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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday IHN

Sigh....Thinking of cookies and creams in this hot





James my blog boo,well done oh...LMAO,come out of anonymous mode already,I miss your nonsense..heheheeheheh.Thing is even under anon you cant
Please if you spot James under anon,tag him..hehehehehe.


Dear Stella,
God bless you for touching lives.
I am a lady who was cheated on and deceived by a guy. The guy in question is Yoruba(am not dissing the Yorubas o) i met him at a birthday party and he requested to meet me. we got friendly after 3 weeks, and we hit it off .

 He never wanted me to tell people about the relationship initially, but when he saw that i was not comfortable with his decision, he let it be. ladies make i advice una one thing, if guy like make he see your whole family even your ancestors if he will leave he will and nothing will stop it. This guy meet my specs, he tall, get job , educated,not perfect but very ok for me. he told me that he can never cheat on me. i believed hook line and sinker. the most annoying part of it , he was dating a girl not educated, far younger and not polished.( babes no be by your tushness o, or your education, the things that move men different). na so i catch am o, hmmmm i read his messages and saw their chats, na God save me, i for jones dey form main babe whereas i be sidechic. 

last last he don marry the girl, and she don born pikin already.When i heard this i was just wondering that see guy wey no want me to get belle till marriage, but give anoda girl belle come marry her. i Fear men i no run, to trust man now hard me.

*Which one be to trust man now hard you?lol....Anyway,I have dated a yoruba man before,almost married one and please i say this from experience so dont quote me ''If you think the devil is a liar,please try a Yoruba man!''



Hi Sugarlicious Stella, well done oooo. 

Please I want to give away a few clothes and handbags that i have kept in my wardrobe for a while. They are fairly used but still wearable; the clothes will be a good fit for a size 8. (US i guess).

Also, I have a peach coloured aso'oke head gear (designed) with hand fan and extra material for any bride (all new). I initially, posted it for a September bride to be but it is now open for the fourth person to contact me as I like No. 4 *winks*. Reaching out to me  should please be because you really need it for your traditional marriage/engagement ceremony but currently financially challenged and not just for participating  sake.

Thank you.

Pick up location: Surulere, Lagos

BBM channel: 5655A0AD.


QUINCY CAKES DEFENDS HERSELF..She sent this in Yesterday

Good Afternoon Busy Body Corrector. 
Please I just read IHN now and saw I was called out. I didn't apply for any other giveaway whatsoever, how will I apply for a giveaway knowing fully well I just received help not quite long. I know who did this, it's one in grate I accommodate in my own house, if I didn't see the IHN, I won't know what has been going on. My phone number is 07066834***, my business name is Quincycakes"n"pastries, you can search me on Facebook. 

My name and brand is a known name on Facebook even within Bvs so why will i decide to scam you with my real name for that matter.
I used to have 2 emails,
My first mail ever was
But since last year I no longer have access to this mail, whenever I try to log in, it'll tell me invalid password. So I felt the mail expired. Or something was wrong with it and then I opened another email is the mail I opened to use for giveaways,  I'm sure most of us here have benefited from my giveaways before, but late last year, this same mail refused to open so I no longer have access to it as I speak to you. It keeps telling me invalid password whenever I try to log in
My only working mail now is:-
How will I apply for a giveaway days after receiving a giveaway from the blog knowing fully well that over 100 people from the blog knows my name.
I have a small dairy where I used to write down my emails and passwords so I don't forget them and I'm very sure that's where the person must have gotten the password from. 

Please I request that you forward me screen grab of the messages being sent to you and the phone number given to you so I would know the particular person who has been doing this.
My full name Queen Chinyere Ajomiwe is open for the world to see, if you search me on Facebook, you'll see all about me, nothing is hidden, from my education down to where I've worked, in fact everything about me is written there, how then would I want to do scam using that same name, not even once but severally from what you said.

I have 2 friends that stays with me and I've been accommodating for over  2 years now, I'm a kind hearted person that's easily convinced and always falling prey to people because I don't know how to say no. I'm very sure it's one of them that is doing this, but before I conclude I please plead that you send me the number/numbers the person forwarded to you as her number, from it I would be able to know which of them is doing this. 

But of the two I suspect one because she told me on Monday that's a friend of hers want to send her some money and that her Atm card is faulty and all that, that she gave the person my account details in case I receive an alert and I said no problem, how was I to know this was what was happening, I never knew this were her plans, this is not the first time she's receiving money through my account, my bank is very close to the house so most times they receive money using my accounts. I wonder what despicable things she must have used my name to do in the past. 

The 69k is the first giveaway I'm receiving from the blog, people who know me very well will tell you the kind of person I am, I'm not a greedy person at all and I feel so bad that my name is being rubbished for what I know nothing about.
I cater for myself alone, I pay my house rent and I have about 3 people staying with me that I feed from the little I make, I do this baking business to be able to provide all my needs, I've never stolen or cheated anybody before so I don't know why all this is happening.

Please I plead with you to investigate this issue very well so as not to spoil my name for something I know nothing about. I've received over 50 calls today about this issue, from people who know me and what I'm capable of. 
I'm so sorry this is happening, please I'm on my knees begging that you forward me all mails you've received from the said name and most especially the number of the person.

My take on your response is that you do not have any two friends staying with you,If you did,you would not accuse them so openly,no one is there thats why the accusations come easily,I am not saying you are lying honey but i dont believe you .. moving on....
Have a nice day and thanks for explaining.


Hello Stella hope you having a great day?

I just read the in house news , the one a lady was complaining she upset a bv with her question...and he deleted her...i dont know if she is serious but i also added the guy and we chatting and he is cool though.

So i will like to give her his bbm pin..maybe you can send to her or something...Or should i post it in the comment section?

bbm name and pin ALPHAMALE...D1F9E95E..


*side eyes at Vera...*In sister Nkechi's voice* ''Clap for yourself,as the connector that you is nauu''



Stella,the poster is not lying. Same thing happened to me and my elder sister who married non Catholics. Our parents were banned for two years each after which a mass for return was celebrated by the Bishop.

 This happened in awka diocese in the south south.I love my husband and I fought for our love .its a long story ,I can't type all of it.even my village priest asked me to call off the marriage for the sake of church  or face the consequences, I didn't, and  i have been happily married for 3 yes now.yes its true

My mum was publicly called out in church and relieved of her "ezinne" title with the priest saying that she's not worthy of the title for disobeying the church by giving out her daughter to a non catholic. She cried home and begged me not to continue with the marriage, as this was the second humiliation,my sister's was first but I disagreed. God bless the Revd father where I resided then who was in charge of canon law then ,he encouraged me to marry my choice as that law existed only in that diocese ,that it isn't a catholic doctrine.

WOW so this thing actually happens?..I am not Catholic but i married one and no one was banned or


Part Time Nanny Wanted.
I live towards Ajah axis. My baby's daycare is just outside our estate and I will need someone to take him to school in the morning by 7:30 and pick him up by 5pm. You have the rest of your day off to learn a trade/handwork. Please call 08086440401 if you are interested so we can talk more.


Hello Stells baby. I just want to appreciate bravitude naturals. I was
one of the recipients of her giveaway and I got the honey. Even when
we kept rescheduling, she was still very very patient. Thanks babe,
God bless and increase your you on all sides.



Hello Stella, hope this meets you well. Please help me post this as a matter of urgency. Its just a month to my wedding and I still haven't gotten a dress. Any bride  in Abuja that has wedded recently and has  a beautiful size 6-8 dress for sale or rent  should please contact me on 07031301832. Also I need a good video coverage person to contact me on same number.
Thanks Stella.



Good morning my sweetness. my name is jenni and am looking for a live in nanny for my 5moths old baby. I live in spring / houston area of Texas. Interested candidates  can call me on 18323357629. Thank you. 



Keep up the good work and God will keep blessing you...I came across this request in the in-house news comment session, please I want to send my token to her so she can add up and pay for her child's fee.... 
My bvs please manage this Shoki 527132427738914...Glo: 378971355514625... Mtn: 179125038033.. 
God bless you Stella.

Please if you are Follyrealwoman and have proof,please contact me,
if not dont bother oh.
Please I wanna do Shoki night,if you have cards,please send it to me nau.....
AS RECHARGE card supplier that you is nau...LMAO


The person who sent in the message with the topic,you know why i didnt
post it?you sent me an unedited mail and i just could deal...why will you spell ''would'' as ''wud''?...There were too many Abbreviations and you need to stop...



  PHILIP OBIAGELI, CHINYERE AJONIWE, QUEEN JOY CHIAMAKA OKE, one and the same person, different emails, different blog ids,different stories, phew!  

This is just crazy, crazy, crazy. I got tired digging. 

Quincy cakes, please come and say something even if you have to lie again.
Please BVs decide and conclude for yourselves.

Hmmm,must really be a day job creating so many ID'S just becos of money.
Well done for your special skills.I am out of this ISH...
let your conscience Judge you.


I want to sincerely appreciate Mrs Peace from Benin. I apply for cloth giveaway she posted IHN on 31 August she actually wanted someone from Benin for the cloth but she took it upon herself to send it to me in Akure. Mrs Peace this is for you: Thank you very much Ma.  your expectation for greatness shall come in double portion in Jesus name. Thanks very much Mrs Korkus of life 



 It will take place from      
 September 25 - October 4

We need medical and non-medical professionals. We also need youth workers, pastors, and anyone else interested in joining us for this trip. If you're interested in joining us please send us an email at



I want to say a big thank you to the woman who posted school bags for
giveaway,i applied for them,though she couldnt give me the ones she
posted because my children are bigger,but gave me two lovely school
bags,beautiful shoes and attached 5k to it.may your pocket never go
dry and may our good God continue to bless you. Mrs stella, may God
bless you too for this platform.



Hi Stella,
Workforce Group is recruiting over 200 graduates for a commercial Bank.
Job Title: Direct Sales Rep.
Job Type: Full time
Qualification: OND / HND / B.Sc / B.A
Age limit: 32 years
Job Description: To play a strategic and operational role in the sales of the bank products and drive effective customer engagement.
Interested candidates who meet the satisfy the job requirements should come to the test/interview location with their updated CVs for possible tests and interview. Details of the venue are shown below:
Venue: The Dome, David Christian Center Lagos, behind PHCN, Fatgbems Bus Stop, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.
Date: Saturday 17/9/2016
Time: 9:00am
For more information, please visit You may also follow on DCC Job Bureau here on Facebook to receive job vacancy notifications.
Twitter: @jobbureaudcc
Instagram: @jobbureaudcc

Please try your luck by applying ,this is verified and will hold on Saturday..NOBODY WILL ASK ANYONE FOR MONEY!
Good luck to all BVN's who apply.


Good day Stella, I want to sow a seed into a baby's life, I have some really nice cloths to give out to a baby girl from 0-9months. I can be reached on 09052212144. SMS only please cos I'm always busy.God bless you plenty



Hi Stella,

My company is looking for a young graphics person. Can you help?

Mediatrybe Nig. is looking for a graphic designer, should be a fresh graduate or OND.
NYSC status not important. 
Should reside in Port Harcourt, preferably between Rumuola - Elelenwo / woji ? Rumukrushi Axis.

Must be male and have knowledge of social media, salary 25 - 30k. 
Interested candidates should send their cv to



Good day SDK. Am very grateful to you for using your blog to change my life story like many people. Stella Nneka Ogbu the UK bale seller has paid 50k to my account. She wanted to sow a seed of one bale of first grade UK used women tops in my life but I suggested she give me the money. So she gave me 50k being the amount she sells her first grade bale. I want all sdk bvs to say some prayers for both Stella1 and Stella2.
May God bless them both and bless all those who reached out to me before and also bless Mrs N for pushing me into glory.
Call Stella for your first grade bale of male/female/children clothes and handbags which can be delivered in any part of Nigeria.

Thank you Stella.if the Bale is still available,please let me know,i know someone who might need

Hello my wonderful Stella, let me first appreciate you for generousity and kind measures, i eventually employed the graphic artist i needed; this to your blog. 

There are yet 2 more job openings, kindly post it 

Position: Graphic artist
Requirement: Must be highy creative and skillful in the use of photoshop and coreldraw.

Position: Web designer
Requirement: Must be highly skillful in the use of wordpress, coding in html, css and java script.

Applicants should reside around Ogba and its axis, ladies are advised to apply.

call me on 08147978067.

Kind Regards




  1. Thursday Ihn…
    Love me some Linda Eze….


    1. Back to first at commenting.

    2. Olowa keep providing for your girl... poverty Na bastard.. Queency what ever, I put it to you that you're a liar and the truth is not in you....... Btw, something big is coming my way
      Happy much much

    3. Na wah oo... You spoilt your name bcos of greed. Thunder will fire you there... Evil

    4. I don't also believe Quincy cake.....I know u will come up with that kind of story.......pls,read what u wrote up doesn't make sense.
      Just say u are sorry n move on,is that easy.
      Someone is using ur emails n acct no to beg just like that...without ur knowledge ?
      Maybe they are ur accomplice.
      You have been called out here before!

    5. Hi JHW, hope baby is doing well.

    6. There are way too many scammers on this blog now. It's like that 500k unleashed them. The comment section is no longer fun to read as its filled with sob stories. From people needing grinding machine, to sallah ram, to school fees, to money for project, to industrial oven, to money for operation. Maybe you shld retire the give away for awhile so they will all go somewhere else.
      Oh and there's nothing like "proofs". It's proof whether referring to something singular or plural. Just like there is no word like "stuffs". It will always be "stuff". Thank me later.

    7. Ihn is bae, quincy you are a professional liar. Just keep those stories to yourself.

    8. That quincy cakes chic is something else! I'm surprised you guys fell for her scam. From her fbook profile, she doesn't look like one who cannot afford a decent oven for her biz. As she see free money chop once, she got greedy. Her lies gaan plenty....... na God go save people wey dey do like that.

    9. Hhhnnmmm

      God bless the givers and provide for the needy.

      Blog visitor Odi have been missing in action. Hope you are okay.

  2. IHN !
    Brb to read some drama.๐Ÿ˜€
    Hi5 Stella๐Ÿ™‹

    1. You can actually report any priest that practices what is outside the catholic doctrine. How can they ban your parents from receiving communion? Tufiakwa! The CCC and code of canon law is an open book for all to peruse. Catholic marriages are encouraged not forced! If you find any priest doing otherwise abeg display their names, let me be reporting them since they've forgotten all they were taught in

    2. The medical trip, you should have stated location and if it is a volunteer work

    3. Quincy... You quickly stated the id's you've been using for your giveaways and narrowing it down to your "genuine" id. I lost faith when I got to the bank account part. Well that's a good excuse. At lead we wouldn't wonder too much how the Id thief also cloned your account number. Covering your tracks ei? I guess your personal tenants were also privy to the giveaways you did and all other personal information. One thing i deduced from this is that some business owners here conduct FAKE giveaways and you Quincy are one of them. It's a shame that it had come to this. What you have displayed is outright greed and selfishness. This is very bad!

      I'm not even angry. All I feel for you is pity. Dunno why.

    4. What a robust reply, yimu ๐Ÿ‘Ž.
      Depriving those who are sick or truly in need of help (giveaway)for your own greed is just terrible ๐Ÿ˜ˆ.

    5. That's how one rude person named "Ebere Omeje" emailed me saying since I am jobless enough to comment on sdk I shld comment on her blog too. Like, you need someones help and you are insulting the person? I hope that blog of yours grows cos if you emailed other people the same way you emailed me, they will put the mail in spam like I did. Learn a little decorum. Stop sending people pictures of yourself claiming we shld know a little about the blog owner. We might be jobless but that doesnt mean we will spare you out time.

    6. Omg!!!! If you think d devil is a liar , try dating a Yoruba man๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ early morning laugh.
      May the truth prevail at the end concerning this Quincy cakes.
      Yes I made IHN.
      Off to sleep somemore.

  3. IHN is BAE!!!

    nฯƒ matter hฯƒw ugly you ฮฑre, when yฯƒu have money Nigerian girls will find ั•ฯƒmethรญnq good in yฯƒu, like...

    "awwww, he hฮฑั• Nice finger print"

    "wow I love your left ear"

    awwww, ั•uch a cute ั•hadow

    awww, his footprints are so sexy.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚nice finger print

    2. Nigrian girls this, Nigerian girls that. What's with the generalization? Don't poor Nigerian man get married? Who married them? You think foreign women can't be good diggers too? Even men sef, there are men that go out of their way to marry girls from rich homes. That a trend amongst our male celebs now sef. I can also say Nigerian man will do anything for money including 419, pushing drugs in Malaysia and saudi arabia, rituals etc.
      Yes I know it's a Joke, but stop giving us all a bad name. ☺

    3. The guy get SWAG...or him DNA pure......

    4. Lwkmd.....crazy dude!

    5. Bwahahahaha you are crayyyy aswear

    6. Hahahhahahahaha
      Alhaji School Life u no well๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I'm sleeping here today. Welcome ihn

  5. Replies
    1. Quincy keep contradicting yourself. First you have two people staying with you and then 3 people. Meanwhile the people you went to the same school with have finished opening your yansh here, they said you are a well known crook even back at school. Ntooor, it's such a shame

  6. Happy birthday to ne๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

  7. Replies
    1. QUINCY CAKES onye ori ka i bu!! Tufiakwa

      Your memo no even hold water sef, very senseless something mshewww
      May God judge you

  8. Yesoooo... in house news.

    God Bless Everyone.

  9. who send you work?

    cake tif woman is all i see.

  10. LOVE ME JEJE, please na,White BERRY and I, are two entirely different people. This is the second time i'm trying to correct you. Abi make I pound eggs give you, before you stop giving me someone else's identity? Or should I implore our bishop to talk to you on my behalf?... lol.

    Biko nne, I am WHITE DIAMOND (the stone.)The lady asking for help with funds is WHITE BERRY (the fruit.) Thanks in anticipation of your understanding this time around.


    1. Lmaoooo. Saw it this morning while I was reading old posts.

    2. End time stone and fruit. Lmaooo!

    3. End time stone and fruit. Lmaooo!

    4. Lol..go out am for sun newspaper so he will see it well

    5. Lol,see clarification u can't fit shout@white diamond d

    6. Lol @ stone and fruits
      Eyin natural endowments๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. God bless the givers n d receivers Cheers

    Brb IHN here

    QuincyCakes is still d celof d day right?

    1. *celebrity*
      I can see so many bv are licking her ass on that *free cake online training*

      QuincyCakes u'r busted, just admit n apologies


  12. Replies
    1. Where is partB of your story madam??

  13. Where are the drama lords?
    Make una water ground small nauu.

    1. Quincy I deliberately did not comment yesterday, bcos a judge doesn't pass a verdict. Without hearing from both side, I swear with my left yansh, your reply nor pure laiye, see another accusation today too, madam find how to clear ur name, or confess and apologise.

  14. Pls, I was going through ihn for 12th of Sept and saw this.

    CrazyHorny wife with bad mouth haf come again, shiooor. Take it easy on Atlanta person.
    By the way you ar also bv Salt E.I missed ur birthday post.deny if u can, your body structure and comments gave u away.

    Pls Anon I am not in any way this person up here, that she wished me happy birthday doesn't mean it is me, or talking about stature or comments it's not me.Im clearing this so no one will follow u with this assumption.Plus, I stay and work in Abuja I don't have any business with Atlanta so I don't even know how I will say what I don't know.I wont mislead anyone on here, it's hard mixing taking care of kids , home and work with the blog that's why I hardly comment I beg u pls correct this misunderstanding,thank u sweetheart.

    1. Pictures from the Abuja Sdk blog party has your pics dear, body structure of a Sickler.sunken eyes n lean hands, maybe that is why anon assumed you are The crazyhornywife who writes about pains from her attacks all d time. It is well
      My advice sha, if you're not a sickler, work on your face and body. Hugs n Kisses

    2. Nne no mind d asswhip, guess it's paining her/him that I talked about the reap off Atlanta bizness which bTW was posted on another blog.
      Yeye annonymous,go and find a friend that will wish you well always.

    3. @anon she was Preggy. She's a fine woman

  15. Hello bvs,today is my birthday ,september 15 am so happy full of joy,please wish me as well.#kisses#

  16. Peace be unto this house....
    May God bless everyone in this my blog family
    As y'all do make me happy,may joy never depart from ur lives
    Stella u don't know what this blog has done to me๐Ÿ˜ฉ I feel like I got brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles here
    I'm a proud Bv๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Email me ur number make I send u choko Milo... Lol

    2. World people thinks you will soon be disgraced too. Na so Nwa Amaka take start , slowly she gathered momentum but look how she crashed ... Almost every popular BV has been fought with and personal stuff about them has been dug out by my servants members of BVN (junior World people)

      My unsolicited advice is , take it easy with the ass licking ... Because the day BV's to attack you - Na siddon look i go dey. To pity you self go hard me .my servants never forgot what u put out there . Now they know u can't afford a cable ... Watch and see how they will use it to insult you in the nearest future.

      Nwa Amaka went this route just recently ... So did that girl with the hips ... Faith , blogbrity , I don't even know what she calls herself this days ... I miss chiamaka and ezenwanyi. Is Bloglord dead???

    3. Yeah this blog is a good companion. Stella msy you live long to continue making us happy

    4. World people is it a crime to not have a cable?
      Whatever anybody finds out about me,I would state if its true or not
      People insult stella more than that and she's still breathing
      All these celebs nko?
      Anybody that wants to dig should dig...I'm not from a rich background at all and I've never claimed what I don't have
      So bring it on bro

  17. I want to ๆ€•ไนŸ็ฎ—ๆ˜ฏ ๅธฎๆˆ‘ไบŒๅๅคฉ... decode it and win AIRTIME

    IBK lets make babies


    1. Kelvin fat over grown fool Are you not ashamed of disgracing yourself ?Is this how they find in your village? Short dick fat somebody.

    2. She is already on top of u. Riding like a cow girl that she is

    3. Ibukun dont make babies with kevin oh. Not after his confession yesterday.
      Save them from smelly mouth. Else thats how you all will always forget to brush teeth.

    4. E get another thing WA you sabi? We no already

    5. Pwest breast. Oga send my recharge card o

    6. Chai, ibk see the way u literally sell urself cheaply to this boy. Babe u gat no level . All in the name of being popular on sdk oga fun e o

    7. You want to pwess bwest.
      Oya send my

    8. Youwant to bwess pwess!!
      Now wer is my aritime

    9. Lmao
      Baby baby๐Ÿ˜˜
      Let's make little Virgorians when its December๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. Hmmmmm!
    Quincy this your reply no hold water o!
    Chai...Na so u take spoil your name/biz name just like that.
    Its well o.

    1. She is a born liar without a degree

    2. Oya e don do for you and ideato ooo. Cease fire biko.

      Alabanza is tomorrow *dancing*
      It's taking place @RCCG city of david VI. y'all are invited. Time is 8pm-5am

    3. Oya e don do for you and ideato ooo. Cease fire biko.

      Alabanza is tomorrow *dancing*
      It's taking place @RCCG city of david VI. y'all are invited. Time is 8pm-5am

    4. @ Quincy your reply get K-Leg..
      Simple & short.
      Come again with another sound reply or you tell your friends living with you to return the money..

  19. Sorry booboo @quincy,I don't believe you.

  20. Quincy cakes, fucking liar and thief, you've been busted... from 2 people are staying with you, it's now 3people are staying with you.. pick a struggle, stop fucking lying

    1. Calm down and cut her some slack Saint Barbie..
      The truth will still come out. I'm not taking sides.

  21. Quincy is a professional thief.

    @Shantelle I love to travel

    I can comfortably tell ubplaces in over 6 states in Nigeria.

    Nasarrawa is next on my mind.

    1. Sharap!
      You love to travel as the ajala the traveller that you is nau...ebot!

    2. Don't mind dat professional list.. to be a good thief you must be a good liar.

    3. I don pack bag
      Abeg carry me follow body๐Ÿ˜‚

    4. I also thought you were Blogbrity, but she did a disclaimer.
      I love being in new places, but I hate the stress of traveling.

  22. Stella, Is cookie and cream code for something else you are missing? If not why not get some from a super market near you?
    Yesterday you personally called James out for his insensitive comments and rightfully so. But what about "queen and boss of the blog"? She's equally bad. Did you see the comment she dropped in the comment in doctor's corner post about the woman who's daughter had "half past four eyes"? Apparently it's the mothers sins that were disturbing the girl. Those kind of comments shld be deleted. That was a serious issue and the mother was seriously concerned. Just my two cents.

    1. Queen Linda dat av finish rubbishing Sdk blog, in d eyes of many stella blog is for touts an jobless housewives.does she know ? Yes. Does she care? No.

    2. Shut up!....
      I said shut up!!...
      Don't ever type my name with that your rotten fingers...

  23. Hmmmmmm, it's so obvious this Quincy cake lady is lying .
    She is a real crook
    Please don't spoil chances for genuine people .

  24. Quincy is Philip obiageli too???
    Wow wowed wowest!
    Babe I raise yansh for you o...lemme go back and read.

  25. Mrs Stella, you dun dey find cream and cookies since how many weeks now. I no know if na Vaseline abi Caro-white cream you dey find

  26. Thank you Jesus....
    If you don't know, ask me. Don't assume. Should you believe what I say to you? You don't have to. Just given it the benefit of doubt.
    God bless us all. Amen

  27. Quincy cakes, ur response doesn't sound convincing at allllll. I Believe ure lying. Funny thing is, scammers like u know how to defend yourselves

  28. Recession is when u create different id's on SDK to increase ur chances of winning giveaway.
    Who my answer epp sef, am out

  29. This catholic ish is a big fat lie abeg! Your parents didn't / don't know their rights as catholics and the parish priest was also trying to Lord over them. It's all lies!!!

  30. Blogbrity why did you write me a memo yesterday? Just to get things straight,I didnt say you are Ideato's sis. Read my comment well.
    I wrote 3/4lines and you gave me almost or more than 10. Instead of saying something like 'Shantelle i'm not related to Ilaje'. You took it personal.

    This is not a call out so nobody should come here and say drama,else na e-thunder go fire you.

  31. So true! @ the sign out meme.

    Blog sis how are you? I'm fine and i enjoyed my break. Mama is on a long breakkkk! hehehe. It is well with you dear.

  32. This quincy cakes is such a terrible liar, repent before its too late.

  33. What did I miss people? What happened in the last few days been missing in action. Any body care to summarize?

    *hangs leg on the window*

  34. Queen the badoo. One account,10names,10 stories.

  35. I want to start sleeping with my ex coz I never loved my hubby from the beginning. It was arranged stuff I thought love will grow but it never did.

  36. This catholic ish is a big fat lie abeg! Your parents didn't / don't know their rights as catholics and the parish priest was also trying to Lord over them. It's all lies!!!

  37. Stella don't answer that follyreal woman at all, they are group here and h h lot of different id's I did a call out concerning them t other day . . . Helping themselves on t ihn the other day. this I another quincy I discard. Don't listen t her

  38. But why do most yoruba guy lie a lot, always busy professing fake love while their main babe is hidden somewhere. Thank God I caught you Ojo in your web of lies.
    Chinyere ajomiwe better disappear from this blog or tender an apology, we all know you wont refund the money.
    Can I apply for the nanny work from Nigeria, this country don tire me.

  39. Wow, It's IHN again
    My second favourite post on stella's blog
    Now on to the matter for today
    Stella, do you know why bvns like quincy cake is cheating
    It is because preference is given to biz owners, wives, widows etc no one considers a young single girl
    No one considers her plight
    Chai, I have applied for give away eh
    But did not get any cos of these peculiar category
    Pls stella honey, consider young girls too
    I knw dat some bvns will say young girls have a boy friends
    Not all do, and not all sleep with their bf or sugar daddies
    Some are virgins while some are celibate
    I have said what I can say
    Long live Sdk

  40. Quincy Cakes, since you have suspects already, why don't you send their numbers which corresponds with the ones that BBC has, so that they can be verified via Truecaller?
    I don't think you'd be stupid enough to use your name for this fraud, but when it comes to money, people can go to any lengths.

    If all you said all there is really true, then do not rest until you clear your name. The Internet never forgets and this is your business on the line.

    Madam that gave out AlphaMale's pin, did he ask you to, or you want to be seen as a good geh? He commented yesterday as regards the incident and nowhere did he express any intention of wanting her anymore. Make im no go call her desperate tomorrow o. Oh well, wetin I know sef? * side eyes *


  41. Human wants are insatiable tbh.. i knw that times are hard bt pple are not making it any easier at all, how can you turn about to bite the hand that once fed you, they do this in various forms not necessarily bt actually biting said hand. This issue with Quincy cake, im not the type to call out or judge bt madam do you knw ur not making it easy for anyone who might genuinely need help in future?. This is like wen stella decided to stop posting adverts now u guys want to worsen it for the few others that truely need help? Continue o

  42. Hunter Become Hunted-A Short Story

    I'm in a big mess, and I don't know how to get out of is my story. About Seven years ago, when I was still in the University, I did something very silly and childish and I paid dearly for it, and right now, it looks like the ghost of the past has come back to haunt me.

    I was in my 2nd year in school when I met Tosin (not real name) she was my Roomie that year and we became quite close. She was dating this cool guy who bought her so many things and took her to the coolest parties, despite our (the girls in the hostel room) plea to meet her boo, she refused, saying girls are not to be trusted.

    After about seven months of dating him, she entered the room this particular day crying.....
    ...telling us how she caught the guy with another girl. She cried for days, she was devastated. Then she came up with this ridiculous idea of setting the guy up and treating his f**k up. I was picked to be the bait, because I was the innocent and quiet one. I collected the guy's phone number and he fell for my sweet voice.

    That was how Jide and I started our relationship but it was a Revengetionship on my part. The deal was to make him fall for me and then I dump him. Jide was sweet to me, but I never allowed him to come see me in school, and once he found out that I was a virgin, oh he treated me like I was the rarest of all gems.

    After about four months of this charade, He found out the connection between Tosin and I, and to say he was angry is an understatement. He called me names and we went our separate ways. He was hurt and this was good news for Tosin.

    Six months later, I met this wonderful guy, Frank. He was so smooth and jovial, he charmed me and we started dating. After about three months, on this particular day, I got a call from Frank, he told me he was not feeling fine that I should quickly come over. Like every young lady in love, I dashed down to his house, but to my surprise, I met Frank playing scrabbles with two of his friends, looking quite healthy. He told me he just wanted to see my face. I sat down and watched them play for some minutes, then the door bell rang, and to my utmost mortification, Jide strolled in. It was at that moment that I knew I was in deep mess.

    To cut it short, my virginity was taken in a brutal way. I was Molested by Jide, Frank and their two friends, I was then warned never to breathe a word to the police about it or they will kill me. I went back to the hostel and Tosin was the only one who knew about it, she was my rock and anchor, and she kept apologizing for putting me in the mess. We finished school and everyone went their separate ways.

    Ever since the incident, I was not interested in men or any relationship, I kept to myself, focused on my future, I got a Job with a Telecommunications company and all was well in my world. Then early last year, I met this amazing guy, who gave me a reason to love again. Oh he loves me, and I love him too. Three months ago, he proposed and I accepted. It was that time that I found out that he is Tosin's very close cousin, Since then, Tosin has been threatening to tell him about the molest, that I should leave his cousin alone. She said if I don't, she will tell my fiance's family. I was shocked. She was the reason I went through all that, and she is threatening to take the little happiness I just found away from me again. I'm confused, I'm angry, I'm sad. I don't want to lose my man. I accept that I was silly back then but I've paid dearly for it. Should I be deprived of this too? Someone please help!

    Beware of your friends, do not trust anyone in your clan/coven. For every one of them is a deceiver, and every friend a slanderer.
    Do not fear the enemy who attacks you but beware of fake friends who hugs you.
    Best friends make the worst enemies cause they know all your secrets and how to hurt you the most.

  43. QUINCY CAKES forgive me i have to rush down to fb to check you out, but with what i saw if at all you did the tifing stuff is too bad cos you look so cute and decent to me oh! well, we all will forgive you weather you did it or your friend did it, is time to move ahead.

    lady that a yoruba guy cheated on, are you a learner or what? you can not trust a man totally no matter who he is, you gave him the cookie jar for free, what do you expect from a guy who got cookie jar for fre? i know when you saw that he was tall, working, handsome and educated you fall yakata for him, you forgot to cross your legs like mermaid, next time try and be wise.

  44. Na wa for una ooo. Seems most people dont wait for 1 p.m. i am suspecting you people.

    That is a lame excuse given to us by Quincy cakes. This one no jell at all. Even my mama wey read reach primary six before she marry during the olden days sabi say you must get bank account. Chioma or whatever stop lying. Go and see Stella's signout for you. You just disgrace yourself that is what i know.

    James you are now behaving like itibolibo. Are you not a man again. I tire for you ooo. So i still maintain you are chicken hearted. That is not good jare.

    White Diamond sorry ooo. I dont know why i always confuse your name with white berry. may be na because na White. Ok. i will take the corrections. no vex ma.

    Stella no do christmas giveaway because i know some with 15 ids will collect all. Abeg make i do work before my oga come out of the office.

    Thank God for the giveways. We should do a post on praying for Angels that gives out and also for those that need deliverance on curse curse even before them say one word.

    Ibukun, i am still asking you what date is your birthday. Kilo seyi

  45. Stella ogbu God bless u, 50k in this recession... Your bale is really cheap for 50k, some sell first grade bale for as high as 70k or 80k. May you prgress.

  46. Contradicting yourself there. "It happens in the Catholic church" "My parens were banned". "Thank God for a priest that helped me"."it is not in the Catholic cannon to ban people"
    As a Catholic, I will say this for the last time, you can marry whomever you want. It's only a sunday sunday Catholic than one biased priest can tell that. If you are a true Catholic you will challenge him and tell him you'll write a letter to your bishop. Do you know how many family members of mine have married non Catholics? Some left, some stayed, some brought their spouse. No body is forcing you. Stop saying it happens in the Catholic church and in the same breath "it's not in the Catholic canon". There are other denominations that are strictly against it. Not the Catholic church.

  47. Stella and Bvs pls look into dat Quincy cake matter again. I don't think she is d one dat applied for d giveaway. Accordibg to her, she has a roommate who squats with her and a bv too. This roommate uses her bank account to collect money cos she claims she dosent have. Also, dis roommate knows every detail about her and even her email addresses(probably password too) she (quincy) said she noticed she couldn't access her previous email accounts bcos dey said wrong password, etc. So, d friend must have hacked it. She confronted d friend yesterday and even ask her to leave her house.
    To further butress dis, she couldn't have sent dat anon comment yesterday saying she succeded in 'dupping'u.
    Also, if she was a fraud, she wouldn't use same account names and details.
    Pls just look into it.

  48. Quincy is a professional scammer between the lines People

  49. You did not tell us what this trip is all about. I want to know before i enter one chance.

  50. Na waooo! Story keeps on unfolding. So many tales... All for one person. Quincy, I dikwa egwu!!!

  51. Queen Chinyere Ajomiwe of Quincy cakes is a terrible liar. Stella Dimoko I run a food blog and this lady practically steals all my videos and cooking lessons and due as online training for different people. Lifting things from other people and passing as her knowledge. May God judge you because 2000 naira x 40 people in 2weeks that u collect without no skills whatsoever.

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. bride to be the Lord will make a way for you, never give up cos all is well with you. I want to give you this bible verse to read daily while praying for your wedding and i know the great God that we serve will never let you down. Matthew 22:2.

    congrats in advance.

  54. snm connector lady well don oh! keep on connecting people, that dude will soon delete you since you did busy body to send out his pin to the rude babe. Madam rude, if you like still insult him, don't watch your tongue. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  55. It's saddens me the way bv begs and apply for giveaway. Even the ones that have enough still beg ,there are times I see giveaway that I will long to apply but something in me will tell me that there are others that needs it more than me. Everybody can write a sub story, but beware of what u wish for yourself all in all in the name of fine Bara. Even to hustle for recharge card dey hard me cos I know there there are ppl here that need it more.
    Bv Treasure

  56. Pheww!!

    This quincy cake ish is such a tiring one, reading her reply above is even making it more complicated.. I can't deal biko.

    Stella ogbu, God bless you real good.I rem a lot of people said u were calling urself out then.. just negodu!!! Your business is blessed.

    So many giveaways!! God bless everyone..

    Stellosky, you are an angel !!

  57. Ghenghen! Quincy cakes come and clarify yourself oo. You are indeed a complicated person.

  58. Quincy uses different names to collect money. How come you collected 69k with Chiamaka Oke and your real name is Chinwe Ajumiwe abi na wetin dey that facebook sef.

  59. Your account number on different pleas of giveaways, and they never told you they are putting in a giveaway on SDKB, hmmmmm. Babes, you got it more complicated reading from your response and looking at BBC's. Who is the person obtaining by tricks, who gets the alert when the money is deposited in your account? If trully you are innocent then those friends of yours needs to be arrested or disgraced. This is clear fraud, stealing and wickedness. It is well. God bless all the givers. Abeg my phone plea is still valid, no be fraud o

  60. God bless all the givers, Quincy, I don't know what to believe anymore. The disappointed lady,Sorry,God will soon. give you a husband. Every disappointment is a blessing .

    God Bless Everyone.

  61. Selebobo just posted a pic of his eggplant on instagram and deleted it
    Jeez never have I seen such monster eggplant

    More like a horse dick.
    But I love them big though.

  62. Yoruba men don't lie,it is u girls dat u refuse to see d signs,(especially Igbo)Abeg who wan marry Igbo girls, Igbo people and dia wahala is jst too much for a man who does not come from d same tribe.
    If u did not fight over tribe,u go fight ova church and many silly things.
    Abeg make una dey marry urself biko and leave other tribe alone.

  63. @Kelvin.... Please, nรฎ hui shuo han yรป?

  64. On Catholics and their wahala, my brother was a senior seminarian when i got pregnant. Because his ordination was 'threatened' i had to marry the man. He wasn't a catholic but we had what is called 'mixed marriage' Fast forward to years down the line, the marriage broke up. After 20years i had the opportunity to re-marry a non catholic again! My mother championed the wedding! My brother is now a priest and thankfully said nothing. The marriage took place. My mum was barred from receiving Holy Communion for 2years. She has since been 'restored'. Hopefully, the present Pope will change things in the catholic church.

  65. But the queency cake lady must be really poor physically and spiritually Cox only a poor man with stoop so low and become so greedy.
    Mayb the 69k,wasn't enough for her she should have at least come out to beg for more than all these lies.
    Her back up story no follow.

    So alpha male had to come in disguise as a female bv and drops his own for u all gwegwgegwge dispirate ladies here.
    Better shine your eyes o.

    See how sdk be begging James, why not place him on salary I think that would be better.
    Catholic Church story, in as much as I don't like that church and never been there, I belive in rules,just like my church we have the rules for marriages all that you must obey or get married in another.

    Your mother knew the rules, you broke it by finding love outside which is not wrong at all Cox we are all Christians
    But your mother can't eat her cake and have it she had to resign.
    That's why I like white people on her own she would tender her resignation for her daughters happiness.
    But we greedy Africans would never do that rather blame the rules.
    And why was she could and begging u them dey pay salary for the ezine position?

  66. Please look at this again

    1. 'Blossom Chukwujekwu's WOMAN
    Gushes Over Their Love'

    2. 'A year ago, you asked that I be your wife which was a major shocker to me and a year later you repropose to mark our aniversary'

    I made a comment on this post which for me was not just for this woman only but for others in this category.
    First of all the headline says 'woman' and not 'wife'. A wife is necessarily a woman but a 'woman' is not necessarily a wife. I believe Stella had that headline because she saw what I saw.
    Again the woman in question wrote about a request by someone to be his wife(asked) and not that she became a wife on that day. She then talked about an anniversary of the asking one year on. From her statement above, it seems, at least to me, that that 'asking' makes her a prospective wife and clearly today she still believes herself to still be a prospective wife celebrating the anniversary of the asking.

    I thank Swaglafresh and Amanda Favour for informing me that the woman in question is already a wife even though she herself doesn't believe it. If she does, does it not pay her more to clearly state in that her tribute that she is his wife, howsoever put?

    On the basis of these, I stand by my submission yesterday and add that my comments are as relevant to the central character of this post ad it is to other girls in similar positions and those planning to get into such positions.

    As for the anon 19.13 of yesterday and her like. Let everyone be proud of what he is. I keep saying that it is only southern nigerians mainly, of all the peoples of the earth that do three marriages on a single woman before we believe we are married. This is a classical display of inferiority complex, lack of self worth, insecurity and all such like. It's no wonder we daily need validation from abroad for evetything yet we equate ourselves with to. Is it not the reason we answer names like African chyna, little messi, Nigerian rhihana, Nigerian Michael Jackson etc. We even call our own dear abacha African salad whereas it is made of cooked cassava tuber whereas salad is an all vegetable non cooked delicacy.

  67. I was duped 10k on Sunday. I paid for an item that was supposed to be delivered via DHL. Only went ahead to do that cos it was thru the bank and stuff. With d bvn stuff, shey d person should be able to trace. Now I'm caught between letting it go and going to the bank UBA to see if there's anything that can be done. I need this guy caught and locked up. And I'm not the only one this happened to.

    Bvs, pls what dyu think I should do?

  68. Isn't it obvious that's not Quincy, someone is using her name to do this knowing fully well she'll be called out. I know Quincy and she's a nice person and I don't think she would intentionally want to spoil her name and business name just like that. Only God knows what she's passing through now. God heal you dear

  69. It's well. The Quincy I know wouldn't do such. Stella get your facts right, you're always too forward at times. I can imagine the trauma this would cause her. Someone is definitely trying to pull her down

  70. BBC are really doing a great job, someone will have to get 50 ID's just to get giveaway, is very funny.

  71. Quincy your enemies are at work, pray hard

  72. God bless you stella...
    As for Mrs Quincy klepto, you are the reason stella did not post genuine mails like mine abi! Kontinue! God don catch you...

  73. Yes for those that would remind me of visa things and such other things,let me tell you that if you want to go to any country you abide by their rules whatever it is and they can't come here to dictate for you if you're not aspiring to go make your life better.
    Don't also tell me about divorce because a good man or woman doesn't marry with divorce in mind. If we are truthful to our selves, it is a bad person that marries a bad person as birds of a feather flock together. In any case, those of us familiar with igando and ebutte metta as well as agege are aware that more than half of those who come for divorce cases start by telling the court that they were not even married officially, yet they all get justice

  74. is well.
    God bless the givers and receivers.

  75. Thank God for adding one more Year today... HBD to myself

  76. Quincy THIEF. Your lie no smooth at all.

  77. Pheewwww..... I missed IHN. Mmm Quincy, this ain't good at all. And you are to quick to accuse your friends, how would you have known? Are they also BVs? If not how did they know about the giveaway,BBC's mail?

    God bless all the givers jare.... IHN is bae

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. BBC your own Busy Body too much, how sure are you that she's the same person? Na only she dey answer Chinyere Ajomiwe for this world? Maybe that Chinyere Ajomiwe might be a different story and you're linking them to her. The Quincy I know is kind hearted and is not capable of such. Someone is busy playing a prank with her name. Have you stopped to think maybe she's actually telling the truth, from her mail above she said she lost access to her mail, the Obyphil mail, its possible one among her friends got access to that mail and changed the password and starting using it to cause problems for her. Na wa oh, friends can be dangerous. Nne take it easy inugo, I know it's not easy but I pray you come out of this victorious.

  80. The guy that wrote about how the money he changed disappeared.Na wa ooo for that naija,same thing happened to me,but with mine I didn't count the money myself,I had a guy with me that was asking me out that went with me to change my money,he counted the money and one hundred thousand pack was complete but the other pack was short 10k(90k)he gave it back,the guy added some money counted and gave to us,my guy counted the money again twice and said it was complete.i got a call and only got distracted for like 10seconds. Took the money,put it in my bag and we left.only to get home and I gave my brother to take a hundred, the money looked was 20k each on each pack,all was 40k instead of 200k,there was even 100 naira notes between the 1,000 naira notes.i was shocked cos i watched as the guy that went with me was counting the money severally, I didn't even notice any 100 naira notes.i actually thought it was my toaster that went with me that stole my money,I never picked his calls again after that and I didnt say anything to him about him stealing from me,I was pained and just moved on from it. When I read the IHN yesterday I realised that that could have been the case,maybe it wasn't my toaster that stole my money afterall.....learnt my lesson though,didn't change any money by myself again till I left,I got all the naira I needed from my Dad instead till I left.

  81. Heyyy Stella, what's with Yoruba man you're taking about up there ?
    Stop it ! There are two types of people in the world

  82. Today is my birthday
    Stella refused to post my birthday shout out post!!!

  83. Quincy I think at this point you should clear your name,those staying with you should also come out and talk,Stella you never know if people truly lived with her,Quincy if you have people living with you how come you were careless with your information,so is that how they Wil take over more important things from you,those calling her out you never know when you'll be in same situation.

    When the truth comes out it will shock you all?you never really know who is a thief into caught red handed.

    Just my own take on the matter!

  84. Pls can someone tell me an affordable perf with nice fragrance that can last for at least 48hrs. Pls not more than wok

  85. This quincy cake can lie, may you not attract stagnancy in your life or business because of one sweet lie. Bewarned, everyday for the thief one awesome day for the owner. I just dey vex for you, cos you no try at all. Scammer!!!

  86. Olori and all other september babies. Happy birthday to you all. Ibukun send my cake and also send the Iphone 7+ for me. That is what i want from your birthday as gift.

  87. @quincy cakes,what you wrote up there doesn't make any sense.If your friend wants to apply for giveaway,why can't she open her own mail?On your whatsapp group,you said a friend lives with you & she doesn't have ATM,here on the blog,you said two friends live with you & your bank is close to the house that is why they use your bank.Your story doesn't add up at all.In your mail to Stella,you said taking care of your child & paying rent takes all the money you make from baking & in your whatsapp group you said your husband opened account in your daughters name so he sends her school fees and upkeep.What do we believe now?You used your name and also used obiageli Philips to apply and same account number.Anyways,I don't believe all you said.Its only God that knows the truth.
    Stella,it's BVs and not BVN.You have joined blog visitors in saying BVN.

  88. Stella you are so right! I am yoruba but my experience wt my long time yoruba bf is better imagined.. the lies are something else. He even participates in S&M. I used to think if u are loyal and toil wt a man to build a life, then u both will have it good but ladies , think twice before you engage in such wt a yoruba guy. I am taking a walk as soon as I can....i am battered but not damaged. I deserve better

  89. @Mbonu Vera, Ewo say me hello to Alphamale, I added him too and he deleted me after some days, tho we had chats but I initiated them all. @alphamale,this is the girl that asked if you know Lekki Chevron/ Mega Chicken area on the island. Our last chat was me wishing you a great day ahead b4 you deleted my pin from your list.. Lol , no hard feelings bro. So that's how my first SnM participation went down

  90. Na wa ooo @Quincy cakes, only God knows the truth. Abeg all these vacancies, ain't there vacancies in uyo, calabar or even owerri??? Pls help a sister out

  91. chai stella.....see as you write my name so bold eehhh.

  92. that catholic thing is mostly common in villages.And it's because parents like titles. smh
    BTW first comment here. lemme join ya crew kwa

  93. IHN.....God bless evryone especially the givers

  94. Stella you got that right. I am not saying there are no good yoruba men o but there seem to be so many dishonest ones who want to feel smart. They do not have conscience at all. It is dead. And especially if you are a non yoruba babe. They know that their mums woll not allow it but the will lead you on just to have fun. A lot of them are annoying mummy's boys. It is only their mothers that carried them for 9 months. They cannot have a say.
    One i dated told me his mum was not ok with me but we should try and see. I just broke it off there and then. Thirty something year oldold man cannot have his own say. One other one was so possessive and loving. He turned out to be a married liar. Infact after, i had caught him, he now brought out an engagement ring to propose. Sick man. Right now he is hiding from me cos if i catch him, i will disposses him of every valuable thing.
    Some yoruba men will marry a girl because of their families and continue cheating with their "true love" that was not accepted by his family. if they can just leave their mother's wrappers, it will be better for them. The yoruba mothets should let their sons be men and stop interfering.
    Yoruba men should just try out being honest and truthful rather than continue being demons.
    Thank God I married from a tribe that allows the men to be men.

  95. Hello stella,i am an avid reader of ur blog and I pray that God will continue to increase ur readership base. I have always believed that there a lot of people with multiple personality disorder on ur blog,and. Quincy's case shows am in order, I mean same person with different ID's and definitely posting different comments on d same topic,shows some yaba left patient have found their way to ur blog.(just joking)ooooo
    Stella ur comment on yoruba men is a little harsh,it is what I was taught in philosophy 101 some yrs ago as fallacy of hasty generalisation. The fact that 2 yoruba men misled u and another lady doesn't mean u should put all yoruba men in d same box.
    A little study will show u that due to the multi religious nature of d yoruba tribe there is a likehood that most yoruba men of a certain age grew in polygamous home,unlike what obtains in d east and some parts of d south south where monogamy and fidelity in marriage is iron cast. I use myself as an example,my dad is from ijebu and my mom is from abia state,my dad's other sibling who had yoruba women as their first wife ended up with 2 or more women while my dad stuck to only my mum,although my dad was always taunted with a lot of name calling,cant 4get nicknames like omo. Nyamiri,yibo aje kuta ma mu o mi,in all I grew up in a monogamous environment and I hope to pass it to d next generation,but I don't say the same for my cousins who grew up in polygamous home.
    My whole epistle is just to let u understand that if yoruba keep marrying only yoruba that cycle will never be broken, I am a strong advocate of inter tribal marriage cos we are able to combine d best of both tribes and some cycles can indeed be broken

  96. Quincy cakes what a shame, this is just a small world and we are watching you... Kindly return that money if you want peace of mind... You are already joking with your business. How did you do it, only you have all these names " PHILIP OBIAGELI, CHINYERE AJONIWE, QUEEN JOY CHIAMAKA OKE" which you are using to hip curses on your generation. I remove cap for you... and we are watching you... Kindly return that money else, you will ever regret coming here to do business. Big thief ...

  97. So why the heck have you been disturbing ur BVs with your infamous cookies and cream huh! It's getting so irritating pls. I won't be here till next month cos I don't wanna see no cookies and cream balderdash. Gosh! Bush woman.

  98. Dear Stella,
    Please, I want to advice you to always watch your utterances when writing on your blog. Don't let people annoy you to the extent that you will put sand inside your garri. The blog is your business, they have no right to frustrate you and make you write things you can't take back.
    In life you meet the good, the bade do the ugly. The lady that duped the BBC person will receive her reward accordingly . If you are a good person, your reward awaits you, even if you don't get it, your children will always be favored like wise ,if you are evil, you will reap it. Don't let it deter you from doing good because ,God loves a cheerful giver, there is an inner joy you get when you give that can't be bought with money. Continue to help people and make sure you pray before you pick your giveaway winners, even if you pick a wrong person I believe A lesson will still be learnt.
    For those women that keep saying I have 10 kids , husband is this and that , humble your selves and do something with yourselves. No body wants a liability again as a spouse. If you love cooking, start a small eatery. Mama put, if you like talking, instead of gossiping get a marketing job. Make something out of your life.
    We Nigerians have to learn to change our orientation, we expect free money, free things , because we can go to a relative and give long stories and school fees will be paid for us, while struggling to pay school fees, you realize you have only girls , you need to have a boy meanwhile ,the hubby you must have a male child has nothing to be inherited ,so from one poverty generation to another. Ladies wake up and smell the coffee , empower yourselves and no man will take you for a ride.
    To those that will insult this anonymous post, just know that yes am married with children because when you write the truth, the next thing will be Aunty gweg
    I love your blog because it deals with life issues, it reminds me of Chaz b of blessed memory. Love you with the love of God , stay blessed and kisses to your kids.

  99. God. This scam cake man/woman...
    I reserve my comments.


  100. @:Quincy this your reply get K-Leg..
    Only God knows..

    Oluwa please pick my call.

  101. 50k for a bale of clothes.hmm I might just consider.if you are based in abuja and want to try ur hands on this kindly reply under my comment,maybe we can share a bale just to try our 'luck'.thanks

  102. Na wa. I don't know what to make of this Quincy saga. It does seem like the identities are the same person though. Plus, accusing your faceless friends who can not defend themselves? That's fishy... .


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