Stella Dimoko Fuel Crisis!


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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fuel Crisis!

It was 12:10am March 31st and these Nigerians were still waiting for petrol at  Total outlet near Sheraton Ikeja


  1. Hmmmmmm
    Na so we see change oooo
    Change for fuel
    Change or electrity
    Change for Dollars,wey con affect every change for lyf.
    Even d air wey we dey breath in don change

  2. We are in change government so Nigerians should stop complaining...

  3. Come to Abuja and chi chomchin.

  4. It's that bad stella!
    Happens in my area too...
    Infact I was out till midnight 2days ago just to get fuel.

  5. Dem go teh there, its not ending soon

  6. I hope no one that voted for Buhari is complaining. Cox this is what he really meant by change

  7. Na chain government we dey so. Goodluck to them. Hope thieves did not disturb them over there.

    Oando queue is not much when i passed in the morning

  8. Oh God! Save us from this change ppl!

  9. I have stopped driving.. Na bus for me. The struggle too much in Nigeria. World can like to end. When scarcity is over I resume. Just pity people that need car for business and moving around. Ko funny rara

  10. I really suffered yestady....
    Waited for 6hrs on d queue to get fuel at total filling station. good tin is I made sure to fill my tank.
    Did I mention I was made to buy total's product b4 I was allowed into d filling station.SMH!

    Anyways last WK Saturday was a good day.
    I got to total filling station around 1pm and waited for 4 good hrs.
    As soon as I got to d point of sale n opened my fuel tank, the stupid attendants just decided dey wld stop selling fuel.... Mehn I just weak.
    Waited again for like 30mins(cos I hed the remaining fuel was booked n I felt as d 1st on d line I won't be sidelined)

    Na so one man wey done buy fuel for my front tey tey see me, he asked y I was still at d station, I told him.
    Den he asked dat I drive out of d filling station, so I dd, na so the man dash me 22litres of fuel oo.
    Total stranger for dat matter.
    My sister asked y I didn't marry him?

    1. To buy their product?
      These are real stories from real people. We now struggle for things we are paying for.

      Yet yesterday, when the reporter narrated to Femi Adesina a similar story about how he spent 5 hours in fuel queue, he replied that didn't he still get fuel? Forgetting the struggle, the story behind the vacuum. People now deprive themselves of sleep, leisure, work to get fuel and those in charge are saying it's a mere May.

      The country is going through a phase of stagnation and the spokesman is saying "hope people will thank Buhari when this is all over". Hope Buhari will apologise to us for our pain when it's all over. They're talking about future praise but will not take blame for the present problem.

      These are real stories. People are suffering...

  11. I pay 1000 and they let me in. I hate queue mehn. Can't imagine staying at a place for 30mins.

    1. It's much better in my area. The queue has reduced unlike last week.

  12. Big nightmare.

    We have been buying fuel N1,000/gallon

  13. Ugly illiterate monkey,wat part of d pic shows d time?U only good 4 gossip,u got no effing clue bout balanced journalism.No b like say u read 2 pass sef afta all d lecturers don use u as cum-bucket 4 uni

    1. I have four litres of icecream and a buckect of honey for you to take and sweeten your heart and eradicate the bitterness there. Shame on you Annony 11:18

    2. VeryGoodBadGirl31 March 2016 at 13:00

      And you're supposed to be literate? You can't write properly and you're just a mere anonymous. At least she's good for gossip, what are you good for? Bitter fellow

  14. I don taya for fuel crisis fuel in authorised stations yet...Black marketers at the entrance to the fuel station all have fuel at exorbitant prices....Which way nigeria?

  15. Seem Delta state is better. Tho on d high side but no scarcity. U only see queue if their price is fair.

  16. Midnight is the new morning.
    On awolowo road ikoyi it's worst, because there's about 6 filling station there and most of them are opened all through the night.

  17. There own is even moi moi, come to Abuja and see cue.

  18. Can't wait to see the much talked about change
    So pissed at Nigerian politicians

  19. They are wonderfully made indeed

  20. I was very lucky yesterday mehn!
    I went to Apapa and on my way back I passed through surulere, just after randle Road junc I saw Total had and was selling fuel. I immediately told my driver to reverse and que just withing 20mins I got the car tank filled. Thank God at least I won't stress myself for the next few weeks.


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