Stella Dimoko Buhari Promises Oshiomhole A New National Assignment


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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Buhari Promises Oshiomhole A New National Assignment

President Muhammadu Buhari monday in Benin City, commended outgoing Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State for a job-well done, assuring him that the rule All Progressives Congress (APC) would find an important national assignment for him when he leaves office.

A statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Garba Shehu, said Buhari spoke at the Palace of the new Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, shortly before he embarked on the commissioning of several projects in the state.

The statement quoted the president as saying that the country would be the loser if the APC failed to utilise the people’s governor’s wisdom, skill and energy.

“It will be a pity to waste his energy by him retiring. I hope there will be a higher assignment for him to do more for the nation.

‘‘I congratulate the governor for his hard work; Oshiomhole is a hard working governor. We will need his services in Abuja.

‘‘Thank you for inviting me, most especially during this time in the country.
‘‘You have served two terms and you are about to leave. You deserve a place in history. I hope the APC will look for a place for you because your service for the country is far from over,’’ the president said.

Buhari also congratulated the Oba for successfully ascending the throne of his ancestors and extended the support of the Federal government to his Royal highness in his bid to improve the lives of Edo people.

The Oba in his speech, expressed delight on the president’s visit, noting that it was the first since his recent coronation.

‘‘We believe this is a sign of better things to come. I appreciate your contribution to my coronation,’’ Oba Ewuare II said.

The royal father who commended the president for appointing Edo indigenes into positions in government appealed for the establishment of an export and import processing zone for agro-allied industries in the state.

He said the venture would stimulate the nation’s economy and create jobs.
After paying homage to the Oba, Buhari who is on two-day working visit to the state, inaugurated the renovated Central Hospital in Benin.

The medical facility which was established in 1902, was rebuilt by the state government under Oshiomhole.

At the event, Buhari praised the state-of-the art facility rebuilt by the Governor, noting that he had the choice of using the available money for his comfort by building a new government house but he opted for a hospital to help the people.

President Buhari also inaugurated the Upper Siluko Road in Benin City, which he described as “no ordinary type of road.’’

The president inspected the Queen Ede Gulley erosion site and inaugurated the Samuel Ogbemedia College rebuilt to ‘world class standard.’

Buhari commended the quality of infrastructure built by the outgoing Governor, noting that the history of Edomaruse state will not be complete without his name.

Culled: thisdaylive

*Before giving him a  new assignment,what is his score card for being governor for 8years?


  1. I tire oo. 10/100 . But since he is Apc nau, he has to be given a new assignment. Bloody theives

  2. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    I heard he did nothing in that state..... Fucked up assignment.... Nonsense....

    1. U heard? Take trip to the state and stop judging him base on dem say dem say I wonder why Nigeria youth are like the and u have to use the F word I pity u

  3. Rotational and paddy paddy government. That's the system of government we practice in Nigeria.

    Your comment will be visible after approval.

  4. He should give him a national job so that he wont still N5 billion he is asking the state legislator to approve for him.

    baba thief

  5. He came during the dry season Lmao, if it was rainy season am sure this Ostrich neck of his won't be talking trash

  6. So this is partly true then... I was told Bihari intends to give Oshiomole the minister of petroleum that's why he held the position for himself.. Don't know how true it is anyways na their theory be that.
    Oshiomole that did nothing for Edo state only his people and the famous ring road. Now the state fees is thrice how it use to be.
    When someone does well in his first tenure let him go after that, if not he will use the second tenure to recover all. This should be a lesson to all.

  7. Partners in crime.
    Keep fooling your selves,evil men.

  8. Stella, let me reserve my comment.

  9. Bubu do and finish your tenure ooo,ogwuna ka oram n'onu

  10. All dis Edo governor abag do they come come planet of the ape?

  11. Score card? I'd say 6/10.

    He repaired some really bad roads and that hospital is the truth.

    Onto the next level Osho Baba.

    Lord please heal me o. Not feeling so good today.

    1. If I were to speak the truth, I'd say 8/10.
      Osho is not the best governor but he's better than all the previous ones I've seen so far.
      Two ugly men is all I see!

    2. God bless u I don't know why we attached sentiment to everything in this country

  12. Why won't he promise him,see them like wetin they wan use appease the gods, thats if the gods go even accept the sacrifice

  13. Do you mind Buhari? It is common knowledge that he wants to make him the petroleum minister cos he was part of the people that funded his election. He was only waiting for oshiomole's tenure to come to an end so that he(buhari) can relinquish the portfolio of petroleum minister to him. Oshiomole that is a corrupt govt official. He didn't deem it fit to send EFCC after him. Mtschewww I fear for this country.

  14. When the services of people like Dr. Adesina (President of AfDB) and Okonjo-Iweala aren't being used?

  15. well I don't know if he worked or not but my appreciation goes to him for fixing that siloku road by teachers house, I remember I almost got drowned in the flood as a child if not that my grandma quickly came to my aid, and yes many believed there was a mami water in the secondly for fixing 2nd east circular road, mum said that road was bad even before I was born... for giving some of the public schools a new look (red roof).. for repairing ogbemudia street, that street was a sight for sore eyes... and lastly for building a new central hospital so the common man can be comfortable while receiving health care... but I'm not happy I did receive any bursary as a student oo but sha thank you comrade governor... #sideeyesathaters...

  16. To be fair he has done better than his predecessor. I grew up in Benin and no matter how we rant Benin cannot change overnight it has to be a continious process.

  17. As someone who grew up practically in Benin city, it wud be so unfair of me to say osho baba did not work... He did a good job ,not perfect though but applaudable....


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