Stella Dimoko Man Tells Court ''My Wife Didnt Tell Me That She Had Other Children''


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Man Tells Court ''My Wife Didnt Tell Me That She Had Other Children''

A 49-year-old businessman, Mr Andrew Ndubisi, on Wednesday prayed an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Saraphina, alleged to be promiscuous.

The petitioner also said that his wife was secretive, as she had two previous children to two other men before they were married.
Andrew said she failed to bring it to his knowledge.

“My wife had two boys from two men but did not tell me before we married.
“After our marriage, she brought them to live with us and I was paying their school fees.”

“My wife is promiscuous, she dates different men,” Ndubisi told the court.He also alleged that the wife had an affair with their pastor.

He accused his wife who had a daughter for him in their four-year marriage of adultery.
“My wife is a flirt, she dates different men. I have caught her severally with some of her lovers.
“She is also having an illegal affair with our pastor.
“I got to know when her cell phone rang and she left our room to receive it.
“I trailed her behind without her knowing and l eavesdropped; she ended the call with, ‘I love you’.
“When she returned, I secretly copied the number unknown to her and saved it on my cell phone.

“When I dialled the number on my cell phone, it was our pastor’s name that appeared on its screen.”
He said that Saraphina was too demanding adding that despite the fact that he was always meeting her needs, she was in the habit of stealing his money.
“She once absconded with my daughter to an unknown destination and demanded N30,000 from me before she returned with her.
“I had to send her the money”.

He urged the court to dissolve the marriage, alleging that his wife could infect him with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV due to her adulterous acts.

Saraphina, 42, also a businesswoman, however, denied all the allegations, saying that instead she had been faithful to her husband.
“I have been faithful to my husband since we got married. I am not dating our pastor, he is just a spiritual father to me,” she said.
She told the court that her husband was hot tempered and was always beating her.
“My husband was always beating me at any slightest provocation; I had suffered injuries in my eyes on three occasions from his beatings.
“He once stripped me naked in public and beat the hell out of me.

“There was a day he beat and pushed me down from the staircase and l lost my two-month-old pregnancy.”

She said that her husband also had three children from different women.
It was my husband, Andrew that sent me packing from our matrimonial home after he threatened to kill me.

“I left his house with my daughter then. He later begged me to return which I did and he forcefully snatched my baby from me.
“Up till today, I have not set my eyes on my daughter,” she said.

The president of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case till Aug. 23 for hearing.


Na wah oh!


  1. Replies
    1. It seems the igando court is only presiding over marriage dissolution or that couples around the vicinity is always tired of living together.

  2. my browser has bn acting up since tuesday.
    i pray this comment goes through...

  3. Replies
    1. Lol, relationships/marriages nowadays. One will have to turn Detective cum Monitoring spirit to know if your partner is faithful

  4. I don't understand where these ppl meet and get married..the man has his problems likewise the woman.

    I tire for all this petty divorce cases..

  5. I hate it when a woman has kids or a child and lies about it just because of a man. A man who will love you will love you no matter what.

  6. Hmmm...who do we believe now, no witness

  7. Ha! Is this a marriage? Crazy..

  8. Marriage, is it worth it?!

  9. Spiritual father? Make I hear my future wife call another man wey get prick like me "spiritual father". In between, this is a ffunny couple. He was 45 and she was 38 when they married. They must have both had serial baggages coming into the marriage.

  10. All these Igando people, una never stop to amaze me. As I was reading just saw Igando customary court, I stopped reading.

    Poor people with plenty divorce problems

  11. Damaged goods. The marriage should be dissolved already.

  12. You sef leave the house besides this marriage was built on a lie. I have a feeling the man became abusive after his discovery. Anyone else noticed how she conveniently failed to address her past indiscretions?
    Stellastica international, the "woman" right fighter, how far na? No comments?

  13. I wonder why people are not ashamed to bring their matters out......

  14. Negodu endtime marriage! Two children from two different men vs. three children from three different women=Deceit.

  15. Yoruba people are too promiscuous. Having plenty children outside. 🙎🙎

    Unserious couple.

    1. Idiot, did u read at all b4 commenting? Local igbo girl!! U will nt face d crayfish u selling there. Omoosh. Na igbo women fuck pass, if they no see man sef them go fuck their fellow women. Oshisko

  16. @Gbogbo big girlz,did you read the story at all ? Before jumping to assume they are Yoruba ,how da hell is ndubisi and seraphina Yoruba names? International, monumental,tribalistic fool that is what you are

    1. You better chill.
      Omo Yoruba ni mi o.
      That comment Na sarcasm.

  17. Nawa o. So who should we believe now. Hian! Court should just dissolve the marriage abeg.

  18. Na lie them dey lie that thing wey dem do inside room no sweet again and e Don tire them. Abeg let the woman go enjoy enough dickson outside and come back and give testimony. Spiritual fada indeed(phyno voice fada fada ehehe)

  19. A marriage built on lies and on sinking sand will never last.

  20. Na real spiritual father.......... dis woman is a prostitute mehnnnn. Marriage is not for everyone, let dem divorce so she's free to follow her passion of sleeping around.

  21. Women cheat, men cheat but the women are quickly judged.

    My one and only spiritual Father is JESUS...ANYTIME ANYDAY.

  22. Most divorce cases are always in Igando customary court. Jeez! That place needs spiritual cleansing.

  23. PALMOIL FROM THE EAST call or whatsapp:0807282193718 August 2016 at 18:05

    You say, I say,them say,so who do we believe now?.


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