driving around to look for filling station.

  4. Who drives around looking for fuel except during scarcity? Na only that time this App useful biko

  5. It should help us know the ones wey Don tamper with guages/cheat
    Wey get rude petrol attendants (babe I no dey toast you , calm down)


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