Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 139


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Friday, December 30, 2016

Labour Room Drama 139

Labour Room Drama is back but this is the only one in the

Stella sweetie and my fellow beevees I have been writing this in my mind for a long time. Started commenting actively in 2014. God bless you Stella for this platform. Please pardon all my gbagauns. This will be a long read because I want to share this as a testimony.

Now to my story. I got married in 2013 to my sweetheart at age 30. I didn't want to wait for any reason so I started trying to take in. I never ever thought that I will have any delay in getting pregnant. But I kept seeing period. I hated the sight of that blood passionately. After some time I started begging hubby to allow us go for tests to know what the problem might be. 

If oga say yes today, tomorrow he will say. It was causing problems for me putting me on edge. Finally I visited hospitals alone and was asked to run some tests. Got tests for hubby too. HSG was one of them and I heard how painful that thing can be. Omo I entered Blessed Sacrament and told God that I don't want o. Fast forward to July 2014 hubby finally agreed and I went to the lab to do the test but was told that I have to come the next month, that it runs with my circle. Beevees I cried home. 

I cursed hubby till I got home thinking of the time that was passing by. August 2014, we traveled for his grandmother's burial. I knew I was pregnant all these while but I was looking so beautiful and fair and people were commenting. At that burial hubby nearly shifted my waist with sex and I was wondering if he is just seeing me for the first time. The sex was just too much.

A week later we came back and I begged that we go to another clinic to start the fertility treatment he agreed. I still didn't I was pregnant already. Period didn't come o, but it just failed to register and somehow I already believed that without medical help it won't be possible. On the day I saw the first doctor she asked if I was pregnant I said no. But madam you have not seen your period, eh doctor I know but am not pregnant. When she saw I was getting irritated she just gave me referral letter. The male just told me plainly "madam all this one you are talking is your own. You must carry out pregnancy test for me before I continue with you". Stella I don't know why but I was so sure I was not pregnant. Result came back positive. 

I was 8 weeks gone already, I was in shock. Hubby that was forming Ghadaffi on top pikin matter was almost whispering on the phone when I told him. He couldn't believe it. He kept saying maybe they made a mistake. I was beyond happy. Na there my system change. I can do without food, but the belle show me wiiiiii. I eat at every hour. I eat left overs, I don't want to know who left it or when, if it was covered or not my people I ate. 

Fast forward to 40 wks, I looked like I was pregnant with 3plets. I lap my stomach if I sit and I was extremely huge. At 40wks I saw show and started having painless contractions but didn't go to the clinic. By then if I get up from the bed in the mornings, pee will just be coming out til I get to the toilet, I could not control it. Meanwhile I used supernatural childbirth saying the prayers till it was time. At 42 wks I went to the clinic and told them am not going back home o, that I want my baby brought out. 

They admitted me to be induced that night. A first doctor after looking at me, he said for a first timer, my baby feels big and am naturally small. From his measurement it was over 4.2kg chai. He asked for a second opinion and the second doctor said same. I was sent for emergency scan in the morning and scan said 4.32 hmmm. Meanwhile I was checked and already 3cm dilated. They kept discussing the best approach for me, because they were not sure my birth canal would be able to take the size of my baby. 

I was sent again for pelvimetry and found out I have a small pelvis. So Cs was decided. Wednesday April 29 my 4.6kg baby boy was brought out. Stella it was the best feeling ever. But the pain after Cs. No be here o. It is beyond this world. My pikin biggggg. People were coming to see us. He is a year and 7 months today.

My people as person wey do Cs, I say we go stay at least 1 year before another baby. I don't know how it happened and I found out I was pregnant again a week before my son was 6 months. I was devastated. I cried, infact I tried to remove it(stupid ungrateful me), but God and my baby refused. I took everything takeable, the pikin no shake. When it was clear my only option was D&C, I asked for forgiveness and decided to keep my baby. Sincerely I thought that when I will be ready for another baby, I will start praying again. I didn't know His ways are different.

 At exactly 38weeks, my second son was born. The doctors and everyone was scared because of the short interval between the first and second pregnancies but I was not. Was enjoying myself and had no issues at all. I bless the name of the Lord. My second son is 6 months.

Stella pictures for your eyes only. Hope I northwest your time beevees. This is my testimony.

BV crystal

*Wooooow you look like you were pregnant with 10 pikins.


  1. Congrats.

    Oya folder dont get empty in Jesus name Amen

  2. It's time you start family planning before another belle go enter.

  3. Congrats madam, may God bless you and your sons

    *Larry was here*

    1. Congratulations poster. Our God is awesome.

  4. God works in mysterious ways indeed. Your story is so beautiful.

    Congratulations on your son's. God bless your home.

  5. Hello all..... good day.

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    Pls I don't need 24k.. i'm ok with 14k so my dad can get his money bck... 
    I just want to be put out of this shame.. any one to help me....make my new year a great and memorable one... 

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    Choi. It's lenghty I knw. I tried to summaries...make God help me oh..

  6. No man can understand the ways of God..

  7. How does one send her chronicles or LRD?

    1. I think you should send an email to stellz

  8. Congratulations on delivering safely for both kids....may they fill ur home with much love and happiness

  9. #You are the product of your most dominant thoughts. So make sure your thoughts are as positive and confident as you can make them*

  10. Thank God for your testimonies. God bless your boys.

  11. Wow! Congrats ma'ma, God is great.

  12. Congratulations. Beautiful story

  13. Good story. God bless me with a job so as to take care of my mum. From a jobless graduate.

  14. For ur eyes only everytime!!! Ha!

    Nice one sha

  15. Congratulations ma'am. As God as done for you, He'll answer my prayers too. I'm next.


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