Stella Dimoko London Tatafo season 31


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

London Tatafo season 31

Hellooooo.... how'u doing? 

See, Tatafo has told everyone that cares to listen that she doesn't wanna hear any amebo something again. I've given my life to Christ so  I'm no longer allowed to eavesdrop except in church. 

Yes, na only gist about our sisters and brothers for inside church I go begin listen to. After all, na everybody wey dey go church don turn "righteous" person na. No be so?

 **Tatafo is soliloquizing** 

Hmmm.. but before Tatafo will retire from active service of ameboism, I say make I quickly download this one about one sister wey dey follow go one white garment church for this side. 

Her first name starts with "O".. O for orange, O for Obinna, O for OBJ. O for OBY Ezekwensili. O for Oni of ife. O for Obo(monkey). O for Orangutans.. and so on and so forth. Does she live inside or outside London? Go figure... 

She's a mother of 2 adorable boys who recently got engaged to one London man like that. His name is....... The man's last name when transcribed, means, person wey no stingy. Also known as, 'I have and give'. Although this mother of boys, as she's popularly called is from the eastern part of we country. But she's known to always date the "ngbati ngbati" brothers.‎ No wonder she speaks their language better than them. 

‎Her crime? 

Her so called friends won't allow her drink water and drop cup, dem no gree leave this babe to enjoy her new status, dem begin whisper upandan.

They said plenty things, things like, the man na mumu, that they are not compatible.. bla bla bla. Anytime she uploads their 'kinky pictures' they pass it round and laugh. Dem laugh the poor lady say she too big pass the tiny man, say whether she wan kill the man. Olofofos and monitoring spirit come begin talk say na she dey control the man, uses him to babysit her kids, and that the man is "under" her because na she dey bring business come house. 

Which kind business? No ask Tatafo mbok

My people, what is wrong with these London women that they can't be happy for person sef ? That's how her friends talk reach Tatafo ear. Dem no gree allow this woman with her very conspicuous Tattoo, which she has on both her mother arms to rest. Talk talk talk since she celebrated her engagement on Facebook. 

Maybe they are jealous of her. Just maybe they are angry because she did.. "OBiiii" and ntorrgiii at them when she finally found a man who proposed to her, after she caught the bouquet at her friends wedding months earlier.  Her crime is her engagement to this man who loves to wear and pose with bluetooth clip on his ear as a fashion statement. Her crime is because she loves this man and his skinny jeans. They think it's easy kwa? These friends must be very jealous because she no dey spare her haters on Facebook. She reminds them every second that a woman with a good husband glows beautifully. 

Friends oh friends.. mama of boys be kiaful of them you hear?

One of her friends said she's not jealous, but that she just has a problem with mama bomboys' manner of dressing because she exposes her kpekus too much on Facebook and that they find her Christian mother arm Tattoo and makeup really scary. Some even said she used the tattoo to cover her thick stretchmarks.

Wetin be una own?

They further explained that she exposes her something even when she's robed in her white garment every Sunday. That she distracts them in church.. ‎they hope that now that she's almost married she'll conceal them. 

Tatafo is advising this lady to be careful of her friends who are talking rubbish everywhere. Must two brothers born of the same mother be same? They were not saying anything before she found a man oh, but soon after she got engaged, they started doing cho cho cho about this our bubbly sister..they started to drop names of all the men she's been with.

**sips sprite**

Tatafo is also telling these women to face their market and allow her enjoy her new found love. E no concern you if she uploads videos and pictures of her new tiny man every second. E no concern una if she be bread and butter winner. E no concern una if the man moved into her house instead of the other way round. E no concern una if she dey expose her kpekus for inside church. E no come concern una if she born black and white pikin. 

Who una epp? 

E no concern una if she get shine shine for teeth and likes ngbati men more than her people. We should encourage inter tribal marriage.

What is important is that she's happy again and she found REAL love in the arms of a known London boy who's known to hibernate while he spreads his "tentacles".. because he likes to move in with his women. Is anything wrong in that? Let's just pray our dear sister enjoys her union with him. It's better he baby sits for her instead of walking upandan pubs chasing babes. 

But Tatafo will follow this our 'yerrow' sister to do una big OBiiii... 

*flaunts the engagement ring and twerks out*

Church mode activated. 

Tatafo is out 

Stella Nwanyi oma baby.. how far? Lolz

*Chei enemies of progress!!!...I can sabi fear people like this...tatafo you remember that your friend na?


  1. Hahaha....the bobo name Na Animashaun and the eastern mama dem boys name is Oby. Tatafo well done oooo

    1. Toorrr see something o. London people haf come. Let me wait for more decoders.

      QueenBee I sight you o. Decoder of life. Where have u been? Are you the original Queen Bee? See question lol.

      OK bye

    2. Sisi Eko,I answer present because of u dis afternoon,dat up there isn't the real Queen Bee jare!.as she loves the name so much,i don dey look her dey use am.
      Been so busy,travelled out for some serious issues so I only read comments when I steal time..cant even comment:btw who commenting epp?lol!
      Stellastic,i am still loyal
      Queen Bee impersonator,njoy it while it lasts.

    3. Ghen ghen.. second QueenBee I believe u are the original one. You know how I know? Because of the way you abbreviate without space. Eheheh that's how I know.

      Anyway good to see you here. Glad I made you pop your head out. Lol. Please register your ID ohh! Ciao!!

    4. Hehehehehehe....see my see wahala oo, abeg, who is dragging my name with me?? Where were u when Stella started dis blog? Is it bcos I went AWOL and all of a sudden u came in frm nowhere. Na wah....av bn commenting anonymously since d beginning of this year, waiting for some fake QUEENBEE to show face. Babe, u Berra drop dat name....ain't got no time for shi** I am the original QueenBee, any other is a counterfeit....sho gbo??? Dat name is not for feeble minds u hear.. #QueenBee #$tingsLikeMad #TakeNoShit

  2. Lozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I no say I no get ham

  3. Ok that is good "mama Boiz JP" na your matter haters go die on top. No shaking for you jare.

  4. I think I know them. Bluetooth man? Oby?


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