Stella Dimoko Pathfinder Driver In Epileptic Seizure Crushes Legs In Enugu..


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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pathfinder Driver In Epileptic Seizure Crushes Legs In Enugu..

This Accident happened this morning.....
Who gave someone with Epilepsy a drivers license?..OMG!!!


Hi Stellz, 
Good morning mami.
An accident just occurred in front of my parish this morning. This happened in New Haven, Enugu.

What made me send this in, was the circumstance surrounding it.
The  driver of the Pathfinder had a seizure behind the wheel, and the over speeding vehicle ran into the Toyota, which had just pulled out of the school beside the church, a tricycle which had the driver and a couple on their way to church, and a stationary bus. 

Funny enough, there was someone else in the Pathfinder, who recounted what led to the driver losing control, which begs the question ;why would an epileptic / someone prone to seizures, be allowed to have a driving license? 

Nobody died, but those involved sustained varying degrees of injuries. 
The couple in the tricycle had serious injuries including broken leg bones and the woman busted a patella.

The driver of the Toyota had a broken neck, while the driver of the Pathfinder was busy asking what happened. * sigh *

I had to come back after they were moved to the hospital, to take pictures. 
Couldn't be insensitive to snap away while people were writhing in agony.

I just want to believe that this was the guy's first seizure ever, but knowing how stuff works in this country, I won't be surprised if he was allowed to get a driver's license by people who knew.

That how people that were going able their businesses, are now in hospital and would probably be there for a while. 

God protect us all.

Biko, unu Happy Sunday.


  1. My kid sis is a doc and she has seizures and drives with it . God help her.

    1. Jesus!! I can only imagine the state of those in the keke. Kai! Person go just dey him own, trouble go waka come meet am..

    2. You know and still let her drive? Why can't she get a driver? You just read how many people the driver hurt yet your prayer is that God helps her. I pray she only hurts herself or your family members if anyone is to get hurt over this irresponsible behavior.

    3. Omg!
      That's Nigeria for u....
      Thank God is Enugu cos their road is not usually busy unlike Lagos
      Anonymous 12:52...pls tell ur sis to get a driver

    4. This Nigeria sef, na wa. See the nonsense he caused. Asking what happened, so annoying.
      Anon pls tell your sis to beta driver before she kills people and herself. Haba, as a doctor she should know better.

    5. Your sister is an idiot who should be in jail.
      Mumu doctor ....note i m a dr

  2. Replies
    1. Don't mind license officers. That was how my mum company driver that is epileptic had his seizures on Benin express road. He ran into Agofure bus that was parked. My mum spent a week in d hospital. Thank God d car had airbags. I for be orphan now. D driver was trying to still deny he wasn't epileptic that it was spiritual attack. He was trying to deny because once the company find out, they will just sack him. It was the doctor exposed him. Na God dey save man for Nigeria.

  3. May God grant those injured healing and quick recovery. Most countries issues drivers license to people with epilepsy but with some conditions.

    In some other countries, people with epilepsy usually have drivers who render them services.

  4. Maybe the epilepsy started today. You never can tell, thank God no lives were lost.

  5. Bv thanks for the info. God will protect the wounded.
    Epilepsy is a terrible illness.

    This is beside St Mulumba Catholic Church in New Haven, Enugu. I saw it too but what was not at the scene when it happened. Many bvs worship here.
    "Shines teeth"

  6. And passed the accident while going home

  7. We live in a country where anything goes. Dem fit even give blind man license as far as he has d cash to grease some corrupt palms.

  8. This reminds me of a certain scenario i witnessed by my bus-stop, this okada man, had a seizure while on his bike that was how he was jerking with the bike. It was a terrible scene, trust lagos peeps, they was just starring at him with no help. It was a Mopol officer who laid the guy down and calmed him down. He had injuries everywhere.

  9. Thank God no life was lost.

  10. Thank God no life was lost.May they be healed quickly in Jesus name. Amen

  11. Thank God he is saved

  12. No be today na. One woman in my mum's meeting lost her legs cos the rider of the okada she entered was epileptic. The bike guy had a seizure and fell off the bike while d bike was still running and a trailer crushed her legs. It was really terrible o

  13. This story is not funny at all. Why encourage what can lead to death of other people.

  14. OMG! I pray for quick recovery.

  15. Thank God no life was lost. Speedy recovery to the injured and may God heal the man with the epilepsy

  16. Thank God no life was lost.Are you even sure he has a driver's license? This our Nigeria is a wa.

  17. What a Sunday... Wishing all d injured persons quickest recovery.

  18. Its possible the driver is on drugs

  19. Lil wayne is epileptic and he drives so wats d reason for d criticism

  20. Anon 12:52. The day your sister will have seizures may she hurt you and your family members . IDIOT.


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