Stella Dimoko PDP Is Happy That APC Accepts That It Is Clueless


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PDP Is Happy That APC Accepts That It Is Clueless

The Peoples Democratic Party Tuesday said the admission by the All Progressive Congress that it accepts responsibility for the myriads of problems in the country has vindicated the PDP position that the APC was clueless and has no solution to the country’s problems.

 In a statement in Abuja Tuesday, the Spokesman of the Party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye said the APC should stop blaming the PDP for the problems it created.

According to Adeyeye, “the open acceptance of responsibility regarding the economic misfortune caused by the All Progressive Congress (APC) led Federal Government has once again, vindicated our earlier position that the Buhari Administration is clueless and lack focus in providing governance to Nigerians”.

It will be recalled that Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State told state house correspondents in Abuja on Monday that the APC must take correspondents in Abuja on Monday that the APC must take responsibility for the economic downturn turn in the country. 

“We must take responsibility and we must never shift the responsibility to anybody. We are responsible for everything happening in Nigeria. The good, the bad, the ugly but we are promising Nigerians that we shall fix it” he had said. 

According to Adeyeye, “this declaration coming after several months of bulk-passing and shifting responsibilities to previous Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Administration has shown that the APC Government has no solution to all the myriad of problems they created since assuming office in May 2015. 

“The APC should also accept responsibility for deceiving Nigerians and the world at large that previous PDP Administration achieved nothing in the economy, infrastructure and policies in 16 years. 

We hope that the recent acceptance by the Party for the economic downturn in the country was not as a result of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) affirmation that Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa based on previous achievements of the past PDP led Administration. 

For the umpteenth time, let us re-iterate that the PDP’s achievements cannot be wished away. 

“We therefore appreciate the APC’s acceptance and we urge them to accept all other responsibilities for all the wrongs they have plunged the Country into and equally apologize for their serial lies. 

“Finally, we want to once again urge this Government to declare emergency on the economy and invite competent hands to manage and revive the ailing and comatose economy” he said.



  1. Am happy about that too

    Ain't easy to own up after much denials and apportioning of blames.
    This is one good thing they have done since the inception of there change govt

    1. Yinmu! They are happy. Yes APC should take responsibility and DO something for a change, mtcheeew. As for PDP, they should go and hide their faces in shame because they are not even worthy to be called an opposition. They should be preparing for 2019, but all the confusion and quarrelling among them dem no fit solve. Mtcheeew, which good choice do Nigerians really have? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew

  2. I wish there was a way to carry everything PDP represents, including it's members with a packer/scoop & go dump them straight into a trash bin.Lock the bin & take it straight to a furnace to be burnt.That's the best solution for an association of GREEDY politicians who ruined this country.

  3. All these our ignorance prince and princess shouldn't be getting involved with politics. Oga your country nor get water, no electricity, no good roads, and have the highest jobless rate in Africa. I guess na Buhari cause am?
    Nigeria leaders are the most corrupt and no good for nothing including you, since you wanna smears your name. Abet y'all kids and wives are in abroad driving BM and Mercedes living a luxury life with our money. Your dumb ass need to be investigated! Fool

  4. PDP n APC should stop this already. Instead of looking for ways to save the country they both destroyed with their eyes wide open. Pretending as if APC is different from PDP. Nah, its de same people with just a change of nomenclature.

    Pls kindly follow me on Instagram @zitelfoods thanks

  5. Useless party stil talking, instead of them to shut up abd change their name or go underground and plan all over again.
    You were in government for 16 years with nothing to show for it. Planned to rule for sixty years with no mapped out plans, just running a country like a gang of bandit.

    1. Shut up!..
      Broke ass mayor!...
      PDP will rise again Mumu!..

    2. Agreed both parties are corrupt but PDP is a learner when compared to APC.

    3. In your dreams Linda eze! lol, their time don pass ojare, go and find something else to do instead of waiting for free money to steal from govt! Onye oshi!

  6. Good for the both of them!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  7. Like we didn't know......

    This isn't news mbok

  8. They have taken first position from PDP. 1. Clueless. 2. Dullards 3. Blame blame.

    4. Them no believe them dey do wrong at all.

    yeye party


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