Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 15 And 16


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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Labour Room Drama 15 And 16


LRD 15
Hi Stellz, let me simply say this to avoid long story; you are the 'bestest'.
Here is my labour room story
When I got pregnant, I had the worst hyperemesis gravidarum. I was just eight weeks gone when I got admitted in the hospital, anything that goes in must be thrown up. Water was my enemy because it was so bitter.

 I was sent for a scan and I got to know I was carrying twins, waoh! To think that I'm a twin myself.
Well, to cut the long story short because I went through a lot in the first trimester, I got healthy later and on this fine Monday morning, I was 36 weeks gone and all I wanted was to have my babies already, I went for antenatal and the doctor told me to be ready because twins can come earlier than 40 weeks. 

I was more than ready, on my way back, I bought soup ingredients because my father in law had instructed my mum in law to come and be checking on me as I was very heavy and hubby works late so she told me she was coming and would pass the night. I prepared a delicious meal and at around 3am, I woke up to see water all over the bed, I knew my water just broke, I woke hubby up and he went to wake mil (who was just gushing that the babies were waiting for her, lol) and we went to the hospital.

A miracle happened on this day, all the scans I had been doing showed that the first twin had her bum down instead of the head and refused to change position, THE doctor attending to me had been telling me I would have to go through CS if she didnt turn, I kept praying. As soon as I got to the hospital, I met this same doctor on night duty and he said they should prepare me for CS and I resigned to God to take control.

 A lady had an emergency and had to be operated upon immediately so the doctor said I would come in after her. I was now in so much pain, it ll come and go. I wasn't shouting cos my mum already told me not to waste my energy on shouting as it ll just exhaust me. I will hold on to iron bed and squeeze my face in pain but I was also praying, a lady that just delivered and was waiting to be transferred asked me to call on a nurse as it was unfair for me to be going through much labour pain when I'm going for CS. 

I called and begged her to have mercy on me(it was a General hospital so you have to pamper the nurses), she checked me and said I was 8cm or so, she said I should come into the delivery room and cooperate. I was wearing a scapular and an elderly nurse who is also a catholic prayed for me on sighting the scapular, moments later, I started pushing, the first baby came out and then the second, all along I was singing to God and prophesying goodness into their lives, I prayed so much for them. I was given episiotomy although they were not big, maybe because of the first baby that came out with her bum. The stitching was so painful but I bore it with joy cos I knew it wouldn't be as much as the pain after CS. I'm so grateful to God for my twins and hubby, they are my world.
Sorry for the long epistle (shines teeth).
Here is our family picture for YOUR eyes only stellz. Thank you for the opportunity, God bless you.

The baby came out with her bum?wow that must have been something!..They look really stubborn though..well done!


Here from what i know,A women billed for CS is not allowed to go into Labour,..i dont know but i think it is wrong to initiate cs when proper labour has began oh,very dangerous right?
I think so from what i know and seen.


LRD 16

Hiya Stella, 
Its the lady with the healing episiotomy, anyways as an update to that story, after I did everything that was suggested, nothing worked, hubby was on my neck. Lol (we stopped collecting when I was 3months preggy and now am 16wks PD)so I requested to see another doctor in same   clinic where I delivered, and he said I had a growth where I had episiotomy, I had to go for a minor surgery,he called a vague sounding name (glauco-something) he was deliberately being vague so I knew he was probably trying to cover up for his colleagues, at that point I really didn't care I just wanted my vagina back to normal, cus I was super scared anyways to cut a long story short I went in for the surgery immediately ,the growth was cut/shaved off and I was restitched, I saw hell. But am glad am healing well now, no more pains, swellings. 

Now to my labor room experience hmmm. Lol
My edd had passed with over 4 days, went to see my doc. He asked that we hold on for a week after which I will have to be induced, me I was already tired of being pregnant, I kept counting the minutes and hours of each day post EDD, on the sixth day I woke up around 1am to ease my self, I remember I woke with a song on my lips praising God, I smiled and continued singing it, got to the toilet and found blood stains on my panties was excited that at last o, then I noticed no catarh (mucous) was mixed with it, I remembered in my antenatal class they said it had to be blood mixed with catarh I panicked called a friend, she said thats not good o, if am bleeding I should head to the clinic immediately,I refused and went back to sleep, she is kind of an alarmist so I didn't take her serious. Lol 

At 2:30am,i woke up to slight pain in my waist region, it confirmed my suspicion that it was labor, but I couldn't go to the clinic at that time cus I was home alone, my sister was supposed to come be with the next day as hubby travelled that very morning .
So I decided to dance a little to while away time,I danced from 2:30 to 4 am, then I went to bath and head to the clinic ,didn't tell anybody, I packed my bags got a cab ,was too scared to drive, got to the clinic exactly 6:30 am, they checked and said yes you are in the first stage of labor you are just 2cm, uhn? 

I thought I was coming to push?lol.. 

They said madam abeg go and lie down on that before you still have a long way to go. Wow! 
By 6pm in the evening I was just 4cm,at midnight still 4cm,the doctor suggested I be induced I refused cus I heard it's verrrrryyyy painful So will be patient, by 9 am the following day still 4cm,haaaa...i was tired I had to inform my family my hubby and a few close friends was getting worried, when the head doctor came for his rounds that morning and checked my charts he realized that I was already 43weeks gone and said that was dangerous for my baby, and whether I "okayed" it or not he was going to induce me come midnight, I called my husband and mum, I cried en. Lol

Midnight came my husband Don gather mind give Me,i bounced to the labor room undressed and told the doctor to get on with it,he slipped a tablet inside me through my vjayjay and left, he  said to expect my baby in six hours. . Oh that six hours wait was the longest wait of my life, I spoke on tongues, confessed all my sins, called on my dead father to beg God on my behalf, called my hubby,cursed hell outta him for not being there like other husbands. lol .called my sisters, begged them to pray for me, I even tried to break the iron stand close to me with my very own hands. Lol.

The silly nurse assigned to watch over me totally ignored me and was sleeping, occasionally she would wake and contribute her sorry then sleep off again then the much awaited  6am came, then they checked me and said I was fully dilated. . Phew
They prepared me, and coached me not to lift my bum, hold ankle, close your mouth and when you feel like pooping you PUSH. I did it the first time nothing, the second time they saw the head, that's when they had to tear me, I pushed the 3rd time and the most beautiful baby I have ever laid me eyes on came screaming out, I can still remember the said rushing sound she made, like she couldn't wait to be out lol. And immediately the pain seized. But the placenta didn't come out, because it was already ruptured, it actually disconnected from my baby so for the past 12hrs it wasn't supplying anything to my child, she came out alive with no complications, verrrrryyyy healthy - was a MIRACLE. 
Thank you Lord. 

Then I was stitched, I drank malt, ate meatpie cus I was so hungry and weak. Had my bath, was wheeled to my room, my beautiful baby was brought to me, I asked my sister who was in the clinic with me to please pray for her as I was about sleeping off, and I slept for

I was so weak but my excitement wouldn't let me sleep, kept staring at my precious I just couldn't believe I was a mummy, and even now typing this, with her lying beside me I can't help my tears of joy, being a mother is the most amazing feeling in the world, words can't explain how much I love my daughter and how she is sooooo worth it all and even much more. 
I pray for all the TTCs may you experience this joy unspeakable, I look forward to reading your own experiences. 
Stella e long I know, lol

 thank youuuuuuu  for the opportunity to share. Mwah.

Wow happy for you.So how long is someone supposed to dilate before they allow pushing and what is this dilation thing sef?lol
Sorry all my kids were CS,they didnt even let water break cos i had Malaria with each preggy.
Me sef dey learn oh.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you stellz for this LRD.
      I have learnt a lot.
      A whole lot.

    2. Haba, Stella oo. Dilation is the cervix opening na *side eye*

    3. @stels...a woman is supposed to dilate to 10cm...dilatation is widenin of the cervix to let the pikin come out...if u push when the cervix is not dilated up to 10cm...d cervix will be torn necessitating a very painful repair plus the risk of bleeding...hope I answered ur question without sounding too technical..

  2. Replies
    1. Leave that thing stella I was in labour for 18hours with my twins we still ended up having cs

  3. Stella,it's not wrong to do CS when a woman is already in labor o, there are cases when the woman is fully dilated but may not have strength to push or her pelvis may not be adequate for the baby to pass through esp big babies or the baby may be found to be in distress eg cord may be wrapped around its neck, in this case, the doctor will push the baby's head back into the uterus and the woman will have an emergency CS. The CS that is prebooked is called an ELECTIVE CS.
    AS regards the 1st poster, she was very lucky o that she was able to have her twins vaginally esp as the 1st twin was breech. Most doctors won't perform vaginally delivery for a twin pregnancy in which the 1st twin is breech bcos any delay can cause problems for the 2nd twin. She was very fortunate.

  4. I decree that in the mighty name of God, and on this special day, all TTC's will have cause to thank, glorify and praise God's holy name next year this day by carrying their own bundle of joy, and you new mothers with yours, you will not lack but reek in abundance, amen

  5. God bless women... *waiting for single n mingle post* clock ticking*

  6. Me too my 2kids r cs.cnt stand d pain I see pple go thru so I opted for born 3rd pikin sef dey fear me

    1. U can't giv birth vaginally anymore sinx u had had 2previous scars..except u wan kill ursef..ur subsequent deliveries wil b by cs..nd nt more DA 4..max ,5

  7. Me too my 2kids r cs.cnt stand d pain I see pple go thru so I opted for born 3rd pikin sef dey fear me

  8. Mimi....#inyhurface#11 September 2016 at 14:09

    I can never forget the fay I pushed out my LO. .God is really amazing , the strength He gives to women is out of this world.

  9. Why did you enter in the first place?

  10. Chai its nt easy ooo

  11. 10cm dilated Stella....congrats to both mamas... Enjoyed reading both!

  12. Intelligentsia Princess loves sdk11 September 2016 at 14:21

    Good to know. May God your bundles of joy.

  13. Thank God for you two. At second poster, your story made me cry here... God is faithful and your baby was really strong for you too.

    Bv Love

  14. Dialating means enlargement of the vagina to accommodate the birth of d baby and it has to be full 10cm

    1. Dilation means the opening of the cervix to allow the baby pass thru and come out via the vagina. When you are 10cm dilated, it's hard to have any tear.

    2. Anon: let it be. Dilation of cervix/ vagina, whateva. I used vagina so Stella will not ask what cervix is.

  15. Waoh! DAT dilation thing ehh, its so painful, then add that to the doctors checking how well you have dilated. Pain is Cray. Lol.

  16. because u had malaria during pregnancy,u had to undergo CS?...i am not understanding

    1. Lol. Leave Stella alone mbok.

    2. Meaning she was too weak to push. What is so hard to understand there?

  17. Wow, I have heard about vaginal births for twins these days but never had someone it happened to directly gist me.
    To avoid stories that touch, I would simply go for CS when I'm birthing my twins biko!!
    inukwa came out with bum bum? Isn't that even risky?
    Madam you over try! Round of applause * in Patoranking's voice* wow!

    Second poster. Aaaawwww. God bless your LO

  18. I am 36 weeks gone waiting to see my angel. Thanks all for the stories, some are scary tho. God bless the womb of all women looking into HIM.

    1. I am 34 weeks gone, hoping to have a vaginal birth without tear by Gods grace... Ameeenn
      But Nigerian nurses should be patient b4 giving the much anticipated tear they think helps mother to be.

  19. #If you want things to change in your life, the best place to look for solutions is inside of yourself*

  20. Dilation is the opening of the neck of the womb to allow the baby to pass thru. Another name for the neck of the womb is the cervix.

  21. May we all have this beautiful experience in Jesus name(amen)

  22. Thank God for safe delivery

  23. I raise yansh for una. I dey come for back

  24. Nawa o,kinda scary but thank God for you both. Anyi bu umu nwanyi na afukwa ife ncha!

  25. Thank God for all the deliveries...Buh all dis labour room stories alwz scares d crap out of me....but God wld help me wen I get dere

  26. Stella thank u for dis platform, congrats to u.

  27. Full dilatation is supposed to b 10cm..dere mite b cervical tear if a pregnant woman pushes against a cervix DAT is nt fully dilated..Stella...malaria is nt an indication fr a CS..its probably due to oda reasons nd if u av had 2 previous cs..den d oda deliveries wil b by cs.

  28. In normal labor settings.. A lady attains a dilatation of 1cm per hr..

  29. I have learnt a lots of lesson in both stories may God bless your homes and the 3 beautiful babies too and to those waiting on the Lord yours is coming soon.

  30. If ur giving birth abroad malaria is regarded as high risk pregnancy and oyibo no dey take people life play so it's cs right away...


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