Stella Dimoko Own A Plot or Duplex near New Shoprite in Lekki (Promo)


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Friday, November 25, 2016

Own A Plot or Duplex near New Shoprite in Lekki (Promo)

The biggest shopping mall in Lagos; the Novare Shopping Mall has been
opened in Sangotedo, along with it will come massive developments in the

This is the reason you should invest in the Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1
today. Located just 2 minutes away from the Novare Mall(Shoprite) Lekki,
it is one of the most promising investments in the whole of Lagos.
With a C of O as title document and very flexible payment plans…it is
absolutely the best deal.
Amenities to be provided in the Estate include:
- Tarred Roads
- Effective Drainage System
- 24 hour surveillance equipped with CCTV Cameras
- Creche, Gardens, and many more.

Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 ... 12m

*Also available are:
Lekki Southern Villa phase 2 ... 5.5m

PEN Gardens phase 2 ... 1.8m

PEN Gardens,Owerri ... 3.5m

Give us a call today and get on your way to becoming a landlord in the
trendiest neighbourhood in Lekki.

0700 1000 000

08122493114, 08122493117,

08032692422, 08032692429


Pennek Nigeria will be in UK you can mail
Get More Discount when you visit us at
The Reception Hall,
Regent’s Park, London
This Saturday 26 November.
Time: 12noon - 6pm


  1. Very nice who knows we might be paying you a vist soon.

  2. Dunno if it's sand filled? Lemme remain in this ajao estate with my humble family.

  3. am interested in this,but am so sceptical,most of these developers are scammers,note that I said most not all,I can't imagine depositing 9 million naira now and it turns out there is no development....I have a house already in Nigeria,it took the grace of GOD to get it finished,it was stressful,and it was hard finding someone capable and honest to be in charge of it and supervise the project as I only get one month leave a year to travel to naija.i love this but am scared of getting scammed.Nigerians eehnn una eye too dey shook.

    1. I'm a young female engineer and i know so well to deliver and never disappoint on this. If your mind is telling you to trust me on this you can send me a mail:

    2. What I know they do is use your money to build.
      The problem like you said is dishonesty.
      One can be scammed or some of these developers can use sub standard materials to build.
      I think pennek is reputable though.

    3. Hand your project over to me, I assure you, you will not regret doing that.

    4. Anonymous please be careful. No one is to be trusted in this property matter. Not even family!!!

      Let me tell you, the best way is to buy from good estate management firms. They are expensive yea, but They are easier to track down. Buy your ticket. Come to naija. Get to see and buy the already built house and do the paper work. Won't take more than two weeks. You enter let and lease agreements with the estate and go back to base. If you can stay till they let it out and give you your money, better.

      The estate i stay in here in lekki, there are so many empty houses cos the owners live abroad. Even 1004. I hold the key to two of such houses for my US-based friend, whenever they are between tenants (based on trust). Once estate firm gets tenant they credit the owners account and then I get instructions to check it out and release the key. You might want to do same with someone you trust. But once money enter hand, in this recssion it takes the grace of God.

      The fact that Some of those empty houses only come alive at christmas is proof that the landLords most likely live abroad too. Why do you think there's so much traffic in this axis at the end of the year?

      For those who will say I've spoilt business for them, well sorry. Feel free to come under anonymous and cuss me out.

    5. Anon opposite this same novare mall there's an estate called emperors estate.very beautiful place exactly opposite the mall.they have already developed houses and you can buy from'll stay at your balcony Nd be looking straight at the mall.nope I have no business with the's just a beautiful place

    6. Emperors court sorry not estate. Cos they will tell you 2mins away from the mall while it's 20mind lol

  4. Nice deal but people should get proper information before buying

  5. That is when someone will get there now and story will change!


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