Stella Dimoko Waiter Tipped $500 For Act Of Kindness..


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Friday, August 26, 2016

Waiter Tipped $500 For Act Of Kindness..

Kasey Simmons loves to make people smile. But Tuesday, the 32-year-old waiter was the one beaming.
A customer at the Dallas-area Applebee's restaurant where he works left him an unforgettable tip.

"They ordered the cheapest thing on the menu," Simmons said. "Flavored water."
The total bill was $0.37. The tip was $500. A note, written on a napkin explained why.

A day earlier, Simmons was shopping at his local grocery store. In the checkout line, he noticed another shopper, an older woman who was clearly despondent.
Other shoppers passed right by her. Simmons did not.
He spoke to the woman. She didn't explain why she was sad, but Simmons lifted her spirits and even paid for her groceries.

"It was only $17, but it's not about the money," he said. "It's about showing someone you care."
The tip at the restaurant apparently came from the woman's grateful daughter. The note on the napkin described the mother's anguish as she tried to go about her normal activities on what was the third anniversary of her husband's death.
Simmons choked up as he read the message out loud.

"On one of the most depressing days of the year ... you made my mother's day wonderful," the note said. "You insisted on paying. Told her she is a very beautiful woman. I have not seen this woman smile this much since dad died."

Simmons' kindness made a difference, and the daughter wanted to let him know. But she did not let him know the woman's name. For now, he can only wonder and keep smiling, knowing that his simple gesture made a priceless impact.-cnn


  1. Eayah very lovely. Read where she said you made my mother smile so much. Thank God for that kind gesture.

    Oya madam N500,000 do the same gesture to THELMA. I carry the mata for my head oo

  2. Kindness pays.. In cash and Kind.

  3. Great... But how did the daughter know it was Kasey that helped her mother? Did the mother ask him for his name and where he worked? How else did the daughter know to go to Applebee's to find him? Good for him, though! The world needs more people like him.

    1. He must have given out those information in between their conversation while trying to cheer the woman up.

    2. Because they chatted and he told her who he was.

    3. Anonymous was the witches & wizards in your village that told her all those things. Does it matter how she knew about the waiter? Why are you trying to take away from the message and act of kindness in this scenario? Nigerians & negativity...we must find a way to see and suspect even things that don't exist

  4. Anon 14:40 they could be living inall those small town that knows everybody.

  5. Kindness can never be overatted, when you have the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face do it.

  6. We all could do with a lil kindness..

    *sings*/you've got to try a lil kindness, show a lil kindness, shine the light for everyone to see..
    And if you try a lil kindness, and you'll overlook the blindness, of the narrow minded people, on the narrow minded streets..

  7. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    There is nothing better than being kind...

  8. Kindness return back to you

  9. Kindness is everything. I try tomake people smile everyday I go out. Even if it's just a compliment. But one day I told a girl I love her shoes, but d shoes were ugly and she said she was gonna "dash". In my mind I was like, no pls, don't. I was just kidding.

  10. You live with your baby daddy and still cook with fire wood and drink hot pure water. Some one that you said hasn't achieved anything in 6 years can procure home appliances and furniture. I am sure you both sleep on a mat too. You better cut out and go and carry unemployment placard on the streets that doing nanny duties

  11. That's her two weeks paycheck in one tip. Good for her!


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