Stella Dimoko NDLEA intercepts 325,640 Euros, $30,000 Cash At Lagos Airport


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

NDLEA intercepts 325,640 Euros, $30,000 Cash At Lagos Airport

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have intercepted 325,640 Euros and $30,000 (About N175m) in cash about to be smuggled into the country from Greece and Austria.

The cash, concealed inside envelopes and shoes, was seized at the Murtalla Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos during the screening of passengers on a Turkish Airline flight.Two suspects were arrested.

NDLEA commander at the Lagos airport, Ahmadu Garba said Edos Nicholas was found in possession of 279,190 euros and Hallowell Prince Lovely was found in possession of €46,450 euros and 30,000 dollars.
Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) directed the Director of Assets and Financial Investigation of the Agency, Mrs Victoria Egbase, to take over the investigation.

Abdallah said: “This is a suspected case of money laundering. Criminal groups seek to conceal the origin of illegally obtained money. It is pertinent therefore for us to trace the origin of the money and prevent the introduction of criminal funds into the economy. Consequently, I have directed that the case be meticulously investigated”.

Preliminary investigation revealed that both suspects were frequent travellers who are the target of International Drug Trafficking Organisations.
It was learnt that Edos, who claimed to be working in a bakery in Austria said the money was given to him. “The money does not belong to me. It was given by different people in Europe to give to their relatives. I have been living in Vienna, Austria for over 15 years.”

Hallowell reportedly claimed that the money belonged to people and that he was asked to deliver same to the recipients in Nigeria. “I live in Athens and I work in an African shop. I have lived there for 12 years. The money belongs to many people and some of them are my friends” he stated.

The Nation

*Exchange rate is high and some people are trying to cash in on it...they should have just declared the money at point of exit and entry......chei,so who will take the money now?
Everything na Money laundering now?


  1. I don't get, people cannot carry money inside country again? Nigerians and legal is well

    1. The law specifies the amount of chash anyone can carry on themselves into and out of different countries. If you carry beyond that, then you declare it at the point of entry or exit. If you do that, no body will take it from you but monitor how you use it. If you have ulterior motive you hide it and won't declare it. Then if you're caught it's a crime. Why won't we for once expose evil rather than stop it. The law isn't made with anyone in mi d and ignorance doesn't excuse yoj

    2. Try and ask question because it's glaring you don't know anything but just want to comment.

  2. They would sort all sortables and be released . Isn't it Naija again?

    1. The sorting no go be here sha!

      But really, this is the reaction the government gets for having a cashier as a financial minister and a SAN heading an economic committee....... amidst the unrealistic policies from the CBN, this can only get worse

  3. People are looking for where to stash illegal funds with banks being strict with their policy. To even withdraw huge amounts from your account now you'd go through a lot of scrutiny. Most times they'd even turn you down and ask you to make electronic transfers. All of it is to create a trail so that the money can be traced.

  4. I blame those two niggas for not settling those NDLEA thieves at the airport!,.,
    Give them what they want and they will even help you in bringing the money or even drugs to your house...
    I guess the culprits are being greedy!..

  5. Goodluck to them. Next time do the needful

  6. Replies
    1. Why can't they just mind there business! LOL..... blocking some pples's prosperity

  7. Abeg what is the relationship between NDLEA and Money laundering(if at all the money was for laundering)
    So many EFCC wanna be's in Naija.
    All these thief thief Airport officials, have you noticed how they die? customs/immigration e.t.c.-they die wicked painful deaths after battling serious illness.Too many causes following them.
    custom will seize a whole container goods;cars,furnitures and lots more.


  8. because they didn't agree to settle... Mtchewwww

  9. @i am the queen and the Boss of this blog......for your info, NDLEA asked for smtin which they obliged, but the greedy NDLEAs changed their mind again and wanted more that the agreed sum. You do not expect someone to give out other people's Money out like that without their consent. Those officers are wicked!!!

  10. It could a case of money laundering, and it could be what you say it may be Stella.

  11. I feel so sad for those two guys. What a loss.

  12. I hate those airport officials, they are all thieves. I will never forget what they did to me on my first Euro trip, never.
    They left me feeling I had committed a crime for wanting to go abroad.
    Their act gave me a sleepless night on a 6hrs flight, I eventually arrived turkey (on transit) very scared and thinking I could be arrested for being a first time traveler.

    Funny enough, the airport officials were so nice that I had to ask people who explained to me, how airport officials target first time visa holders.

    I'm sure they must have demanded a 50% share of that money... na God go punish una. Thieves!

  13. The Oba's new name, is ewae the 2nd.


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