Stella Dimoko Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 164


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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 164

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,entertain or motivate you.....

weirdfacts cullage.


  1. Determination, you can do anything if you set your mind to it @first meme

    Hope alcohol won't eventually kill the Russian man

    1. Just smoke some weed!!

    2. True that! All those hoping for change change should look inwards and start from themselves. Do something! Make a difference.

  2. Congrats to that guy. Love his persistence.

    All others weird

  3. Preety 5C38A8372 March 2016 at 16:11

    I always knew people use Cannabis for medical treatment but that's if one is Instructed to use it.

  4. Check the dictionary for alcoholic or addict and you will see that Russian guy. Na wa!!

  5. Yeah Mon

  6. Picture one: Do not let the obstacles around you stop you from being wat u wanna be. Focus on ur dreams
    My theme for the year FOCUS!

    The second picture doe, that guy was born to drink lol..crazy dude

  7. Cannabis?

    The Russian is a certified "brewery"

  8. the second pic is sooo funny.

  9. Cannabis advert lolz, it's great for specific treatment.
    Drunkard of life

  10. Cannabis full my nebor backyard for village. If it's d same thins as 'igbo' weed.

  11. Somebody pls locate me in abj I need a partner am a male 30 nt yet rich so I won't crave for a girlfriend sex partner I guess 7b60e9cf

    1. I pity u.....theif

  12. Number 2 is very possible, Russians drink like mad and since the weather here is as cold as refrigerator it will just be like waking up in the street.

  13. Goose bumps @ William's feat.

    @That car,hmmmm,won't wanna own one....i'll be soo tempted to race it! *winks*

    @ last fact,I keep hearing its medicinal and "good"

    1. You keep "hearing "?
      You sure say na only hear you hear?


      Me I hear too.

    2. Hahahahhaha true,na only hear I hear for this one.But I haven't bn hearing of cocaine bn good though. LMAO.

  14. Very Courageous man@first fact.

    Ugbo! @the Bugatti Chiron

    This Cannabis treatment is quite controversial,who am I to question it when parents do not have much hope left?

  15. Kush is medicinal,it saved d boy's life in days *no need to fly to Jamaica/for the quarter ganja/we can get the same thing/u want that bom bom biggy/holla at my niggi/right here in L.A.
    inhale, exhale,inhale, exhale *in akon's voice*

  16. @ d last weird fact, Nna ehn, na better cannabis and igbo that pickin go chop for life.

  17. Wonders of cannabis.

    @pics one, that's called determination to succeed.

    @pics 2, I can't just stop laughing

  18. Cannabis treatment said what!!!???
    Functions of this thing called 'weed' seems unending...Lmao.

  19. Bugatti chiron, hmmm. You guys should help tell Dino That this is not for Nigerian roads.
    Cannabis toh badt.

  20. 1. He was not just determined, he was gifted.

    2. When you are used to sipping Hennessey, you won't be surprised about this particular incident... the young man up there did not die, he was simply taking to the spiritual realm and when the alcoholic fuel was exhausted, he had to come back and sip some more... and hopefully he'll be going permanently to the spiritual realm if he continues his determined drinking..... you know what I mean.

    3. What on earth are you doing with such a speed! OK I remember.... that programme, what do they call it again ooooo ....yes
    "A million ways to die!"

    4. Cannabis sativa.... Wow! never knew it had such a great medicinal value.... but like you and I know that from time to time, "Weird lies" are featured on "weird facts"

    I want to say thank you for all the sweet comments yesterday... to Jasmine, Kween and the sweetest bv ever Iphie dearie..

    I'm not married......somebody asked

    I also meant ambivert not ambivalent and moderation is bae... I'm also finding it very difficult to comment under a comment, I don't know how to do it... any directive will be appreciated.

    *Sips Hennessey from a platinum chalice and adjusts concave lenses*


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