Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 67 And 68


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Labour Room Drama 67 And 68

‎Labour room stories to thrill you!

LRD 67

Hi Stella,
I have being reading other people's LRD and just thought I should share mine too.
This is my second delivery and it was more remarkable than the first as the first was smooth and uneventful.

Labour started on sunday night but the contractions were in my lower abdomen not back as in my previous pregnancy so I didn't pay much attention. I went ahead doing my laundry till around 1am after I had a misunderstanding with DH earlier in the evening. ‎After my laundry I tried to sleep but the pain just won't let me about 4am I had to wake hubby and tell him, he asked if I wanted to go to the hospital I said No I just wanted to sleep as I had not slept all night. 

He went back to sleep and then I just started crying and praying for sleep as the pain was not really much. About 6am I woke him again this time he insisted we should go to the hospital let them check me so we will know if it's labour or not. I almost did not want to carry my bag I said since I am just going for them to check me. I eventually left for the hospital and called my Oby/gyn on the way and told me I had a mild pain but I was on my way to the hospital. When I got there I walked in normally and told the nurses I was in labour they went to call the Doctor on duty when she came she said this sexy looking woman is whom you say is in labour but anyway I will check. 

By the time she checked I was 3cm dilated then she felt a contraction and said madam you are in Labour. I was admitted to the labour ward then my doctor came at about 8.30am and said I was not 4cm and everything was fine so we hope for a vaginal delivery and requested 30mins monitoring. After about 2hours the nurse came to check me and now said what she was getting wasn't good that she needed to inform the doctor urgently. All the while the contractions were still not strong and I still felt like walking about eventually I told them to give me something for pain that will also make me sleep. 

The doctor came and asked if I was informed about what the nurse got I said no, he told me my baby heart rate was dropping and I was still 4cm meaning I wasn't dilating again that they needed to do Emergency CS, I should call my husband. I started negotiating that they should give me more time because I had heard stories of the cost of C/S in that hospital. My husband came we both started lamenting if we had known it was C/S we would have gone to the government hospital I also registered or even where he works where they promised him they would have done it almost free. After a while my DH just said no matter the amount it can't be compared to the life of the baby they should bring the consent form let him sign and that was it. 

In about an hour my cutie was born. The pain of C/S after discharge is something else. Bill was settled miraculously that I had to start asking God for mercy for thinking too much about the money. In my opinion I like vaginal delivery where the pain disappears after is all over. I thank God for my 2 bundles of joy.‎ My cutie was 2months on Sunday.
Thank you for reading.

Maybe they just said so to make more money from CS sef who knows.


LRD 68

Hello Stella and my fellow bvs...I've been an ardent reader of this blog though I don't comment buh I love your blog so so much... okay to my labour story...I have 3 kids buh my last child's encounter I can Never forget... 

So all through the pregnancy I was so stressed out cuz taking care of my older kids n being pregnant wasn't easy at all so I was so so stressed out and my bp was high.. whenever I went to the hospital for antenatal I kept on begging the doctors to induce me so I can just have dis baby and rest..

I couldn't walk or sleep or stand or do tummy was so huge compared to my previous pregnancies..infact I just needed the baby asap..

So at 40wks Preggy I still didn't go into labour n I was already scheduled to be induced that hubby took me to the hospital on Saturday, I got checked in but wasn't feeling any pain just intense movement of the baby...when the doc checked I was 2cm dilated n he told me to relax cuz it was going to be a long I got induced and the pain was unbearable buh I was still stuck on 2cm...

I started praying oh..hubby had to rush back home to check on the kids with the help and probably bring them over..when he brought them I was still stuck on 2cm the doc said I was dilating slowly so I started praying oooh I started talking to my baby...I called him by his name n begged him to come out fast n meet his brother n sister..I told him I loved him so much n can't wait to see him n hold him....

After another 30 mins I felt this intense pain like the baby dropped on my bladder n I screamed for the nurse n she told me to lie down n open my legs n she was like ...madam see your baby's head oh how come u were 2cm the last time I checked? She ran to get the doc n he told me push  n the most handsome boy Ever white with so much hair...too adorable...I couldnt believe it....he is 5months now n he has been a constant joy
StellA pix for your eyes only.

Tooo cute but wait oh,that big baby was by normal birth and no complications?wow,God is wonderful cos the way a womans privates expands and then close back is one of life's mysteries oh


  1. Took me like forever to type it. Let me resend again

  2. Woah.. lovely testimonies . God is great!

    Lord pllease help me ooo am 31 wEeks gone.waiting patiently to recieve my bundle of joy with thanks giving

    1. Amen, it shall be with Joy and thanksgiving

  3. True @Stella in regards to your second comment. The way the stuff expands to allow something very large pass through, and closes to allow the manhood feel comfortable is something else.

    Blessings to the new mothers.

  4. The same way a pussy will swallow 2-3 dick at the same time still surprises me too

  5. Interesting stories. Motherhood is not easy.

    God Bless Everyone.

  6. WOW Poster 2: Am so happy for you..u know why u had a sudden birth cos you spoke to your baby. I have a friend that confirmed that too. Thank God for safe delivery.

    Poster 1: Thank God for safe delivery

  7. Ever faithful God. Congrats mummies. May God keep and protect our children now and always.

  8. Thank God for safe delivery, May his blessing be upon u both and ur babies

  9. 2cm and delivery afterwards? God is faithful

  10. Our God is good all the time!

  11. So speaking to the baby could help? Nice to know. Thank God for all these successful deliveries. Abeg, who has LRD stories that didn't take place in Nigeria?

  12. That's the part that scare the shit outta me. Imagine a small Toto hole expanding like that? God is indeed wonderful.

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  13. Enter your comment...eku ori ire both of you

  14. mummy boy and girl twin11 October 2016 at 14:15

    I am next in line for this kind of miracle and by this time next year I will send own LRD in Jesus name

  15. Wow, child bearing is another wonder of the world. Biko who says there is no God ?
    Poster2. Wow loved that. What you wrote shows that kids can hear even in the womb, so pregnant women should watch what dey say cux the child hears.
    Congratulations to poster 1.

  16. Congratulation to you both...

    I am next in line IJN

  17. God is indeed faithful

  18. God bless all the mothers out there,ko easy rara
    2ndly,I'm so fed up,all employers want to sleep with you before they offer you a job..heaven please smile on me,i need a do i take care of my aged mother and 4 siblings...God send an angel to my path.

    1. Continue Giving your toto to a broke ass nigga.
      I better make good Use of it now

  19. Thank God for the successful delivery.

  20. Are u people saying menstual cram na pap where labour pain dae!on that day my God will be with me..

  21. Glory be to God... So good

  22. CGod bless all mothers


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