Stella Dimoko He Kidnapped Her Twice, Beat And Tortured Her And Then He Did The Unthinkable!


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Thursday, September 08, 2016

He Kidnapped Her Twice, Beat And Tortured Her And Then He Did The Unthinkable!

For 11 days this summer, Tierne Ewing was tortured by her husband. 

Kevin Ewing kidnapped her, beat her, locked her in a closet, hit her in the head with a pistol, strangled her, burned her with a hot stick and made her sleep with a rope around her neck, according to Pennsylvania law enforcement. More than once, he put her in the bathtub and pointed a gun at her, threatening to kill them both.

On July 8, she managed to escape when Kevin allowed her to enter a bank. She was hysterical, and begged the bank tellers to call the police. After law enforcement arrived, she was too frightened to leave the building, telling them, “I don’t want to die.”

Kevin was arrested the same day and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, unlawful possession of a firearm and other crimes. Less than two months later, while released on a $100,000 bond, he kidnapped his estranged wife again. 

This time, he followed through on his threats.

On Aug. 30, Tierne was found shot to death in a barn. Her husband also shot himself in the head. Her death is now raising questions about what authorities in Washington County could have done differently.

District Attorney Eugene Vittone, who called Tierne’s murder a possibly “preventable tragedy,” told The Huffington Post that he has begun an investigation into what went wrong. 
“We are trying to get all the facts and see where the system may be improved,” he said. “We probably need to take a look at how we address bail in these types of cases.”
While it’s impossible to predict every domestic violence case that turns lethal, experts believe that there are critical warning signs that can indicate when a case is especially dangerous and needs special monitoring.

Decades of research by Jacquelyn Campbell, a leading expert in domestic homicide, has helped to identify important risk factors for lethality, which include abusers’ access to firearms, previous strangulation attempts and death threats. 

Her work has been distilled into an 11-question screening tool that a growing number of police departments across the country are now using to identify domestic violence victims who are at the greatest risk of being killed.

Tierne had almost all the signs of a woman in extreme danger.

She had been previously strangled, which made her seven times more likely to be killed by her abuser. Her husband owned guns, making her five times more likely to end up dead. He had threatened to kill her and himself. And she believed that he was capable of murder.

“I totally agree that it was preventable, because it was so predictable,” said Ellen Kramer, deputy director of program services at Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “When you read down the list, this screams out for some kind of heightened safety measures for this victim.”
The case brought her to tears, she said. 

Some police departments in Pennsylvania currently screen victims for risk of lethality, but the practice is not yet widespread. 
PCADV has also created a fact sheet for judges on lethality factors, Kramer said, with the hope that courts will use it when assessing the danger that domestic violence offenders pose to their victims.

“If we are going to do something to prevent domestic violence homicides, communities have to come together in a much more meaningful way and understand lethality, and do a much better job at making sure that abusers like this guy don’t fall through the cracks,” she said. “My greatest hope is that Washington County can take a look at this, and learn something from it, make the changes that may be in order, and then share what they learned.”
Kevin posted bond after spending three days behind bars. 

When the prosecutor handling the case, assistant district attorney Kristen Clingerman, found out he had been released from jail, she immediately asked the judge to increase his bail because of his history of domestic violence.
Tierne told Clingerman that if her husband was free, she was going to die.
“I had a really bad feeling,” Clingerman said. “In my heart, I knew that there was not going to be a good result. All the signs were there that this could be a fatality.”

While a judge denied her request for a bail increase, he agreed to some modifications that she asked for, including that the defendant have no contact with his wife, relinquish all weapons and wear an ankle bracelet that would alert authorities if he left the home. On the day he killed his wife, he cut it off. 
Clingerman said that she did everything she could to keep Tierne safe. 

“I wish that other people, whether they are lay people, family, law enforcement, would understand that domestic violence is so serious and so lethal,” she said. “If the defendant would have kidnapped a stranger off the street, and burned her and beat her and strangled her, I wonder what his bond would have been then.” 

Between 2005 and 2015, at least 1,676 people in Pennsylvania were killed as a result of domestic violence, according to PCADV. 
Most of the victims were female domestic violence victims, but that number also includes children, law enforcement, friends, coworkers, passersby, and perpetrators who killed themselves or were killed by law enforcement.
Tierne’s death was not the first high profile domestic violence shooting in Pennsylvania this summer. Just last month, a man killed his wife and three kids on the day she had planned to move out.



  1. Such sad story.

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    1. RIP Tierne.I'll never understand how someone can claim to love another person and yet hurt them. I usually say there has to be warning signs but tbh I don't know again. But how is it possible for someone to pretend for so long? Will courting for atleast a year help? Before i get married I will love to see how my partner reacts when I piss him off. If he always smiles and brushes it off I swear I will be fucking worried. He's probably saving it all for when you get married. I remember asking one guy if he ever sees himself hitting a woman and his response was "If she disrespect me yes". Lol that was the end.
      As messed up American justice system is, its way better than ours. They won't even call the cops and even if they do, the cops will ask you to "go home and settle with your husband".

    2. Meanwhile, Pastor Chris Oya guffawed when he said husband wife relationship is master servant one; this is the result above

  2. If na black do this Kain thing now,them go first kill am befr them even carry am go station
    But na them them

  3. Awwww so sad๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช

  4. Why did they have to release the husband see how they wasted the woman's life such a man should have been left to rot in jail

  5. RIP to her...the system really failed her and this goes to show racial prejudice. To those waiting to chew and condemn Nigeria Police Force at the slightest instance, this is a testament that no system is without blame and infallible. There was a similar case in the UK, a Kurdish girl murder by her family for daring to leave her arranged marriage and fall in love with another person. She reported to the Police 5 times and still she was murdered by same people she had been reporting to the Police. A black teen is sentenced to 66 years in presence for drug possession and distribution yet this lunatic kidnapped, assaulted and threatened his wife with a deadly weapon and was granted $100000 bail. Diaris God

    1. Abeg shut up!
      How can you even compare Nigerian police to the US/UK police? Gosh!!!

    2. Sense filled comment๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š

    3. Nah our police force is worse. I don't think it wld have been possible to hold him till a trial without bail. The only other option is a restraining order but that only seems to piss them off more. We shld all just pray to never get involved with an abusive man. They see their partners as their property.

    4. Elixir...inferiority complex is an acute disease, you need help! I won't stoop to your level & exchange words & write words you have no inclination of what they mean. Different terrain, different crime, different populace and same yardstick for measuring them? I don't think so

    5. Robyna, the judge has the discretion to grant bail or not especially for a violent crime. He shouldn't have been let out in the first instance. White prejudice is when a man kills 2 and wounds 1 black youths for walking on his lawn and defending it under stand-your-ground rule in Ohio & getting free WHILE a black woman is sentenced to jail term for firing warning shots to scare off her abusive ex-husband who's been stalking her.

  6. Poor poor Tierne!
    I hope u are at peace now.
    And I hope Kevin is in d hottest part of hell.

  7. may God not let us marry violent partners ijn...may her soul rest in peace

  8. Heart of men is desperately wicked. RIP ma'am.

  9. Similar cases are here in Nigeria,abusers get bailed and still carry out their threats without minding anything because they believe in 3 things,Bail,jail,or murder/suicide.

  10. Too long to read. All na domestic violence matter.

  11. This is so sad, esp knowing it could have been prevented.

  12. Just look at how the system failed this women #smh. So sad.

  13. Just look at how the system failed this woman #smh. So sad.

  14. Chai...what a pity...evn after she cried out for help...That's the good thing abt law enforcement in developed countries, they acknowledge their mistakes and take steps to avoid such mistakes in future

  15. Mad people everywhere. He should have never made bail.

  16. Hian,the whole legal system is to blame. Now the woman has died for nothing when the judicial system would have slammed the man with a long term jail sentence. Domestic violence is real,when you see the signs,activate your usain bolt senses. A living bird is better than a dead elephant.

  17. What a pity. D man was obsessed with her.... Evil men everywhere. Rip. May the angels b with u...

  18. See how her life was wasted for nothing....

  19. Of cos her death was preventable! How on earth did they grant him bail after all the violent attacks on her? This is so sad! May her soul RIP

  20. This could have been prevented.

  21. This could have been prevented.

  22. That is how I watched something on DSTV yesterday, Crime and investigation.
    Three women who had been suffering Domestic Violence in their homes and had planned on divorcing dere husbands, one was even already separated and living apart.
    Just for changing their status from 'married' to 'single' on their facebook pages, set their ex's off and they killed their wives.
    All three separate cases in the UK, but what set off d ex's to kill was that facebook profile.
    We singles need to really pray. First of don't marry a man with anger issues. If he as little as gives his maguard/houseboy beatings for not just opening d gate on time. That kind man, if u prepare his food late, he can decide to give you a slap.
    I once dated a man like that, who was soooo sweet, but when he drank he turned into smthn else, beating up his houseboy maybe for not bringing him chilled water. The day I received my own slap, was d day I knew this wasn't my husband. I am still searching, but I know God doesn't want a drunk as a husband for me.


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